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Exam questions


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									Information about the company, what are the things it manufactures? What systems
does it use? And anything more you can think of to put in the introduction.

1. What is your daily production in units?
2. What are the main channels of communication within the organization?
3. How do you ensure proper communication within the organization?
4. How do you motivate your employees and workers?
5. What are the main raw materials required?
6. How are standards set for the quality of the raw materials?
7. How is the quality verified?
8. Who are the main suppliers?
9. Are there back-up suppliers in case the main suppliers default?
10. What quality dimensions are most stressed upon- performance, features,
    durability, aesthetics?
11. How do you balance productivity and quality?
12. What are the different quality control mechanisms being applied- quality checks,
    quality circles etc.?

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