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                                               S a n ta C atalina School, Monterey, CA                                 Volume 56, Issue 1

     S t u d e n t                                                           Lamplighter Editors
                                                                                                                  Yearbook Editors
                                                                                                                           Kathryn Avila
                                                                                                                           Lauren Bishop
 L E A D E R S H I P                                                         Co-Editors-in-Chief:
                                                                                       Lauren Bishop
                                                                                                                          Libby McPherson

                                                                                       Isabelle Williams                   Mosaic Editor
     Student Senate
                                                 STAR                        Production Editor:                                    Cynnie Haueter
                                                                                       Cindy Chu
Student Body President: Chelsea Hanlock
                                              Head Tour Guides
                                              Sophie Claudel
Day Student Coordinator: Natalie Simmons
Resident Coordinator: Lotanna Obodozie
                                              Jasmyn Domingues
                                              Jessica Foster
                                                                      & O P P O R T U N I T Y
Spiritual Life: Abigail Alvarez               Taylor Griffon
Activities Coordinator: Taylor Griffon        Emily Grunwald                                                    Peace & Justice
                                              Megan Knetemann
Freshman Advisors:                            Libby McPherson
                                                                         Athletics -                         P&J Coordinator: Cristina Quisno
 Courtney Gillespie & Sarah Morris                                                                           Secretary: Kyra Morrissey
                                              Kelsey Player                  Go, Cougars!
Sophomore Class President: Catie Bolt         Christina Quisno                                               Amnesty International Co-heads:
Sophomore Reps: Mary Cho & Laila Joseph       Kayti Ramirez          Fall:     Cross Country                  Cynthia Baricevic & Jane Goodfellow
                                              Kelsey Riordan                   Tennis                        Community Service Site Leaders:
Junior Class President: Vanessa Woodard       Amanda Shephard                  Water Polo                     Ave Maria - Lizbeth McPherson
Junior Reps: Carla Berra & Casey Lewis        Natalie Simmons                  Field Hockey
                                                                                                               & Haley Barragan
Senior Class President: Anna Viviani          Devon Walter                                                    Others - To be determined
                                                                               Equestrian                    Environmental Task Force Student Reps:
Senior Reps: Kelsey Riordan & Ivana Ritz      Head Ushers
                                                                               PE: Fitness workout -          Mary Cho, Cindy Chu, Francissca Kang,
                                              Yoojin Choi                       cardio, strength training,     & Christina Quisno
 Music Ensembles                              Elizabeth Clark                   core                         Pax Christi Co-heads:
                                              Lotanna Obodozie       Winter: Soccer                           Lizbeth McPherson & Madelyn Morey
                                              GraceAnne Sillano                Basketball                    R-4 Co-heads:
   Choir & Chamber Singers
                                                                               PE: Lifeguard class or         Mary Cho & Christina Quisno
  Instrumental:                               SC Fund Coordinators             Kick-boxing, Pilates, &       UNA/Model UN Co-heads:
   Jazz Band & Chamber Ensemble               Yoosun Jun                       Yoga                           Kristina Flathers & Linx Selby
  Voice and instrumental lessons are          Alex Opechowski                                                UNA Film Festival Committee:
                                                                     Spring: Lacrosse
  available on a request basis.               Pia Park                         Track                          Pia Park & Kelsey Riordan
                                              Anna Viviani                     Swimming                      Chairs of Committees:
                                              Isabelle Williams                Softball                       To be determined
                                                                               PE: Fitness workout
           Theater                            Events Coordinators
    Fall musical:                             Rae Gregory                                                    Clubs
    My Fair Lady
                                              Allison Minami
    Mid-Winter comedy:                        Hana Mohsin                    AMP - Art & Musical Performance         Great Indulgences
    Up the Down Staircase                     Kyra Morrissey                 Amnesty International                   Journey
    Spring musical:                                                          Back to Basics                          Knit Wits
    Singin’ in the Rain
                                                                             Chopsticks                              Operation Smile
                           Performance Groups                                                                        Pax Christi
                                                                             Community Service Club
                           Dance: Accents                                    Dumbledore’s Army                       Peace & Justice (umbrella)
                           Improv: BURRITO                                   Fashion Club                            R4
                           A capella: ecco!                                  Fencing Club                            Reverb
                           Musical performance: Reverb                                                               UNA - United Nations Assoc.
                                                                             Fit Club
                           Syncopation & rhythm: Lady Rhythmics
2                                                                                                                                                The Lamplighter

                                                                  Julia Kim, Dean of Studies
                                                          the      importance             end in mind. You have to have a clear      counselor at San Lorenzo Valley High
                                                          of engaging in                  vision of where you’re going, where        School in Santa Cruz, supporting
                                                          activities      with            you want to go, to ensure that you         students with special educational
                                                          students as well as             get where you intend to go.” Mrs.          needs. She has also advised peer-
                                                          the value of “letting           Kim looks forward to helping each          helper student groups, worked in
                                                          them know they’re               of you understand your options and         conflict mediation, and led workshops
                                                          not alone, making               define your goals to ensure that your      on leadership and character building.
                                                          whatever activity               education at Santa Catalina is both            While in Santa Cruz, Mrs. Kim
                                                          they’re doing fun               successful and personally fulfilling.      met her husband, Eun Jun (E.J.) Kim,
                                                          and engaging.” Ten                  Mrs. Kim began her career in           on eHarmony. During their courtship,
                                                          years of experience             education as an English teacher at         she began looking for a job that would
                                                          in education, as an             Thomas Jefferson Middle School.            allow her to relocate to Monterey. She
                                                          English teacher,                While being mentored by one of the         came to Seaside High School in 2008
                                                          an at-risk student              school counselors as well as a special     and married Mr. Kim in July, 2009.
                                                          counselor, and as               education instructor, Mrs. Kim found           With her broad educational
                                                          a college counselor,            herself drawn toward counseling. She       background, Mrs. Kim’s path
On your journey: “You really need to                      has fostered in                 appreciated helping students “try new      demonstrates the value of experience
begin things with the end in mind. ”                      Mrs. Kim a deep                 things, figure out how things work, and    and perspective: “We need to learn to
                                                          appreciation                    find the best way to accomplish specific   see things through different lenses,”
   A volunteer experience during                          for       developing            objectives.” She felt that counseling      to understand, and to envision what
high school set Mrs. Kim on her path working relationships with students                  presented great opportunities to help      is possible. With her training as a
toward education. In her senior year, that focus on understanding and                     students learn how to claim their          teacher, as a counselor, and as an
she worked four days a week with collaboration.                                           education and prepare for their future.    administrator, Mrs. Kim offers our
a fourth grade PE class. She recalls,       She also understands the value                    Mrs. Kim comes to Santa Catalina       community a wealth of experience
“I did everything with them. If they of solid planning. Speaking to our                   after working at Seaside High School       and insight and will provide excellent
ran, I ran. If they did jumping jacks, I Journey motif, she observed, “You                as a college counselor with 295 seniors    academic support to each of you as our
did jumping jacks.” She learned then really need to begin things with the                 on her roster. Previously, she was a       new Dean of Studies.

Marlena Norman, Director
of College Counseling
   Our new Director of College              of the desk, as a college admission           I want them to feel
Counseling is ready for your visit,         counselor, and though she was                 engaged, less passive
and she has a plan: “Beginning with         satisfied, something was missing: “As         and more active. This
dialogue, developing trust, establishing    Admissions counselor, the students are        has to do with their
confidence in our partnership: these are    represented through their application;        life and their future.
the steps that can ensure a meaningful      it’s not a personal contact.” The high        It’s important that
college application process.”               school counselors seemed to have the          they’re comfortable
   Her first exposure to working with       best job; they had “direct contact with       and happy with their
high school students was as a tour          students, the same particular group of        end results.”
guide at Sacramento State University,       students every day.” And so she shifted           “Each student is
but it was as she was completing            her focus away from admissions and            a brilliant, beautiful,
her BA in communications and                directly toward college counseling.           articulate       young
criminal justice that Ms. Norman                 It’s a perfect fit.                      woman and will thrive
discovered her vocation. By then, the            Ms. Norman really enjoys the             and excel in her own
law student was moonlighting as a           daily contact with students as well as        way. I want each
                                                                                                                   “It is important that students feel
college admission counselor, recruiting     the decision-making time, when the            student to feel unique
                                                                                                                   a greater sense of control and
students to the University of the Pacific   students have made their final choice         because each is very
                                                                                                                   responsibility during their college
in Sacramento, CA. She believes that        of where they’re going to go. “A little       different but every
                                                                                                                   application process. I want them to feel
“no one person really decides when          part of me feels like I’m going away          student is seeking
                                                                                                                   engaged, less passive and more active.”
they’re in college that they want to be     with them, going off to college again.        the     same     thing:
a college counselor. That’s not a career    I feel a part of that process, and it feels   success.      However,
typically considered.” But it was the       so good to experience that with them.”        everyone’s idea of success is different: own journey.”
day-to-day interactions with students            Ms. Norman’s goal is to help             it could be motherhood, being a career     Final words: “I look forward to
that convinced her to pursue an MA in       students feel empowered: “It is               woman, becoming a doctor, lawyer, working with each of you, freshmen,
Education with an emphasis in higher        important that students feel a greater        senator, equestrian, artist—or the sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
education leadership.                       sense of control and responsibility           next American Idol. Each student is Please know that my door is always
   She began “on the other side”            during their college application process.     discovering themselves through their open. Stop by any time and say hello.”