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									                                  2008 Grant Awards

1. Urology                  Doris S. Carlson, RN
       Redesign, update and print the hypospadias brochure to conform to new CNMC
       graphic standards.

2. Adolescent Medicine     Maranda Ward, MPH
      Develop promotional brochures to market the Burgess Clinic’s three education
      programs for adolescents—TASA (Teens Against the Spread of Aids), TNT
      (Teens with Negative Tests) and TLC (Teen Life Clubs).

3. Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology       Kelly Walker
       Commission a painting to complement the seven continents theme in the main
       radiology waiting room. Teachers and students from Montgomery Community
       College will paint the mural.

4. Emergency Medicine         Geetanjali Srivastava
      Purchase the latest technology testing kits (PCR) and related supplies to conduct a
      pilot study for the prevalence of the bacterium Mycoplasma pneumoniae in the
      cerebrospinal fluid of children being evaluated for potential meningitis,
      encephalitis or other respiratory and neurological problems. The aim of this study
      is to minimize the number of suspected meningitis cases with an unknown cause.

5. Ophthalmology Donna Burkman, BSN, RN, CPN
      Purchase eye patches to supply an estimated 25 children diagnosed with
      amblyopia at Children’s Regional Outpatient Center in Northern Virginia.
      Patients typically require patching for a minimum six month corrective period.

6. Emergency Medicine       Joanna Cohen, MD
     Conduct a research study of genetic variations linked to differential morphine
     response in a cohort of 75 sickle cell patients presenting to the ER for a vaso-
     occlusive pain crisis. Funds will support the salary of a part-time research

7. Psychiatry         Lielanie Rayala, RN, MA, BC
       Purchase a Nordic Track exercise bike and elliptical machine for use in an
       existing exercise room in the Adolescent Psychiatric Unit. Patients are
       encouraged to use exercise as an adaptive coping skill and as a means of avoiding
       weight gain from psychotrophic medications.

8. NICU/Pharmacy              Grace Chai , Pharm/D.
      Purchase the online version of the drug reference database for neonatal patients
      which is currently in use at Children’s in hard copy—the Neofax Drug
      Information Database. Electronic access will allow physicians and nurses
      throughout the hospital to have immediate access to dosing information. The
      expectation is that this access will contribute to reduced medication errors.
9. Public Relations/          Emily Dammeyer, PR
   Perioperative Services     Mellaknese Coker, PACU
       Design and print a pre-surgical booklet to distribute to each patient and family
       coming to CNMC for surgery. The booklet will have standard information such
       as directions, anesthesia guidelines and support services, and also a pocket folder
       so that each division can provide information specifically tailored to the surgery
       being done.

10. Nephrology                    Kathleen Moylan, RN
      Purchase exercise equipment for patients in the Hemodialysis Unit who are
      awaiting kidney transplants in an effort to increase their physical strength and
      exercise tolerance and to decrease their dialysis and medication needs.

11. Family Services          Jane Brooks, Chaplain
      Translate bereavement materials into Spanish to be distributed to Spanish-
      speaking families whose children die at CNMC. Materials are currently available
      only in English, despite the fact that a significant number of deaths at the hospital
      are children from Spanish speaking families.

12. PANDA Care Team            Deborah Lafond, MS,
                                       APRN-BC, PNP, CPON
                                       Kristen Caminiti, MSW, LGSW
       Purchase appropriate books and other items to aid patients and families coping
       with life-limiting illnesses as part of the Pediatric Advanced Needs Assessment
       and Care Team’s (PANDA’s) Celebration of Life Support Program. These
       materials will help patients and families before, during and after the death of a

13. Family Services            Judith Ross
                                       Child Life Specialist
       Provide art and craft supplies for a project called “Gowns With an Attitude”.
       Dialysis patients at the hospital will design and model stylish takes on hospital
       gowns for a fashion show. One of the aims of the show is to raise awareness of
       the serious need for kidney donors, especially among minorities.

14. Center for Genetic         Vessela Ivanova, Ph.D
    Medicine Research
       Purchase equipment and supplies for a study of the processing of mucin mRNA in
       mucin biosynthesis and the mechanisms by which this process could be regulated
       in patients with acute and chronic lung diseases characterized by an
       overproduction of mucins.
15. Center for Genetic                Mary C. Rose, Ph.D.
    Medicine Research         Alan Watson, Graduate Student
      Provide partial funding to purchase equipment and supplies to conduct studies
      investigating the role of the MUC7 mucin in the innate immune response of the
      lungs to infection, especially to respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection which
      can occur in high-risk pediatric patients such as those with congenital heart

16. Otolaryngology            Diego Preciado, MD
       Provide the equipment necessary to measure hearing in otitis media animal
       models. This equipment is part of a study of molecular mechanisms of mucin
       gene regulation in cell and animal models of otitis media.

17. Hospitalist Services    Paul Manicone, MD
      Begin renovations of the medical care unit’s conference room on 3-Yellow and
      upgrade computer equipment used in this room.

18. Center for MPH Clinical and Community Research          Stephen Teach, MD,
      Provide partial, short-term funding for a multi-disciplinary team
      seeking to improve education and outcomes for patients
      hospitalized with acute asthma and to effectively transition them from short-term
      inpatient care to longitudinal asthma care in their primary medical homes.

19. Pediatric Advanced                 Bruce Klein, MD
    Life Support (PALS)/               Dusty Lynn, RN
    Division of Transport Medicine
       Purchase a defibrillator to train physicians, nurses, paramedics and respiratory
       therapists in advanced resuscitation courses.

20. Infectious Diseases               Xiaoyan Song,
                                              Ph.D., MD, MSc
       Test for the presence of multidrug resistance organisms on surfaces of equipment
       used in high-risk patient care areas (e.g. the ICUs and the bone marrow transplant
       unit), and purchase vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) to use in disinfecting
       these surfaces. Conduct study to determine the effectiveness of VHP
       decontamination, a method that has shown promising results in combating
       outbreaks of disease caused by multidrug resistant organisms in other institutions.

21. Cardiology and                    Jeffrey Zampi, MD
    Cardiovascular Surgery
      As part of an effort to create a comprehensive cardio-pathology library, provide
      partial funding to hire a computer programming company to create a web-based
      computer software program to house and organize data and images.

22. Legal and Risk Management Department              Max Coppes, MD PhD, MBA
       Develop and pilot test a web-based system to monitor and evaluate serious and
       sentinel events at CNMC with the goal of reducing medical errors in pediatric
       patients. With this grant CNMC aims to become the national resource on errors
       in children’s hospitals, with web-based sharing, analysis and reporting of data.

23. Genetics                           Catherine Uruburo
                                              Family Services Associate
       Provide assistance for a support group for Spanish-speaking families with Down
       syndrome children. The grant would be used to fund socialization and
       networking activities, to print brochures, to purchase educational materials and to
       pay membership fees to national organizations.

24. CNMC                             Cara Biddle, MD
    Complex Care Program
      Purchase one medical bed scale and one wheelchair scale for the new clinical
      space in the East Tower. These scales will be used in coordinating the care of
      children with special health needs—e.g. ventilators, tracheotomy tubes, feeding

25. Neurology                                Sandra Cushner-
                                             Weinstein, PT, LCSW-C
       Purchase a computer, camera and equipment to help institute a website for CNMC
       camps. The website will have photographs of children at camp, daily schedules, a
       newsletter and a site where parents can communicate with their child’s counselor.

26. Center for Genetic               Nahmah Kim, MD
    Medicine                         Robert Freishtat, MD, MPH
      Purchase lab supplies for a study assessing the regulation of Retinoic acid (RA)-
      receptor endothelial expression after in vitro exposure to bacterial antigens and
      whether RA confers protection against apoptosis. If it is protective, RA would
      need to be studied further to determine its potential as a therapeutic agent for

27. Gastroenterology                 Kathy Klopfer-
                                            Sheehy, NP
       Purchase a laptop computer and supplies, a digital camera and a scanner/printer to
       be used in developing an Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Lifestyle program.
       The aim of the program is to optimize wellness and remission of pediatric IBD
       patients by empowering the child and family to take control of health

28. Endocrinology            Beverly Clark, (SW)
       Implement a Diabetes Mentoring Program to partner families with previous
       experience with diabetes with families of children newly diagnosed with the
       disease. Grant funds would cover the cost of supplies for training workshops and
       would allow the program to function with 100 participants over a two year period.

29. Emergency                        Johanna McKenna, RNIII
      Purchase a single line scrolling LED display board with programming software
      that would provide a confidential means to summon patients and families to the
      next phase of their emergency care while preserving patient confidentiality.

30. Genetic Medicine         Javad Nazarian, Ph.D.
      Purchase reagents and supplies necessary to study pediatric brain stem gliomas in
      an effort to determine if protein expression patterns are drastically altered in the
      tumor brain tissue versus the normal brain tissue. These alterations could serve as
      diagnostic biomarkers and could define new therapeutic targets for this childhood

31. Hematology/Oncology              Jeffrey Dome, MD
      Purchase a Gel Doc XR documentation system and computer to help study the
      effect of the telomerase inhibitor on pediatric cancer cell lines. Telomerase is an
      enzyme unique to cancer cells which is required for them to proliferate. This
      enzyme represents a highly attractive therapeutic target for cancer.

32. Center for Cancer         Lisa Thaniel, MSW,
    and Blood Disorders LICSW
      Print a brochure to prepare sickle cell patients for the transition from pediatric to
      adult care as part of the S.T.E.P. (Successfully Transitioning Each Patient)
      program. The brochure will be given to every sickle cell patient between the ages
      of 14 and 21.

33. Short Stay Unit (SSU)     Heather Walsh, RN,
                                     MSN, CPN
       Provide age-appropriate developmental toys, DVD players and a TV for patients
       in the Short Stay Unit (SSU). Patients placed in the SSU generally spend 24 to 72
       hours in the hospital.

34. Respiratory Care Unit Heather Walsh, RN,
    (RCU)                            MSN, CPN
      Purchase a refrigerator for the parent lounge in the Respiratory Care Unit.

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