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HVAC APPLICATIONS: Our Low-E Insulation is quickly becoming the insulation of choice for many quality
HVAC contractors. Low-E HVAC is constructed of 1/4" polyethylene foam faced on both sides with 99.4%
pure aluminum. Used mainly as a duct insulation this product has many benefits for both the installer
and the homeowner versus typical duct insulation. Because Low-E is faced on both sides with pure
aluminum it has an extremely low e-value(.03) which stops up to 97% of radiant heat transfer. Low-E
absorbs absolutely no moisture, so if condensation would occur the insulation will not lose its
performance value nor will it mildew or deteriorate. It's totally non-toxic and there are no adhesives
used in its construction, resulting in a clean, fiber free, hypo-allergenic duct wrap. Best of all, for the
installer it is lightweight, cuts with a razor knife, and there's NO ITCH! Give it a try and find out for
yourself. See why Low-E HVAC Insulation is "the most versatile HVAC insulation on the market today"
RADIANT HEATING APPLICATIONS: A number of products in the Low-E line lend themselves to various
radiant heating applications. Our standard double-sided Low-E or Econo-E make an excellent crawlspace
or floor joist insulation, installed with or without radiant heating. Up to an r-20 can be achieved when
these products are installed on the bottom of a minimum 2 x 8 floor joist. More importantly, you gain
the added benefit of a radiant barrier which reflects up to 97% of the radiant heat back to where you
want it, THE FLOOR! Mass insulations don't do this; they simply store the heat and allow it to pass slowly
through to the other side. There are several benefits to using Low-E in this application: Superior thermal
performance; high r-values; and the more important benefit of a radiant barrier. It also provides an
excellent vapor barrier (when seams are sealed properly.)

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