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 Handbook for
 International Researchers
                                                                                                   to Stockholm
                                                                                                   As a guest researcher or international research student you are

                                                                                                   a key player in the internationalization of research at Stockholm
                                                                                                   University. The creative and critical thinking you bring to our
Stockholm University, located in Sweden’s capital city, is the regional centre for higher
                                                                                                   community is highly valued.
education and research in the humanities, law, the natural and social sciences. It is a thriving     You will find that we encourage strong, independent thinking
intellectual community and home to some of the world’s leading international researchers           across the disciplines as we strive to continue our tradition of
across the academic disciplines.                                                                   excellent teaching and research.
   With over 50,000 undergraduate and master’s students, 1,800 doctoral students and 6,000
employees, Stockholm University is one of the largest universities in Sweden and one of the
                                                                                                     As a new member of our research and teaching community I hope
largest employers in the capital. People of many different nationalities, with contacts through­   that you will enjoy the positive, friendly environment that we pride
out the world, contribute to the creation of a highly international atmosphere at Stockholm        ourselves on. Your presence here is a welcome contribution to the
University. We hope that you, too, will enjoy the experience of working or studying with us.       ongoing cultural and educational exchange that makes Stockholm
   Living in another country can be challenging – at least in the beginning. We hope this
handbook will make your life in Sweden, Stockholm and at Stockholm University easier.
                                                                                                   University an inspiring and international environment to work in.
                                                                                                     I sincerely hope that your time here will be a success and that in
                                                                                                   the future you will come to look back on your time here as an
How to Use the Handbook                                                                            important step in the development of your career. Perhaps in that
                                                                                                   way you will come to be an ambassador for Stockholm University
The information has been written with guest researchers and other international lecturers,         and the work we do.
researchers and research students in mind. Most of the content is applicable to you irrespective
of which of the above target groups you belong to. The handbook contains some information,
such as e.g. student housing and discounts, that is only relevant for research students. This      Kåre Bremer
information is placed within olive­green text boxes throughout the handbook.                       Vice-Chancellor

                                                                                    Moving to Sweden
                                                                                       – the Essentials
                                                                                    Accommodation                                       „„

                                                                                    There is a considerable shortage of accom-          „„

                                                                                    modation in Stockholm so finding a flat is a        „„

                                                                                    challenge. Make sure to apply for accom-            „„

                                                                                    modation well before your expected arrival          „„

                                                                                    in Sweden. In particular, register for housing      „„

                                                                                    services with waiting lists as soon as you
                                                                                    know that you are coming to Stockholm.            There is also a big sublet market (“second
                                                                                       The University Accommodation Center            hand rental” directly translated from Swedish)
                                                                                    ( and the Wenner-Gren Center           in Stockholm. You may well find places to
                                                                                    ( have a limited amount of           sublet at websites like:
                                                                                    accommodation. Please note, however, that           „„

                                                                                    this accommodation is intended for tem-             „„

                                                                                    porary stays only and not for researchers
                                                                                    holding permanent positions.                      Please note: You are often expected to pay a
                                                                                                                                      deposit when renting accommodation in
                                                                                    Accommodation for Visiting Lecturers              Sweden. This sum is returned to you when
                                                                                    If you are not a student, then you should         you move out of the premises provided
                                                                                    look at a number of websites that advertise       there is no damage to pay for.
                                                                                    properties to rent:

                                                                                       Accommodation for Research Students
                                                                                       If you are a research student and a member of the Student Union you should sign up for
                                                                                       the queue at SSSB (Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder) as soon as you have received
                                                                                       your letter of acceptance from Stockholm University.
                                                                                          SSSB is Stockholm’s main provider of student accommodation. They rent out rooms
    Stockholm University is one of Sweden’s largest institutions of higher             and flats all over the city (30 different areas with around 8,000 rooms); rents are usually
    education, with more than 50,000 students and 6,000 members of                     between SEK 2,600 – 6,000, and the size and outfit of the accommodations vary accor­
    staff–including several of the world’s most renowned scientists—offering           dingly. Standard rooms at “Lappis” (Lappkärrsberget, a popular housing area in walking
    education and research at the highest level within the humanities, law,            distance from the University) have their own bathroom but you’ll have to share a kitchen
    science, social sciences and teacher training. The University participates in      with a dozen other tenants. SSSB’s webpage is available in English, as well as in Swedish.
    regional, national and international collaboration, in debate and in social           It is fairly easy to apply for accommodation at “Lappis”. For example, you do not need
    change. Located in the middle of the world’s first national city park, yet         an official Swedish personal identity number, although it is important you get an identity
    close to the city centre, Stockholm University is characterised by beautiful
                                                                                       number as soon as possible after arriving in Sweden. if you don’t have one yet, you will
    natural surroundings, historical environs, and access to the dynamism of
                                                                                       get a temporary one just for SSSB by contacting their customer support:
    the capital and Sweden’s largest job market.

4                                                                                                                                                                                      5
     Residence Permits                               For faster processing, visit the Tax Office in    ments varies considerably. Some apply to
     If you are a Nordic citizen (Denmark, Fin-      person. Bring your passport and any docu-         visits of up to two years, others to one-year       Personal Identity Number
     land, Iceland, Norway, Sweden) you do not       ments proving your civil status, birth certifi-   visits only. Some agreements apply to stu-          If you have not yet received your personal
     need a residence permit to be registered in     cates for any children who are moving with        dies, not research, some only to professors,        identity number from the Swedish Tax
     Sweden.                                         you, and your residence permit. Your              whilst others apply to anyone invited by a          Agency when registering for courses at
        Citizens of other EU/EEA member states       department at Stockholm University will           Swedish institution.                                Stockholm University, you will be provided
     and members of their families have the right    provide the Tax Agency with information                                                               with a special registration number. It is
     of residence instead of a residence permit.     about your employment.                            Tax Relief for Foreign Key Personnel                called P or T number and is a fictive
     You must register your right of residence         If you will be staying in Sweden for less       Foreign key personnel – experts, researchers        number for use within the University’s
     with the Swedish Migration Board no later       than a year you should contact your depart-       and others – may qualify for special tax            LADOK database where your courses and
     than three months after entering Sweden.        ment at Stockholm University and/or get in        relief when working in Sweden. The tax              credits are documented. It can also be
        All other nationals must have a residence    touch with your local Tax Office to find out      relief legislation provides a 25 per cent           used by the Student Union. When you
     permit to be able to register in Sweden. You    what tax rules apply to you. For example, a       reduction of the person’s taxable income.           have received your official personal
     must apply for a residence permit at a Swe-     person who lives abroad but spends more           This means that a foreign key individual’s          identity number, you should make sure
     dish embassy or Consulate before entering       than six months in Sweden can be conside-         income tax will be based on only 75 percent         that the number is updated in LADOK.
     Sweden. More information:                       red liable for tax.                               of his or her income. The reduction applies
       „„                                                                       to the first three years of employment in
                                                     Taxation and Income Tax                           Sweden. However, foreign key personnel            Swedish Identity Card
     Extension of Residence Permit                   If you receive your wage or stipend from a        may reside in Sweden for up to five years.        When you have received your Swedish per-
     A residence permit is granted for one year at   Swedish source, preliminary tax (prelimi-         Information in English is available at the        sonal identity number, you can apply for an
     a time. Extension of a residence permit takes   närskatt) will automatically be deducted at       website of the Taxation of Research Workers       ID card from the National Tax Agency. For
     six to eight weeks and must be done before      source.                                           Board (Forskarskattenämnden):                     current application fees please visit the
     the existing residence permit expires. For         An income tax notice specifying your ear-        „„                   Agency’s website.
     information regarding fees visit                ned taxable income for the year will be sent
       „„               to you. This is the information you need for      Personal Identity Number                          How to Apply for an Identity Card
          812_en.html                                completing the income tax return (självde-        Everyone registered in Sweden is given a             P
                                                                                                                                                         •	 	 ay	the	application	fee	to	the	National	Tax	
        You are entitled to stay in Sweden while     klaration), which you must submit (on paper       unique personal identity number that is valid        Agency (bank giro 389-0100 or plus giro
     the permit is being processed, although it      or electronically) to the Swedish Tax Agency      for the person’s lifetime. The personal iden-        50 40 62-1) at a bank or via online banking.
     can be difficult to visit other countries in    at the beginning of May each year, declaring      tity number is retained even if you move             G
                                                                                                                                                         •	 	 ive	your	personal	identity	number	as	a	
     Europe without a valid Swedish residence        the previous year’s income. If you are staying    from or to Sweden.                                   payment reference and save the receipt,
     permit. If you return to your home country      for less than six months, get in touch with          The personal identity number states the           which you will need to take with you to
     during summer or Christmas, you can con-        the Tax Agency to adjust the tax deduction        date of birth of the person, a birth number,         the Tax Agency.
     tact the Swedish Embassy in your home           from your salary accordingly.                     and a check digit. The date of birth is given       V
                                                                                                                                                         •		 isit	the	Tax	Agency	in	person,	where	you	
     country to renew your residence permit.            Foreign nationals who reside in Sweden         in six digits. The digits are arranged as fol-      will fill in an application form, show your
                                                     and who are paid here usually pay Swedish         lows: Year, month, and day of birth. So, a          receipt and prove your identity with an
     Population Registration                         income tax instead of paying taxes in their       person who has the date of birth 640823             approved identification card or by having
     If you plan to stay in Sweden for one year or   own country. To avoid double taxation,            was born on 23 August 1964.                         a certifier (with an approved identification
     more, you must register with the Swedish        Sweden has negotiated agreements with                The personal identity number is used             card) with you. Among the approved iden-
     Tax Agency (Skatteverket). It is important      many countries, and the nationals con-            when dealing with public agencies, health           tification cards are Swedish passports, ID
     that you are correctly registered in the        cerned will pay their                             care, schools and universities, banks and insu-     cards, driving licenses and EU passports.
     population register, so that you can exercise   taxes in their home                               rance companies. Other companies are not
     your rights and enjoy social benefits and       countries. The con-                               supposed to use the personal identity number,     The closest local Tax Agency office is located
     allowances.                                     tent of these agree-                              but it is not unusual that it is asked for in     at Magnus Ladulåsgatan 67, Stockholm.
                                                                                                       return for a service paid after its usage, such   More information:
 Hej is the most common greeting phrase in                                                             as a telephone subscription or a car rental.        „„

  Swedish. If you want to know how to use
it, the rule is simple – always to everybody!

 6                                                                                                                                                                                                          7
                                                    Insurance and
                                                          Medical Care
                                                    Unemployment Insurance                            and everyone who is properly registered in
                                                    Unemployment benefits are divided into a          Sweden and has a Swedish personal identifi-
                                                    basic insurance that provides you with a          cation number (see above) has access to this
                                                    lower level of basic support and a comple-        system. This means you pay subsidized pri-
                                                    mentary income related insurance (A-kassa),       ces up to a maximum amount, above which
                                                    which is voluntary and typically constitutes      you are exempt from paying anything
                                                    a significant proportion of the total unem-       further. Healthcare for children is free.
                                                    ployment	benefits.	Voluntary	income	related	        Contact the Stockholm Health Care Guide
                                                    funds are distributed by trade unions and in      (Vårdguiden)	Hotline	for	more	information:	  	
                                                    order to be entitled to these benefits you        +46 8 320 100.
                                                    must have been a member of or affiliated to
                                                    an unemployment insurance fund during a           General Medical Care
                                                    continuous period of at least 12 months.          If you need to see a doctor for illness that is
                                                                                                      not work-related, call: +46 8 320 100 (this is
                                                    Comprehensive Household                           NOT the emergency number), then press 3.
                                                    Insurance                                         You will be able to talk to a nurse who will
                                                    Comprehensive household insurance (hem-           help you find a doctor.
                                                    försäkring) covers the most potential dama-
                                                    ges such as damage to property, your perso-       Dental Care
                                                    nal possessions and personal liability. It can    Everyone who lives in Sweden can receive
                                                    also include travel insurance, assault protec-    subsidized dental care from the age of 20.
                                                    tion and pay certain costs if you get into dis-   Nevertheless, dental care is quite expensive
                                                    pute with someone. Many companies offer           so it might be a good idea to visit a dentist
                                                    comprehensive household insurance poli-           before you come to Sweden. Dental care is
                                                    cies with different levels of cover. Consider     free of charge for children and young people
                                                    carefully which level of insurance you need       under 20. More information:
    Of the various research areas at the
                                                    and pay particular attention to the policy’s        „„
    University, fifteen have been chosen as
                                                    restrictions and exclusions.

    leaders in their field. Research within these
    areas encompasses such varied fields as what
                                                    Health Insurance and
    people ate during the Stone Age, how the
    world economy works and studies of
                                                    Medical Care
    constituent particles in the South Pole         The health system in Sweden is run by the
    ice­cap. Sometimes the most revolutionary       state, which finances the bulk of health care         Emergency (Call 112)
    and exciting research emerges in the            costs. Patients pay a nominal fee for exami-          In the event of an emergency, call 112
    boundary zone between different scientific      nations and some tests. The state pays for            to get an ambulance.
    disciplines, such as in the context of          approximately 85 percent of medical costs,
    investigations into genetic material, or the
    factors that lie behind social inequality.

8                                                                                                                                                       9
     Medical Care for Employees                        Swedish Social Insurance Agency                    Absence Due to Illness                            Preventive Health Care
     As an employee you can contact the Univer-        Swedish social insurance covers everyone           As an employee at the University, you are         As an employee at the University you are
     sity’s healthcare provider helpline for work-     who lives or works in Sweden – including           required to submit a doctor’s certificate to      entitled to one hour per week of preventive
     related illness. The agreement does not include   international research students. This insurance    your department, centre, etc. if you are          health care (friskvård, i.e. keep-fit activities)
     general medical care, but as you might be         provides financial protection for families         absent due to illness for more than seven         during working hours. You have access to a
     unable to determine yourself whether an ill-      and children, for people with a disability         calendar days in a row.                           number of free or heavily discounted activi-
     ness is work-related or not, you should always    caused by illness, as a result of a work, injury      After any absence due to illness you are       ties in Frescatihallen as well as a staff gym.
     call and consult a nurse. More information:       or old age. The Social Insurance Agency            required to fill a form (Assurance of Illness        Friskis och Svettis, who have training
       „„     (Försäkringskassan) administers social insu-       Statement) and submit it to your depart-          facilities around Stockholm, offer Stockholm
                                                       rance and ensures that you get the benefits        ment, centre, etc.                                University employees a ten percent discount
     University Health Insurance                       and allowances you are entitled to.                   All materials relating to illness, including   on their annual pass. You may purchase the
     The University offers students, visiting             To be covered by a social insurance bene-       doctor’s certificates, etc, are treated in the    card directly at any of Friskis och Svettis’
     researchers and other guests free insurance       fit, you must, as a rule, either be resident in    strictest confidence in accordance with the       fourteen facilities in Stockholm. Make sure
     through the national Legal, Financial and         Sweden or be working here. If you work in          Official Secrets Act.                             to take your University pay-slip, together
     Administrative Services Agency (Kammar-           Sweden, you are also insured for employ-              For more information see You and your          with your ID if you wish to buy the pass.
     kollegiet). The policy provides emergency         ment-based benefits.                               workplace on the staff web page:                     Employees are also entitled to limited
     medical and dental coverage free of charge           EU/EEA citizens should bring the Euro-            „„                  reimbursement for basic health and fitness
     for any visiting researchers, lecturers, confe-   pean Health Insurance Card, issued by the                                                            activities on presentation of receipts. Con-
     rence and seminar participants, opponents         social insurance office in your home country.      Parental Benefit                                  tact your departmental administrator for
     of doctoral theses and other foreign visitors     The card states that you are entitled to           As a parent you are also entitled to parental     details of the exact sum. The reimbursement
     and their families. More information:             health care on the same conditions and at          benefit if you take time off work to look after   can only be paid for training fees or for the
       „„               the same price as permanent residents in           the child. Parental benefit is payable for 480    purchase of entry passes for leisure centres
                                                       Sweden.                                            days for children born in 2002 or later and       such as gyms, swimming pools and other
                                                                                                          for 450 days for children born before 2002.       physical activity centres. However, the acti-
                                                                                                                                                            vity must be geared towards keeping fit: i.e.
                                                                                                                                                            not golf, horse-riding, etc.

                                                                                                                                                       If you are invited to dinner with a
        Medical Care for Research Students                                                                                                        Swedish family, don’t forget to say tack
        Research students are also entitled – in addition to the above­mentioned services –                                                       (thank you). Swedes say it all the time.
        to visit the Stockholm Student Health Unit. The Unit offers health counselling and                                                                   – Kan du skicka saltet, tack?
        psychiatric counselling. Make an appointment or visit during reception hours if you need
        medical advice or want to see a psychologist. All visits are free of charge for students at
        Stockholm University.                                                                                                                                                      – Tack!
          Visiting address: Studentpalatset, Norrtullsgatan 2, telephone: +46 8 674 77 00.
          More information:

        Health Insurance for Research Students
        Research students are entitled to varying levels of health insurance, depending on how
        your studies are financed.
          If in doubt, contact Kammarkollegiet:

        Health and Fitness for Research Students
        Research students who are not employees are entitled to the same health and fitness
        benefits as employees.

10                                                                                                                                                                                                              11
     Whilst only a few minutes journey from the city centre, Stockholm
     University is located in the middle of the world’s first national city park.
     Beautiful surroundings, historical environs, and access to the dynamism
                                                                                    Living in
     of the capital and Sweden’s largest job market are some of the features
     that make the university unique.

                                                                                    Climate and Clothing                              Sweden is an advanced IT nation with high-
                                                                                    Stockholm has a moderate climate. On the          speed broadband coverage in virtually the
                                                                                    longest night of the year in December it is       entire country. To purchase a broadband
                                                                                    dark for about 18 hours. The coldest months       subscription, ask your landlord what inter-
                                                                                    of the year are usually January and February.     net providers operate in your area, or
                                                                                    The average temperature during winter             purchase a mobile broadband subscription
                                                                                    months is about -3°C. Snowfall usually occurs     from a high street store.
                                                                                    from January to March. On the longest day           Should you wish to use a mobile phone
                                                                                    in June the sun is up for about 19 hours.         whilst in Sweden, there are plenty of options.
                                                                                    July and August are usually the warmest           Probably the best option is to bring your
                                                                                    months with the average temperature being         mobile phone from your home country and
                                                                                    16°C. Dress in Sweden, especially at the uni-     purchase a pre-paid SIM card in Sweden.
                                                                                    versity, is mostly informal.
                                                                                    Local Transportation                              Sweden uses the standard European two-
                                                                                    Public transport is easy to use in Stockholm,     pin plugs and voltage is 230 volts/50 cycles.
                                                                                    and in Sweden in general. Stockholm Public        If you are bringing your own electrical equip-
                                                                                    Transport (SL) provides travel by commuter        ment with you, find out if it can be used
                                                                                    train, underground, bus, tram and boat,           safely on this voltage or whether you will
                                                                                    throughout the greater Stockholm area.            need an adaptor.
                                                                                    Underground stations are marked with a
                                                                                    blue (T) and commuter train stations with a       Some Basic Rules and Rights
                                                                                    blue (J).                                         Pedestrians
                                                                                      Tickets for travel with SL services should      Walk on the pavements. Pedestrians have
                                                                                    be bought in advance and cannot be purcha-        the right of way over motor vehicles when
                                                                                    sed on busses. There are a number of ticket       crossing the street where indicated at inter-
                                                                                    types available, including season tickets, a      sections. When crossing at an intersection
                                                                                    30-day card, strip of tickets, and single tick-   with traffic lights, it is necessary to wait for
                                                                                    ets with short validity. Tickets are available    the green walk sign. Always try to make eye
                                                                                    from machines or newsagents or via mobile         contact with the driver before stepping out.
                                                                                    text message (SMS).
                                                                                       Further information, prices and a journey      Bicycles
                                                                                    planner can be found at:                          The rules of the road that apply to cars also
                                                                                      „„                             apply to bicycles. A license to operate a
                                                                                                                                      bicycle is not required. If you ride your
                                                                                    Internet and Telephone                            bicycle at night, it must, according to
                                                                                    At the University there is a free wireless net-   Swedish law, be equipped with lights
                                                                                    work which you can access from any com-           and adequate reflectors. There are many
                                                                                    puter with your university account.               designated bicycle lanes throughout the

12                                                                                                                                                                                       13
     city. Children under 15 are obliged by law         Work and study are not compatible with the
     to wear a helmet.                                  consumption of alcohol or other drugs. The
                                                        consumption of alcohol or other drugs out-
     Shoplifting                                        side working hours must also not affect safety,
     Petty theft and shoplifting (theft under SEK       productivity and well-being in the workplace.
     800) are criminal offenses in Sweden. Even            If a problem arises relating to the use/
     first-time offenders will be given a criminal      abuse of alcohol or other drugs, it is vital to
     record, which can affect a person’s immigra-       deal with such problems both swiftly and
     tion status in Sweden.                             professionally. Contact the University’s
                                                        healthcare providers for help.
     Alcohol and Drugs
     Sweden has a government alcohol mono-              Smoking
     poly called Systembolaget, responsible for         Smoking is prohibited in most public buil-
     the sale of alcoholic beverages stronger than      dings and in all restaurants. There are some
     3.5 percent by volume (strong beer, wine           designated areas where you can smoke. You
     and spirits). You must be 20 years old or          can be fined if you smoke in non-smoking
     over to make purchases at Systembolaget.           areas. Smoking is not allowed within 15
     Supermarkets and other shops often sell alco-      metres of all university buildings.
     holic drinks under 3.5 percent by volume,
     such as cider and beer.
        Restaurants and bars with permission can          Student Travel Card
     serve alcohol to anyone who is at least 18           Research students who hold a student
     years old, though many nightclubs volunta-           identity card can buy a Student Travel
     rily require a minimum age above 18 (usu-            Card that gives a reduction on the cost
     ally 20 or 23). Take a photo ID with you             of travel. When travelling with the Travel
     when you are out at night.                           Card, you should always carry your
        The use of, possession of, and trafficking in     student identity card (obtained from
     restricted drugs (marijuana, heroin, cocaine,        Student Union) and your ordinary
     etc.) is illegal and subject to a fine, impri-       identity card.
     sonment or deportation.

                                                                                                          As one of Sweden’s largest seats of learning, Stockholm University
 Take your shoes off if you are                                                                           offers education and research at the highest level. Several world­
                                                                                                          leading scientists are active here and thousands of students graduate
  invited to somebody’s home.                                                                             from the University each term. Stockholm University attracts students
   Even if it is dry outside and                                                                          from around the world who see an opportunity to get to know the
                                                                                                          Capital of Scandinavia and to share in the wide range of courses and
      your shoes are dry. Most                                                                            programmes that the University offers. Naturally we hope that you too
  Swedes walk around in their                                                                             will become a part of this dynamic environment and that your time
                                                                                                          here with us will help you make friends for life.
          socks when at home.

14                                                                                                                                                                                15
     Working Life                                                                                        Funding for Research Students
                                                                                                         Research studies are funded in a variety of ways, including university­awarded doctoral
                                                                                                         studentships or study grants, scholarships, study loans, paid leave of absence from
                                                                                                         other employment or other kinds of guaranteed income.
     Terms of Employment                               be sent to a contact person at the department
                                                                                                            A study grant (utbildningsbidrag) is classed as pensionable income but does not
     An overview of the terms of employment            or equivalent to confirm that the person
                                                                                                         allow for sickness benefit or unemployment benefit. A doctoral studentship
     for all staff (working hours, leave, vacation,    who has made the booking is an employee
                                                                                                         (doktorandanställning) funded via a study grant may, when combined with employ­
     illness and medical treatment, insurance) is      of the department and is authorized to do so.
                                                                                                         ment as an assistant, give the possibility for an annual salary increase.
     to be found in the document ‘You & Your              The University applies ’climate compen-
                                                                                                            If you are a research student, it is important that you find out what your employment
     Workplace’.                                       sation’ for business travel flights. Before
                                                                                                         status is, as this will affect your right to enjoy certain benefits. Only regular employ­
         For more information see You and your         making any travel arrangements you should
                                                                                                         ment gives you full benefits such as unemployment fund, sickness benefit, parental
     workplace on the staff web site:                  consider whether there is a viable alterna-
                                                                                                         allowance and the right to paid vacation.
        „„                 tive to travelling: e.g. video conferencing.
                                                                                                            Further useful information for research students is to be found in the Handbook for
                                                       For travel within Sweden, the travel policy
                                                                                                         Postgraduate Students, at the website of the Swedish National Agency for Higher
     Working Environment                               recommends taking the train rather than
     At Stockholm University everyone – mana-          flying for journeys of up to 500 km.
     gers, staff and students – contributes to a          Reimbursement for travel on official busi-     Student Organisations
     good atmosphere by actively promoting an          ness are paid following the submission of a
                                                                                                         The Student Union
     excellent, supportive working environment         travel expenses claim form.
                                                                                                         The Student Union organizes many activities on campus, as well as various clubs and
     and complying with applicable working envi-
                                                                                                         councils, including the PhD Student Council at your department.
     ronment policies. A good psychosocial wor-        Travel Insurance
                                                                                                           Student governance is an important principle of Higher Education in Sweden. Each
     king environment is imperative as it develops     You must carry the Swedish State Business
                                                                                                         council elects student representatives for Boards and Councils at all levels of the
     employees’ creativity, and favourably influ-      Travel Insurance Certificate on all business
                                                                                                         University. Membership in the Student Union is optional, although as a PhD student
     ences his or her health, creating ideal condi-    trips abroad: this certifies that you are insu-
                                                                                                         you automatically become a member of your department’s Student Council.
     tions to perform well at work. Greater tran-      red by Kammarkollegiet. The Travel Insurance
     sparency and a supportive work culture create     Certificates are issued by your department.
                                                                                                         Services provided by the Student Union include:
     an opportunity for staff and students to have     For further information outlining the cover
                                                                                                         • a PhD Student Counsellor (Doktorandombud) who can assist with information, advice
     greater involvement and influence at work.        you are entitled to on business trips abroad,
                                                                                                            and support in both general and specific questions with complete confidentiality
        The head of department is responsible for      you are advised to contact Kammarkollegiet.
                                                                                                         • a service desk (Kårexpeditionen) in Allhuset. The staff can help you with questions
     issues relating to the working environment
                                                                                                            about membership, discounts and the Student Card.
     at the department. The safety representative      Staff Organizations
     is a trustee who has the task of safeguarding     At Stockholm University formal negotiations
                                                                                                         You can find out more about the Student Union on their website, where you can also
     a healthy work environment with specific          between the University and employees are
                                                                                                         sign up for membership:
     legal rights and obligations in this area. The    handled specific unions or associations.
     occupational and student health services sup-        For more information see Staff organisa-
                                                                                                         Graduate Student Association
     port the management and the departments.          tions under the Resources section of the
                                                                                                         DocMa, the Graduate Student Association, is an association for Master’s and PhD
                                                       staff web site:
                                                                                                         students which specifically aims at including international students, using English as a
     Travel on Official Business                         „„
                                                                                                         working language. The association organizes seminars, workshops and activities and
     Travel on official business must be planned
                                                                                                         has a newsletter for international students. More information:
     and carried out by the most cost-effective        Additional Resources
     method possible. The person traveling must        The Swedish Institute has an excellent web-
     use the University’s appointed travel agencies.   site that contains a wealth of general infor-
     When booking travel from the University’s         mation about working in Sweden:
     travel agency, a booking confirmation will          „„

16                                                                                                                                                                                                   17
     Stockholm University Library is one of the
     largest research libraries in Sweden and one
     of the most visited cultural institutions in
                                                       Academic Life
     Stockholm, with about 1.7 million visitors
     every year. The library is a natural meeting
     point on campus and a key agent of informa­
                                                       Sweden’s Educational System                        check your department’s website for essay/
     tion supply at Stockholm University. At the       Higher education in Sweden is divided into         exam timetables before making any travel
     library you will have access to all scientific    three cycles, in accordance with the Bologna       arrangements, or to contact the department
     literature that you need within the subject       system:                                            directly if this information is not yet availa-
     areas offered at the university.                  •	 the	undergraduate,	or	first	cycle	(3	years),	   ble on their website.
        The main library is located on the 4th floor   •	 	 he	master’s,	or	second	cycle	(2	years),	and
                                                          t                                                  For more information see the Important
     and is connected to the D building of Södra       •	 the	PhD,	or	third	cycle	(4	years).	             dates section on this web page:
     huset at Campus Frescati. There are also
     many department libraries.
                                                       A PhD is the most advanced academic qua-
        Further information can be found at
                                                       lification awarded in Sweden. It marks the         National Holidays
                                                       culmination of a programme of doctoral             Information about public holidays in Sweden
                                                       studies that comprise 240 credits – a total of     can see Sweden facts on the Sweden tourism
                                                       four years of full-time study – in which the       site:
                                                       doctoral thesis accounts for at least 120 cre-       „„

                                                       dits. The total period of study is, however,
                                                       mostly longer. The reason for this is that         Language
                                                       research students often do not spend all           The working language in many departments
                                                       their time on their studies – they can, for        at the University is generally Swedish,
                                                       example, frequently spend 20 per cent of           though this varies from department to
                                                       their time on departmental duties such as          department. Departments with many inter-
                                                       teaching undergraduates.                           national research students and visiting
                                                                                                          researchers, for example, may choose to
                                                       Swedish Academic Environment                       adopt English as the working language.
                                                       The Swedish academic environment is infor-
                                                       mal: professors and staff members mostly           Swedish Language Courses
                                                       dress in casual clothes and speak in a fami-       International students, as well as resear-
                                                       liar style with colleagues and students.           chers, doctoral candidates or holders of
                                                                                                          scholarships, admitted directly by a depart-
                                                       Academic Year                                      ment, may apply for Swedish language
                                                       The academic year is divided into two              training at the Department of Scandinavian
                                                       semesters, each lasting 20 weeks. The              Languages. Courses start in September and
                                                       autumn semester runs from late August to           February. Please contact student adviser Eva
                                                       mid-January and the spring semester runs           Bogren: for de-
                                                       from mid-January to early to mid-June.             tails. For more information see Swedish
                                                                                                          language courses under the Resources section
                                                       Term Times                                         of the staff web page:
                                                       There are no official holidays during term           „„

                                                       time. Students on certain courses will be
                                                       required to submit assignments or sit exams        IT Services
                                                       throughout the whole semester. There is            The University Account
                                                       usually a two-week teaching break at               All students and staff need a University
                                                       Christmas, but we would advise you to              Account in order to gain access to the network

18                                                                                                                                                          19
     and computers at Stockholm University.           you to borrow books and other materials        Stockholm University Library                      dards expected of a leading international
     Users have to have been registered at their      from the library. Collect your card at the     Stockholm University Library is one of the        university.
     department for at least four hours before the    help desk in the University Library in the D   largest research libraries in Sweden and one         Stockholm University is proud of its tra-
     University Account can be activated.             building of Södra huset. Bring a photo ID      of the most visited cultural institutions in      dition as an arena for critical cultural and
       To open your account you need to visit         and your P-number. More information:           Stockholm, with about 1.7 million visitors        scientific debate, and works actively to
     the help desk in the University Library in         „„        every year. The library is a natural meeting      ensure that equal opportunities and equality
     the D Building of Södra huset. Bring a photo                                                    place on campus and a key information             exists for all employees and students. As a
     ID and your Swedish national ID number           Webmail                                        resource at Stockholm University. The main        member of the university community, you
     (or your P- or T-number if you don’t yet         The University webmail service allows staff    library is located on the 4th floor and is con-   should treat everyone with courtesy and
     have a standard ID number). Before getting       and students to use the University email       nected to the D Building of Södra huset.          respect, regardless of their role.
     your password you must read and sign the         account without installing a desktop client.   There are also many departmental libraries.
     regulations governing the use of network         Email can also be managed using standard       More information:                                 Scientific Dishonesty
     and computers. More information:                 email programs. University webmail service:      „„                                 Students or staff who are found to have
       „„            „„                                                                          knowingly published or attempted to pass
                                                                                                     Green Campus                                      off another author’s language, thoughts,
     The University Card                              IT Help Desk                                   Stockholm University, located in the natio-       ideas, or expressions as their own research
     Your University Account has to be opened         Contact the IT Help Desk for information       nal urban park, is Sweden’s largest univer-       will be disciplined in accordance with the
     and activated before you can collect your        and assistance regarding your University       sity. Environmental research and education        guidelines stipulated by the Swedish Natio-
     University Card. The University Card is          Account.                                       are carried out in the natural, social and        nal Agency for Higher Education. More
     used to log-on to the printers and copying         „„Telephone: +46 8 16 1999                   interdisciplinary sciences, and the Univer-       information:
     machines. The University Card also allows          „„E-mail:                  sity aims to be a leader in education and           „„

                                                                                                     research on the environment and sustaina-
                                                                                                     ble development.                                  After Your PhD – Building an
                                                                                                        Numerous activities take place to reduce       Academic Career
                                                                                                     the negative impact of the University on the      After receiving a PhD, a researcher can
        Study Plan for Research Students                                                             environment. For example, the University          choose to either leave the University to
                                                                                                     works actively to save energy and cut down        work in business or the public sector, or to
        Contact your supervisor at your department to draw up and sign an individual study
                                                                                                     on office paper; rubbish is sorted for recyc-     pursue an academic career. Those wishing
        plan, which is intended to make clear the rights, duties and expectations that rest with
                                                                                                     ling and ecological goods are purchased           to continue their career in higher education
        the faculty, the supervisor and the research student.
                                                                                                     where possible. There is also an emphasis on      often apply for a postdoctoral position
                                                                                                     using technology to facilitate long-distance      (postdoktor), which gives the possibility of
        Departmental Duties for Research Students
                                                                                                     collaboration so staff don’t have to travel       conducting further research. A ‘postdoc’ is
        Research students who are on doctoral studentships or receiving doctoral grants are
                                                                                                     around the globe in order to collaborate          also a useful means of gaining permanent
        often given departmental duties (no more than 20 per cent of a full­time post) such as
                                                                                                     with colleagues. The University’s current         employment as a lecturer. Appointments are
        teaching or administrative tasks. For those employed on doctoral studentships these
                                                                                                     “Environmental Action Plan” puts particular       made for a period of up to two years with
        duties may form part of their work while students receiving a doctoral grant may also
                                                                                                     emphasis on reducing its carbon footprint.        the option of extension if there are special
        be given part­time employment as teaching or administrative assistants to top up their
                                                                                                     There are concrete proposals on how to, for       considerations, such as illness and parental
        income (the period allowed for completion of the doctoral programme is then corre­
                                                                                                     example, reduce business travel, improve          leave. To qualify for a postdoctoral position
        spondingly extended). Not all doctoral students are assigned departmental duties—but
                                                                                                     energy use, purchasing and procurement,           the applicant’s doctoral degree should not
        the experience and teaching qualifications these duties can offer are invaluable.
                                                                                                     and better handle chemicals and waste.            be older than three years prior to expiry of
        Language Requirements for Research Students                                                                                                    the application period.
                                                                                                     Ethics                                               In addition, the University can also, for a
        Most departments have no formal requirements regarding command of the Swedish
                                                                                                     As a researcher or doctoral student at Stock-     certain activity and period of time, engage
        language for admission to postgraduate programmes. However, since lectures and
                                                                                                     holm University you are expected to uphold        researchers and teachers as, for example,
        seminars are often held in Swedish, postgraduate students are strongly advised to
                                                                                                     the University’s commitment to scholarly          visiting researchers or visiting lecturers as
        attend short Swedish language courses offered by the university alongside their
                                                                                                     teaching and/or research. Staff are expected      well as adjunct lecturers.
        graduate programme.
                                                                                                     to maintain the rigorous academic stan-

20                                                                                                                                                                                                      21
     Research Funding                                                                                   the Foundation for Strategic Environmental
                                                                                                        Research (Mistra) and the Swedish Founda-
                                                                                                        tion for International Cooperation in Res-
                                                                                                        earch and Higher Education (STINT). The
                                                                                                                                                         conference grants, and much more. Please
                                                                                                                                                         note that all calls in Research Professional
                                                                                                                                                         that are displayed to you are open to Swe-
                                                                                                                                                         dish applicants, including calls from abroad,
                                                                                                        Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation           e.g. the U.S.
     How to Find Research Funding                         and Spatial Planning supports basic           (Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, RJ) is another         The database can be searched from all
     The Research Liaison Office can help with            research and needs-driven research in the     important foundation formed with public          computers connected to the Stockholm Uni-
     information about research funding in Swe-           fields of Environment, Agricultural Scien-    funds that supports research.                    versity network by entering via the Campus
     den and how it is handled at the University.         ces and Spatial Planning.                                                                      access button. You can also set up a perso-
     Please do not hesitate to contact the                T
                                                       •	 	 he	 Swedish	 Council	 for	 Working	 Life	   Private funders of research                      nal account which will enable you to save
     Research Liaison Office. More information:           and Social Research (FAS) supports and        Also, many private funders provide signifi-      searches, make bookmarks, and subscribe
       „„             initiates basic research and needs-driven     cant contributions to research. Among the        to alerts by e-mail – a single e-mail per week
                                                          research in the fields of Chemical and        largest are the Knut and Alice Wallenberg        with all the current calls that match your
     State funding                                        physical hazards at work including elec-      Foundation, the Marianne and Marcus              saved searches.
     The state is the largest funder of research at       tromagnetic fields of Stress, work and        Wallenberg Foundation and the Swedish              „„
     colleges and universities in Sweden. The             health, Work organisation, Labour mar-        Cancer Society.
     main government research funding, in addi-           ket issues, Public health and health servi-                                                    Calls for Proposals and Applications
     tion to direct appropriations from the state         ces, International migration and ethnic       EU funding                                       The four Swedish research agencies publish
     to colleges and universities, are research           relations, Social policy and social insu-     The EU is an important funder of research        most of their important calls for proposals
     councils and other research funding agen-            rance, Social welfare, Family and child-      at the University. The EU’s Seventh Frame-       in the spring and most EU FP7 calls are
     cies. Research foundations, the EU, local            ren, The elderly, Disability and Drug         work Programme (FP7) is Europe’s largest         published during the summer. Most research
     authorities and other regional grants may            abuse.                                        and most comprehensive support for               funding agencies and foundations welcome
     help you fund further research.                      V
                                                       •	 	 INNOVA,	 the	 Swedish	 Governmental	        research. It supports research in several        non-Swedish applicants, but there might be
                                                          Agency for Innovation Systems, prima-         different research areas, and you can apply      restrictions in a few cases, so remember to
     Research funding agencies                            rily supports needs-driven research acti-     for collaborative projects, as well as indivi-   read the guidelines carefully.
     There are four agencies that primarily fund          vities in the areas of engineering, trans-    dual projects.                                     Before applying for any grant, always
     research in Sweden:                                  port, communications and working life.                                                         contact your head of department to have
     •	 	 he	largest	is	the	Swedish	Research	Coun­
        T                                                                                               Research Professional – Find Funding Fast        your application approved. Also contact the
        cil	(Vetenskapsrådet,	VR)	which	supports	      Research foundations                             Stockholm University has a subscription          Research Liaison Office who will be able to
        basic research in science, technology,         A number of foundations that fund research       with Research Professional, a major data-        give you advice and support. The financial
        medicine, humanities and social sciences.      were formed at the mid-1990s with funds          base of research funding opportunities,          officer at your department will assist you
     •	 	 ormas,	 the	 Swedish	 Research	 Council	
        F                                              from the previous wage-earners’ funds.           which is available to all researchers and        with making your project budget and the
        for Environment, Agricultural Sciences         Among the largest of these foundations are       staff. Research Professional contains infor-     Human Relations Office can help with
                                                                                                        mation on calls for research funding, post-      employment issues.
                                                                                                        graduate and postdoc funding, travel grants,

                                                      Punctuality – eight o’clock
                                                         means eight o’clock.

22                                                                                                                                                                                                        23
     Social Life                                                                                       During the spring, or on sunny autumn days,
                                                                                                       you might prefer to sit on the grass and read.
                                                                                                       Nature is always close when you are at the
                                                                                                       campus. The Bergius Botanic Garden, with
                                                                                                       more than 9,000 species is located within
     Sports and Recreational Facilities                Faculty Club                                    walking distance from campus. The herbal
     The Student Union at Stockholm University         The Stockholm University Faculty Club           section, the botanic park with its flowerbeds,
     runs independent sporting facilities on cam-      Manne Siegbahn is a pleasant meeting place      Victoriahuset, Edvard Andersson’s glasshouse
     pus for both students and employees at the        for University staff and researchers to get     and the fruit and berry gardens are of an
     University. Frescatihallen is a 5,600 m² sports   together and relax. All employees at Stock-     international standard.
     centre on campus that offers halls for ball       holm University are entitled to become
     games, badminton, tennis, weight training,        members. A small membership fee of SEK
     group training and more. See also the sec-        200 applies. More information:
     tion on Preventive Health Care (above).             „„

     More information:
       „„                    Stockholm International
                                                       Researchers Association (SIRAP)
     Euraxess Services Centre                          Stockholm International Researchers Asso-
     Sweden (Mobility Centre)                          ciation (SIRAP), is an association which
     The Euraxess Services Centre Sweden               organises club evenings, excursions, lectures
     (Mobility Centre) provides easily accessible      and other events for international resear-
     online information as well as practical assis-    chers in Stockholm. Membership is free for
     tance for researchers moving to and from          researchers and their families. More infor-
     Sweden. A wide range of useful information        mation:
     about research projects, jobs, permits, hou-        „„

     sing and more can be found at the
     Researcher’s Mobility Portal. More infor-

                                             At banks and many other places there
                                             are organized queuing systems. In the
                                              absence of such systems, Swedes are
                                              generally good at forming their own
                                             queues. If you see a crowd standing in
                                                  a row, it is probably a queue.

24                                                                                                                                                      25
We hope you have a pleasant stay!

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