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									                                                                                                        February 2007

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MetarWork® OSS and MetarWork® NMS constitute                   University of Post and Telecommunications (BUPT),
a low-cost, high-efficiency, fully-loaded network              and the Ministry of Information Industry (MII).
management solution for most types of network,
including transmission (SONET/SDH/                             Metarnet’s solutions are used by almost half of all
PDH/DWDM), data (ATM/IP/DSL), switching                        broadband and mobile networks in China, and we
(SS7/IN/Frame Relay), and mobile                               maintain satisfied customers such as China Mobile,
(GSM/CDMA/3G).                                                 China Unicom, and China Netcom. Outside China,
                                                               our products have been deployed in Hong Kong,
With its R&D center in Beijing, and dozens of                  Taiwan, Malaysia, and Pakistan, with additional
branch offices all over China and Asia Pacific,                countries in the Asia-Pacific region coming on board
Metarnet Technologies Co. Ltd. has a staff of over             in the near future.
360, the majority of whom have expertise in
telecom network management. Several of the                     Combining its academic prowess, technical know-
staff members are actively involved in standards               how, and the broad experience gained from years of
drafting committees such as ITU-T and 3GPP.                    developing solutions for the vast networks in China
Metarnet also enjoys solid R&D support from                    and abroad, Metarnet can ensure that its products
prestigious academic institutions such as Beijing              are of world-class quality.

Features and Functionalities of OSS

                  OSS Products                                 Operations Support System (OSS)

                                                               Complementing the essential network management
   Customer Service              Electrical Operations &
                                                               functionalities, the OSS product line provides a set of
   Assurance System               Maintenance System
                                                               solutions to help users perform daily operations,
   Network Operation             Inventory & Spare Parts       maintenance and analysis more efficiently.
    Analysis System                Management System
                                                               Designed based on the TMF NGOSS series standards,
    Call Data Record            Network Alarm Integrated       as well as the demands of major telcos, these tools are
    Analysis System               Management System
                                                               valuable to various personnel such as maintenance
   Line Patrol Support         Network Operation Reports       engineers, line operators, marketing personnel, system
         System                   Management System            analysts, and managers.
Customer Services Assurance (CSA)
                                                                                                   CSA System
In today’s highly competitive telecom market,
customers need to be given special, efficient attention.
Troubleshooting, network diagnostics, service                                                         Backbone
monitoring and service deployment must be performed
quickly and accurately. To achieve these goals, end-                                        Access                Access
to-end monitoring and servicing are essential.                                              Network               Network

MetarOSS® CSA combines various functions such as                             Customer                                       Customer
customer topology view, alarm monitoring, leased line                        Premises                 HW Probes
monitoring, VPN management and SLA management.
This product will help shorten response time, improve
overall service level, and strengthen customer

                                                                                   MetarOSS EOMS (Electronic
                             Stats                                                 Operations Maintenance System)
                                        Statistics &
Upper Management             Duty
                                                                External systems

                                        Analysis                                   With the increasing complexity of networks
                                                                                   and fierce competition in the telecom
                           Duty msg                      I/F                       market, maximizing efficiency has become a
Management personnel                                                               crucial factor to success. To the telecom
                                        Work order                                 operator, maximizing efficiency entails the

                                                                                   daunting task of coordinating the workflow

                          Duty msg                                                 between all departments and personnel in
Maintenance                                                                        various functions, including circuit
personnel on duty                       Management
                                                                                   assignment, work-order assignment,
                                        Resource                                   troubleshooting, optimizing resource
                     Resource data
                                        Management                                 utilization, and customer service assurance,
Maintenance Personnel                   EOS                                        among others.

                                                       Email,                      MetarOSS EOMS is a platform that provides
                                                       SMS                         "Centralized Maintenance" for the operator.
                                                                                   This platform acts as a database for everyday
                                                                                   operations, as well as a messaging agent to
                                                                                   help coordinate workflow. It can be used on
Performance Engineer                          partners                             various types of network, such as transport,
                                                                                   data, switch, and mobile. Its basic operation
                                                                                   scheme is depicted by the diagram on the
MetarWork NMS & OSS                                                                      Page 3

Features and Functionalities of NMS

                                                 In a large network, there can be several layers of
                                                 NMS. Metarnet can provide solutions for all those
 SNMS LAYER                                      layers:
                  SNMS                METARNET   Integrated Network Management System (INMS)
                                                 This is the management system at the top level.

 EMS LAYER               IEMS        EMS
                                                 Sub-Network Management System (SNMS)
                                                 This manages a sub-net, so it usually has an INMS
                                                 above it, therefore a northbound interface (NBIF)
                                                 needs to be implemented.
       SONET/   CDMA/       IP/ATM     Soft
                                                 Integrated Element Management System (IEMS)
        SDH     GSM/3G                Switch
                                                 Managing the NE’s directly or through vendor’s
                                                 EMS, this also requires a northbound interface.

Metarnet NMS supports all the standard network
management functions:

   -    Topology management
   -    Alarm/Fault Management
   -    Performance Management
   -    Inventory Management
   -    Configuration Management
   -    System/Security Management
   -    Call Data Recording
   -    Traffic Data Analysis, etc

                                                 Topology Management
                                                 Integrated with cutting-edge Geographical
                                                 Information Systems (GIS), exact locations of
                                                 network equipment can be pinpointed. High
                                                 resolution maps allow users multiple zooming to
                                                 display geographical details accurately (up to

                                                 The GIS can also be combined with other modules,
                                                 such as alarm management, so that equipment with
                                                 alarms can be shown blinking on the map.
Alarm/Fault Management

This module supports all major alarm/fault
functionalities, such as real-time alarm reporting,
alarm filtering, alarm masking, and severity
assignment, among others. Reporting of alarms can
be customized into various forms such as pie charts,
bar charts, graphs and tables.

A sophisticated Root Cause Analysis (RCA) system
uses artificial intelligence to filter out a large
number of alarms and narrow down to a few root
causes, thus saving the operator substantial
trouble-shooting time.

                                                       Performance Management

                                                       Performance monitoring data can be collected in
                                                       intervals as short as 15 minutes. Just like for
                                                       alarms, PM counts reporting can be customized into
                                                       various graphical representations.

                                                       PM thresholds can be set for each individual PM
                                                       attribute, so that when the PM count exceeds the
                                                       threshold, an alarm is raised.

                                                       User can also define their own PM attributes based
                                                       on existing attributes.

Configuration Management

This module provides comprehensive information on
network configuration such as network organization
architecture, resource management, traffic
distribution analysis, equipment room layout, and
equipment panel view.

Highly detailed and photo-realistic user interface
gives operators excellent look-and-feel, thus
allowing easy, intuitive provisioning of equipment
and circuits.
MetarWork NMS & OSS                                                                                                                                          Page 5

System Architecture

                                                                                                                          Software Architecture

 GUI                                                                                    External
                                                                                                                          The NMS is designed in a highly modular



                                                                                        System                            structure, which ensures scalability and
                                                                                              interface                   extensibility. Industry-standard 3rd party
                        Application            Fault      Major
                                            management Account Mgt.
                                                                                                                          relational database software (e.g. Oracle,
           WEB          Modules
                                                                                                                          Sybase*) guarantees data integrity.

          Server                            Performance Inventory   Service    System
                                            management management management management

                                             Topology    Config.    Report                         Others
                                            management management management                        ……                    The Mediation Layer (MD Pool) is comprised
                                                                                                                          of a complete set of interface adaptors for
     Distributed Processing Platform                                             Database                                 all standard protocols and a large number
                                                                                                                          of NE’s from various vendors. A
MD POOL              DB SNMP CORBA Q3 RS232 TCP/IP
                                                                                                                          customized interface, to be connected to an






                                               …                                                                          external system, also supports all major

Hardware Architecture

The NMS can run on various hardware platforms,
including SUN, HP, IBM, SGI, and Linux* for smaller
systems. In a typical configuration, most hardware
are located at a Main NMS Centre, interconnected
through a high-speed Ethernet LAN. Network
management data are stored in a disk array, with
long-term back-up storage provided by a tape
library. PC’s are used as client terminals, and a
router connects the Main Centre to the operator’s
Digital Circuit Network (DCN) to communicate with
remote sites.

A high level of redundancy is achieved with extra
servers on hot standby, along with High Availability
(HA) software. For extra precaution, a backup site
                                                                                                                          Remote           Remote               Backup
can be implemented. The backup site serves as a
                                                                                                                           Site             Site                 Site
“disaster recovery” measure in case the entire Main
Centre is debilitated.

* All brand names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
New Products

 3G NMS                                                                         Linux-based NMS
 With the imminent deployment of 3G services in                                 While our Unix-based NMS offers a powerful,
 many countries in the region, a comprehensive                                  comprehensive solution for large, heterogeneous
 network management solution for 3G networks is in                              networks, there is always a demand for smaller
 strong demand.                                                                 scaled, simpler network managements systems.

 MetarNet’s 3G NMS is designed based on the                                     Developed on Linux Redhat AS4*, our Linux-based
 specific requirements of 3G network management,                                NMS can monitor and manage small to medium sized
 features in 3G services, and the implementation                                Access and SDH networks (< 1000 nodes), with a
 plans of 3G networks. The complete features set of                             comprehensive set of features similar to those in our
 our new 3G NMS, combined with our field-proven                                 Unix-based NMS. This offers our customers a
 platform, will guarantee smooth operations in any                              versatile, more economical alternative.
 3G network.

                                                                            Regional Presence
                                                                            The map on the right illustrates our strong presence
                                                                            in China. The areas highlighted yellow denote the
                                                                            provincial fixed-line networks that employ MetarNet’s
                                                                            NMS solutions.

                                                                            With its explosive growth in demand for bandwidth,
                                                                            China’s telecom networks are often large-scale
                                                                            (composed of several thousand NE’s), and involve
                                                                            multiple (10+) vendors. The widespread use of
                                                                            MetarNet’s products in China, and elsewhere in Asia,
                                                                            is a strong testament to our ability to handle
                                                                            complex, heterogeneous networks.


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