Sri Lankan move to deepen India's role questioned

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					    Demands that minorities in the West take more steps to integrate are a rejection of multiculturalism - Siva Ratnam, page 7

No. 140
                            TAMIL GUARDIAN                                                                    WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 19, 2001
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ISSN 1369-2208


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 Sri Lankan
move to deepen
 India’s role
SPECULATION over peace              s India visit, page 2              amongst civilians and com-
efforts in Sri Lanka was rife                                          batants on both sides.
this week amid numerous pr-         s Legal team, page 6                    Meanwhile, whilst ackn-
ess reports suggesting that                                            owledging that India, as the
the newly elected United            s Editorial, page 7                regional power, had vested
National Front government                                              interests in the resolution of
was taking steps to revive                                             the island's protracted ethnic
the Norwegian peace initia-         says it is yet to receive suffi-   conflict, circles close to the
tive and most surprising,           cient clarification on Oslo        LTTE in Europe were how-
seeking to bring India, the         action at Sri Lanka's behest.      ever said to be critical of Sri
regional power, into the Ta-            Foreign Minister Fernan-       Lanka's unilateral moves to
mil question. Comments by           do told the Daily News that a      change facilitatory arrang-
Sri Lanka's new Foreign Mi-         significant feature of the         mements, noting that this
nister, Tyronne Fernando th-        approach of the new Govern-        had already led to the
at his government had decid-        ment will be the role that         stalling of the Norwegian
ed to unilaterally expand           India will be given in this        peace initiative once before.
India's role in the protracted      process. "This is one of our            "Facilitation is a process
ethnic conflict were criti-         top, urgent issues. The Prime      that involves both parties to
cised by the Tamil press and        Minister considers this as the     the conflict," one source told
political circles this week.        most compelling issue that         the Tamil Guardian this we-
    Although there have be-         should be addressed without        ek. "Changes to [facilitatory]
en no official statements by        delay with Norwegian assis-        arrangements cannot be uni-
either the UNF government           tance," he said.                   laterally undertaken by eith-
or the LTTE on practical ste-           Prime Minister Wickre-         er side without discussion
                                    mesinghe along with the Fo-                                             Unbearable animosity: President Chandrika Kumaratunga swears in S.B. Dissanayake (R), who defected from her People's Alliance triggering its
ps towards a revived peace                                             with and agreement of the            collapse and subsequent rout at this month's polls, as a Minister in the new government as Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe looks on.
process, comments by Mr.            reign Minister will leave for      other." Norway's involve-
Fernando ahead of the forth-        India this week to apprise In-     ment had been agreed upon
                                    dian leaders on the new dev-
coming visit to India by the
new Prime Minister, Ranil
Wickremesinghe and other
ministers, suggest the Sri
Lanka was seeking "as a pri-
                                    elopments. "The Prime Min-
                                    ister and I will be in India
                                    from December 22 to 24 to
                                    meet Prime Minister Atal
                                                                       by both sides after consider-
                                                                       able discussion, the sources
                                                                       said, pointing out that India
                                                                       had openly supportive of
                                                                       Oslo's role thus far.
                                                                                                            UNF girds against Kumaratunga
                                                                                                            SRI LANKA'S new United                  unga. At present, defectors               or otherwise.                     News said Monday that Karu                A national government,
ority" the involvement of In-       Behari Vajpayee. Giving                 The Uthayan, the Tamil          National Front (UNF) gov-               could be stripped of their                    A discussion will be held     Jayasuriya, Power and                 comprising primarily of an
dia, the regional power who-        India a major role is a must,"     language daily with the larg-        ernment this week took steps            seats and replaced by the                 next Friday, December 21          Energy and Minister Deputy            alliance between the island's
se armed forces fought a bit-       Mr. Fernando said.                 est circulation in the Jaffna        to bolster its position against         party they abandon. The                   among opposition political        Leader of the United Natio-           two main Sinhala parties
ter war with the LTTE in                The LTTE has main-             peninsula, in an editorial this      President Chandrika Kumar-              move to protect defectors                 parties to support the United     nal Party, main constituent of        would give greater stability
1987-89.                            tained a studied silence on        week questioned the wisdom           atunga of the People's Allian-          comes in the wake of a cam-               National Front to form a          the UNF, has been designated          to the UNF government
    Mr. Fernando told the           developments in Colombo.           of the Sri Lankan govern-            ce which was swept from                 paign within the PA, to join              national government, Mr.          to hold discussions with PA           which has only 115 seats in
state-owned Daily News last         The Indian government has          ment's moves to pull India           power in this month's Parlia-           the UNF coalition in the for-                                               stalwarts willing to join the         parliament, two more than a
Thursday that the new gov-          not responded to the com-          into the Norwegian peace             mentary elections. In a bid to          mation of a national govern-                                                government.        Enterprise         simple majority in the 225
ernment will go ahead with          ments by Sri Lanka's Fore-         initiative. Tamil political cir-     pave the way for defections             ment, which its leader prime              s National govt, page 2           Development, Industrial Pol-          seat legislature. The move
the Norwegian facilitated           ign Minister, either.              cles in Sri Lanka also ques-         from the PA to its own ranks            minister Ranil Wickremesin-                                                 icy and Constitutional Affairs        would be hailed by the coun-
peace process as a priority             India's earlier involve-       tioned the action, noting that       and thereby increasing its              ghe has called for.                       s Cabinet, page 2                 Minister Prof. G. L. Peiris is        try's Sinhala nationalists as
and is awaiting a call from         ment under the UNP govern-         the unhappy circumstances            parliamentary majority, the                 At least 20 PA deputies                                                 also in the fray for bringing         well as the business commu-
Oslo to revive the mecha-           ment of President J. R.            of Sri Lanka's previous effo-        government is preparing to              are willing to join what the              s State of confusion, page 7      more PA members in, the               nity, but the Tamil parties
nism and address India's role       Jayawardene, under the aus-        rts to involve its large neigh-      introduce shortly a crossover           UNF is dubbing a Govern-                                                    paper said..                          fear their ability to influence
as one of the priorities.           pices of the Indo-Sri Lanka        bour in the island's ethnic          bill while offering cabinet             ment of National Reconcilia-                                                    The Government was                decision making in Parlia-
    Oslo has been trying for        Accord of 1987 resulted in         conflict. Tamil politicians          posts to PA dissenters, press           tion (GNR), says former                                                     reportedly willing to offer six       ment would be rendered inef-
nearly three years to broker        heavy fighting with the                                                 reports said.                           highways minister A.H.M.                  Fowzie said. "I don't think       portfolios to defectors from          fective.
                                                                       had however asked India to                                                                                             any of them will oppose it.
peace in Sri Lanka, but the         LTTE when Sri Lanka insist-        impress on Sri Lanka the                 The Gulf News said that             Fowzie, a former mayor of                                                   the PA, the Daily News                    On the other hand, if the
                                    ed Delhi disarm the Tigers,                                             there were moves to intro-              Colombo and who topped the                Thereafter we will support        added, though Mr. Fowzie              UNF can win the support of
process was put on hold in                                             necessity of lifting the pro-                                                                                          the governing party to form a
June when the then Colombo          despite Colombo's failure to       scription of the LTTE to             duce a crossover bill soon              PA's Colombo district at the                                                told the paper that they              the four-party Tamil National
                                    fulfil its pre-requisite obliga-                                        after the new parliament re-            last elections. Wickremesin-              national government," he          should support the national           Alliance (TNA) which has 14
government         unilaterally                                        pave the way for talks.                                                                                                was quoted in the Island as
downgraded Norway's peace           tions under the accord. India           In his annual Heroes Day        convenes on Wednesday, a                ghe has given a month's                                                     government concept even if            seats, they would muster 149
                                                                                                            fortnight earlier than sched-           grace for the PA MPs to join              saying.                           they did not get ministerial          seats, one short of two-thirds
envoy, Erik Solheim accus-          finally withdrew in 1990                                                                                                                                      The state-owned Daily
ing him of bias. The LTTE           after heavy loss of life                                                uled by President Kumarat-              his administration, officially,                                             posts.
                                                                               continued on page 3                                                                                                                                                                             continued on page 3

Jaffna fishing ban tests UNF SLAF recruits 750 Millions of children in sex trade
                                                                                                                                                                                              MILLIONS of children aro-         the most shocking and diffi-          cent of the country's gross
 government’s poll promise                                                                                  THE commander of Sri
                                                                                                            Lanka’s Air Force said this
                                                                                                            week his force had recruited
                                                                                                                                                    Regular Airmen Recruit of
                                                                                                                                                    No 102 and Airwomen
                                                                                                                                                    Recruit of No 15 were on
                                                                                                                                                                                              und the world are exploited
                                                                                                                                                                                              for commercial sex, Carol
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                cult violations of human
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                rights, Bellamy said in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      domestic product from 1993
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      to 1995 and an estimated
THE Federation of Vadamar-          ting out to sea before the             "Many fishermen are bei-                                                                                           Bellamy, the executive dir-       report entitled "Profiting            one-third of the women
                                                                                                            750 new members into its                parade.     Air      Marshal              ector of the UN Children's        from Abuse". It is a multibil-        involved were minors.
adchi fishermen's co-opera-         stipulated time.                   ng driven by poverty to defy         ranks and swore to defend               Weerakkody took the salute.
tive societies said that it inte-        "The United National Pa-      the five hour restriction on                                                                                           Fund, UNICEF, said in the         lion-dollar industry that in              In Pakistan, based on
nds to begin demonstrations         rty promised fishermen on          the Thikkam - Katkovalam             the sovereignty and unity of            19 officers were commis-                  report prepared for the           some countries feeds the              reported cases only, a
and sit in protests soon if the     the west coast that it would       coast", said the spokesman           his country. Air Marshal                sioned. 10 Officer Cadets,                Second World Congress             tourism industry and is a sig-        woman or child is raped on
new government does not             lift restrictions on Out Board     for the Federation.                  Jayalath Weerakkody was                 82 Airwomen and 650                       Against Commercial Sexual         nificant source of income in          average every three hours.
take meaningful steps to lift       Motors during the election             Meanwhile, the Sri               speaking at the commission-             Airmen were recruited into                Exploitation from Dec. 17 to      hard currency.                        About 40 percent of reported
the total ban on fishing in the     campaign. It should consider       Lanka army is stepped up             ing and passing out parade              the Sri Lanka Air Force, the              20 in Japan.                          In India alone, there were        rapes in South Africa from
seas off coast between Thik-        the plight of all fishermen        security in several parts of         on Saturday at Sri Lanka Air            paper added.                                  "Bought and sold like         400,000 to 500,000 child              1996 to 1998 involved girls
kam and Thondmanar and              equally, regardless of wheth-      the Waligamam division in            Force-Diyatalawa.                           The SLAF has been the                 chattel, trafficked within and    prostitutes, the report said.         17 or younger. Sri Lanka's
the five-hour restriction alo-      er they are Sinhala or Tamil",     the Jaffna peninsula Monday,             “Air Force too experi-              fastest expanding service                 across borders, thrown into       In the United States, one in          estimated 20,000 to 30,000
ng the Katkovalam coast in          the spokesman told Tamilnet.       residents said. Checking of          enced failures at times. Now            arm in Sri Lanka. Tasked                  such situations as forced         five children who went                prostitutes are mostly boys.
Pt. Pedro, TamilNet reported.            The SLA allows fisher-        buses has been renewed in            we have almost corrected                with taking on the Liberation             marriage, prostitution and        online     regularly      were            Bellamy calls for a
A spokesman for the federa-         men in villages on the coast       Irupalai and Kopay. Security         them and resumed the                    Tigers’ conventional capa-                child pornography, many           approached by strangers for           "zero-tolerance" policy to
tion said that Sri Lanka army       between Thikkam and                was enhanced in Manipay,             strength.” Weerakkody said.             bility, the SLAF has                      suffer profound and some-         sex and 100,000 were vic-             end the sale, barter, impris-
soldiers assaulted the secre-       Katkovalam to fish in the sea      Sankanai and Sithankerni,                The Island newspaper                acquired Mig-27 and Kfir jet              times permanent damage,"          tims of sexual abuse every            onment and torture of chil-
tary and treasurer of the           only between 5 a.m. and 10         sources said.                        said that officers of No 15             bombers as well as a fleet of             Bellamy said.                     year, according to UNICEF.            dren.
Munai Fishermen's Coopera-          a.m. Munai is a fishing vil-                                            KDA and No 36 intake,                   Mi-24 helicopter gunships                     Trade in sexual exploita-         In Thailand, prostitution
tive Society Sunday for set-        lage near Pt. Pedro.                                                    Officer Cadets of No 40,                and C130 transports.                      tion of children was one of       accounted for 10 to 14 per-           Editorial, page 7

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