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Standards of Channeling :: (CC) 6 September 06

Channeling is the least reliable source of information, yet the most novel source for
inspiration. The intellect alone is unable to make the kind of creative leaps that only
channeling can provide. To be clear, intuition and sudden epiphanies are instances of
channeling where some higher objective source beyond the intellect is momentarily
tapped to provide an answer before the explanation is evident. Quality channeling
combined with diligent research can make for excellent results, especially if one has keen
intuition to make creative connections bridging the two.

Problems arise when the channelled material itself is inferior, research is shoddy,
discernment nonexistent, or intuition is lacking. In fact, that is begging to be deceived.
The reason why channeling is often of poor quality is that those who receive it lack the
discernment to qualify what comes through. Sacrificing their standards of what
constitutes quality, people often settle for what they can get. Soon as the channeled
source satisfies their skepticism, soothes their insecurities, or strokes their ego they go no

System of Standards

So for the sake of discernment we need a system of standards by which to gauge a source.
The following is one such system where quality is divided into levels ranging from the
crudest to the most advanced.

First Level: noise without information. On a ouija board this means nonsense letters or
no movement of the planchette. In verbal attempts this means silence, random syllables
and tongue noises. For automatic writers this means no movement of the pen, or else
repetitive scribbles. It may be a prelude to a message, a warmup exercise to start the flow,
or else it may simply be like the noise on a disconnected television.

Second Level: information without message. Intelligible words may form, but these are
still nonsense, a more organized form of noise but noise nonetheless. Or the words form
into sentences but there is no point to them, mostly just insignificant filler phrases that go
nowhere and make no sense.

Third Level: message without autonomy. Sentences form that make a point, but the
channeler is basically faking it. Some fake it knowingly to continue the show even after
the well runs dry. Others fake it unknowingly by employing a hefty dose of denial and

Fourth Level: autonomy without novelty. So the message streams forth without
fabrication by the channeler, perhaps because he or she is unconscious (not remembering
what happened during the session) or because the participants are conscious but aware
they themselves are not willingly producing the message. And yet the message contains

nothing original, just a rehashing of what the channeler already knows indicating the
source could be the mechanical part of the subconscious or some etheric thoughtform /
deceiver parroting back the anticipation of the human participants.

Fifth Level: novelty without veracity. New and interesting information comes through,
and the source definitely appears to be an independent entity. But upon actually checking
the information it is revealed that the entity is a total phony playing games. Nothing can
be verified that wasn’t already known or easy to guess, and the rest is outright false.
Trickster entities often give false prophecies of perpetually impending doom to feed off
the negative energy and disempowerment experienced by their targets.

Sixth Level: veracity without positivity. Here the source can give predictions that eerily
come true, reveal facts and personal details about others that later prove to be accurate, or
show off their presence with paranormal phenomena—but it uses these confirmations
solely to satisfy its authoritarian, hostile, or egotistical agenda. The source is most likely
some negative thoughtform, mischievous discarnate being, or lower astral entity looking
for easy targets to control, especially those interested left-hand occultism or those quickly
awed into obeying an exotic authority. They have limited ability to see the future, read
and manipulate the minds of humans, and create artificial synchronicities. That their
predictions turn out correct says nothing about their intentions.

Seventh level: positivity without sincerity. The same negative beings may hide their
hostile nature by resorting to sugary language chock full of spiritual catch phrases that
cater to the participants’ wishful thinking and psychological blind spots. They can even
impose upon their targets a warm tingly sensation to falsify the presence of something
positive, but the effect is similar to a tranquilizing drug: hypnotically lowering awareness
instead of raising it towards lucidity. Combined with cheap methods of confirmation, this
level of channeling can be very convincing to all but the sharply discerning. The most
virulent outlets of disinformation operate at this level.

Eighth level: sincerity without sublimity. The channeled material comes from a
friendly source but lacks conciseness, elegance, and subtlety. All this means is that the
source has good intentions but lacks wisdom and experience compared to more advanced
higher positive entities, or that the channeler is has too crude a lexicon. It should be noted
that fourth through seventh level sources can fake sophistication by employing redundant
verbosity, complex jargon, and convoluted trivia that have no practical significance.

Ninth level: sublimity without balance. Subjects are discussed in an articulate manner
with profound perspicacity but the actual range of subjects is restricted. Most of the time
the participants are responsible for asking an imbalanced set of questions, other times the
source is lopsided in experience or determines one set of subjects has greater urgency and
importance than another. For instance, the source may prefer discussing the neutral to
positive subjects like cosmology, metaphysics, and spirituality while not having much to
say in detail about how the dark forces operate, or vice versa.

Tenth level: balance, resonance, excellence. Subjects are only limited by the
imagination and freewill of the participants. The source elegantly nurtures their intuition
and discernment, helping to raise awareness and expand freewill in whatever manner is
optimal. Answers are frequently given in a Socratic manner that encourages
contemplation and discovery, catalyzing rather than subsidizing the learning process.
Simple answers may contain multiple layers of meaning or be worded in such a way that
one grasps its inner content only when one is ready for it. It bears all the finesse of
esoteric mystery schooling while maintaining a lucid and sometimes amused tone. People
with good discernment and intuition will recognize that this level of material resounds
strongly with truth and sense, has unlimited practical applications, and contains novel
ideas that when analyzed turn out to be accurate and profound.

Because channeled material varies in quality from session to session, the above levels are
meant to signify the central tendency, that which best describes the material overall.

Channeling as Transluminal Communication

Whereas investigation, experience, and reasoning are based within the realm of the real,
channeling provides an influx of ideas from the imaginary; real and imaginary are used
here in their mathematical sense, where imaginary denotes what is outside our meme box,
perpendicular to our consensual paradigms. Its perpendicularity does not guarantee that
channeling points toward new levels of objectivity because it could just as well point
towards a new levels of subjectivity. So it could provide original fantasies that have no
practical basis in reality, or it could provide original (previously unacknowledged) truths.
Only intuition and discernment can determine where outside our old paradigm it points. I
find great value in quality channeling if used in conjunction with intuition and

Channeling is a form of transluminal communication because it happens across realm
boundaries enclosing the temporal arteries embedded in the fractal holographic reality
matrix. Stated plainly, genuine channeling establishes two-way communication with
beings outside our physical reality. This can only happen through the quantum barrier
separating the real from the imaginary, whereby nonphysical intelligence biases the
nondeterministic quantum fluctuations to initiate an organized cascade of effects that
become recognizable to the conscious receiver at the macroscopic level.

I am merely highlighting the possibility that quantum laws are responsible for the elusive
nature of channeled communications. From my article Timeline Dynamics:

[A]ccording to quantum physics we are caught in mutual feedback loops with all our
probable futures. The greater the probability of a particular future, the stronger the
feedback loop, the more tangibly beings from that future can interact with you in the
present. Fuzzy time travel happens…all the time. Technically, it is not time travel so
much as one realm interacting with another in regulated ways. [T]he more you vector
towards a particular probable future, the more tangible and objective your interaction
with that future becomes.

Imagine for a moment that you are a time traveler interacting very loosely with someone
of the past. You would like to interact more objectively, but quantum laws preserving
freewill prohibit you. How, then, can you achieve this without violating freewill? By
using your limited range of interaction to solicit or entrain the person into volitionally
vectoring ever closer towards your own timeline. The more this person’s probable futures
become your probable pasts, the more both of you become part of the same time stream,
and the more objectively you may interact.

This technique of entrainment to achieve greater deterministic influence is a favorite
tactic of self-serving hyperdimensional entities who find it profitable to enslave other
souls. The more tangibly they can do so, the less freewill their targets have to resist. From
our linear time perspective, these entities come from a very negative probable future and
are interacting with us now in dodgy but manipulative ways to entrain us into reinforcing
their timeline, either by becoming them, serving them, or not being an obstacle to them.

[A]lthough from your linear perspective the Higher Self is a distant probable future,
ultimately this future perfected self exists right now alongside you. According to the
quantum principle discussed in this article, the more you vector towards becoming the
Higher Self, the more objectively the Higher Self can interact with you. A weak
connection means its guidance is limited to faint intuitive impressions, symbolic dreams,
certain synchronicities, and so on. A stronger connection would allow direct inner
conversation, which is clearly more objective than vague impressions. The voice of the
Higher Self is often described as a “small, still voice” meaning an inner knowing that is
easily drowned out by mental distractions. A prolonged and sincere effort to think, feel,
and act like the Higher Self—to live from the highest part of you, the heart of your soul—
increases the feedback loop and widens your capacity to act as a channel for your future

Freewill preservation is paramount at the quantum level. While two entities occupying
the same physical realm can interact in a causal manner and violate each other’s freewill,
communication across the quantum barrier is necessarily acausal. This means the
congruency of freewill among all participants is what holds together the conduit of
interaction. The less causal the interaction, the more an attempted freewill violation will
collapse the conduit.

Biased Skepticism as Source of Corruption

The above is meant to point out why channeling is necessarily somewhat ambiguous
when judged by the standards of biased skepticism that wants to be shown proof despite
its foregone choice to disbelieve. Skeptics want accurate predictions, lottery numbers,
photographic proof, table rapping, balls of light, and other “in your face” proof that the
source is not just a fabrication. And ironically, it is the negative entities that are more
than willing to provide some of these. They can push quantum laws to the limit and
induce such physical phenomena so that the skeptics, being flabbergasted by this
demonstration, are forced to accept its reality and in abandoning their discernment
become naive followers of the source, or perhaps deeply obsessed with the phenomena

while missing out on the more transcendent possibilities. That is why something as
objectively tangible as electronic voice phenomena must come from realms closest to the
physical, realms where the crudest entities and energies incidentally reside.

As for channelled entities from the future, they “pick up the phone” to reinforce their own
timeline. Any biases by the human participants will constrict the communication conduit
or bend it towards some lower source because it biases what probable future they are
heading towards. Their attitude correlates with the source they channel. People can
channel their future selves, but depending on their current choice of orientation, attitude,
awareness, and level of responsibility, what probable self they channel may vary… could
be their positive, could be their negative future self. Therefore, the higher the dedication,
integrity, discernment, and intuition of the channelers, the more likely they will connect
with a high level positive source.

As far as bias goes, the channeler can be given some slack if an audience of sufficient
size and quality reinforces the conduit by themselves being empowered towards a
positive future. But if the material is retracted from public access and due to biases the
channeler acquires a negative probable future trajectory, then there is little hope that the
conduit maintains its integrity.

Final Thought

There exists no perfect channeled material since corruption is inevitable. Ego biases,
mistranslations, quantum laws interfering with transmission of quantitative data, hacking
by negative entities, programming of the channeler through abductions and implants,
etc… can all cause degradation in the conduit over time. And of what material is
published, perhaps just a few percent fall within the top three levels of standards. So as
much as channeling can be a valuable source of inspiration and insight, I advise extreme
discernment and a high set of standards when approaching it.

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