; Petition on draft Animal Welfare Act, 2011 - Sukanya Kadyan
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Petition on draft Animal Welfare Act, 2011 - Sukanya Kadyan


The Ministry of Environment and Forest ( Govt. of India ) asked public to comments on a draft Animal Welfare Act, 2011 and Media Adviser to the International Organisation for Animal Protection - OIPA in India Abhishek Kadyan, Director of the People for Animals ( PFA ) Haryana Sukanya Kadyan work hard to get signature and support to the cause.

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									Shri Jairam Ramesh, Minister for Environment and Forest, New Delhi.

The Ministry of Environment and Forests invites comments on the Draft Animal Welfare Act,
2011. This legislation, which will replace the existing Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960,
will provide for enhanced penalties and clearer definitions of animal abuse. Kudos to founder
Chairman of PFA Haryana Shri Naresh Kadyan, representative of the International Organisation
for Animal Protection - OIPA in India for his continuous tireless efforts towards this right
directions.My comments are :* Whole Legislation should be cognizable and non-bailable in
legal terms, where as still offenses under this Acts are bailable. * No exemption and relaxation
for any religion to abuse, kill and sacrifice the animals.* Punishments be strong and effective.*
All living creatures other than human beings be protected under this legislation.* Foreign and
Exotic species needs attention.* Army, Police and para military forces, Zoo animals also needs
attention, care and rehabilitation. These animals also covered under this law, no exemptions be
given.* Experimentation on animals be banned.* Entertainment, performance, joy rides etc. from
animals also needs attention.* Cruel animal transportation be looked into.* Live stock definition
be looked into.* Slaughter houses be shut down.* Vegetarianism be promoted.* AWBI be
empowered to issue directions not advisory to the field functionaries and it should be mandatory
for all concerned to abide these directions in the interest of animal welfare.* Elephants and
Camels should be kept in their natural habitat and their shifting in trucks be banned and these
animals be included in the rules travel by foot, in past these animals were ignored, where as
Naresh Kadyan brought this points in the notice of then Union Minister concerned.* Community
pets - stray dogs also needs attention, their population shall be controlled by adopting spay and
neuter.* SPCA's / Infirmaries / Shelters / Ambulances also needs attention and it should be
mandatory. * Police powers be given to all recognized bodies and Special courts be set up for
speedy trials.* Dog breeders, pet shops and fish aquarium also needs attention.  * AWBI be
given more funds, staff and special court powers should be given to the AWBI / their recognized
bodies.* Fake, ineffective bodies be shut down and it should be mandatory for AWBI nominee to
take active part in the recognized AWO's affairs.* Copted members also needs attention, as
there are no certain guidelines to copt, no pick and choose, every recognized AWO's be given
chance for active participation.* Films screening committee members be chosen clockwise
amongst the recognized AWO's.* Master Trainer, Trainers, Hon. AWO's be treated on duty and
their performance be checked quarterly along with AWBI non officials members : tainted and
nonactive be dropped.* Award and punishment policy be introduced.* People should not be
allowed in AWBI for two consecutive terms as AWBI member / Chairman or Vice Chairman.*
Dogs have basic rights to bark and it should be protected, animal rights needs to be defined and
recognized. * Animal bet be banned as some people tie animal to attract Wild animals.*
Promote methods to minimize stress, pain and injuries to animals.* Funds received by NGO's
from Foreign countries to serve animals in India under FCRA be controlled by the AWBI, NGO's
performances should be assessed by AWBI regularly as well.* AWBI Head quarter be shifted
from Chennai to National Institute of Animal Welfare - NIAW premises in National Capital
Region - NCR for better coordination between AWBI, AWD and others.* Degree course on
Animal Welfare be introduced and NIAW be set up as Deemed University, field practical training
should be preferred along with theoretical.* Proof of burden be continue on accused not on
prosecution.* Animal Welfare Board of India - AWBI be replaced by a " National Commission on
Animal Welfare "

                                             Page 1
All these following legislation's and rules be amended :
Animal WelfareThe Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act was enacted in 1960 to prevent the
infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering on animals and to amend the laws relating to the
prevention of cruelty to animals. After the enactment of this Act, the Animal Board of India was
formed for the promotion of animal welfare.ActNo.59 of 1960 - The Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals Act, 1960.RulesS.O. 1995 (E) [27/07/2010] - Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
(Slaughter House) Amendment Rules 2010.S.O.714(E), [26/03/2010] - Animal Birth
Control(Dogs) Rules, 2009.S.O.1818(E), [23/10/2006] - Breeding of and Experiments on
Animals (Control and Supervision )Amendment Rules, 2006.S.O.1817(E), [19/10/2006] -
Reconstitution of Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on
Animals(CPCSEA).S.O.42(E), [14/01/2006] - Breeding of and Experiments on Animals (Control
and Supervision )Amendment Rules, 2005.S.O.1256(E), [24/12/2001] - The Animal Birth
Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001.S.O.267(E), [26/3/2001] - The Performing Animals (Registration)
Rules, 2001.S.O.35(E), [8/1/2002] - The Performing Animals (Registration) Amendment Rules,
2001.S.O.271(E), [26/3/2001] - The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Establishment and
Regulation of Societies for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Rules, 2001.S.O.270(E),
[26/3/2001] - The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Slaughter House) Rules, 2001.S.O.268(E),
[26/3/2001] - The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Transport of Animals on Foot) Rules,
2001.S.O.134(E), [15/2/2001] - The Breeding of and Experiments on animals (Control and
Supervision) Amendment Rules, 2001.S.O.1074, [15/12/1998] - The Breeding of and
Experiments on Animals (Control and Supervision) Rules, 1998.S.O.732(E), [26/8/1998] - The
Experiments on Animals (controls and Supervision) (Amendment) Rules, 1998.S.O.No.1056,
[13/3/1979] - The Prevention of Cruelty (Capture of Animals) Rules, 1972.No.14-20/76-LD.I,
[30/11/1978] - The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Registration of Cattle Premises) Rules,
1978.No. 18-6/70-LDI, [23/3/1978] - The Transport of Animals Rules, 1978 .S.O.269(E),
[26/3/2001] - The Transport of Animals (Amendment) Rules, 2001.No.14-21/76-LD.I,
[15/2/1978] - The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Application of Fines) Rules,
1978.No.35-4/72-LD.I, [22/5/1973] - The Performing Animals Rules, 1973.No.9-18/62-LD,
[23/3/1965] - The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Licensing of Farriers) Rules,
1965.No.9-18/68-LD, [23/3/1965] - The Prevention of Cruelty to Draught and Pack Animals
Rules, 1965, amended 1968.NotificationsG.S.R.619(E), [14/10/1998] - The Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals (Restricted to Exhibit on Trained as a Performing
Animals).Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up, UN affiliated the International
Organisation for Animal Protection - OIPA chapter in India along with People for Animals ( PFA
) Haryana appreciated Shri Jairam Ramesh efforts and he did a lot for animals to minimize their
stress, pain and injury, Kudos to him, what a great work he did in a very short period and
Maneka Gandhi did nothing, we demands Bharet Ratna for Shri Jairam Ramesh and Prani Mitra
award from AWBI as OIPA in India announced same award for him. Same request sent to Her
Excellency the President of India by Naresh Kadyan bearing registration Number :
PRSEC/E/2011/02593 dated 18-2-2011.Draft Dog Breeding Rules (Awaiting Law Ministry
approval) | Draft Pet Shop Rules (Awaiting Law Ministry approval) may kindly be expedited
along with Draft Rules for Aquarium and Ban on Peacock feathers trade.

                                               Page 2
      Name                 From                         Comments
1.    Kadyan Naresh        Delhi - India, India
2.    Dennis Kaplan        Mayfield Heights, OH
3.    Pan Jin Yi           Sandakan, Malaysia
4.    Darini Suthasakul    Nonthaburi, Thailand
5.    Brigit Asilnejad     Santa Monica, CA
6.    Ana Marija           Zagreb, Croatia
7.    Danuta Watola        Kalety, Poland
8.    nicolette ludolphi   Bremen, Germany
9.    Prinz Lilo           Au, Switzerland
10.   Bettina Lorenz       Rhede, Germany
11.   Pia Mustonen         Tampere, Finland
12.   Cristina Seica       Anadia, Portugal
13.   Olga Astapova        Moscow, Russian
14.   Alison Arnold        Essex, United
15.   Sandra Seiça         Aveiro, Portugal
16.   Cathala Corine       Pierrelatte, France
17.   Elisabetta Rossi     Savona, Italy
18.   carolyn barnes       Greene, NY
19.   Paola Ghidotti       Milano, Italy
20.   Natalie Johnston     Mellieha, Malta
21.   Donna C.             Pittston, PA                 Review more often that +50 years!!!!
                                                        NO BREEDING UNTIL EUTHANIZING STOPS! If we're
                                                        putting animals to sleep, we still have a surplus SO NO
22.   Asli Gedik           A, Germany
23.   Tierney Grinavic     Huntingtown, MD
24.   kendra Pinder        Stoke On Trent,              A review every 50 years is horrific, why has it not been
                           United Kingdom               done sooner? Also working with international animal
                                                        welfare groups rather than trying to block out what is going
                                                        on in your country form the rest of the world does not help.
                                                        Spadeing and neutering rather than breeding is needed.
                                                        Tougher laws, tougher sentences. Better welfare for farm
                                                        animals and thos that are made to work for humans.
                                                        CCTV, proper supervision, not a group like the RSPCA
                                                        who are a complete joke, Animal cruelty fo any kind must
                                                        be acted upon with tough sentences. Raising the bar in
                                                        regards to animal cruelty is needed as soon as possible.
25.   michele squires      Hockley, TX

                                           Page 3   -    Signatures 1 - 25
      Name               From                        Comments
26.   heidi wollum       Goteborg, Sweden
27.   OIPA INDIA         Delhi, India
28.   Rochat Sylvie      La Sarraz,
29.   Jo Truesdell       Kansas City, KS
30.   Ioana Boca         Alba Iulia, Romania
31.   Elisabeth          St. P�lten, Austria
32.   Krasimira          Stara Zagora,
      Buyuklieva-Darzeva Bulgaria
33.   Manuela Haug       Leinzell, Germany
34.   Cindy Collier      Yorkshire, United
35.   june bullied       Toronto, Canada
36.   richa thapa        ktm, Nepal
37.   Buffy Fischer      S, Germany
38.   Kate Kenner        Jamaica Plain, MA
39.   Mervi Rantala      Tampere, Finland
40.   thomas moore       Houston, TX
41.   Lyndel Thomas      Maldon, Australia
42.   Leticia Frutos     Asunciã³n, Paraguay
43.   SANDRA ROCHA Oporto, Portugal
44.   Annie Cowling      Danbury, CT
45.   Peggy Acosta       Womelsdorf, PA
46.   Kathleen Gates     Painesville, OH
47.   Sanne W            Ringsted, Denmark
48.   Lisa Zarafonetis   Dallas, TX
49.   Kim Smith          Auckland, New
50.   Luba Landeka       Pancevo, Serbia And
51.   THEODORE           Piraeus, Greece
52.   Cherida Hivale     New Delhi, India            I'm so glad a new welfare act has been drafted - it's not as
                                                     tough as I might like but still has more teeth than the last
                                                     one. I'm glad Mr Kadyan and Mr Jayram Ramesh have
                                                     empowered animals even more. It's definitely a step in the
                                                     right direction. The next step will be to ensure that it's
                                                     enforced by the local police and other authorities.

                                        Page 4   -   Signatures 26 - 52
      Name              From                      Comments
53.   Nadezhda          Alicante, Spain
54.   Chantal Buslot    Hasselt, Belgium
55.   Angel W.          Jersey, United
56.   Jill Vickerman    Western Cape, South       Thank you, I sincerely hope that this new Animal Welfare
                        Africa                    Act, 2011 is passed - for the good of all Animals.
57.   Graciela Patron   Leã³n, Spain
58.   Tammy Wolfanger Syracuse, NY
59.   Claire Allen      Arborfield Cross,         Good animals and their rights need to be protected
                        United Kingdom            properly. It's awful the things that are being doen to them
                                                  because thay can't talk back or fight back inmost cases.
60.   mimmi philips     Lanaken, Belgium          No more animal abuse all over the wold.!!
61.   Leah Mae          Zamboanga,
      Macrohon          Philippines
62.   June              Derby, CT
63.   Sami Signorino    Kokomo, IN
64.   patricia van      Berchem, Belgium
65.   Koehl Willy       Pont Saint Esprit,
66.   Elzbieta          Lodz, Poland
67.   Val Munchow       Johannesburg, South
68.   Kathleen          Dana, NC
69.   Una Ryan          Rutherford, NJ
70.   Caserta Davide    Verona, Italy
71.   Horacio Liedo     Ciudad De Mexico,
72.   Zaida Guerrero    Little Falls, NJ
73.   stephaney scire   Las Vegas, NV
74.   Maria Nika        Athens, Greece
75.   Evangelos Sideris Patras, Greece
76.   Cindy Soh         Singapore, Singapore
77.   Marvin Grantham   Pleasant Hill, LA
78.   Emma B.S.         Rotterdam,

                                     Page 5   -   Signatures 53 - 78
       Name                From                      Comments
79.    Kristina            Gabrovo, Bulgaria
80.    marissa             Edenton, NC
81.    ali hamilton        Little Falls, NJ
82.    Gunay Kemal         London, United
83.    James Mulcare       Clarkston, WA
84.    Giulia Sciarretta   Toulouse, France
85.    Pam Boland          Grovetown, GA
86.    AnaLiza L. Festen S'hertogenbosch,
87.    inger martinsen     Fevåg, Norway
88.    Alexander Dean      Miami, FL
89.    emma Vieitez        Fuengirola, Spain
90.    Filomena Lomba      Melksham-wiltshire,
       Viana               United Kingdom
91.    Penni Norman        Des Moines, IA
92.    Magdalena           Mississauga, Canada
93.    terezia ildiko      Oradea, Romania
94.    Christiane Henker Cuxhaven, Germany
95.    Radostina           Burgas, Bulgaria
96.    Boyan Dimitrov      Burgas, Bulgaria
97.    Magdalena Bocic     Zrenjanin, Serbia And
98.    Victoria Molinari   Poulsbo, WA
99.    Kadyan Khap         Jhajjar, India
100.   Jane Burgess        West Bromwich,
                           United Kingdom
101.   marla marla         San Leandro, CA
102.   Faith Campbell      ****, Canada
103.   Ines Vasquez        Caracas, Venezuela
104.   ana estrada         Hollywood, CA
105.   Erin Leisen         Minneapolis, MN
106.   Helen B.            Bowling Green, KY

                                       Page 6    -   Signatures 79 - 106
       Name               From                       Comments
107.   Stewart Goodman Brisbane, Australia           Wake up people.
108.   Susan Suni Ibarra Rohnert Park, CA
109.   Kimberly           Newark, NJ
110.   May Howie          Renfrewshire,scotland,
                          United Kingdom
111.   samantha wilson    San Jose, CA
112.   Rebecca            Sydney, Australia
113.   Wendy Forster      Macclesfield,
                          Cheshire., United
114.   Debb Lovett        Confidential, Australia
115.   Nyack Clancy       Manhattan, NY
116.   Susan Zapolski     Erie, PA
117.   Antonio Delgado    Torre Del Mar
       Fenoy              (Malaga), Spain
118.   Vivienne Ben-Shir London, United
119.   inez in't veld     Gouda, Netherlands
120.   Ellen Gutfleisch   Lisbon, WI
121.   Cathy Greer        Daytona Beach, FL
122.   ANDRZEJ            Melksham, United
       KOPEC              Kingdom
123.   Sascha Harper      West Hollywood, CA
124.   Denise Lytle       Fords, NJ
125.   Elizabeth Allweiss Inkster, MI
126.   anita vos          Gorinchem,
127.   Lisa Jeremic       Victoria, Canada
128.   Carlene Visperas   Concord, CA
129.   Jovita Prinz       Las Palmas, Spain
130.   olatz madrazo      San Sebastian, Spain
131.   Chaminda           Moonee Ponds,
       Fernando           Australia
132.   Margaret Woodall   Norwich, United
133.   Viviana Valdivieso Pamplona, Spain

                                        Page 7   -   Signatures 107 - 133
       Name                From                       Comments
134.   Angelika            Hoexter, Germany
135.   norma laborie       Saint Ouen, France
136.   Peter Kralovic      Bratislava, Slovakia
137.   Pat Redner          Houlton, ME
138.   Clare Edwards       Plant City, FL
139.   Whitney Ramirez     Union Mills, IN
140.   nicole Perna        Pomona, NY
141.   Grainne O'Carroll   Dublin, Ireland            Animals need protection!
142.   Linda Kahler        Camdenton, MO
143.   Sucharita           Kolkata, India
144.   rene davis          Wellington, New
145.   VinnieSick          Baraboo, WI
146.   Sukanya Kadyan      Delhi, India
147.   Abhishek Kadyan     Delhi, India
148.   gauri awasthi       new delhi, India
149.   saurabh tiwari      raipur, India
150.   Lisbeth Jensen      Dronninglund,
151.   gerlinde palsingh   -Vienna, Austria

                                      Page 8      -   Signatures 134 - 151

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