Notice of Termination of License by pellcity27


A license is not an interest in land, but is a privilege to do something on the land of another person. For example, an advertising company that has permission to paint a sign on the side of a building has a license. A license can be terminated at any time by the person giving the license (unless a license agreement states otherwise) and will continue only as long as the person giving the license is the owner of the land. Upon the sale of the property, the license terminates unless the new owner agrees to continue the license.

In this form, the licensee was given the right to terminate the license.

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									                             Notice of Termination of License

To: (Name of Licensor)
     (Address of Licensor)

      Pursuant to the provisions of that certain License Agreement dated (date),
between you, as Licensor, and (Name of Licensee), the undersigned, as Licensee,
which License was granted for the purpose of (description of purpose), the undersigned
hereby gives notice of termination of the
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