siciti slot type screwdriver by nikeborome


     May 1967                                                                                                                 Brief 67-10158

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                         Single Wrench Separates Nuts from Free-Floating Bolts
                                                                                               Pneumatic Impact


.	                    0
                                                                                  Screwdriver Blade                           Free Turning


                                                                                                     Screwdriver Slot

     The problem:                                                           the nut. The screwdriver blade is held in the bolt slot
       It was required to remove the nuts from bolts that                   by the action of a spring loading device that permits
     were free to turn. The bolts were in such locations                    the blade to slide within a hollow shaft as the nut is
     that the heads could not be reached or the shafts                      withdrawn. The screwdriver blade is pinned from each
     anchored with a holding tool.                                          side by screws that slide in slots cut into the hollow
     The solution:                                                          shaft.
       A standard pneumatic impact wrench is modified to                    Note:
     incorporate a fixed screwdriver blade that fits a slot                   Inquiries concerning this innovation may be di-
     cut into the threaded end of the bolt shaft.                           rected to:
     How it's done:                                                                    Technology Utilization Officer
        A slot is cut into the threaded end of the bolt shaft.                         AEC-NASA Space Nuclear Propulsion
     A standard pneumatic impact wrench is provided with                                 Office
     a screwdriver blade fixed to the wrench body and pro-                             U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
     truding through the wrench drive socket so that it                                Washington, D.C. 20545
     engages the slot in the bolt end as the socket engages                            Reference: B67-10158
                                                                                                                                (continued overkafl

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Patent status:
 No patent action is contemplated by AEC or
                             Source: C. Thompson

           of Westinghouse Astronuclear Laboratory

                                  under contract to

                    Space Nuclear Propulsion Office

                                     (NUC- 100 13)

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