The Global Dimension and Social Justice

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					The Global Dimension and Social
               Rohini Corfield
               East Midlands Network
               for Global Perspectives
               in Schools
Session Format

   Rohini Corfield – Global Dimension and
    Social Justice (15 minutes)

   Max Hogg – 1.4 Billion Reasons( 30 minutes)

   Discussion Time ( 30 minutes)

   Information Stand

   What is the Global Dimension?
   How does it relate to Social Justice?
   What is the purpose of the Global
   Why is the GD high on the political agenda?
   How can schools incorporate the GD?
   Signposting Resources
The Global Dimension

    8 key concepts – inter related

1.   Values and perceptions
2.   Social Justice
3.   Conflict Resolution
4.   Global Citizenship
5.   Diversity
6.   Human Rights
7.   Interdependence
8.   Sustainable Development
Social Justice

   Valuing social justice, equality & fairness for all
   Recognising the impact of unequal power & access
    to resources
   Actions have un /intended outcomes; making
    positive choices
   Taking action to challenge all forms of discrimination,
    inequality & injustice to build a more just world
   Understanding the historical context of local and
    global politics
Values & Perceptions

   Understanding that people
    have different values,
    attitudes & perceptions
   Valuing human rights
   Developing multiple
    perspectives & new ways of
    seeing events
   Questioning & challenging
    assumptions & perceptions
   Understanding the role of
    the media
   Values shape actions
Conflict Resolution

Knowing about
 different types of conflict locally, nationally &
 their impacts on people & environments
 how to resolve them
 appreciating that all conflicts involve choices &
 developing peace making skills eg, communication,
  negotiation, compromise & collaboration
Global Citizenship

   Developing the knowledge , understanding & skills to
    be active citizens
   Thinking about global issues critically & from multiple
   Thinking about the role of institutions in society &
    about how power can be shared
   Appreciating the connections between the local &

   Appreciating both the common humanity of
    people & their diversity in terms of cultures,
    religions & customs
   Valuing biodiversity
   Learning about multiple identities & diverse
    perspectives on global issues
   Understanding how prejudice and bias can
    be tackled
Human Rights

   Knowing about the UN Conventions on
    Human Rights & the Rights of the Child
   Understanding these rights & responsibilities
    in a global context
   Being aware of the abuse of human rights &
    how this can be legally challenged

   Understanding how people,
    places, economies &
    environments are all
   Appreciating that choices
    have repercussions from the
    local to the global level
   Acknowledging the
    complexity of
Sustainable Development

   Living responsibly to protect
    the planet for future
   Understanding the
    connections between the
    social, economic and
    environmental spheres -
    “Living now with tomorrow in
   Considering probable and
    preferable futures & working
    for the latter
Purpose of the Global Dimension

Enables learners to:-
 Explore and make sense of the big issues in the
 Think critically and creatively about topical issues
  from a range of perspectives
 Develop self-awareness and a positive attitude to
 Link learning to take responsible action – to be
  active global citizens working for a more just world
Oxfam – Global Citizen

   Is aware of the wider world & their role as a world
   Respects and values diversity
   Has an understanding of how the world works
   Is outraged by social justice
   Participates in the community , from local to
    global levels
   Is willing to act to make the world a more
    equitable & sustainable place
   Takes responsibility for their actions
Relationship between GD and SJ

   Social Justice underpins Global Dimension
   SJ , with its focus on equality relates to the idea of
    common humanity ( Ubuntu) and people being of
    equal worth.
   SJ is about fairness in access to life opportunities
   Inequality exists in all communities (local-global) –
    an active global citizen will take action, with others ,
    in solidarity, for a more just world
   1.4 Billion Reasons presentation will give context of
    global poverty and suggest individual actions
Ubuntu – Desmond Tutu

   A person is a person through other people – “caught
    up in a bundle of life” – entwined humanity.
    Compassion.Basis of Truth and Reconciliation
   “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have
    chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has
    its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say you are
    neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality”
Why is the GD high on the political

   Topical - Globalisation - Global Village
   Economically - Financial crisis
   Environmentally - Climate Change
   Socially - Migration
   Politically- Human Rights, 1.4 Billion in poverty
    “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need,
    but not for everyone’s greed”
   “ Be the change you want to see in the world”
   Educationally – working for a more just society
How can schools incorporate the GD?

   Curriculum – QCDA, Oxfam, GD website
   Ethos – Unicef Rights Respecting Award, Fairtrade
    Schools Accreditation Scheme,
   Open Spaces for Dialogue and Enquiry (OSDE)
   Whole School- School links local and international
   Statutory duties and priority agendas– Every Child
    Matters, Community Cohesion, PSHE, SEAL
GD Resources for schools

 www.EastMidlandsSustainableSchools.
Discussion Questions

1.   What are your individual reactions to the 1.4 Billion
     Reasons presentation?
2.   How can use the information from today’s seminar in
     your role as an educator?
3.   What further support may you need to develop your
     understanding of the Global Dimension and Social

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