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									                       The Kai Lord
The noble warrior lords from all over Sommerlund eagerly         homeland and bonded with an utter loyalty to the people
sponsor their offspring every year, pushing them to gain         of Sommerlund. Few Kai Lords have ever been described
entry to the monastery of the Kai, for it is a great honour to   as fun-loving or jovial but there is no one better to stand
be accepted and trained by the monks. Though the training        beside when darkness and peril threaten.
and meditations are long and hard, when a Kai Lord
finally leaves the monastery, he is the perfect defender of      Religion: Though the entire Kai order revolves around

                                                                                                                                The Kai Lord
Sommerlund, able to defeat enemies both through force of         the teachings of the God Kai, Kai Lords themselves have
arms and by secretly working behind the scenes, scouting         no real religion as such. They pay no fealty to Kai, do
and spying for the rightful king.                                not pray to him, nor do they attempt to spread the word of
                                                                 their faith to others. To be a Kai Lord is to accept a life
Kai Lords are trained to master their innate powers, which       of meditation, discipline and above all self-improvement,
are a gift of fortuitous birth. Not every human in the world     as mind and body are brought into total union. This is the
of Magnamund has the power to become a Kai Lord; it is           very core of a Kai Lord and every effort made is towards
a special power that surfaces in the many bloodlines of the      this end.
land. Theories as to the powers’ origin abound, but none
know the truth of where it came from or why it seems to          Background: Kai Lords are inducted into the monastery
lie dormant for generations before resurfacing. Some Kai         at a very early age, where they are removed from all ties
Lords believe the ancient gods of Magnamund awaken the           of home and family. From this point they work, study and
worthy when they are needed to face terrible dangers in the      meditate for years, learning the initial Disciplines of the
land, but no one knows for certain. Even the oldest texts of     Kai before, at last, being tasked with a mission that may
the Kai monastery are unclear on the matter.                     carry them to the furthest reaches of Magnamund. These
                                                                 are long years of hard toil, working the fields of crops
What is known is the great power that resides in the mind        that support the monastery, patrolling the nearby forests,
and body of a fully trained disciple of the Kai. Kai Lords       studying history and practising what will eventually
can perform miracles with their minds and have honed             become mighty powers. It is exceptionally rare for adults
their physical abilities to perfection. Perfectly at home        to become Kai Lords and the very few that do never
surrounded by wild animals or exposed to the harshest            reach the heights of discipline that a life-long Kai Lord
of elements, an experienced Kai Lord can survive where           achieves.
others could not, defeat opponents that seem invincible
and manipulate the world around them through sheer               Other Classes: Kai Lords will readily associate with
willpower.                                                       Knights of the Realm and Brothers of the Crystal Star in
                                                                 defence of Sommerlund, even though their quests may take
Adventures: It is the sacred duty of all Kai Lords to            them thousands of miles away from their home territories.
defend Sommerlund from enemies both within and                   Kai Lords have no philosophical differences that set them
without. The machinations of the Darklords stretch across        at odds with either the Magicians of Dessi or the Telchos
both continents of Magnamund and they are by no means            Warriors, though they are only likely to encounter such
the only threat to the land of the sun. Kai Lords can thus be    individuals when travelling to Southern Magnamund.
found throughout Magnamund, pursuing missions of great           They generally find it harder to associate with Shadaki
importance to their homeland even though they may take           Buccaneers and Dwarven Gunners of Bor – the former
many years to accomplish.                                        are seen as too footloose and infamous to be trusted, while
                                                                 the latter’s advanced technology often unsettles more
Characteristics: A Kai Lord is a spiritual warrior,              traditional Kai Lords.
part knight, part ranger and part woodsman. Through
meditation, he has access to incredible mental powers and
disciplines, separating him far from other humans. Their
                                                                 Game Rule Information
                                                                 Kai Lords have the following game statistics.
life is one of introspection, developing the subsequent
ability to affect the world around them through the sheer
                                                                 Abilities: Wisdom is an important ability score for Kai
force of mind and body, united into one formidable tool.
                                                                 Lords, as it governs the use of many of their mental powers,
This tool is in turn dedicated to the defence of their
                                                                 though in truth every ability score has its place among the

Disciplines. Those seeking to become masters of battle will       ♦   The Vow of Fire: ‘Fire is the gift of the sun; it is a light
typically have both high Strength and Constitution scores,            that burns away all but the spirit and leaves behind only
while those concentrating on hunting will have above                  Truth.’
average Dexterity scores. A high Intelligence is beneficial
to all Kai Lords, rather than just those of a studious bent, as       The discipline of his training teach the Kai Lord that
it will allow for a greater number of skills to be learnt that        there is little need for material wealth and that personal
will complement their inherent Disciplines.                           development is of far more importance. The Kai Lord
                                                                      is permitted to own only what his masters deem vital to
Hit Die: d8.                                                          successfully defend Sommerlund (see pXX for further
                                                                      details on what equipment is permitted). Material
Base Speed: 30 feet.                                                  possessions other than what the monastery allows are
                                                                      to be shunned as a distraction from the ‘truth’ of inner
Class Skills
The Kai Lord’s class skills (and the key ability for each
                                                                      Common Trial: The Trial of Fire is usually symbolised
skill) are Acrobatics (Dex), Athletics (Str), Bluff (Cha),
                                                                      by asking the Kai novice to give up some small but
Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Disguise (Cha),
                                                                      precious childhood item or keepsake. This sacrifice
Escape Artist (Dex), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis),
                                                                      is rarely one of any monetary value, but being able to
Knowledge (nature, history) (Int), Perception (Wis), Ride
                                                                      let go of a personal treasure shows commitment to the
(Dex), Stealth (Dex), Sense Motive (Wis) and Survival
                                                                      sparse lifestyle the Order demands.
                                                                  ♦   The Vow of Light: ‘All choices bring the Kai Lord into
Skill Points at 1st Level: (4 + Int modifier) x 4
                                                                      conflict with the one foe he can never defeat – himself.
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 4 + Int modifier
                                                                      Good choices allow survival. Evil choices ensure a
                                                                      swift death.’
Class Features
All of the following are class features of the Kai Lord.              As scions of law and justice in the lands of Sommerlund,
                                                                      the Kai are expected to hold themselves to a higher ideal
Armour and Weapons Proficiency: Kai Lords are                         than other folk. A Kai Lord that willingly commits a
proficient with all simple and martial weapons. They are              harmful evil act is stripped of the gifts of Kai, losing
also proficient with light armour and all types of shield.            all access to his Disciplines, until he can atone for his
Note that armour check penalties for armour heavier than              transgression and restore his spiritual harmony. The
leather apply to the skills Acrobatics, Athletics, Climb,             details of this restoration are left to the Games Master
Escape Artist and Stealth. Also, Athletics checks made                to decide, but a quest or great personal sacrifice would
when swimming incur double this penalty.                              be appropriate penance.

The Four Vows: When a Kai Lord begins his training, he                Common Trial: Each of the presiding Elder Kai
is asked to swear four sacred vows in order to truly purify           (typically three, but sometimes as many as seven)
his mind, body and spirit. These vows are essential to the            pose a moral riddle to the novice and judge him by the
Kai Order and only students who swear and sustain these               answers given. These questions are usually given with
vows are allowed to continue their training. All Kai take             a definite time limit to the answers, ensuring that the
these oaths very seriously; vowbreakers are some of the               novice’s first instinct is reflected in the reply.
most vilified enemies of the Order and are usually hunted
down ruthlessly as an example to all those who seek Kai           ♦   The Vow of Solaris: ‘Darkness cannot be abided, nor
wisdom for their own selfish uses.                                    can it be tolerated. Where it obscures sight, it must be
                                                                      banished by the light.’
The Four Vows are sworn during a great ceremony to the
gods of the Order, Kai and Ishir. Before the assembled                Kai Lords are expected to fight evil wherever they find
elders of the monastery, a novice is asked to undergo a               it. This oath ensures that a novice is prepared to give
trial symbolising each of the oaths. These trials are not             his life if necessary to defeat the machinations of the
dangerous, but they do test the commitment of each novice             Darklords and their fell minions. It is the swearing
and insincerity is swiftly rooted out in all but the most             of this Vow and the Vow of Light that bestow legal
subtle cases. The Four Vows and the trials commonly                   authority to a Kai Lord. This Vow is also the one
associated with them are:

                                                         The Kai Lord
                                      Fort    Ref      Will
    Level    Base Combat Skill        Save    Save     Save       Kai Rank                    Special
    1st      +0                       +2      +0       +2         Novice                      The Four Vows, Kai Discipline
    2nd      +1                       +3      +0       +3         Intuit                      Kai Discipline
    3rd      +2                       +3      +1       +3         Doan                        Kai Discipline
    4th      +3                       +4      +1       +4         Acolyte                     Kai Discipline
    5th      +3                       +4      +1       +4         Initiate                    Kai Discipline

                                                                                                                                    The Kai Lord
    6th      +4                       +5      +2       +5         Aspirant                    Kai Discipline
    7th      +5                       +5      +2       +5         Guardian                    Kai Discipline
    8th      +6/+1                    +6      +2       +6         Warmarn or Journeyman       Kai Discipline
    9th      +6/+1                    +6      +3       +6         Savant                      Kai Discipline
    10th     +7/+2                    +7      +3       +7         Initiate Master             Kai Discipline
    11th     +8/+3                    +7      +3       +7         Master                      Magnakai Discipline
    12th     +9/+4                    +8      +4       +8         Master Senior               Magnakai Discipline
    13th     +9/+4                    +8      +4       +8         Master Superior             Magnakai Discipline
    14th     +10/+5                   +9      +4       +9         Primate                     Magnakai Discipline
    15th     +11/+6/+1                +9      +5       +9         Tutelary                    Magnakai Discipline
    16th     +12/+7/+2                +10     +5       +10        Principalin                 Magnakai Discipline
    17th     +12/+7/+2                +10     +5       +10        Mentora                     Magnakai Discipline
    18th     +13/+8/+3                +11     +6       +11        Scion-kai                   Magnakai Discipline
    19th     +14/+9/+4                +11     +6       +11        Archmaster                  Magnakai Discipline
    20th     +15/+10/+5               +12     +6       +12        Grand Master                Magnakai Discipline

     most often ‘bent’ by Kai on deep cover assignments,                 Common Trial: This trial is a very indirect one. For
     but every lord knows its intent and while some have to              three days before the novice’s scheduled appearance to
     bend its direct application, all Kai struggle to uphold it          take his Vows, the elders secretly arrange opportunities
     in their own way.                                                   for immoral behaviour. These are usually harmless
                                                                         situations, but they measure how far the novice might
     Common Trial: The potential novice is given one of the              be willing to go to satisfy desires not in keeping with
     monastery’s rare treasures, a Sunstone. These minor                 a true Kai Lord. The novice’s behaviour and attitude
     magical items shed a glow in direct proportion to the               during the tests determine whether the trial is passed
     ‘goodness’ in its bearer’s soul. The novice is placed               or failed.
     against the shadowed far wall of the monastery’s great
     hall and if the light is sufficient to make the novice           Kai Discipline: At every level from 1st to 10th, the
     visible to the Kai elders, the trial is passed.                  Kai Lord may select a new Kai Discipline, as well as
                                                                      improving those he already possesses. Each level taken
♦    The Vow of Spirit: ‘Purity of body is purity of soul.            in Kai Lord after the first improves all previously chosen
     For one to exist without the other would be like the             Kai Disciplines one level, to a maximum of 5 ranks. Only
     sun’s glory existing without the beauty of the moon.’            a Kai Discipline advanced to 5 ranks can qualify a Kai
                                                                      Lord for the Magnakai Discipline based on its teachings
     Kai Lords live a monastic lifestyle even when they               (see below).
     leave the monastery on assignment. Kai Lords are
     expected to refrain from gluttony, abstain from over-            Magnakai Discipline: Upon attaining 10th level the Kai
     indulgences of pleasure or entertainment and avoid all           Lord gains the rank of Initiate Master and is permitted to
     immoral behaviour. Again, undercover Kai know the                begin studying the wisdom of the Magnakai. At every
     harsh truth that this vow is not entirely possible to keep       level from 11th to 20th, the Kai Lord may select a new
     at times, but moderation is always observed.                     Magnakai Discipline, as well as improving all previously
                                                                      chosen Magnakai Disciplines one level.

Ex-Kai Lords                                                        However, a Kai Lord may never reduce his Endurance to
A Kai Lord who willingly goes against the teachings and             less than 1 point through using a Kai Discipline of any
dictates of his order may no longer progress in levels as a         level.
Kai Lord until he atones for his violations. In addition, a
Kai Lord is free to multiclass, but once a level in a class         Animal Kinship
other than Kai Lord is selected, no further levels in the Kai       Kai Lords learn how to commune with nature and can
Lord class may be gained (though all class features gained          readily predict the moods and intentions of animals. One
remain unaffected). The path of the Kai Lord requires               well versed in the Discipline of Animal Kinship can often
constant discipline and must be pursued to the exclusion            sense what an animal will do before it acts and may even
of all else. Once he turns away from the teachings of the           be able to actually communicate with some creatures,
monastery, a Kai Lord may never return.                             albeit in a very rudimentary fashion.

Kai Disciplines                                                     Level I
At every level between 1 and 10 , the Kai Lord selects a
                          st       th                               Untamed Heart
new Kai Discipline from the list below. Each Discipline             The Kai Lord develops a growing affinity with animals and
grants a range of new powers and abilities to the Kai Lord,         their nature. He gains the ability to use the Handle Animal
which may be used immediately. Every Kai Discipline is              skill to calm an angry or attacking animal by opposing his
divided into five separate levels, which increase the Kai           Handle Animal skill check with the animal’s Will saving
Lord’s abilities within that specific Discipline. When a            throw. This is a standard action and the effects will last for
Kai Lord first chooses a Discipline, he gains the first level       the Kai Lord’s Charisma score in rounds. He also gains
in its use.                                                         a bonus to all Handle Animal checks equal to his Animal
                                                                    Kinship level.
As well as gaining a new Discipline every new class level,
the Kai Lord also improves the level of every Discipline            Level II
he has chosen in the past, up to the maximum of five                Voice of the Forest
levels. Once a Kai Lord reaches 11th level and can choose           The Kai Lord may attempt to give a single order to a
a Magnakai Discipline, he may only select a Discipline              normal animal (not a monster). This must be a simple, one
if he possesses five ranks in its simpler form (the basic           word order such as ‘stop’, ‘run’ or ‘follow’. This requires
Discipline listed in parenthesis after its name).                   a standard action and a Handle Animal check (DC 10 +
                                                                    the animal’s Hit Dice) for success. The animal will obey
For example, Forest Hawk is a 5th level Kai Lord, who               the command for a number of rounds equal to 3 + the Kai
chose Mindblast at 1st level, Sixth Sense at 2nd level,             Lord’s Charisma modifier (minimum 1 round).
Weaponmastery at 3rd level, Tracking at 4th level and has
just recently selected Mindshield at
5th level. At 5th level, he therefore
now has Mindblast V, Sixth Sense IV,
Weaponmastery III, Tracking II and
Mindshield I.

Disciplines and Endurance
Most Disciplines are either automatic
or activated as the Kai lord desires,
requiring either concentration or
a check of some sort in order to
succeed. However, some of the more
powerful or draining abilities cost
Endurance in order for the Kai Lord
to use them. Endurance lost due to
activating or maintaining Disciplines
(including Magnakai Disciplines) is
treated just like normal damage and
may be healed in the normal ways.

Level III                                                       through skilful disguise. The mistaken assumption that a
Primal Echo                                                     Kai Lord is only at home in the wild has long been one of
As a free action that can be performed once per round, the      the Kai Order’s greatest advantages.
Kai Lord may study any single normal animal in order to
determine what it will do in response to any single action      Level I
on his part. For example, he could attempt to decide            Blinding Surrounds
whether a barking dog will attack if he approaches it or        Taking best advantage of his surroundings, the Kai Lord is
run away. This requires a Handle Animal check (DC 10            adept at using terrain features to mask his presence. From
+ the animal’s Hit Dice) for success and does not work on       this point on, the Kai Lord gains a bonus to all Stealth
monsters.                                                       checks equal to his Camouflage level.

Level IV

                                                                Level II
Beast Speech                                                    Fleeting Glimpse
The Kai Lord may pick a number of broad species of              Once skilled at veiling his appearance, the Kai Lord
animal (such as bat, bird, dog, cat or horse) equal to his      then learns how to move effectively while remaining
Intelligence modifier (minimum one species). From this          camouflaged. He may now move at up to his base speed
point on, the Kai Lord may communicate with any animal          while hiding with no penalty to his Stealth check. He
of the chosen types as if it were an Intelligence 3 creature.   only suffers a –10 penalty to his Hide check while moving
He may also ‘listen in’ to such animals when they               faster than his base speed, and the penalty while charging
communicate with one another. This means that the Kai           an enemy is only –15 (see pXX for further details of the
Lord can talk to such animals and quiz them about what          Stealth skill).
they have seen and their immediate surroundings, but long
conversations on the history of Sommerlund will certainly       Level III
be out of the question. At all times, the Games Master
should remember that animals tend to view the world in          To Hide in Man’s Shadow
very different manner from humans and any responses an          There are many different talents involved in the power of
animal makes will be coloured by this.                          Camouflage and the Kai Lord studies hard to learn them
                                                                all. A Kai Lord who reaches this level of Camouflage and
                                                                has 5 or more ranks in certain other skills will gain a bonus
Level V                                                         to all Stealth checks. He will gain a +2 bonus to all Stealth
Aspect of the Untamed                                           checks if he has 5 or more ranks in Acrobatics (being able
Once the Kai Lord has mastered the principles of Animal         to remain motionless or move with liquid grace), Bluff
Kinship, he strives to increase his knowledge of the natural    (creating diversions) or Sense Motive (knowing where a
world and so gains an incredible understanding that few         target will turn his attention to next). These bonuses will
others can ever hope to attain. The Kai Lord may now            stack if the Kai Lord has 5 or more ranks in more than one
either pick three more broad animal species to be able to       of these skills.
communicate with (see level IV) or he may choose one
monster species of Intelligence 2 or less (see pXX for          Level IV
some examples) that he may use any Animal Kinship
ability with. For example, he could use the Level II ability    False Faces
to order a doomwolf to attack if he so wished. However,         The Kai Lord is a master of disguise and can use the
all skill checks related to using Animal Kinship with a         least amount if information to aid in the creation of a
monster species will have their DCs increased by +5, due        new persona. If a Kai Lord makes a study of the type
to the inherent difficulty of building relationships with       of character he is trying to emulate (such as a warlord’s
creatures that are not of the natural world.                    bodyguard, a local merchant or a performing actor) he may
                                                                add a bonus to his Disguise checks equal to his Camouflage
                                                                level when emulating that type of person. The Kai Lord
Camouflage                                                      studies his target by making a Gather Information check
The Discipline of Camouflage is one that allows the Kai         (DC 15) and observing the target for at least five minutes.
Lord to blend into his surroundings. With practice and          The Kai Lord will still need all the necessary make-up
intuition, the Kai Lord learns how to best shield himself       and costume required by the Disguise skill in order to be
from the gaze of others. In the wilderness, he will be able     successful. The bonus lasts for twenty four hours, plus a
to use the smallest terrain feature to hide his presence,       number of hours equal to the amount by which the Kai
while in a city he can act as a native or adopt a new persona   Lord beat the Gather Information check’s DC.

Level V                                                            Level IV
Beyond the Body                                                    Remedy’s Touch (2 Endurance)
At this level of ability, the Kai Lord has become skilled          Channelling his mental energies into the wounded, the
enough in the level IV ability False Faces that, given a few       Kai Lord can accelerate the healing process, making him
extra minutes, he can disguise himself even as a member of         a miracle healer on the battlefield. Whenever using first
a non-human race. He can change the colour and texture             aid upon a wounded character who is at 0 or fewer hit
of his skin and change his height and weight by up to one-         points, the Kai Lord may instead heal 1d6 hit points + his
fifth in either direction. Note that this does not grant him       Wisdom modifier. If this healing is not sufficient to bring a
the ability to speak the language of the race, so the Kai          wounded ally to 0 hit points, they are healed to 0 hit points
Lord must exercise extreme caution when so disguised.              and awaken instead (though any further activity on their
                                                                   part may still cause them to take further damage).
Through the power of his faith and will alone, the hands           Level V
of the Kai Lord can literally become the hands of a healer.        Sanguine Wisdom
At lower levels of the Discipline, the Kai Lord can be             A deep understanding of physiology allows the Kai Lord
confident that he will recover from any wounds sustained           to apply his Healing Discipline to all manner of creatures,
in battle. As his understanding of Healing progresses,             not just human. The Kai Lord may use any Healing ability
he will find that others can benefit from his miraculous           on non-human characters, animals and monsters without
powers.                                                            penalty. Creatures immune to critical hits cannot be aided
                                                                   with this skill, as their anatomies are too alien for the Kai
Level I                                                            Lord to understand.
Warmth of the Sun
Through meditation and self-knowledge, the Kai Lord                Hunting
can heal himself of his wounds, no matter how severe               A Kai Lord skilled in the Discipline of Hunting will never
they might be. As a special action, the Kai Lord may               starve in the wilderness, no matter how far from civilisation
heal Endurance equal to his character level. He may only           he is. Hunting also increases a Kai Lord’s speed and
use this ability on himself and he may only invoke it a            agility, allowing him to bring down the most elusive prey
number of times per day equal to 1 + his Wisdom modifier           while remaining safe from his enemies. A master of the
(minimum of once per day). This power refreshes itself             Hunting Discipline tends to act like a predator in the wild,
with the first rays of dawn each day.                              never standing still and always alert for the slightest hint of
                                                                   danger… or their prey.
Level II
To Stand at Death’s Door                                           Level I
The healing skills of a trained Kai Lord are nearly                Primal Kenning
without equal. Many companions of the Kai have found               The Kai Lord’s basic training in hunting increase his
their mortal wounds closed with a few stitches and the             knowledge of nature substantially – he is able to identify
superlative medical arts of their monastic allies. He gains        most plants and animals with complete accuracy, including
a bonus to all Heal checks equal to his Healing level.             their species and some known special traits. He can also
                                                                   determine whether water is pure and safe to drink, or
Level III                                                          whether it is polluted (be it from poison or pollution) with
                                                                   a simple Survival check (DC 10, though especially subtle
None Shall Fall
                                                                   poisons may have a higher DC). In addition, the Kai Lord
Having made a long and careful study of human anatomy,
                                                                   may add his level in Hunting as a bonus to all Knowledge
the Kai Lord is a master of battlefield healing. He receives
                                                                   (nature) and Survival checks.
a bonus equal to his Intelligence modifier (minimum +1
bonus) to all Heal checks and one skill check made to
stabilise allies can be taken as a free action each round.         Level II
Kai Lords at this rank of Healing no longer need healing           Feral Flight
kits to make Heal checks without taking a penalty and can          Upon reaching level II of Hunting, the Kai Lord gains
freely heal to the limits of their skill.                          great speed that borders on the supernatural. Few can keep
                                                                   up with him when in full flight. The Kai Lord permanently

adds +10 feet to his base speed (normally taking him up to    Kai Lord may not manipulate any kind of mechanism that
a base speed of 40 feet).                                     is smaller than one square inch in size, no matter how little
                                                              it weighs.
Level III
Venombane                                                     Level II
There is little need for the Kai Lord to fear the sting of    Shielding Impulse
venomous insects or a snake’s bite. He is immune to all       The Kai Lord can now move objects weighing 10 lb.
poisons produced by any animal, monster or plant. This        per character level in size, at speeds of up to 10 feet per
ability will not protect the Kai Lord from poisons produced   round, as long as he succeeds at a Concentration check
by other sources (such as magic or chemicals). Summoned       (DC 16). In addition, a Kai Lord with this level of
animals, monsters or plants still count as natural for the    power can telekinetically interfere with attacks through
purposes of this ability.                                     concentration. When fighting defensively or engaging in

                                                              total defence, a Kai Lord can subtract one point of damage
Level IV                                                      from each damaging ranged or melee attack he suffers.
                                                              Only physical attacks can be reduced in this way.
The Swiftest Strike (1 Endurance)
The aim of Hunting is to bring an enemy down before he
is even aware of the Kai Lord’s presence. If the Kai Lord     Level III
manages to successfully hit an enemy in a surprise round,     Power of the Pure Mind
he will deal an additional 2d6 + his Wisdom modifier          With much practice and experience, the Kai Lord can now
points of damage, in addition to any he normally causes       move objects weighing 25 lb. per character level in size, at
with his weapon. This additional damage does not apply        speeds of up to 30 feet per round, as long as he succeeds at
against creatures immune to critical hits.                    a Concentration check (DC 20). The Kai Lord’s resistance
                                                              to melee and ranged damage increases to –2 points per
Level V                                                       attack when he now fights defensively or engages in total
The Kai Lord is so in tune with his immediate surroundings
that it is impossible for an enemy to creep up on him         Level IV
unawares. The Kai Lord cannot be surprised by any means.      Simple Focus
This ability also ensures that unless an area is completely   After being able to move objects weighing a great deal,
barren, a Kai Lord can always find enough food and water      the Kai Lord now turns his attention to extremely delicate
to keep himself nourished. These are rarely enjoyable         manipulation. As a standard action, the Kai Lord can
repasts, but they will stave off hunger and thirst.           make a Concentration check in order to manipulate any
                                                              mechanism, no matter how small it is. The DC to do so is
                                                              set by the Games Master, with a minimum DC of 20. The
Mind Over Matter                                              DC to manipulate any lock or trap via Mind Over Matter
To the average commoner, the Discipline of Mind Over
                                                              will be at least 5 higher than trying to physically pick the
Matter is one of the most incredible manifestations of
                                                              lock or disable a trap.
the Kai’s powers. Though many hours must be spent in
meditation within the monastery just to learn the basics
of the Discipline, it allows the Kai Lord to affect the       Level V
physical world with the power of his thoughts alone. By       Strafing Will (1 Endurance)
pure concentration, the Kai Lord is able to move objects      The Kai Lord can now manipulate small objects and cast
at will.                                                      them forward at great speed, effectively using them as
                                                              weapons. The object must weigh no more than 5 lb. and
Level I                                                       may be ‘thrown’ at any target within 30 feet of the Kai
                                                              Lord. This is a free action which can be performed once
Path of Thought
                                                              per round, requiring a Concentration check (DC equals
As a standard action, the Kai Lord may make a
                                                              the target’s Armour Class). The object will cause damage
Concentration check (DC 12) in order to move any solid
                                                              as if it were an improvised weapon, unless it is actually
object within 30 feet. The object can be moved at up to
                                                              a thrown weapon such as a dagger, in which case it will
5 feet per round and cannot weigh more than 1 lb. per
                                                              cause normal damage for a weapon of its type.
character level. In addition, the object must be free to
move and cannot be held by any physical restraint. The

Mindblast                                                          prefers, this power can instead used to engage in true
The Discipline of Mindblast allows the Kai Lord to attack          psychic combat as per the psychic combat rules (see pXX).
his enemies with his sheer will, even as he attacks with a         Kai Lords use Charisma or Wisdom (whichever is higher)
more mundane weapon. For the Kai, combat takes place               as their psychic attribute. The Kai Lord has the option
on two distinct levels – the physical and mental, with one         each round of using this power for psychic combat or its
taking no precedence over the other. Mindblast is the              usual damaging effect.
embodiment of this belief and, for enemies who have no
mental defences, it can prove devastating.                         Level V
                                                                   Spiritshriek (2 Endurance)
Level I                                                            With a piercing psychic roar, the Kai Lord may expend
Distraction                                                        his entire mental reserve in one dreadful blast. Every
By subtly altering the perceptions of an enemy, the Kai            character, animal and monster within 30 feet, friend or foe,
Lord can slow his foe’s reactions ever so slightly and             will automatically suffer 1d6 points of psychic damage
create openings which he can exploit. This takes a move            for every three character levels the Kai Lord possesses
action to accomplish and grants the Kai Lord a +1 bonus            (rounded down). Any creatures that survive this attack will
to any attack rolls made against one designated enemy. A           be stunned for the entire round and may not take any action
new enemy may be designated at the start of every round            (but are not truly considered helpless). Though powerful,
of combat. Also, the blossoming of the Kai Lord’s mental           this attack is very draining to the Kai Lord. He will be
abilities means that he is now considered psychically              unable to use any of his Mind- or Psi-Disciplines for one
active (if he has not already become so) – see pXX for             minute following the use of this power.
more details.
Level II                                                           Long hours of meditation are required to learn and
Force of Personality                                               improve upon the Discipline of Mindshield. He builds
As a move action, the character may bind his will to               upon his mental defences, learning to create a barrier
his weapon. The Kai Lord learns to control his mental              against any use of Mindblast or direct psychic assaults
energies, unleashing them at the precise moment he strikes         on his mind. Mindshield will ensure a Kai Lord is safe
an enemy, causing crippling wounds. When the Kai Lord              against the mental attacks of others, leaving him free to
injures an opponent in melee combat, he automatically              concentrate on battle.
adds his Charisma modifier (minimum of +1) as psychic
damage to the damage inflicted.                                    Level I – V
                                                                   Mindshield protects a Kai Lord against the effects of
Level III                                                          Mindblast and other psychic powers. A level of Mindshield
Psychic Lash                                                       will completely protect a Kai Lord against all Mindblast
The power of the Kai Lord’s mind is a physical thing to            and psychic Discipline uses of the same level or lower.
any enemy he fights. In melee combat, the Kai Lord may             Also, the blossoming of the Kai Lord’s mental abilities
designate one enemy he is fighting at the beginning of his         means that as soon as he takes a level of Mindshield, he
turn. He will automatically cause 1d6 points of psychic            is considered psychically active (if he has not already
damage to this enemy every round, as it is overwhelmed             become so) – see pXX for more details. In addition, the
by a barrage of mental lashes. Such an effort costs the            Kai Lord gains a bonus to his Will saving throws equal to
Kai Lord his effectiveness as a warrior while he splits his        his Mindshield level.
concentration, however, suffering a –1 penalty to attack
rolls, damage rolls and Armour Class during any round in           Sixth Sense
which he employs this use of Mindblast.                            The Discipline of Sixth Sense permits a Kai Lord to be
                                                                   forewarned when danger is imminent and tunes him in
Level IV                                                           with his immediate surroundings. It also allows him to
                                                                   perceive the true nature of a stranger and to guess their real
Dagger of the Mind (1 Endurance)
                                                                   intentions. It is this prescience that makes the Kai truly
As a standard action, the Kai Lord may select one enemy
                                                                   feared by their enemies, as they learn to anticipate danger
within 30 feet as the focus for the full force of his mental
                                                                   long before it confronts them.
powers. He deals 1d6 points of psychic damage for every
four character levels (rounded down). If the Kai Lord

Level I                                                         Level V
Second’s Warning                                                Knives in the Dark
The Kai Lord learns to react to his inner sense of self-        By studying another character, the Kai Lord can
preservation long before he truly knows the source of a         sometimes guess their intentions or tell if they pose an
threat. Kai Lords with this power gain a +1 bonus to their      immediate threat. This is a full-round action that requires
Armour Class as long as they are not flat-footed in a given     a Sense Motive check opposed by the target’s Will saving
combat round. Kai Lords also gain a +1 bonus to Reflex          throw. If the Kai Lord is successful, he will be able to
saving throws as long as they are not flat-footed.              tell if the target intends to harm him or his plans. If he
                                                                exceeds his opponent’s roll by 5 or more, he gleans a
Level II                                                        small flash of information regarding the type of danger
                                                                the target represents. This may alert the Kai Lord to a
Glancing Blow
                                                                poisoned dagger in the target’s pocket or his intention

By trusting their instincts, Kai Lords can turn mortal
                                                                to blackmail the character. While Sudden Foresight will
strikes into little more than superficial wounds by moving
                                                                detect creatures, they may not actually be hostile to the Kai
their bodies away from the force of an attack. Once per
                                                                Lord. This power will determine whether a creature has
day per point of Dexterity modifier (minimum of once per
                                                                any hidden agendas against him.
day), a Kai Lord can force an opponent who has damaged
him to inflict the minimum amount of damage a melee
or ranged attack can cause (i.e. the lowest possible result     Tracking
of its damage dice). This ability only works if the attack      The Hunting Discipline lets a Kai Lord communicate and
struck the Kai Lord himself and cannot be used if the Kai       live among the wild creatures of the world, but this disciple
Lord is flat-footed, paralysed or helpless.                     lets him find his way around while doing so. Much more
                                                                than just a glorified pathfinding skill, Tracking provides
Level III                                                       insight and information far beyond what others could
                                                                determine from a few prints in the snow or a smudge on
Dangerous Whispers
                                                                the road.
Kai Lords are always alert for signs of danger, even signs
that no one else can perceive. As a standard action, a Kai
Lord can concentrate on his surroundings and discover           Level I
the most dangerous thing within 30 feet of his present          Follow the Trail
location. This may be nothing more than a concealed             A Kai Lord can find tracks in any environment and follow
weapon or a loose stair, but if it could pose a danger to the   them for great distances. Each mile of following tracks
Kai Lord, it will be detected and a rough mental picture        successfully requires a successful Survival check. The Kai
of the danger will form in the Kai Lord’s mind. Monsters        Lord must also make another Survival check every time
cannot be sensed with this ability, nor can any humanoid,       the tracks become difficult to follow. Kai Lords move at
undead or construct.                                            half their normal speed when using Follow the Trail (or
                                                                at their normal speed with a –5 penalty on the check, or
Level IV                                                        at up to twice their normal speed with a –20 penalty on
                                                                the check). The DC of the Survival skill check depends on
Sudden Foresight
                                                                the surface and the prevailing conditions, as given on the
The ability of Dangerous Whispers becomes more
                                                                Follow the Trail DCs table.
attuned, allowing the Kai Lord to sense nearby monsters,
humanoids, undead and constructs within 30 feet, even if
                                                                ♦    Very Soft Ground: Any surface (fresh snow, thick
they are hidden or invisible. This power can be opposed
                                                                     dust, wet mud) that holds deep, clear impressions of
by any creature that is deliberately hiding its presence. If
the Kai Lord beats the creature in an opposed Will save, he
will sense it; otherwise, the creature remains undetected by
this power. Note that Sudden Foresight takes a standard                          Follow the Trail DCs
action to use and will detect any creatures, regardless of
                                                                    Surface                         Survival DC
whether they mean to harm the Kai Lord or not. This
ability is not used in conjunction with Dangerous Whispers          Very soft ground                5
– one detects static, non-sentient dangers while the other          Soft ground                     10
specifically senses creatures.                                      Firm ground                     15
                                                                    Hard ground                     20

♦       Soft Ground: Any surface soft enough to yield to                 leaves only traces of its passage (scuff marks or
        pressure, but firmer than wet mud or fresh snow,                 displaced pebbles).
        in which a creature leaves frequent but shallow
        footprints.                                                  Several modifiers may apply to the Survival check, as
                                                                     given on the Follow the Trail DC Modifiers table.
♦       Firm Ground: Most normal outdoor surfaces (such
        as lawns, fields, woods and the like) or exceptionally       If a Kai Lord fails a Tracking Survival check, he can
        soft or dirty indoor surfaces (thick rugs and very dirty     retry after 1 hour (outdoors) or 10 minutes (indoors) of
        or dusty floors). The creature might leave some traces       searching. Three failed checks in a row loses the trail
        (broken branches or tufts of hair) but it leaves only        completely and one full day must pass before the check
        occasional or partial footprints.                            can be made again (adding +1 to the difficulty due to the
                                                                     lost time, as shown in the Follow the Trail DC Modifiers
♦       Hard Ground: Any surface that does not hold footprints       table).
        at all, such as bare rock or an indoor floor. Most
        streambeds fall into this category, since any footprints     Level II
        left behind are obscured or washed away. The creature        Stride of the Woodwalker
                                                                     Kai Lords are very adept at moving through natural terrain
                                                                     and do not suffer the same penalties that others must
                                                                     endure. Kai Lords can move at their normal rate through
              Follow the Trail DC Modifiers                          forests, rough terrain, overgrowth or mud. These simply
                                                 Survival DC         do not impede the progress of a Kai Lord, even if they are
    Condition                                    Modifier            the result of magical effects.
    Every three creatures in the group           –1
    being tracked                                                    Level III
    Size of creature or creatures being                              Step Without Shadows
    tracked1                                                         A Kai Lord moving in natural surroundings does not leave
      Fine                                       +8                  any kind of tracks. This ability only works if the Kai
      Diminutive                                 +4                  Lord is not suffering any damage, is wearing no armour
      Tiny                                       +2                  and is not suffering any effect that reduces or impedes his
      Small                                      +1                  movement rate.
      Medium                                     +0
      Large                                      –1                  Level IV
      Huge                                       –2                  Signs of the Prey
                                                                     Tracks can tell a Kai Lord a lot about those he follows. By
      Gargantuan                                 –4
                                                                     making a Survival skill check as a full-round action, at a DC
      Colossal                                   –8
                                                                     5 higher than the DC normally needed to track a subject,
    Every 24 hours since the trail was           +1                  the Kai Lord’s hunting prowess will reveal information
    made                                                             about the creature in question. Kai Lords can determine
    Every hour of rain since the trail was       +1                  species, weight, height, armour (if any), gender and Hit
    made                                                             Dice or character level through this tracking method. One
    Fresh snow cover since the trail was         +10                 check is needed for each piece of information and the
    made                                                             details must be learned in the order given above. If a check
    Poor visibility2                                                 fails, nothing further can be learned about the creature or
                                                                     group of creatures.
     Overcast or moonless night                  +6
     Moonlight                                   +3
                                                                     Level V
     Fog or precipitation                        +3
    Tracked party hides trail (and moves         +5                  A Kai Lord is so in tune with tracks at this rank of ability,
    at half speed)                                                   few things can distract him from following his prey.
      For a group of mixed sizes, apply only the modifier for the    When a Kai Lord with Rank 5 Tracking is on the trail of a
    largest size category.                                           creature, he only needs to make additional Survival checks
      Apply only the largest modifier from this category.
                                                                     if conditions increase the skill DC. In addition, lighting
                                                                     conditions no longer pose any penalty.

Weaponskill                                                     a weapon that has already been selected. Alternatively,
Most Kai Lords learn the Discipline of Weaponskill at           if a ranged weapon has been selected with Weaponskill
some point in their lives, even if they never go forward        previously, the Kai Lord may instead choose to increase its
to master all ten of the basic Kai Disciplines. The world       range increments by 50%. This range increase can only be
of Magnamund is a dangerous place and no matter how             chosen once for each weapon.
peaceful the approach of a Kai Lord, there are times
when only a strong sword arm will successfully defend           Level V
Sommerlund.                                                     Warmastery
                                                                Upon attaining the 5th level of Weaponskill, the Kai Lord
Level I                                                         has few equals in battle and can readily use any weapon he
Martial Instruction                                             can lay his hands on with equal ability. The Kai Lord now
The Kai Lord selects one type of weapon (such as sword,         gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls with all ranged and melee
quarterstaff or warhammer), gaining a +1 bonus to all           attacks, regardless of the weapon being used. All chosen
attack rolls made with it in combat. His masters will grant     weapons that are already benefiting from this bonus
the Kai Lord this weapon at 1st level and will replace it on    instead gain a +2 bonus to damage when used. All chosen
return to the Kai Monastery when lost or broken. This           weapons currently benefiting from both benefits instead
bonus also applies when wielding magical versions of the        gain the following benefits; whilst the Kai Lord wields
chosen weapon.                                                  these chosen weapons, he gains a +1 deflection bonus to
                                                                his Armour Class and a +4 bonus to resist disarm attempts
                                                                targeting that weapon. In addition, all ranged weapons in
Level II – IV                                                   the hands of the Kai Lord have their range score increased
Continued Training                                              by 50%. This range increase combines with a range choice
The Kai Lord may either select a new weapon to gain a           from the II – IV ranks of this disciple, increasing a chosen
+1 bonus to attack rolls with, as detailed in Level I, or       weapon’s range a full 100%.
may instead choose to gain a +2 bonus to damage with

Magnakai Disciplines                                                   Kai Lord or leave their home environment. Beyond these
                                                                       limitations, an animal will do anything within its ability to
                                                                       understand and perform.
Animal Control (Animal Kinship)
Kinship with animals is a useful, occasionally extremely               Level IV
vital Discipline – but it can only do so much. With the
                                                                       Nature’s Boon
greater capabilities that training in Animal Control allow,
                                                                       This functions as Call of the Forest but works in any
there is little a Kai Lord need fear from the animal or
                                                                       environment, even an urban or underground one. The
even plant kingdoms. Indeed, his intuition and influence
                                                                       creature must still be one native to the setting, but the
are such that he may command an animal’s actions, feral
                                                                       Discipline can function anywhere animals can be found. In
thoughts and even heart.
                                                                       a typical city, a Kai Lord will likely call a rat, cat or small
                                                                       dog. The power is still limited to 1 Hit Die creatures.
Level I
Sensewarding                                                           Level V
By manipulating the ability of an animal to taste and
                                                                       True Companion (2 Endurance)
smell, a Kai Lord can cause it to flee his immediate area.
                                                                       This final improvement of the teachings of Animal Control
The animal must be within 60 feet of the Kai Lord, but
                                                                       grants a Kai Lord the ability to bind an animal of as many
if effective this ability will cause it to flee. The animal
                                                                       Hit Dice as his Charisma modifier (minimum of 2) and
will move away until it is at least one mile away from the
                                                                       command it to perform any action, even leave its home
Kai Lord, remaining at least this far away for a number of
                                                                       environs or fight on his behalf. This ability is always
hours equal to the Kai Lord’s Charisma score. This is a
                                                                       successful, but the Kai Lord must be in physical contact
standard action which the animal may resist with a Will
                                                                       with the animal in order to use the ability. The animal will
saving throw against a DC equal to 15 + the Kai Lord’s
                                                                       accompany the Kai Lord for a number of days equal to his
Charisma modifier. Even animals that resist this ability
                                                                       character level before loping off home. A Kai Lord may
will be stunned for one round as they overcome its effect;
                                                                       only use this ability once per day and may only maintain a
this is usually enough time for the Kai Lord to evade the
                                                                       number of True Companions equal to his Wisdom modifier
animal in question.
                                                                       (minimum 1) at any one time.

Level II
Feral Friend
                                                                       Curing (Healing)
                                                                       Kai Lords learn the Discipline of Healing to save lives,
At this level of Magnakai training, no animal or plant
                                                                       but it can only do so much. Once the secrets of Curing
creature will willingly attack a Kai Lord unless it is
                                                                       become available to a Kai, grave wounds can be closed and
attacked first. Animals and plants ordered to guard a
                                                                       the deadliest of toxins can be salved away with little more
location will still try non-violent methods of fulfilling their
                                                                       than a touch.
commands, but they will not inflict injury if they can at all
avoid it. However, from now on Kai Lords that willingly
strike an animal or sentient plant with intent to cause harm           Level I
lose all Animal Control abilities for 24 hours (though                 Slow the Heart
Animal Kinship will still function normally).                          Kai Lords know that poisons travel through the blood.
                                                                       By taking a standard action to lay his hands on a creature
Level III                                                              and concentrating on slowing its heart rate, he can keep
                                                                       a poison from running its course. This can only be done
Call of the Forest
                                                                       after a creature (including the Kai Lord) is inflicted with a
When in a natural (but not desolate) over-ground
                                                                       poison but before the poison’s secondary damage occurs,
environment, a Kai Lord can summon a small animal of
                                                                       this ability can delay the damage by as many minutes as
any indigenous sort to serve for a short time as a messenger
                                                                       the Kai Lord’s class level. This can only be done once per
or guide. The Kai Lord makes Charisma check against a
                                                                       instance of poison.
DC of 10 – if successful, the summoned creature moves to
the Kai Lord as fast as it can, arriving 1d4+1 rounds after
the call and serving until its requested service is done.              Level II
Summoned animals can possess no more than 1 Hit Die                    Drawing out the Unclean (2 Endurance)
or be greater than Small size. They will not fight for the             By touching a creature suffering from any form of
                                                                       disease and concentrating for one full minute, the Kai

Lord can make a Will save against the same DC as the            Level I
Disease’s initial Fortitude save. If successful, the disease    The Sightless Eye
is immediately cured, but the Kai Lord inflicts Endurance       A Kai Lord can detect others with the gift of prophecy
damage on the subject equal to half the save DC. This           and those touched by the magical forces of the world. By
damage can then be healed through any means at the Kai          concentrating on a creature for one full round, he may
Lord’s disposal if desired.                                     determine if the subject has any ability to cast spells, use
                                                                Kai Disciplines or engage in psychic or magical combat.
Level III                                                       The Kai Lord must make an opposed Will saving throw
Purification (2 Endurance)                                      against the target if the subject is aware of him and wishes
This power works exactly like Drawing out the Unclean,          to conceal its power.
but also affects poisons in the target’s system. The poison’s
Fortitude DC is used instead of the disease’s if used in this   Level II

way. Only one affliction can be affected at a time.             Auras of Power
                                                                This level of Divination allows the Kai Lord to tell just
Level IV                                                        by sight whether an item contains any magical or psychic
True Rest                                                       power. There is no way for non-sentient items to resist this
By relaxing and entering a meditative state, a Kai Lord can     Discipline, though items with a Wisdom score can make an
greatly accelerate his own healing. This trance requires a      opposed Will save to avoid detection.
Concentration check (DC equal to the amount of damage
the Kai Lord has suffered; maximum DC of 35) and heals          Level III
one hit point every two minutes. The Concentration check        Timeless Touch (2 Endurance)
must be attempted for every hour of True Rest and if it         By handling an object or touching the walls, floor or ground
fails, the Kai Lord may not use Calming Rest for 24 hours.      of a location, a Kai Lord can glimpse images of the past
True Rest may be induced in others, but the check is made       where it is concerned. This is a tiring process that takes
by the Kai Lord and the DC is increased by +5.                  at least a full-round action to achieve; it is also usually
                                                                limited to major events or the recent past (no more than a
Level V                                                         few hours before the contact). The information imparted is
Not While I Breathe (5 Endurance)                               completely under the Games Master’s control, but should
If a Kai Lord can reach a slain target within one minute        provide useful clues when used correctly. Timeless Touch
(ten rounds) of death, he may attempt to bring them back        can only be used once an hour and no more than once a
to life. This is a difficult Discipline to master and has       day for every point of Constitution modifier the Kai Lord
no guarantee of success. The slain target must make a           possesses (minimum of once).
Fortitude save using the Kai Lord’s base Fortitude bonus
plus their own Constitution modifier, against a DC 20.          Level IV
Restored creatures have 1 hit point and cannot be healed        Unbound Spirit (1 Endurance/minute)
through magic, Heal skill checks, of Disciplines for 24         The Kai Lord can leave his body for brief periods of time
hours due to system shock. Obviously the Kai Lord may           and walk the world as an unseen apparition – this ability is
not use this ability on himself.                                sometimes known as astrally projecting. This is a difficult
                                                                power to use and can only provide limited information, as
Divination (Sixth Sense)                                        the spirit world is sometimes very different from the real
The art of Sixth Sense is only the rudimentary form of          one. It takes at least a full minute of meditating before
true precognition emerging in a Kai Lord. Once the              the spirit is able to leave the Kai Lord’s body. Astrally
level of Magnakai is reached, these powers can be fully         projecting can only be done for one minute per Kai Lord
explored and the ephemeral mysteries of the future made         class level before the spirit is forcibly returned to the body.
clear. Even at its best, this Discipline can be confusing,      A Kai Lord’s body is completely helpless while he astrally
but the glimpses it provides can save lives, show the Kai       projects.
Lord other worlds and let him sense the past, present and
future.                                                         While walking as an Unbound Spirit, the Kai Lord is
                                                                powerless to affect any creature or object in the real world,
                                                                but is also invisible to them. The apparition of the Kai
                                                                Lord is clothed in a hazy version of his own accoutrements,

including a weapon but not a backpack. Astral Movement            Level II
is limited to 30 feet per round, but any direction is possible    Wild Presence
and solid objects can be freely passed through (but not           Animals know when a Kai Lord hunter is among them.
magical projections or created walls). While projecting, a        Predators will avoid a Kai Lord with this level of ability at
Perception check (DC 15, or higher at the Games Master’s          all costs unless he enters their territory, while prey animals
discretion) is needed to see anything in the real world           will flee as soon as they sense his approach. Stealth checks
through the haze of the Spirit Lands. The Games Master            may be made as usual to hide the Kai Lord from animals
may run encounters in the Spirit Lands; these are other           if he so wishes. Wild Presence can only be suspended at
travelling spirits or evil forces and they interact (and can      will if the Kai Lord also has 5 levels in Animal Kinship;
be interacted with) just like physical creatures. Kai Lords       otherwise it is constant. Suppressing Wild Presence does
cannot use any Disciplines except Mindblast, Mindshield,          not count as an action.
Psi-screen, Psi-surge, Weaponskill or Weaponmastery
while travelling as an Unbound Spirit. If ‘killed’ while
projecting, a Kai Lord’s body dies instantly.                     Level III
                                                                  Wild Sight
Level V                                                           A Huntmaster can see with the acuity of a hunting hawk
                                                                  and the distance of an eagle. He gains the power to see
Foretelling                                                       twice as far as local lighting conditions would allow and
This Discipline grants the Kai Lord a powerful                    with enough precision to read small script at 100 feet
precognitive sense. A Kai Lord with Rank 5 Divination             away. This sight is reactive to motion just like that of many
constantly receives instantaneous warnings of impending           animals, granting the Kai Lord a +1 bonus to Armour Class
danger. This prevents the Kai Lord from ever being flanked        against visible ranged attacks.
or flat-footed. In addition, Foretelling gives the Kai Lord
a general subconscious idea of what action he might take
to best protect himself; this provides a +2 bonus to Armour       Level IV
Class and Reflex saves. This bonus does not occur if the          Wild Senses
Kai Lord is helpless or denied his Dexterity bonus to             The powers conferred by Wild Sight become more potent
Armour Class for any reason.                                      at this level, allowing the Kai Lord to extend his hearing,
                                                                  taste, touch and smell to an equal degree. This has the
                                                                  overall effect of providing a +2 bonus to all Perception
Huntmastery (Hunting)                                             skill checks. Unfortunately, this does inflict a –2 penalty
There are hunters and then are huntmasters. The greatest
                                                                  to all saving throws against blindness, deafness or smell-
of the Kai Lords can react with the speed of a jungle cat,
                                                                  based attacks and effects.
move through the woods without a trace and scale the
tallest trees effortlessly. The strength, speed and skills of
the most feral creatures in nature are the huntmaster’s to        Level V
enjoy, though some come at a cost. Truly attuned Kai Lord         Wild Soul
hunters sometimes feel awkward in urban surroundings,             Kai Lords are typically named after their spirit animal, a
longing for the freedom of the great outdoors.                    creature that resonates within their soul. At this level of
                                                                  ability, that spirit animal manifests fully and grants the
Level I                                                           Kai Lord some of its power. The Kai Lord gains one of
                                                                  the following powers, chosen by the Player as befits their
Wild Grace
                                                                  character’s animalistic side.
A Kai Lord begins his journey into the mysteries of
Huntmastery by learning the agility of the many climbing
                                                                  ♦   Scent: The Kai Lord, like a wolf, can detect approaching
animals of the forest. This grace becomes part of them,
                                                                      enemies, sniff out hidden foes and track by sense of
granting a constant +2 bonus to their Dexterity scores
                                                                      smell. See pXX for more information.
and giving them the ability to climb even the smoothest
of surfaces with ease. All Climb check DCs are reduced
                                                                  ♦   Climb: Renowned for its agility, like a squirrel or
by -5 and any Climb skill check with a DC of 15 or less is
                                                                      mongoose, the spirit animal makes it that much easier
automatically successful.
                                                                      for the Kai Lord to climb and cavort. The Kai Lord
                                                                      gains a +2 bonus to all Acrobatics and Climb skill

♦   Alertness: Ever vigilant, like an owl, the spirit animal      Level IV
    sharpens the senses of the Kai Lord, allowing him to          True Disguise (1 Endurance/minute)
    automatically make Perception skill checks if the DC is       Until this point in his training, a Kai Lord must rely on
    15 or less without having to roll.                            make-up and other tricks in order to alter his appearance.
                                                                  By focussing his will for a one round, a Kai Lord trained
♦   Vitality: Strong and primal, like a lion or bear, the Kai     in the arts of Invisibility can achieve anything the Disguise
    Lord gains some of the power inherent in his spirit           skill allows without materials of any kind. This is
    animal. This grants a constant +2 bonus to either             considered a magical alteration and an illusion, lasting as
    Strength or Constitution (Player’s choice).                   long as the Kai Lord wishes. A Disguise skill check is still
                                                                  needed to determine how effective the new ‘face’ holds up
Invisibility (Camouflage)                                         under observation.
Hiding one’s self is a lesson that every Kai Lord learns

to some degree, but the basic arts of disguise and                Level V
concealment are simplistic compared to the subterfuge of
                                                                  Vanish (4 Endurance)
a Magnakai’s increased abilities. The very definition of
                                                                  This power allows the Kai Lord to use the Stealth skill even
stealth, a Magnakai’s powers can get him into an enemy’s
                                                                  while being observed directly and in plain sight. Lighting
stronghold without fear of detection and, more importantly,
                                                                  conditions do not matter, as this Discipline practically
see him safely back out again.
                                                                  makes the Kai Lord invisible for a few fleeting seconds.
                                                                  This grants the Kai Lord an automatic success on the
Level I                                                           Stealth skill check regardless of any opponents’ Perception
Timely Distraction                                                scores. Opponents able to see invisible targets will not be
A Kai Lord can use this Discipline to draw off the attention      fooled, nor will creatures with the scent ability.
of an opponent at an opportune moment. As a standard
action, the Kai Lord can force a sentient target to make a        Nexus (Mind over Matter)
Will saving throw (DC equals the Kai Lord’s class level).         Kai Lords are expected to endure the worst of conditions
If failed, the target will act as if stunned, paying attention    when persevering to their mission’s goal; this is made
only to some imagined distraction while the Kai Lord acts         much easier with the powers of Nexus. Mastery of both
normally.                                                         one’s own body and the forces of decay and destruction is
                                                                  vital to the practice of Nexus, making it one of the most
Level II                                                          difficult Kai Disciplines to learn.
Fleeting Memory
This power works just like Timely Distraction, but if the         Level I
target fails his saving throw against that Discipline, the        Lingering Breath
Kai Lord can make him attempt the save again. If this             A Kai Lord learns to make the most of each breath, drawing
one fails and the target has only been aware of the Kai           out the sustaining air in his lungs for ten minutes or more
Lord’s presence for one minute or less, it forgets about the      if need be. Lingering Breath allows a Kai to resist gases,
Kai Lord completely after recovering from the stunned             fumes or a lack of air for a number of minutes equal to his
condition. This is very useful for getting past guards            Constitution score (minimum of 10) before suffocating.
without raising an alarm.                                         Instead of making Constitution checks thereafter, a Kai
                                                                  Lord instantly suffocates or suffers the effect of the gas
Level III                                                         or fume if this time runs out before he reaches a source of
Utter Silence                                                     breathable air.
The Kai Lord is now capable of completely masking all
sounds of motion. When attempting to move silently, he            Level II
can automatically make a Stealth skill check with a DC of         Broken Chains
15 or less. Also, the Kai Lord never suffers any penalty for      This Discipline rank gets its name from the freedom it
the condition of the ground or any obstructions in his path       grants those who learn it. Kai Lords with this power do not
when using the Stealth skill.                                     need to eat or drink more than a single meal and a gallon
                                                                  of water every week to maintain full health. In addition,
                                                                  the Kai Lord needs only to sleep two hours a day to be
                                                                  fully rested.

Level III                                                         balance as long as the Kai Lord moves at reduced speed.
Quench (1 Endurance)                                              Even if the Kai Lord decides to move at faster speeds, the
By gesturing towards an open flame and making a sharp             surety of step granted by this Discipline adds +2 to all
slash through the air with his open palm (a free action),         Acrobatics checks made when doing so.
a Kai Lord can force a fire source of any size up to 5
feet square to instantly extinguish itself. This is done by       Level II
telekinetically removing the air from around the blaze. A         Dangers Ahead
larger blaze can be fought one 5 foot by 5 foot section at        The Kai Lord gains the ability to read the intent of those
a time. If used against a creature with the Fire subtype,         he is tracking. If the Kai Lord is following tracks, he will
it inflicts Endurance damage equal to the number of               know when he is within 100 yards of that creature’s current
Endurance points spent to power the ability x the Kai             location. If he makes a successful Survival skill check (DC
Lord’s Charisma modifier (minimum multiplier of 1).               30), he will know if the creature is good or evil, is waiting
                                                                  in ambush for him, or knows of his existence. Only one
Level IV                                                          check is needed to learn all three facts.
Impervious Aura (1 Endurance/minute)
By meditating and remaining entirely still, a Kai Lord may        Level III
build a protective shield around his body, which extends for      True Tracklessness
one inch around his body. This shield prevents him from           The Kai Lord now leaves no tracks of any kind, even if
moving or using any Discipline that targets another object        wounded, wearing armour or suffering from impeded
or person while it is active, but it is nearly indestructible.    movement. The Kai Lord can even move over ground that
The aura subtracts 20 hit points from any attack or effect        should take tracks regardless of his skills, such as mud or
that tries to harm the Kai Lord or his possessions in any         fresh snow and leave no sign of his passage at all.
way. This aura can be bypassed by spirit creatures and
cannot resist the damaging magical or psychic powers of
a Darklord.

Level V
Soul of the Void
The Kai Lord that achieves rank 5 in Nexus learns how
to mitigate or negate all but the fiercest of elemental and
environmental effects. Soul of the Void is a constant
Discipline and reduces all elemental damage by 10 points
per instance. The Kai Lord does not suffer from physical
exposure and is immune to normal elemental effects like
fire, freezing cold and even natural lightning. Kai Lords
with this power are also immune to suffocation; they can
hold their breath indefinitely.

Pathsmanship (Tracking)
All Kai learn to track, but the ways of the wilderness
are not the only trails in the world. Every destination
has a journey that lies before it and a Kai Lord with the
Pathsmanship Discipline learns to master every step along
the way.

Level I
Careful Footing
By moving at half his base movement each round, the Kai
Lord becomes to immune to any effect or magic that might
cause him to lose his balance, slip or fall. This power
negates the need to make Acrobatic checks to maintain

Level IV                                                          Level I
We Walk the Same Road                                             Shattering Psyche (1 Endurance/round)
The Kai Lord begins to feel a kinship with all those who          A Kai Lord with this level of power can sunder objects at
travel the face of Magnamund. This insight grants him the         a range of 30 feet as if he were striking it with an invisible
ability to speak with any sentient creature, even if the target   weapon. This ability inflicts the Kai-lord’s Intelligence
speaks a language the Kai Lord does not know or should            modifier (minimum of 1 point) as damage to a single
not physically be able to speak. This communication is            object for every round the Kai Lord spends concentrating
enacted with sign language and basic verbalisations, but          on it. This is a full-round action that ignores the hardness
is actually achieved on the subconscious level as the Kai         of the object in question, and even items wielded or worn
Lord makes telepathic conversation. This conversation             by another creature will be affected. This power can be
remains fairly basic, however – complex dialogue requires         used on living creatures and causes excruciating pain, but
a Diplomacy check (DC 20 or higher) in order the                  each round allows a Fortitude saving throw (DC equals the

participant to make himself understood. It can be blocked         Kai Lord’s class level) to negate the damage. A Kai Lord
by any active psychic defence, including Mindshield.              can only use Shattering Psyche for a number of rounds
                                                                  equal to his Constitution score every day.
Level V
Hidden Travels                                                    Level II
A Kai Lord mastering Pathsmanship gains a rare and                Scatter the Flock (1 Endurance per enemy targeted)
precious gift; they become immune to powers of location           By destroying an opponent or group of opponents’
and detection. To activate Hidden Travels, the character          ability to sense direction, the Kai Lord can cause random
must remain in motion (moving at least 5 feet every round).       movement for a round. This is a standard action and each
While they are moving no spell, Discipline, or psychic            foe within 60 feet selected by the Kai Lord may make a
power can detect them in any way. This Discipline can             Will save (DC equals the Kai Lord’s class level) to avoid
be combined with Invisibility to literally disappear from         its effect. Those failing the save must take a double move
both normal and magical sight, but otherwise it grants no         on their next round and will move in a random direction.
protection from being physically spotted.                         If blocked by impassable or damaging terrain (such as a
                                                                  wall or cliff edge), that target will end his move and take
                                                                  no further action.
Psi-screen (Mindshield)
Like Mindshield, Psi-screen protects the Kai Lord’s mind
from the ravages of psychic assault. This Discipline is           Level III
very focussed, defending the Kai’s thoughts from intrusion        Clouded Perceptions (2 Endurance)
and attack. Without this defence, a Kai Lord would likely         When the Kai Lord focusses on just one target, his ability
succumb to the first true Darkspawn he encounters, making         to affect that target’s perceptions is immense. The Kai
it vital at some level for any true defender of the land.         Lord selects a creature within 30 feet and concentrates
                                                                  (taking a standard action to do so). The target creature gets
Level I-V                                                         a Will saving throw (DC equal to the Kai Lord’s class level
                                                                  plus his Intelligence modifier). Failure causes the target
Psi-screen protects a Kai Lord against the effects of Psi-
                                                                  to act randomly for 1d4+1 rounds thereafter. The random
surge and other psychic powers. A level of Psi-surge will
                                                                  actions are rolled on the Clouded Perceptions table, with a
completely protect a Kai Lord against all Psi-surge and
Mindforce (the non-Kai advanced psychic Discipline)
uses of the same level or below. Possessing even one level                         Clouded Perceptions
of Psi-screen raises the Will saving throw bonus granted by        d%           Target’s Behaviour
Mindshield to +6, but this does not improve with additional        01–10        Attack Kai Lord with melee or ranged
levels of Psi-shield thereafter.
                                                                                weapons (or move towards if attack is not
Psi-surge (Mind Blast)                                             11–20        Act normally.
Psi-surge gives vent to the truly destructive powers within        21–50        Do nothing but babble incoherently.
the thoughts of a Kai Lord. Focussing rage, aggression
                                                                   51–70        Flee away from Kai Lord at top possible
and spiritual energy into expressions of violence, a Kai
Lord can shatter objects, muddle the minds of others
and even kill with overwhelming emotional assaults too             71–100       Attack nearest creature with intent to kill.
blistering for the mortal mind to endure.

new action determined at the start of each round. The Kai          treat his unarmed attacks as armed, allowing him to avoid
Lord need not continue concentrating for the duration of           the –4 penalty to attack rolls for fighting unarmed. Kai
the effect.                                                        Lords that can Fight Without Steel can also inflict slashing
                                                                   or piercing damage with their unarmed attacks if they
                                                                   wish, causing lethal damage. The Kai Lord may cause
Level IV
                                                                   lethal or nonlethal damage as he wishes when inflicting
Stunning Shout (4 Endurance)                                       bludgeoning damage.
The Kai Lord must be able to speak audibly to use this
power and it causes a great deal of mental and physical
stress in order to be performed. By psychically enhancing
                                                                   Level II
his voice, the Kai Lord can emit a powerful wave of sonic          Chosen Form
and telepathic force, forcing all those within 15 feet of          Each Kai Lord who advances to this rank in Weaponmastery
his location to make a Fortitude save (DC 15 plus the Kai          gains a true affinity with one kind of weapon (sword,
Lord’s Charisma modifier) or be stunned for 1d4 rounds             warhammer, axe and so on). When wielding a weapon of
each.                                                              this type in combat, the Kai Lord benefits from a +2 bonus
                                                                   to all damage rolls. The Kai Lord can select an additional
                                                                   type of weapon every time his rank in Weaponmastery
Level V
                                                                   increases, eventually gaining four chosen forms. The
Ishir’s Regret                                                     Kai Lord is free to select ‘unarmed’ as one of these types.
The ultimate Magnakai ability of Psi-Surge is called Ishir’s       This damage bonus stacks with that granted from chosen
Regret, because the legends of the Kai state that every time       weapons from the Weaponskill Discipline.
it is used, the goddess Ishir weeps for the life that is taken.
The most powerful form of Psi-surge can literally shatter
an opponent’s mind and kill it from shock. The target of
                                                                   Level III
this power must be in line of sight and no more than 60 feet       Armed Denial
from the Kai Lord. Only living creatures are susceptible           When a Kai Lord with this power chooses to strike a
and they receive a Will saving throw (DC equals the                weapon or held object out of an opponent’s grasp, he does
Kai Lord’s class level plus his Intelligence modifier). If         not allow that foe a free attack on him for the attempt. He
successful, the target still suffers 5d6 points of psychic         also benefits from a +2 bonus to the opposed melee attack
damage from the harrowing mental experience and will be            roll. If the Kai Lord has a ranged weapon as one of his
stunned for one round.                                             Chosen Forms, he may perform a disarming action with it
                                                                   (but does not receive the +2 bonus due to the difficulty of
Failure causes the death of the target if it has fewer Hit Dice    the shot).
or character levels than the Kai Lord. Otherwise the power
inflicts 10d6 hit points of psychic damage and leaves the          Level IV
target stunned for 1d4+1 rounds. This may end up killing           Mirror Wielding
the target in any case. Ishir’s Regret is a full-round action      Normally, wielding weapons in both hands causes a –4
that requires the Kai Lord to remain effectively motionless        penalty to all attacks and only allows a single attack with
and denies him his Dexterity bonus to Armour Class.                the ‘off hand’. This level of Weaponmastery allows the
                                                                   Kai Lord to either wield a one-handed weapon of the
Weaponmastery (Weaponskill)                                        same type in each hand with just a –2 penalty to attacks.
The world of Magnamund is a dangerous place and this is            Alternately, it lets him use both hands when a single one-
something the Kai know all too well. In addition to their          handed weapon, gaining a +1 bonus to attack and damage
mental exercises, the Kai drill constantly in specialised          rolls. Mirror Wielding does not confer any bonuses or
weapon techniques until they are adept at wielding                 benefits if the Kai Lord is wielding a two-handed or ranged
virtually any lethal instrument known to the lands of men.         weapon.
Once they have perfected these skills, they turn to the more
esoteric and specialised arts of combat.                           Level V
                                                                   Strike as One (2 Endurance)
Level I                                                            This is the height of the Kai Lord’s martial training. The
Fight Without Steel                                                Kai Lord must use this ability in conjunction with the
A Kai Lord with this Discipline is never truly unarmed.            full-attack combat option. It allows a Kai Lord to give
He can use his hands, feet, limbs, body and even head as           up all attacks in a given round in return for a single attack
a weapon when the need arises. This power lets the Kai             against one opponent at a penalty of –2 to the attack roll.

This strike, if it hits, has its total damage roll multiplied by    Circle of Light
the number of attacks the Kai Lord should have received             ‘Life is simple; only the burden of our higher mind makes
(including those from wielding two weapons, if applicable)
                                                                    it difficult. Let go and touch the world as it is.’
and is treated as a single attack. Strike as One is very
                                                                    Animal Control and Curing
effective at overcoming Damage Reduction and sundering
                                                                    +6 Endurance
objects through the application of overwhelming force.

                                                                    Circle of Solaris
Lore-circles of the Magnakai                                        ‘Between light and dark, all life can be found. See what
The Magnakai teach a form of unity through the same                 cannot be seen and you will find your way.’
principles as the Four Vows that every novice must take             Huntmastery, Invisibility and Pathsmanship
when entering the monastery. More than just limitations,            +1 to all physical ability scores (Strength, Dexterity and
the Four Vows are guiding principles that can grant great

                                                                    Constitution), +4 Endurance
strength and power to those who understand what they
have to teach. When a Kai Lord gains one rank in each of
the Magnakai Disciplines listed for these Lore-circles, he          Circle of the Spirit
immediately receives the listed bonus. Each Lore-circle is          ‘Only by accepting that you can never understand anything
only granted once, but a Kai Lord may gain all four (and            will everything finally be revealed.’
will) over time. By 20th level, a Grand Master Kai will             Divination, Nexus, Psi-shield and Psi-surge
benefit from all four Lore-circles.                                 +1 to all mental ability scores (Intelligence, Wisdom and
                                                                    Charisma), +6 Endurance
Circle of Fire
‘Truth is the fire that forges us anew. Only through the            * This is a true increase to Combat Skill and can potentially
honest hunt can we grow and thrive.’                                increase the number of attacks each round a Kai Lord
Huntmastery and Weaponmastery                                       receives.
+1 Combat Skill*, +4 Endurance


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