Riverton City's 2009 Strategic Plan by IanKnott


									                   Riverton City’s 2009 Strategic Plan
              And Supporting Quantifiable Department Goals
                 To be completed by December 31, 2009

Priority: Economic Development – Facilitate Balanced Economic
Development with an emphasis on:

1. Development of the Western Commercial District
   a. Target sq. footage per year or by 2015 for commercial space, regional retail, and grade A
      office space
      Economic Development
          •  Ensure the timely opening of Kohl’s on April 1, 2009, including approvals by the
             Water, Engineering, and Building Departments
   b. Develop detailed plan for the Western Commercial District to include:
         i. Major street plan
        ii. Conceptual plan, including definition of residential/commercial mix and to include a
                retail center with an entertainment component

2. Development of regional mid- to high-end entertainment and dining
   a. One new sit-down dining establishment per year for next five years
      Economic Development
      • Complete all actions necessary to enable the opening of Jim’s Family Restaurant on
        Downtown Redevelopment Agency (RDA) property by December 31, 2009
   b. Two family entertainment venues developed within five years (movie theater, bowling, etc.)

Priority: Community – Maintain the Riverton Sense of Community

1. Preserve valued traditions (pancake breakfast, Easter egg hunt, Santa visit, etc.)
   a. Number of participants per event
      Parks & Recreation
         • Staff will keep a participation count for each Community sponsored event
   b. Percent satisfaction with event
      Parks & Recreation
          •    Staff will determine % of change in participation against previous year’s events
2. Enhance outreach
   a. Number of households (or % of households) with direct outreach contact

      Parks & Recreation
          •   Respond to the community by adding the convenience of a Parks, Recreation &
              Facility web site that would be accessed via the City web site. This site would be
              built and managed by the Recreation Department. With the addition of this site, we
              will purchase Recreation Software that would allow Citizens to register on line for
              classes and other events by December 31, 2009
      Recorder’s Office
          •   Effective March 2009, e-mail notices will be sent to residents notifying them when
              the meeting agendas are available
      Public Works
          •   Hold public open houses with each project
          •   Meet with a member of each citizen household regarding the effect of City
              construction projects along their frontage
          • Public awareness and outreach: See Infrastructure # 4
   b. Citizen & Public Opinion Survey to gauge improvement and identify issues as directed by
      City Council

3. Deliver personalized service to citizens/developers/employees
   a. Departments establish and adhere to customer service standards
      Recorder’s Office / Attorney’s Office
          •   Complete the ordinance codification process to facilitate public and staff access to
              City ordinances by September 1, 2009
          •   Rebuild City’s records retention schedule by April 15, 2009
          •   Restructure City records files and refine the records management process by
              December 31, 2009
      Human Resource
          •   Complete Job Descriptions and Career Ladder by March 31, 2009
              o Complete Salary Survey by March 31, 2009
              o Present grade, pay, career ladder updates to Mayor and Administration by
                 February 28, 2009
          •   Employee Performance Evaluations
              o Conduct bi-annual Performance Evaluations during February 2009 and again
                 during August 2009
              o Each employee will have quantifiable goals to determine eligibility for a merit
                 increase if applicable by February 28, 2009
          •   Employee Benefits Update
              o Provide actual and estimated employee benefits cost to Mayor and
                 Administration by March 31, 2009
              o Hold employees’ benefit fair and open enrollment during May 2009
          •   Complete Medical/Dental selection for fiscal year 2010 by March 31, 2009
          •   Complete Employee Policy Manual
              o Completed for review by Mayor and Administration by April 30, 2009
              o   Reviewed/Approved by Council May 31, 2009

      Finance Department
          •   Solicit and examine proposals for on-line payment services by December 31, 2009
      City Attorney’s Office
          •   Draft and/or review all contracts and other legal documents relating to the business
              affairs of the City presented before December 31, 2009
          •   Draft and/or review all ordinances or resolutions for approval by the City Council
              before December 31, 2009
          •   Conduct a major revision to the Business License Code by September 1, 2009
4. Manage software to track Citizens’ comments / complaints
     City Attorney’s Office
          •   Receive and process all customer complaints or requests for service through E-
              Better Place
          •   Comply with processing customer complaints, complete and close-out complaints or
              requests for service in an average time of 17days
          •   Increase customer awareness regarding E-Better Place by issuing quarterly
              reminders in the newsletter
5. Enhance the beauty of the City
   a. Develop downtown beautification plan by June 1, 2009
   b. Downtown redevelopment and beautification
         i.  5 acres developed by 2011
        ii.  25% open acreage developed per year
       iii.  Plan and develop downtown civic center by 2012
      Planning & Zoning
          •   Complete design alternatives for monuments/signs for beautification of entry ways
              into the City – including landscaping around the “rock” on 2700 West by July 1, 2009
      Parks & Recreation
          •   Identify financing options and establish a timeline for completion of the C.R.
              Hamilton Family Sports Complex by December 31, 2009
          •   Parks & Recreation Department to assign specific employee to monitor the new
              parks maintenance contractor by March 1, 2009
          •   Implement a maintenance plan for all xeriscaped, undeveloped, and public Right-of-
              Way properties throughout the City by March 1, 2009
      Parks & Recreation / Engineering
          •   Margaret Park / Urban Forest
                 o Design completed by May 1, 2009
                 o Begin construction by September 1, 2009

Priority: Infrastructure and Transportation Enhancement

1.   Improve capability of the City to manage and utilize culinary water supply
     including communication with the public
       Water Department
          •   Air & Vacuum Release Valve Upgrade Project to be bid by March 1st and completed
              by July 1, 2009
          •   Finish Meter Change Out Project by November 1, 2009
                  o 879 remaining meters that are neither radio nor touch read meters to be
          •   Install new fueling station at the Water Shop by July 1, 2009
          •   Excavate pilot Hole for Green Well by December 1, 2009
          •   Publish Consumer Confidence Report in July
          •   Continue providing water conservation tips to the public at least four times during
              2009 calendar year

2.   Improve capability of the City to manage and utilize secondary water supply
     including communication with the public
       Water Department
          •   Implement a way to flush the Secondary Water System which complies with the
              Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations by October 1, 2009
          •   Complete 2008 Pump Upgrade Project by May 1, 2009:
                 o 11800 South Pump Station
                 o 3200 West Pump Station
                 o 4200 West Pump Station
                 o South Jordan Pump Station
                 o Gedge Pump Station
                 o Jordan River Pump Station
          •   Complete Black Ridge Reservoir by May 1, 2009
          •   Purchase land for 4200 West Reservoir expansion by December 31, 2009
          •   Complete feasibility study for effluent reuse by July 1, 2009

3. Develop the Mountain View Corridor by securing regional and local highway
   systems and developing transit infrastructure – multi-year (10 yrs) project

4. Improve Infrastructure throughout the City including cross-City connectivity
Public Works / Road Construction
     •   Bid and construct storm drain, curb, gutter, and sidewalk on 13400 South from
         Redwood Road to 2700 West by July 1, 2009
     •   Design, bid, and construct curb and gutter with street tie-in on 1300 West along golf
         course frontage and along west side of 1300 West at the Riverton/South Jordan
         border by September 1 ,2009
     •   Bid and construct new storm drain, curb, gutter, and sidewalk on 11800 South from
         2700 West to 2270 West by July 1, 2009
     •   Design, bid, and construct the widening of Lover’ Lane including shoulder
         construction and street overlay by December 31, 2009
     •   Design and bid 11800 South from 2570 West to Redwood Road. Project includes
         irrigation line, storm drain, curb, gutter, sidewalk, property tie-in and street overlay
         by December 31, 2009
     •   Preliminary design of 3600 West from 11800 South to 12600 South by December
         31, 2009
  Public Works / Right of Way (ROW)
     •   Re-define and outline process and procedures for obtaining ROW from residents on
         minor collector streets by July 1, 2009
     •   Apply for State money to purchase 22 feet of ROW for 4570 West through the
         Church Farm property from approximately Riverton Blvd. to 13400 South by April
         31, 2009
     •   Purchase the Deluca Property for the relocation of the 4000 West intersection
         relocation project on 13400 South by April 30, 2009
     •   Purchase the School District Property for the relocation of the 4000 West
         intersection relocation project on 13400 South by April 30, 2009
     •   Obtain ROW and construction easements from approximately 63 parcels for the
         11800 South construction projects by December 31, 2009
     •   Obtain ROW and construction easements for the 3600 West widening project from
         11800 South to 12600 South by December 31, 2009

  Public Works / Road Maintenance
     •   Crack Seal
                 o 86 Streets- 35 tons of material
     •   Slurry Seal
                 o 74 streets -203,963 square yards
     •   Overlay
                 o 5 Streets-19,693 square yards 2-inch Overlay
     •   Pulverization and 3” Overlay
                 o 2 Streets – 5,655 square yards
     •   Micro-Surfacing
                 o 4 Streets – 42,639 square yards of material

         •   Concrete replacement
                  1. Waterway on Dunhammer and Martinez way will be replaced in March
                  2. Grinding trip hazards in various locations throughout the City is in process
                  3. Misc concrete curb and sidewalk replacement will begin weather
         •   Striping
                  1. All legends and crosswalks will be painted starting the first of April
                  2. All School crossing will be inspected and repainted
                  3. Road striping will begin April 1st -weather permitting
         •   Use Global Position System and Global Information System to document and record
             all underground utilities constructed over the course of the Year by December 31,
         •   Process bonds and bring all bonds into conformance with HB 196 by
             December 31, 2009
      Public Works / Street Lighting
         •   Evaluate feasibility of performing in-house street light maintenance and blue
             staking activities by March 31, 2009
      Public Works / Signals and Traffic Speed Control
         •   Relocate signal at the Southeast corner of the intersection of 13400 South 2700
             West by September 30, 2009
         •   Complete construction and activate signal at 13800 South and 12600 West by May
             30, 2009
         •   Complete construction and activate signal at 4000 West and 11800 South by May
             15, 2009
         •   Reconstruct and adjust signal at the intersection of 2700 West and 11800 South by
             July 1, 2009
         •   Develop a neighborhood speed control program using road diet principals by
             August 30, 2009
         •   Implement neighborhood speed control program on four streets and evaluate
             effectiveness by August 30, 2009

5. Implement storm water treatment system as required by the Environmental
   Protection Agency (EPA)
      Public Works / Storm Water
         •   Create draft for a new Storm Water Ordinance by March 1, 2009
         •   Help initiate two Eagle Scout projects relating to storm water education and
             outreach by December 31, 2009
         •   Train staff and contractors about storm water awareness and regulations by
             December 31, 2009
         •   Develop and initiate a spill mitigation plan by March 1, 2009
         •   Develop and initiate a street sweeping plan by April 1, 2009
                 o    Indentify financing options and feasibility of financing for the purchase of a
                      new street sweeper
          •   Train inspectors and obtain State Storm Water Inspection Registration by October
              31, 2009
          •   Train all City staff regarding good housekeeping methods and requirements as they
              relate to storm water by April 30, 2009
          •   Inventory and map all point source discharges into the waters of the United States
              by June 30, 2009
          •   Develop a dry weather screening program by June 30, 2009
          •   Inspect and prepare a report of good housekeeping measures and Best Management
              Practices (BMP) implementation by December 31, 2009 for:
                  o City Hall
                  o Public Works Facility
                  o Water Facility
          •   Complete improvements at Public Works Facility to bring the site into compliance as
              recommended by the Best Management Practices report by December 31, 2009
          •   Preliminary design of the 12130 South Storm Drain from the Utah Salt Lake Canal to
              2700 West by December 31, 2009
          •   Construct final phase of Taylor Acres Storm Drain by October 31, 2009
          •   Modify State Permit to reflect changes in Riverton City operations by August 1, 2009
          •   Master Plan Lovers’ Lane storm drainage system by June 30, 2009
          •   Evaluate various storm water modeling softwares to be used to re-model City wide
              storm drainage system in 2010-2011 by Dec 31, 2009

Priority: Public Safety - Improve the City’s Capability to Respond to and
Manage Emergencies

1.   Integrate the many existing emergency plans that exist today into a single City
     emergency response plan
       Parks & Recreation
          •   Meet with all religious and community leaders for the purpose of updating and
              integrating of Emergency Volunteer Plan (Block Captains) by August 31, 2009
          •   Host a city-wide meeting with the Unified Fire Authority, Salt Lake County Sheriff,
              Riverton City Officials, and local Religious Leaders and Emergency Preparedness
              Coordinators to communicate the City Volunteer Plan by March 31, 2009
          •   Upper and Middle Management will become National Incident Management Systems
              (NIMS) in levels 100, 200, 700, & 800 series trained by December 31, 2009
          •   All Staff will be trained in the Incident Command System (ICS) levels 100, 200, &
              700 training series by December 31, 2009

           •   Senior Staff / Elected Official will be trained in the ICS level G-402 training for by
               December 31, 2009
       Information Technology (I.T)
           •   Complete back-up training for added coverage regarding I.T. issues by July 1, 2009
           •   Conduct a mock I.T. disaster before December 31, 2009
           •   Evaluate and recommend upgrade to the City’s existing phone software by May 1,
           •   Improve internal data security with documented procedures by July 1, 2009
       Water Department
           •   Upgrade all existing water infrastructure guide books with current emergency
               numbers and response lists by December 1, 2009
           •   Modify the Water Facility to be used as the alternate Emergency Operations Center
               for the City

2.   Enhance public safety by continuing to assess the best mechanisms for providing
     police and fire service to the City

3.   Develop a public safety communications capability (including reverse 911)
       Information Technology (I.T)
           •   Evaluate and implement a “ROBO” phone for disaster planning and general outreach
               by July 1, 2009

4.   Implement comprehensive communications plan
           •   Complete City Disaster Response Plan (including communication and organization)
               by July 1, 2009

Priority: Revenue/Funding – Ensure Economic Viability of the City
through 2018

1.   Develop and communicate long-term revenue strategy
     a. Annual impact fee analysis
        Public Works
            • Review and adjust Transportation Impact fees
            • Review and adjust Storm Water Impact fees
     b. Annual long-term revenue projections
     c. Annual long-term expense projections

        Administration / Finance
          •   Construct a five-year projection model for revenues & expenditures before
              December 31, 2009
2.   Improve communications between Council, Staff, and Community regarding
     budget & financial reports
          a. Staff to deliver monthly variance report to Council
          b. Annual Report Card
       Finance Department
          •   Issue monthly variance reports to Council, Mayor, and Administration
          •   Purchase Accounting Software by June 30, 2009
          •   Complete conversion to the new accounting software by February 28, 2010
          •   Publish a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) instead of an annual
              report before December 31, 2009
          •   Research criteria and work towards receiving Government Finance Officers’
              Association Excellence in Budgeting and Excellence in Financial Reporting

3.   Optimize budget calendar to allow maximum Council/Staff/Citizen interaction


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