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					Dr. Nicholas Hurley

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Main sections of this Presentation

 What is j5 OMS?

 J5 OMS Applications

 J5 OMS Core Modules

 Engineering

 Support Facilities

 Summary

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                            What is j5 OMS?

 Overview

 Portfolio Overview

 Product Differentiators

 j5 OMS Industrial Track Record

 System Architecture

 j5 OMS Architecture

 j5 OMS Developers

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 j5 is an Enterprise Application Interface (EAN) that manages the Operations in
Industrial Sites.

 j5 OMS is the market leader in Operations Management and has been chosen
by respected Engineering Companies at facilities such as PDVSA, Siemens,
Aramco, Chevron and Anglo American.

 The j5 system is used by hundreds of companies worldwide, having been
deployed in many cases by well respected system integrators such as Invensys,
Aspen Technology and other international professional engineering companies.

 Unlike in-house developed applications using Excel, wikis and generic database
programs, the j5 OMS comprises a comprehensive suite of tightly integrated
operations applications in an extensible framework.

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j5 OMS Portfolio Overview

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                       Product Differentiators

 J5 OMS is a low risk, industrial, proven System
      First system developed 25 years ago.
      Working in hundreds of sites world wide with thousands of users
      ALL internal modules are fully tested with Unit Tests daily
   Comprehensive Suite of Industrial Applications
      Many tightly coupled applications covering all aspects of Operations. E.g.
        Logging, Maintenance, Handovers, Transfers etc.
   Experienced, Qualified Support Team
      Hands on experience in Industrial Installations
      Computer Honors and PhD qualified support team
   Flexible, Extensible Framework
      Standard apps can be easily tailored to meet site requirements.
      New applications can be added.

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                   Product Differentiators (2)

 Scalable Architecture
    No limit to the number of (i) users (300 plus), (ii) applications, (iii)
     operating areas, (iv) sites
    Pure zero client architecture (superior to “thin” client applications)
     means software only installed on the server.
 Open Architecture
    All versions of Windows, Linux.
    Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari Browsers
    Can use Oracle, SQL Server, PostGreSQL, MySQL, MS Access
    Published API, SOAP interface
 Web based Configuration and System Administration
    All system configuration and admin is through a standard Browser.

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                    Product Differentiators (3)
 Integrated Support Services
     Version control integrated daily with Support Center.
     24 x 7 Platinum Support Option available

 Simple, Maintainable Configuration Utility
     Logical, Understandable “Fill in the blanks” Configurator

 Powerful Business Rules Engine
     Fully documented scripting interface using Python language
     Links to all modules within the framework

 Integrated Localization Module
     Support for multiple languages (support for dual byte languages)

 Comprehensive Array of Integrated Interface modules
     Real time connectors (e.g. to PI and OPC)
     LDAP single login connector, Email connector
     Maintenance Apps (e.g. Maximo) and LIMS apps

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                    Product Differentiators (4)

 Integrated User Management Module
     Accurately enforces the site User Permission requirements

 Integrated Shift Management Module
     Reflects the shift change paradigm of the site.

 Integrated Filtering, Drill Down and Search Systems
     Single touch filter buttons, Ad Hoc search, group sensitive filtering,
      business rule filtering facilities result in a system that will quickly expose
      the information of interest to the Operator, Supervisor or Manager.

 Integrated Auditing Facility
     Every change in the logbooks is recorded in an audit database and can be
      easily viewed directly from the log itself by clicking on the audit link.

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                   Product Differentiators (5)

 Integrated Reporting Module
     No reliance on 3rd party apps like Crystal Reports
     Html, pdf, Excel printout capabilities

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             J5 OMS Track Record (examples)
 PDVSA Upstream and Downstream
    Operations Logging, Handover Logs, Meter Calibration, Work Orders,

 Cheniere LNG
    Operations Logging, Handover Logs, Target Management, Inspection
     Rounds, Out of Spec Management, Laboratory Records, Work Permits,
     DCS Interface (Yokogawa).
    Ship Unloading, Task Management, Event Management, Unloading
     Calculations and Reports, Reports

 Petro Rabigh
    Operations Logging, Handover Logs, Work Orders, Inspection Rounds,
     Shift Management, KPI, Alert Management, LIMS interface, Reports, DCS

 Chevron
    Operations Logging, Handover Logs, Oil Movements, Inspection Rounds,
     PI Interface, Reports, Shutdown Logs, Operation Orders, Accounting
     Interface, Pipeline Management

 Others

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   Implementations around the world

  Canada          Kingdom

  USA                          Spain
(12 States)                                                    Japan
                                         Saudi Arabia


                                 South Africa
                         System Architecture
 Single (or Redundant) Server(s). (Linux or Windows variants)

 Many (several hundred) client computers on a network
     Must have a Browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari

 Database on the server or on a remote server.

 Links via the Network to:
       Additional Databases
       Maintenance Applications
       LIMS applications
       DCS or PLCs via OPC
       PI Historian
       LDAP User Management
       Planning and Accounting Modules

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                     J5 OMS Internal Architecture

 Classical, Scalable
   Single web server services
    hundreds of clients
   Applications are template
    driven and rule based.
   New applications added as
   Resources added as
    required. (Databases,
    Historians, Interfaces etc.)
   Rich set of Industrial

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                  St James Corporate Overview
 Offices in South Africa, Isle of Man, United Kingdom, Australia and Japan

 First Logbook created 28 years ago

 Current version written in Industrially solid PYTHON software. The underlying
   framework core has been tested in Industry since 2000.

 Divisions: Development, Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Support and

 Sales to 700 users, 40 different industries

 Head Office in Isle of Man, main development in South Africa

 15 developers in Development Group

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                          J5 OMS Applications

   General Logbook
   Handover Logs and Shift Reports
   Oil Movements Management
   Work Request Management
   Operator Order Book
   j5 Real Time Manager
   Inspection Rounds
   Target Management
   LIMS Records
   Incident Reporting
   Hazard Management
   Ship Unloading
   Shutdown Procedures and Operating Procedures
   Meter Calibration Logs
   J5 OMS KPI Dashboard
   And others …see Applicable Industries on next slide.

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Industry Applicable Applications
                         J5 General Logbook
 True E-logbook for operations logs.
 Navigation tabs. Users only see information relevant to their area
 Filter Buttons enable quick location of specific information

                                               St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   18
                            General Logbook (2)
   Detailed Presentation of each log
   Many of the fields are automatically added by the system. (E.g. time and user)
   Attachments and Web links can be added to the Log
   Different Priorities can be assigned and color coded
   Logs can be immediately sent via email to nominated recipients
   Logs can be assigned to the Handover Logs

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                         Handover Logbook
 Handover logs control the handover process
 Content is freely configured to meet the requirements. (E.g. Work Order
  status, Production Information, Outstanding Items.)
 Important logs from the logbook are attached
 Real time data can be added to the Handover Logs

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                              Shift Reports

   Real time and historical data read from the Historian or DCS
   Report calculations carried out at shift end
   Operators or Supervisors can add Manually Entered Data
   Reports are created and emailed or printed on system printers
   Data is stored for many years and can be Queried at any time.

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                   Oil Movements Management
   Planners submit order information.
   Operators manage oil transfer
   Operators set the status of the transfer
   DCS updates the transfer amounts
   Once complete, the planners pass the orders on to Accounts.

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                    Work Request Management
• Operators or Supervisors create a work request. They assign info such as:
    who is to do the work, the due date, what kind of work etc.
•   Work Permit is created (by the Maintenance applications) and details are
•   Operators update the status of the work permit.
•   J5 highlights overdue or on-hold Work Requests
•   Overdue or Incomplete Work Requests are attached to the Handover Log

                                               St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   23
                             J5 Order Book

 Orders issued by Control Room to         On-line status of orders
    field operators                        Comments on progress
   Links to Maintenance packages via      Audit log of changes.
    Work Order Number                      Filtering by responsibility etc.

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                          Inspection Rounds
   Freely configurable Inspection Round Templates
   Configurable Schedule times for the rounds
   Filtering and Sorting
   Data Validation and Authentication
   Audit logs and attachments for operator assistance
   New handheld version in development.

                                               St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   25
                Targets Management
 Daily Target are sent down from planning systems
 Supervisors can modify these
 Every Target package has a revision number
 Full audit of targets and revisions
 On going status of production against the targets

                                  St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   26
                       Shutdown Procedures
   Equipment Registry with associated tasks
   Status of each task is shown with scheduled times and comments
   Task activity is copied to the Handover Logs
   Statistics of different areas are maintained

                                             St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   27
                   Meter Calibration Management
 Federal acceptance of
    meter calibrations.
   Meter characteristics
    are built into the
   Multiple
    measurements per
    Meter Calibration
   Ability to set limits on
   Reports of each
    automatically sent out

                                     St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   28
                     Incident Management
   Incidents form adapts to the nature of the incident
   Areas for different experts to add information.
   Gallery for screenshots to be added
   Smart emailing of information to interested recipients
   Filtering to acquire similar incidents

                                             St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   29
                         Hazard Management

 Management of
   Hazards, Causes,
   Controls and

 Hazard Matrix for
   estimating severity

 Hazard logs
   enforce corporate

 Templates and
   projects to
   manage many
   thousands of

                                     St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   30
                           J5 OMS Dashboard
   J5 collects daily information from Multiple Sites
   KPI’s calculated and shown in Trend or Status Form
   Users can navigate directly to the screen of interest
   Bad KPI’s are clearly shown
   Historical information on KPI’s easily acquired
   Statistics on KPI’s across different sites.

                                                 St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   31
                            J5 Field Data System

 Design of field data
    entry screens in j5
   Entry Screens
    downloaded to PDA
   Data entered into
    PDA’s in the field
   Data uploaded to j5
   Data available to all
    users in the OMS
                        J5 OMS Core Modules

 Navigation Module
 Localization Facilities
 Interfaces
      LDAP and Single Login
      DCS and SCADA
      Maintenance and LIMS
      Accounts, Planning, ERP
   Emailing Module
   Real-Time Data Collector
   User Management
   Filter Management
   Reporter and Scheduler
   Shift Management Module
   Business Rules Module

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                           Navigation Module
   Hierarchical or Breadcrumb Type Navigation Tabs
   Tabs configurable via the System
   Tabs only appear of user has permission to view them
   Special Navigation for Shift and Handover Logs
   Tabs highlighted when a remote user makes a change
   Active Tab and Filter is Highlighted
   Links from within the Corporate Web Server can access j5 directly

                                               St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   34
                        Localization Features

 Simple Procedure for moving to a
    new Language
      J5 generates a list of phrases
        required to be translated
      J5 provides a portal so multiple
        users can translate the phrases
      System is localized with the new
   Each User can set their language
    preference at log in
   Localization covers all j5 internal
   Dual byte languages (like Kanji) are
   Engineering documentation is only in
   User Manual translated to target

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                                                  Interfaces
 Interfaces                                          DCS and SCADA
     LDAP and Single Login                               OPC data sources are

         Authentication is managed by the                 supported. (E.g. DCS, PLC
          central system.
                                                          PI, Process Historian,
         No need for users to log in twice                Wonderware interfaces
         ID card structure is supported                   available
                                                          Integrated Trend Viewer
     Maintenance and LIMS
         Direct Access of Maintenance and
          LIMS databases
         Maintenance and LIMS applications
          can insert records into j5
         Applications that integrate
          Maintenance and LIMS
     Accounts, Planning, ERP
         Tight links to Accounts, Planning
          and ERP

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                            Emailing Module

 Emails can be sent out based on a number of criteria
      On a pre-determined event. (E.g. if there is an environmental
      When an Operator chooses to send an email
      At a scheduled time of the day, week or month.
   Emails can be sent in different formats
      Pdf, Excel, Text or html format
      With a clickable link to a web location.
      As an sms to an sms server.
   Email addresses are managed within the system
      Easily modifiable email logbooks control who the recipients are.
   System status email can also be sent to the support center.
      These can be used to update a mirror copy of the server to simplify

                                               St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   37
                       Real Time Data Module
   OPC data sources are supported. (E.g. DCS, PLC etc.)
   Full in-built j5 Historian can be used to archive information
   Integrated Trend Viewer and links to Dash Board
   Data stored in standard databases (E.g. Oracle, SQL Server)
   Sample, Min, Max and Averages are recorded with Quality Data
   System automatically reflects the OPC tag hierarchy
   Multiple site upload facility available

                                              St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   38
                            User Management
 Each user belongs to one or more groups
 The permissions on the group can be controlled down to the application field
   Users will only see what they are allowed to see and will only be able to
    modify fields they have Edit permission for.
   Each Application may have different permissions for each group.
   No limit to the number of users or groups
   Tabs, filters are also settable for each user group.
   Simple configuration for setting the user permissions.

                                                 St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   39
                           Filter Management
 Filter system is tightly integrated into j5
 Pre-configured filters per group, One click Filter Buttons, Ad Hoc Filtering all

   Tag selection includes drill down filtering
   Filter configuration is simple
   Ad Hoc Filtering tool enables complex filters to be created

                                                 St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   40
                      Shift Management Module
   Shift Management is handled by the j5 Shift Manager
   Support for multiple shift teams in different areas
   Support for different shift start times and schedules for different areas
   Logbooks and Shift Handovers tied into the shift areas.

                                                  St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   41
                       Reporter and Scheduler
 In built scheduler keeps control of all critically timed events
 Tasks may be easily scheduled from within the business rules or via a
    special purpose form
   Reports can be scheduled at shift end or daily or weekly as required.
   Simple schedule format to schedule events

                                                St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   42
                      Business Rules Module

 Addresses non-standard functionality and operating procedure enforcement
 Business Rules module attached to each Application Template
 System of Script stubs enables complex functionality through simple scripts
 Access to all the modules within the j5 Engine. (E.g. Database, Scheduler,
   Navigation, Date Management, Email Module, Shift Manager etc. )

 Supports non-standard presentation and components
 Powerful functions using the Python Open Source Language
 All custom modules are provided with source code for maintenance and
   future enhancements

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 Application Configuration

 System Administration

 Database Management

 Project Management

                                St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   44
                      Application Configuration
 Each Application is configured via the web based QuickLog System.
 Logical set of Tabs to cover the Configuration
 Additional Fields, Form Layout, Options, Permissions etc. are all configured
    in the single application.
   On-site On-line Configuration is possible.

                                                 St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   45
                         System Administration
 All System Administration Functions can be accessed via the Web Based
   Ability to stop and start apps on-line
   Add or delete resources
   User Management
   Language Management

                                             St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   46
                     Database Management

   Integrated Web Based j5 Database Management System
   Supports multiple databases
   Tables can be archived and restored
   Table Structures can also be modified.

                                           St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   47
                       Project Management

 Process typically follows these steps:
       Inquiry from customer
       Prototype created and go-ahead from Customer
       Creation of URS (User Requirement Specification)
       Agreement between customer and engineering on URS
       Configuration
       Weekly Progress Reports
       FAT (Factory Acceptance) and SAT (Site Acceptance Tests)
       Training
       Go Live
       Handover to Site IT department
       Enhancement and Add On Management
       Support Contract

                                             St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   48
                    Support Facilities

 Support Options

 Licensing Scheme

 Documentation

 Training

                                 St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   49
Support Options

           St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   50
                               License Scheme
 See our web site:

 Basic Pricing (See diagram below)

   Plus pricing for additional modules like Historian, Oil Movements etc.
   Specifications, Engineering, Commissioning etc. are added
   Typically license price is about 25% of full implementation.
   License file ties the server to a server hardware.

                                                   St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   51
 User Documentation
       User Manual
       Application Manual
       Site Specific Documentation
       Quick Start Guide
       White Papers
       Slide Presentations

 Engineering Documentation
     Configuration Manual
     Best Practices Documents

 System Administration
     System Administration Manual
     Installation Manuals

                                      St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   52

   On-Site or WebEx training courses
   Hands-on emphasis with 2 users per computer
   Step by step training documentation
   Qualified and Experienced Trainers
   User Training and “Train the Trainer” courses
      Typically 4 hours training and up to 20 students
 Super User Training
      Typically one day with up to 10 students
 System Administration and Engineering Training
      Typically three days with up to 10 students
      On line training set up with real life examples
      Includes scripting programming

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 J5 OMS is the market leader and low risk provider of a complete Operations
   Management System

 J5 OMS comprises many hardened Industrial Applications that can be
   immediately Invoked

 The j5 OMS provides a comprehensive framework to add new customer
   specified applications that will link in to the existing applications

 St James Software (the Developer) is a company that is skilled (Computer
   Honors and PhDs) and experienced (25 years) in the Industrial

 There is a comprehensive after sales support structure for the ongoing
   maintenance and enhancement of the system.

                                                  St James Software (Pty) Ltd |   54