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									CMU Business Credit
  Card Training
What are Business Expenses?

   An expense required for conducting CMU

    – University business should be in support of a
      specific program of instruction, research,
      public service, or more general programs of
      professional improvement, advancement or
      university operations.
           Expense Categories
   Expenses typically fall into 3 categories:
      CMU Business Credit Card
   The CMU Business Credit Card is a
    university liability card available to CMU
    employees as an option to pay for
    university business expenses including
    equipment, supplies, travel and
      CMU Business Credit Card

   Any expenses allowed under the
    expenditure policy may be charged to the
    credit card, except for those items on your
    list of inappropriate purchases

   Original ITEMIZED receipts are required
    with your documentation
      CMU Business Credit Card
   $2500 single purchase limit for any
    purchase other than travel

   Cash advances will be limited to $200 per
    trip. This is available through the Student
    Service Court in the UC.
      CMU Business Credit Card
   The statement period is the 25th of the
    month to the 24th of the following month

   All documentation must be submitted by
    the 15th of the following month

   All expenses must be submitted within the
    same timeframe as the statement period.
      CMU Business Credit Card
   The ship to address and the billing
    address must be the same

   It is the cardholder’s responsibility to
    inform cashier BEFORE making a purchase
    that the transaction should be tax exempt.

   FED ID number and PIN number on back
    of card
      CMU Business Credit Card
   Report lost or stolen cards immediately JP
    Morgan Chase

   Smart Data Online (SDOL) can be used to
    transfer your costs from one cost center
    and or g/l account to another
            Business Travel Expenses
                What’s Allowed?
   Transportation Expenses
    – Air, rental car, taxi, bus, etc.
   Meals
    – Per diem meals, entertainment/hosting
   Conference Fees
   Phone Calls – business calls must be documented
   Tips
   Lodging
            Transportation and Parking
   Mileage Rate – Effective 1/1/08, the standard
    mileage rate is 50.5 cents/mile.

   Lansing Airport – ½ price parking – CMU is now
    a partner in a program offered by Lansing
    Capital Airport. Employees and their families are
    eligible for discounts on business and personal
    parking at the airport.
    Business Entertainment Expenses
             What’s Allowed
   Dept. Appreciation Events
    – The cost of the event should be reasonable. The appropriate VP
      or Dean must approve all appreciation events.

   Group Travel (New – added 4/1/08)
    – In limited circumstances, lodging and business meals for large
      groups may be charged to one employee’s business credit card.
      PRIOR approval from Payroll & Travel Services is REQUIRED.

   Friend/Family Hospitality (New – added 4/1/08)
    – When a CMU employee is traveling on university business and
      chooses to lodge with friends or family instead of at a hotel, it is
      permissible for the employee to purchase dinner(s) for the
      host(ess) as long as the cost is less than the cost of the lodging
      and not more than $40 per person.
    Business Entertainment Expenses
             What’s Allowed
   Retreats, Workshops, Staff Meetings
    – Beverages/refreshments for retreats, workshops and
      staff meetings are permissible. Any event held off
      campus including an overnight stay must have an
      itinerary and prior approval of the VP or Dean.
   Alcohol
    – Is allowed for development events, business meetings
      and activities funded from ticket sales. Must not be
      charged to a general fund or grant account.
    Business Entertainment Expenses
             What’s Allowed

   Retirement/Separation Functions
    – Depts. may hold a reception for employees retiring or
      separating from the university (one per employee).
      Reasonable expenses, less than $250 are permitted.
      More than $250 must have PRIOR approval of the
      appropriate Vice-President.
            General Business Expenses
                What’s Allowed?
   Flowers/Plants
    – Funeral flowers only for students (Dean of Students is responsible
      for this), faculty/staff, their spouse, children or benefit eligible
    – For decorations at events open to the public
   Gifts
    – for donors, volunteers, visitors and/or speakers
    – As part of a development activity
   Marketing Items
    – CMU marketing materials (pens, mugs, etc) of nominal value,
      generally less than $10.00
          Business Expenses
Cell Phone Allowance Policy – Effective July 1, 2008
With appropriate need and departmental approval,
allowances for cell phone service will be added to the
employees pay, paid based on their pay cycle.

Printing Services Policy – Beginning October 1, 2005 all
  printing jobs costing less than $20,000 MUST be done
  on campus through printing services.
      General Business Expenses
        What’s NOT Allowed
 Personal Charges
 CMU parking permit
 Gifts for students, employees or members of their
  immediate family
 Sponsorships – The university is not permitted to
  give charitable donations to any person or
  organization. They are only permissible if given in
  exchange for advertising or services. VP or
  Provost approval is required.
                   Contracting Authority

   ALL contracts/written agreements must be signed by a
    CMU employee with the appropriate contracting

   All contracts must go through a contract review process.
    See policy:

   A “contracting authority search” is available on
    Contracting and Purchasing Services website at:
Tips for a Quick Reimbursement
 Obtain correct signatures
 Enter date and time of departure and
  return for each trip
 Obtain and include all ORIGINAL itemized
 Include business purpose and other
  detailed information necessary for
  entertainment/hosting activities
   Payroll/Travel Services - #3481 or #3525

   Payable Accounting -#3523

   Contracting and Purchasing Services - #3929


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