The Parish Church of St Michael All Angels (PDF)

					        The Parish of St Michaels & All Angels
                      Tenbury Wells
Team Rector Revd. Claire Lording    The Vicarage, Church Street, Tenbury, WR15 8BP     810811
Team Vicar    Revd Judith Dunkling The Rectory, Burford, Tenbury Wells                  819119
Asst Minister Revd. Sue Foster      Little Oaks Cottage, Hope Bagot, SY8 3AE            891092
              Pat Deeley            1, Whitehouse, Clee Hill Road, Nash, SY8 3DE        811020
              Judith Smout          Hammer Mill, Worcester Road, WR15 8LL               810433
              Beth Knight                                                        079059 830138
              Jane Britton          Harp Bank, Clee Hill Road, Tenbury Wells, WR15 8HJ 811649
              Kath Bills            31 Ronhill Lane, Cleobury Mortimer, DY14 8AU 01299 270367
              Gordon Bailey       The Coop, Inkmoor Court, Tedstone Wafre, HR74PP 01885 483130
              Peter Mason           Freemans Place, Berrington, St. Michael’s,           811769

         Tenbury Team Ministry Office open Tues - Thurs 9am - 12noon Tel: 07804 928484

                  THE PARISH                                         THE SWORD
Churchwardens:       Mr.Ray Phillips   811117            Editors:    Mrs Julie Cook        810291
                     Mr.Arthur Gough 811957                          email:
PCC ViceChairman:    Mr.Tony Penn      810328                        Mrs Pam Owens          810978
PCC Secretary/Asst Treasurer:
                     Miss Mary Thorpe 810463             Advertising: Mrs Sue Grove       819662
PCC Treasurer:      Mrs.Jane Jenner 819653               Distribution: Mrs Janet Penn     810328
Ass'tant Treasurer: Mrs.Chris Fisher 810868              Printing:     Speediprint         819703
Gifts Recorder:     Mr & Mrs.J.Rickett 811649
Sec.Visiting Choirs & Musical Events:
                     Mr.Michael Hart 01568 750544                    PARISH WEB SITE
Organist:           Mr.John Swindells 01905 426998        

                                   SERVICE SCHEDULE
Date                Service/Officiant Readings                       Readers             Sidesmen
Sunday 2nd Nov.     Family Service          Matthew 5. 1 - 12        Mr C Preece         Mr & Mrs A
10.00am                                     1 John 3. 1 - 3          Mrs J Jenner          Wright
All Saints Sunday
Sunday 9th Nov.     Sung Eucharist: CW      Amos 5.18-24             Mrs S Childs   Mr R Phillips
10.00am             Revd J Dunkling         1 Thessalonians 4.13-end Mr E Hudson    Mr J Edwards
Remembrance Sun                             Matthew 25.1-13          Mrs S Summers
Sunday 16th Nov.    Parish Communion: BCP   Colossians 3.12 – 17     Mr B Fisher    Mr & Mrs B
10.00am             Revd T Surtees          Matthew 13. 24 - 30      Revd T Surtees   Fisher
2nd before Advent
Sunday 23rd Nov.    Parish Communion: CW   Ezekiel 34.11-16,20-24 Mrs H Mound            Mr & Mrs P
10.00am             Revd C Lording         Ephesians 1.15-end      Mrs A Fox               Mound
Christ the King                            Matthew 25.31 - end     Mrs J Penn
Sunday 30th Nov.    Team Confirmation Service at St Mary’s Tenbury
10.00am             with Bishop Anthony
1st of Advent
Sunday 7th Dec.     Family Service                                   Mrs C Lywood        Mr & Mrs G Pitt
10.00am                                                              Harry Lywood
2nd of Advent
Dear Friends,

When it comes to giving people strange presents, I think my personal favourite has to be the presents
that were given to a group of adults at their confirmation service that I attended a few years ago.
Each of the ‘lucky’ candidates received a cactus from the Bishop! I can’t remember the precise
wording of the speech which went with the presentation of the cacti, but it was something along the
lines of: ‘just as a cactus can manage without water, so we Christians can manage without the material
nourishment of our secular society, we are able to be self-sufficient and self-protecting in a hostile
environment and all we need to feed us is the light of Christ’! I am not entirely sure if that would be
the kind of welcome I would have liked to receive after affirming my membership of the family of the
Church – but each to their own I suppose!

The reason I don’t like the image that came with the presentation of the cacti is because - what is it
saying about Christians? The idea of being a Christian is not to shut ourselves off from the ‘real’
world and to defend ourselves by showing our prickly and hostile side. If we are going to stick with
the plant analogy, maybe the candidates should have been presented with a sunflower. That is a much
better image of being a Christian, something that shines with the light of Christ, is cheerful and opens
itself up to share its joy with others!

One of the great joys of being a Christian is sharing with others as they explore their faith. Over the
next few weeks eight candidates from the Tenbury Team will be exploring more about their faith as
they prepare to come to confirmation at the end of this month. In coming to confirmation they will be
re-affirming the promises that were made for them at baptism, making their own commitment and
coming to share in Holy Communion. Please do give your support and encouragement to our candidates –
Sophie Cooper, Hayley Draper, Jonathan Moore, Joshua Moore, Jenny Newton, Jayné Perks, Phil Reece
and Jacob Thomas over the coming weeks and remember them in your prayers.

The Team Confirmation Service will be held at St. Mary’s, Tenbury on Sunday 30th November at 10am,
led by Bishop Anthony. Please do come along and give your support to our candidates as they take this
important step in their journey in faith.

All the best

           ALL SOULS                                              ROADPEACE
  SERVICE OF COMMEMORATION                          World Day of Remembrance and Hope
                                                    A Hereford Cathedral Service for Road
           Monday 3rd November
                                                    Victims and for all those involved - families,
                    6.30pm                          friends and the emergency services, on
               St Mary’s Tenbury                    Sunday 16th November at 3.30pm. The
                                                    preacher will be the Revd Philip Roberts,
    We remember those who have died,                Chaplaincy    Team       Leader,    Hereford
    especially those during the past year           Hospitals Trust.

           Sunday 30th November, 10 am, St Mary’s Church, Tenbury
                        with the Bishop of Hereford
                    Please come along and support the candidates

Letter from the Bishop of Ludlow
It may seem strange to be making an appeal in Advent especially since recently there has been such
turbulence in the world’s financial markets. The ‘credit crunch’ means that we shall all suffer.
However the poorest in the world will suffer most and this is a time when we can reach out to them
with generosity. Those of us who have visited our link Dioceses know the wonderful hospitality which
is given to us and how people out of very little give their all.

There is a tremendous spirit of generosity in our Diocese through the links which have been
established and after consultation with the Tanzanian Bishops we want to put forward 3 projects, one
in each link Diocese for our Advent appeal. There may be people who are not involved in overseas links
who would like to respond to this appeal and there may be others who have already given who would like
to think about it.

A Food Security Programme in the Masasi Diocese which is in a very poor area in the south of
Tanzania. Most of the people in the Diocese are subsistence farmers heavily dependent on climatic
conditions. In some years the rains fail and crops are seen to wither and die in the ground; in other
years the rains are too heavy and wash seeds and plants out of the ground. In some years there is
famine in parts of the Diocese.

One of the projects in the Tanga Diocese is a Vocational Training Centre for HIV/Aids orphans and
unemployed young people. Many leave the area and end up as street children in places like Dar es
Salaam. Bishop Philip Baji wants to expand and develop the Centre to accommodate many more young
people so that they can learn practical skills and be given hope for the future.

“Education for Liberation” is the motto of the new Church Secondary School in Dar es Salaam which
opened in 2004 but which needs a lot of money for new buildings, facilities, books and educational
materials. Archbishop Valentino Mokiwa wants to see the school offer the best possible education to
young people so that they may in turn provide Christian leadership in their country and play an
important part in reducing poverty in this, the 7th poorest country in the world.

As we look forward to celebrating the birth of Christ we shall remember the outpouring of God’s
generosity by coming in Jesus and the giving of himself. We shall want to identify with God’s
generosity by reaching out to others especially our friends in Tanzania.

The Appeal will be launched during the first week of November when the Archbishop of Tanzania will
be visiting the Diocese. Cheques should be made payable to the Hereford Diocesan Board of Finance
and sent to Gordon Powell at the Diocesan Office, The Palace, Hereford HR4 9BL with a note saying it
is for Tanzanian Advent Appeal

                                                    Diocesan Website:

World AIDS Day December 1st

Do you have an hour to spare on December 1st? Up and down the country people will stop on December
1st to remember more than 30 million people who are living with HIV/AIDS throughout the world. In
the face of such a global epidemic remembering people in our prayers is an important ministry that we
can all share in. You might simply say a prayer at home but if you really do have an hour to spare you
would be very welcome to join a Vigil Service at St Laurence’s, Ludlow from 12noon until 1pm.
Through words and silence we hold before God all those whose lives are affected by HIV/AIDS. If you
would like a lift to Ludlow or would like anymore information on the service please contact me.


Hereford Cathedral News
There has been a project to commemorate Hereford’s three ‘saints’ - Ethelbert is now celebrated with
a new shrine east of the High Altar, Thomas Traherne with stained glass windows in the Audley Chapel,
and now the refurbishment of the shrine of St Thomas Cantilupe in the north transept. The cathedral
is so fortunate in possessing one of the few remaining medieval shrine bases on the site where there
were many healings during the medieval period, and where, today, so many pilgrims leave their prayers.
The refurbishment consists of several parts:
        The telling of the story of Thomas Cantilupe in two very large panels. Croft Design of Much
Wenlock are producing the appliqué work and we hope that this part of the cathedral will be
transformed by brilliant colour.
        A canopy placed on the stone base, showing how the shrine would have appeared.
        A new altar near the shrine
We hope that the shrine area will focus even more on the cathedral’s ministry of prayer and
intercession and we hope, too, that a ministry of healing will develop - here on the site where, in
medieval times, more healing miracles were recorded than at any other English shrine, save that of
Becket at Canterbury.

A service of celebration and dedication is to be held on Saturday 8 November at 3pm and it would be
marvellous if we were able to welcome diocesan clergy, readers, and their congregations. At the
service the refurbished shrine will be dedicated and the story of Thomas will be told in drama by
pupils from St Thomas Cantilupe School, Hereford, and we hope to welcome ecumenical

Sewing Machines to Maramba

An old manually operated Singer sewing machine weighs 35lbs and occupies 1.5 cubic feet of space.
Important information when planning to transport 15 machines to Tanzania. Cost is determined by
space taken up in the container irrespective of weight. Weight is a major consideration when loading
the machines into our estate car to take them to Much Dewchurch where they are to be loaded into a
container. After increasing tyre pressures we managed to load all 15 machines and take them on their
first stage of the 5000 mile journey without mishap.

William Mbuji made a surprise request for machines that created a zigzag stitch so several electrical
ones have been included in the consignment. The heaviest weighed in at 42lbs, was a very sturdy model
manufactured in the USSR, not as good looking as the 'Singers'!

All the machines were vetted by our very own home economics specialist, Suzanne Moss, who carefully
removed generations of dust, oiled and left the machines in good working order with cotton threads
adjusted to correct tensions. Her help was much appreciated and we now know who to turn to if there
are any complaints from Maramba.

It will be interesting to see our machines when we start our visit to Tanzania next week and hopefully
take some photographs so that the people who gave them can see that they are put to good use once
                                                                                      P. & J. Metcalfe

                                                      Bach’s B-Minor Mass
                                                      St Laurence’s Church, Ludlow
                                                      7.30 Saturday 15th November 2008
                                                      Tickets from Ross’s Books & Music or

               Χηιλδρεν σ Παγε
During November we count down to Advent; the first Sunday of Advent this year is on 30th November
when we have a special service in the Tenbury Team – a confirmation service when several young people
from around the Tenbury parishes will be confirmed by the Bishop of Hereford in Tenbury church.
This is a very special time for those being confirmed. Please colour in this picture of youngsters filling
a church. This month’s competition entries need to be with Clair Wright at The Cote, Upper
Berrington, tel. 811017, by 30th November.

A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the following youngster in the parish:

       Morgan Williams who will be 11 years old on 15th November

The funeral of Jean Brigden was held at Burford Church on 13th October. Jean was born and grew up in
Burford and had a great affection for St Mary’s Church where her father had been a church warden
for many years. Jean will be greatly missed in St Michaels where she had been organist for some
years, continuing to play when needed and for the Family Service. She was also a stalwart of the
Family Worship Group and will be truly missed at the planning meetings. Jean was also a very valued
member of the St Michaels Singers and her strong alto voice will be missed. We send our condolences
to Jean’s family and to her many, many friends.

                      Family Service
                 Sunday 1st November at 10.00am
                 The speaker will be Kevin Bryant,
       head teacher St Lawrence’s CE Primary School, Ludlow
          Refreshments after the service.                       Everyone welcome.
New Hymn Books

Hymn Book Dedication Form
Members of the church family are invited to dedicate a new hymn book in memory of a loved one or
simply a donation. In return, an inscription be will entered into the inside cover of a hymn book (or
books). Please fill in the appropriate text box below. Please note that this does not mean you can take
“your book” home with you. If you wish to purchase your own book for home study, you can order your
own copy online at        Telephone: 01603 612914

   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I would like to dedicate:
_______ (Quantity) words only edition     £10 each
_______ (Quantity) melody and words       £13.50 each
_______(Quantity) Full Music              £25 each

Option 1 Dedicate a hymn book
This hymn book is given in memory of ________________________________(Add name)
Presented by ______________________________(Your name – optional)

Option 2 Denotation of Hymn Book
This hymn book was donated by _________________________________(Your name)

Please return to John Swindells (01905 426998).

   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Music @ St Michaels
Sunday 9th November, 10am - Sung Eucharist for Remembrance Sunday with The Hereford Church

Saturday 13th December, 6.30pm - Christmas Carol Service with The Birmingham University Singers,
                             director John Whenham, organist Henry Fairs.

Sunday 14th December, 10am & 3pm - Sung Eucharist & Choral Evensong with The Birmingham
                            University Singers.

Operation Christmas Shoeboxes

Boxes filled with Christmas treats for children in eastern Europe will once again be sent from the
Tenbury area including St Michaels. For more details including ideas of suitable items to include, speak
to Gwen Arnold on 811956. The leaflets will also be available at the back of the church. The filled
boxes will need to be with Gwen by Remembrance Sunday, 9th November.

Harvest Festival

Claire Lording led a packed church which was great to see. All ages were present and the younger
members of the congregation lit the candles - what concentration too!!

During the service baskets and boxes of produce were brought forward and what an array was
presented. The church had been decorated with great flair and imagination; apples and pears, packs of
pasta and tea alongside marrows, trailing ivy and rosehips, rice and baked beans.

After the service we headed down to the Village Hall where a delicious lunch was laid out for us all to
tuck into. Well done ladies! As always, far too much temptation on offer, and all quite yummy. My plate
was far too full!

Pudding time came and what a selection; apple pies, lemon sponge, treacle tarts and fresh raspberries
and many more - we all enjoyed them.

Muriel had been selling raffle tickets during the lunch so we all waited to see if our tickets had been
successful - no luck for me this year! Tony then encouraged us to buy delicious cheeses and apple pies -
very persuasive.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I had to go for a long walk afterwards!

Peter and I collected all the produce from the church and I delivered it to St Paul’s Hostel for the
Homeless in Worcester on the Monday morning. They are so appreciative of our donation - many of the
goods are used in starter packs when residents move into their own accommodation.

                                                                                           Sally Mason
Apple Pie Plate
If the lady who made a delicious apple pie for the Harvest Lunch, on a Denby ‘Mayflower’ plate, is
wondering where her plate is would she like to phone Gwen Arnold on 811956 to find out the answer.

Wheelchair Available
A wheelchair has been made available for anyone to use for a day out, for holidays, etc. Please contact
the churchwardens, Ray Phillips or Arthur Gough, if you would like to borrow it.

 Around the Tenbury Team …

www.                    OPEN DOOR          CAB EMERGENCY FOOD RELIEF                         LISTENING EAR
                                     th    Tenbury’s CAB are collecting items of      In     times      of      loneliness,
WORSHIP                  Thursday 13
                                           non-perishable goods for emergency food    bereavement,      suffering      and
         .                 November
                                           relief to help locally, those in genuine   uncertainty, everyone benefits                2.30pm         need, in times of crisis.                  from someone to listen. There are
  Sat. 1st Nov,         Cornwall Gardens   PLEASE HELP by leaving contributions in    caring individuals locally who can
7pm, at Burford             Centre,        box at St Mary’s Church, Tenbury, or at    meet with you. Tel: 07804 928484
  Village Hall          ALLWELCOME         the CAB office in Teme St.                 or contact one of clergy.
 Pauline Gates
  St Mary’s Tenbury WINTER FAYRE
 Saturday 22ndNovember, 11am – 2pm. Lots of stalls, lunches, entertainment.

 St Mary’s Burford “Spirit of Christmas”
 Floral demonstration of Christmas ideas, stalls, refreshments, in Burford church, Saturday 29th
 November, 2.30pm. Tickets from Gwythers Shoe shop.

 Christmas Fairs on Saturday 15th November
 Little Hereford – at village hall
 Greete – 10am – 4pm at Greete Court


 Village Hall A.G.M.
 The A.G. M. of the Village Hall will be held on Monday 24th November 2008 at 8.00 p.m in The Village
 Hall. All welcome - it’s YOUR village hall - come along and see what’s been happening and help to make
 future plans.

                                       2008 Pantomime
                                   JACK & THE BEANSTICK
                                  @ The Courtyard, Hereford
                               20th December, leaving village hall 5.30pm
                                            Cost ~£15 inc coach
                                      If you want to go please contact
                      Deb Williams (01568 750510) ASAP & before 14th November

 St Michaels Village Hall Entertainments

                        Family Night - Friday 7th November 7.30pm.
                                    PIZZA 'N' PASTA
                                  Bring along your favourite dish to share.
                                We will provide some salad and garlic bread.
                                          £1 a head. Bar open 7.30

Forthcoming Dates for your calendar

Family Night - Friday 5th December 7.30pm.
Come and help us decorate the Village Hall for Christmas.
Bar open (bring some nibbles) it's more fun than it sounds!!!

Village Christmas Dinner - Saturday 13th December 7.30 for 8pm following the carol service.
In the village Hall, catered by Phil Gibbs.
Choice of two starters, choice of three meats in main course and two puddings. Adults £12.50,
children under 10 years £6.
Tickets available in advance from committee members.

Children's Christmas Party 21st December. See December Sword for details.

Straw Headed Peter - a children's play. Tuesday 13th January 2009 at 6.30pm (by the same
company that brought us Firebird last year)
A very funny, new telling of a classic cautionary tale for naughty children which will delight all the
family - hilarious stories for a dark time of year.
Tickets £7 advance/£8 door/ £20 family. obtainable from Anne Fox 01584-819845

Farce by Andy Cook – can things get any worse on the top floor? Debut performances 22nd, 23rd, &
24th January 2009. Make it a date now.

Black Country Night with Tommy Munden Saturday 28th February 2009 at 7.30pm
Faggots and Peas supper by Phil Gibbs. Bar. Tickets £10. Great value. Great night !

                                   The floor
                               St Michaels Village Hall
                                 Friday 14th November
                                                8 pm
                      The IzzyJack Band - Cooks & Bretts galore
                     with their own music & old favourites
             Bel Canto - flirtaceous a capella from Bridgnorth girls
                               Anna Gray & Roger Champkin
                                      Arthur Hyde
                             Entry: £5 on the door (£1 child)
                     Excellent bar & The Floor Broad thrown in.
   CHRISTMAS FLOOR on Friday 12th December with the famous John Kirkpatrick

                    “For your delight and delectation”

                    Olde Tyme Music Hall
                       Thursday 18th December &
                       Friday 19th December 2008
                              7 for 7.30pm
                       at St Michaels Village Hall
                                    Bar & mince pies
                             Admission by ticket £7
    Edwardian dress optional! Prizes for best headwear!
                  For tickets and information contact:
                    01584 819875 / 01584 810978
We would also like to borrow period decorations such as aspidistras for the performances. Please
contact Caroline Belfield on 810032 if you can help us out.


Not About Heroes

To commemorate the 90th anniversary of the end of the Great War, Not About Heroes is moving and
intimate drama about the real life relationship between the poets Wilfred Owen and Siegfried
Sassoon. The play, taken from their actual writings, shows the “strangely fruitful encounter between
Siegfried Sassoon, soldier, poet and war hero, now obsessed with exposing every sham ideal used to
justify war, and Wilfred Owen, recovering from shell shock, looking desperately for a hero who was
not immune to the pity of war” (Times Literary Supplement).

Sassoon looks back on the first meeting with Owen, in Craiglockhart War Hospital, in the summer of
1917. Their friendship deepened only to be cruelly cut short when a sniper killed Owen, just one week
before the armistice.

Not About Heroes is a Shindig production. Shindig is Worcestershire’s Rural and Community Touring
Scheme that brings live arts to our doorstep. Events, including plays, musicians and pantomimes, are
held all over Worcestershire in local community venues. It is sponsored by Arts Council England West
Midlands, Worcestershire County Council and Malvern Hills District Council.

Not About Heroes is at the Regal Theatre Tenbury Wells on 1 November at 7.30pm. Please contact
Jane Jenner on 01584 819653 for tickets.

                                          - 10 -
Light up a Life
Each Christmas, KEMP Hospice’s Light up a Life Appeal gives people the opportunity to both celebrate
those special things that have happened during the year and to remember those people whom we love
but see no longer.

This year, we will once again be inviting you to remember and celebrate with our Light up a Life Appeal.
When you fill in the Light up a Life form on the back of this newsletter, and make a contribution to
the work of the Hospice, a tag will be placed on one of the KEMP Christmas trees bearing your
message and the name of the person or event you wish to remember. These lights of memory and love
will continue to shine throughout the Christmas period.

We will place our KEMP Christmas trees, on which messages and memories will displayed, at St Mary’s
Church in Tenbury Wells, By dedicating a ‘light’ this Christmas you will also be helping KEMP Hospice to
continue to offer care and to people throughout the Wyre Forest and Tenbury area who are living with
life-threatening illness, and support to their families and carers.

One family describes below how much Light up Life means to them:
“Just over a year ago I lost my mum to a malignant melanoma after being cared for by the Hospice
throughout her illness. Mum was a very special part of our lives. She thought the world of my girls who
were the apples of her eye. We all miss her very much. At Christmas time, such a loss can feel
unbearable but we’ve found that recalling all our favourite memories of mum can help.
KEMP has touched our family in many ways and has helped other family members over the years. Just
knowing they are there for the good times as well as the bad makes a huge difference to our family.
KEMP Hospice’s Light up a Life services provide us with a special kind of support. This Christmas we
will be looking at the messages hanging on the Christmas tree, and remembering how lucky we were to
have mum in our lives, and really celebrating all that she meant to us.”
Although mum was looked after by the Hospice, Light up a Life is for anyone who has lost loved ones or
wants to dedicate a light in celebration of a special occasion or new life. By joining us in sponsoring a
light, like us you will know that the money raised will help the Hospice support even more local people in

Again, we will be holding a special service in St Mary’s Church, Tenbury Wells on Saturday December
13th at 3.30 pm to dedicate the lights.
                                                                                         Alastair Fuller

And from Sue Foster …..

In the middle of November KEMP Hospice will have a Tree of Lights both outside and inside St Mary’s
Church, Tenbury. Last year we were privileged to have the young people of Café 27 to design and
construct the beautiful Tree that was inside the church. Some people were surprised, even perhaps
disappointed, that this was not an actual Christmas tree and I would like to take this opportunity to
explain why this was so. The Tree of Lights is placed in Church several weeks before Christmas and is
there during the whole of Advent - the church season leading up to Christmas. Advent is a time, rather
like Lent, when we Christians prepare ourselves to meet Jesus Christ and we do this amongst other
things by thinking about things we do wrong and saying sorry for them (it is a penitential time).
Because it is a solemn, serious time in our Christian year, the Church is stripped of flowers and
decoration and so, to put a jolly Christmas Tree in the church at this time, would be out of place. The
tree designed by Café 27 was very appropriate. The simple, bare branches reflected the season of
advent and the frailty of life but the lights and delicate crystal, mirror-like decorations added a
tasteful, celebratory dimension whilst reflecting back to us the lights and, symbolically, the love of the
people we were remembering or events we were celebrating. Much thought, planning and work went into
the tree in order that it matched our needs. We at KEMP want to thank Café 27 and look forward to
seeing and using the tree they will design and produce for us this year.

                                            - 11 -
Thanks from Clair Wright ….

Just to let everyone know that I raised £301 following my 10K run in Shrewsbury which I have now
forwarded to Acorns Children's Hospice. Many thanks to all who gave a donation.

…. and well done Clair.

              Beaujolais Nouveau Evening - Friday 21st November
                                         Venue: Cadmore Lodge
                                             Time 7.30 p.m.
        Cost: £15 includes a glass of Beaujolais Nouveau and a light meal with a French flavour.
         Tickets and more details from Dick Fox (Tel 01584 819845) or from Cadmore Lodge.

Cabaret with Wayne Sleep
If anyone would like to go to see ‘Cabaret’ with Wayne Sleep at Malvern on Wednesday 10th December
please contact Eva Thomas on 711513 by 6th November to book a place.


     You can still acquire your Rugby Club calendars from Pam Owens and other outlets around town.

                          Tenbury’s Rugby Players as you’ve never seen them before!


If you’ve ever tasted the delicious delight of Jenny Wellings’ chocolate concoction then here is the recipe for
you to try yourself.

Jenny’s Rocky Road

125g/4½oz soft unsalted butter
300g/10½oz best-quality dark chocolate, broken into pieces
3 tbsp golden syrup
200g/7¼oz rich tea biscuits
100g/3½oz mini marshmallows
2 tsp icing sugar, to dust

1. Heat the butter, chocolate and golden syrup in a heavy-based saucepan over a gentle heat. Remove
from the heat, scoop out about 125ml/4½fl oz of the melted mixture and set aside in a bowl.
2. Place the biscuits into a plastic freezer bag and crush them with a rolling pin until some have turned
to crumbs but there are still pieces of biscuit remaining.
3. Fold the biscuit pieces and crumbs into the melted chocolate mixture in the saucepan, then add the
4. Tip the mixture into a 24cm/9in square baking tin and smooth the top with a wet spatula.
5. Pour over the reserved 125ml/4½fl oz of the melted chocolate mixture and smooth the top with a
wet spatula.
5. Refrigerate for about two hours or overnight.
6. To serve, cut into 24 fingers and dust with icing sugar.

                                               - 12 -
                            WHAT’S ON IN ST MICHAELS
Saturday 1st                 7.30pm         Not About Heroes at the Regal
Sunday 2                     10.00am        Family Service
Monday 3rd                   6.30pm         All Souls Service at Tenbury
Thursday 6                   7.30pm         W. I.
Friday 7th                   7.30pm         Pizza ‘N’ Pasta Night at the hall
Sunday 9                     10.00am        Sung Eucharist for Remembrance Sunday
  “     “                                   Christmas Shoe Boxes due in
Friday 14                    8.00pm         The Floor
Sunday 16th                  10.00am        Parish Communion
Wednesday 19                                PRESS DATE for December/January double Sword
Friday 21st                  7.30pm         Beaujolais Evening at Cadmore - French Twinning Assoc.
Sunday 23                    10.00am        Parish Communion
Monday 24th                  8.00pm         Village Hall AGM
Sunday 30                    10.00am        Team Confirmation Service at Tenbury

Friday 5th                   7.30pm         Family Night - Decorate the hall for Christmas
Sunday 7                     10.00am        Family Service for Advent
Friday 12                    8.00pm         The Floor
Saturday 13                  3.30pm         Kemp Hospice Tree of Light Service at Tenbury
Saturday 13                  6.30pm         Carol Service
Saturday 13                  7.30pm         Village Christmas Dinner
Sunday 14                    10.00am        Sung Eucharist
Sunday 14                    3.00pm         Choral Evensong
Thursday 18                  7.30pm         St Michaels Singers Old Tyme Music Hall
Friday 19                    7.30pm         St Michaels Singers Old Tyme Music Hall
Saturday 20                  7.00pm         Tenbury Teme Valley Band Concert at Regal
Sunday 21st                  10.00am        Parish Communion
Sunday 21                                   Children’s Christmas Party
Wednesday 24th               3.30pm         Crib Service
Thursday 25                  10.00am        Parish Communion
Sunday 28th                  10.00am        Team Eucharist


                                PRESS DATE 19th November
                       for the DECEMBER/JANUARY edition of The Sword
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