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									                                                                     Early Learning Coalition of Lake County, Inc.
                                                                                           Board Meeting Minutes
                                                                                                     April 7, 2005

                      Early Learning Coalition of Lake County, Inc.
                                Board Meeting Minutes
                                     April 7, 2005

These minutes summarize the key issues of the Board Meeting of the Early Learning Coalition of
Lake County, Inc. They do not include all issues discussed. An audio tape recording of the
meeting is available to all interested parties upon request.

The following members were in attendance: B.E. Thompson, Scott Smith, Emily Lee, Dr.
Mary Anderson, Diana McKenzie, Porcha Green, Cindi Heiligenthal and Hugh Brockington II.

The following guests were in attendance: Dr. Diane Edwards, Jeff Keel, Cindy Winkle, Jeff
Biddle, Junie Albers-Biddle, Ginger Tate, Sherry Olszanski, Marie Carlberg and Calvin Brown.

The following staff members were in attendance: Dr. Rhonda Boone, Executive Director,
Teresa White, Quality Enhancement, and Vivian Gallimore, Administrative Assistant.

The following members were excused: Nancy Allison, Shawnee Cheatham, Peggy Campbell,
Becky Elswick, Cindy Freeman and Janice Adkinson.

Public Input Cards were Submitted by: Junie Albers-Biddle seeks support of letters of
recommendation for new Associate of Science to the Bachelor of Science program of study at
UCF. Jeff Biddle presents an update on South Lake YMCA and Scholarship Fund.

Mr. Thompson calls the meeting to order at 8:41 AM.

Mr. Thompson asks that Minutes of the January 24, 2005, Emergency Board of Directors
meeting be held until after a presentation from Lake-Sumter Community College. He then
introduces Dr. Diane Edwards and Thom Kieft from LSCC. Dr. Edwards passes out program
documents and invites all guests and Board members to contact the college to learn about
educational opportunities at the college. Mr. Kieft provides an overview of the documents
distributed. He explains the existing Early Childhood Education program and the two new
specializations provided – Pre-School and Child Development Center Management.

Dr. Boone asks about internships. Ms. Albers-Biddle explains that such programming is under
consideration at this time. Dr. Boone asks if LSCC and UCF can attend a future Provider
Meeting held by Child Care Choice Services to explain their programs and options. Mr. Brown
will work to get the college on a Provider Meeting agenda in the near future.

Mr. Smith asks if students can be helped to transition from LSCC to the University of Central
Florida. Ms. Albers-Biddle states the guidelines currently in place and a proposed “fast track”
opportunity that allows students more flexibility in attaining the credentials. She requests that the
Coalition write a letter to UCF in support of the proposal. Mr. Smith moves to support the
program. Ms. Lee seconds. The motion carries unanimously.

                                                                     Early Learning Coalition of Lake County, Inc.
                                                                                           Board Meeting Minutes
                                                                                                     April 7, 2005


Minutes of the Emergency meeting held on January 24, 2005, are approved unanimously.


Mr. Thompson states that the audit is complete and that the Coalition is in full compliance with
all fiscal duties. He then explains documentation regarding the Terminated Intent to Merge with
the Marion County School Readiness Coalition. He explains that Lake County has received
confirmation that the Coalition is within the stated parameters and meets the requirements of
remaining a “stand-alone” Coalition.


Dr. Boone requests that Board members approve an Action Item in order to support compliance
with all Agency for Workforce Innovation / Office of Early Learning policies and guidelines, a
function formerly directed by Florida Partnership for School Readiness. It appears AWI / OEL is
reviewing and adopting most of the current Partnership policies and guidelines and asks that
Coalitions transition the same approval. Ms. Lee moves to adopt, Ms. McKenzie seconds, and
the motion passes unanimously.

Dr. Boone provides an overview of the new Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program and its impact
on the Coalition. She states that the Coalition has recently hired Ms. Gallimore as Administrative
Assistant and Cheryl Carpenter, Behavioral Specialist. She provides documentation of
achievements attained by Trish Van Etten, Behavioral Specialist. Dr. Boone will ask Ms. Van
Etten to present information about Breakthrough Parenting at a future Board meeting. Dr. Boone
reports that Nelly Diop, Educational Specialist, took the Big Blue Bus to the MLK celebration at
LSCC and to Kiwanis Child Watch at Morrison Methodist Church. Ms. Diop continues to add to
her client list, including Even Start participants, and is taking the Bus to new places, as
documented in her staff report.

Ms. White states that Ms. Allison is excused and presents an update on the Quality Enhancement
progress. She explains that the first Director’s Day was a great success and that all 21 directors in
attendance gave it an excellent score and requested the program continue. The next Director’s
Day will be held on April 5. She explains projects upcoming, Children’s Week and Uniting for
Children Conference.

Dr. Boone states fiscal monitoring audits for 2003-2004 have been successfully concluded for
the Coalition, LifeStream and Lake County School Board. The first quarter (FY 2004-2005)
monitoring of LifeStream has been completed and the second quarter (FY 2004-2005) is
currently underway. The Coalition will be monitored by OEL on April 12 – 14, 2005.

Dr. Boone states that all Coalition insurance policies are being reviewed to be brought into Lake
County. Some policies are now through agencies throughout the state. Brown & Brown is the
local agent which will eventually hold all the policies locally (until procurement).

                                                                    Early Learning Coalition of Lake County, Inc.
                                                                                          Board Meeting Minutes
                                                                                                    April 7, 2005

Dr. Boone states that Scholarship Guidelines have been submitted to LSCC. She states that
another Scholarship Fund might want to be considered by the Quality Committee for UCF due to
the announcement of the new program opportunity presented today by Ms. Albers-Biddle.

Dr. Boone states that a meeting was held March 16, 2005, with CCCS to discuss planning and
implementation funding for VPK. Another meeting will be held for participants to submit a draft
budget for the $30,000 allocated to that portion of the process, to be used by June 30, 2005.

Ms. Albers-Biddle explains that the Scholarship Committee will look into funding at UCF. Dr.
Boone states that it would have to be administered by the Coalition, as UCF’s minimum
scholarship funding requirement is one million dollars. She states that at some point, the LSCC
fund might also be brought to the Coalition to administer, for compatibility and efficiency. Ms.
Lee requests consideration for enforcement of the requirement for recipients to remain in the
industry but Dr. Boone explains that such enforcement is difficult to track and control.

Mr. Smith presents the Budget / Utilization report and explains the impact of VPK planning and
implementation on the process. He states that OEL sometimes fluctuates when ascertaining the
deficit and surplus status of the Coalition and that the committee members consistently work
with Fiscal Manager, Lesha Coffield, to update operational cost allocations to serve more
children and take more children off the wait list. He requests support for the activity up to date,
which had to be addressed by the Committee due to timeliness issues. Ms. Lee moves and Ms.
McKenzie seconds the motion to accept Utilization. The motion carries unanimously.

Mr. Thompson introduces new name, ELCLC. He states that Even Start funding has been cut by
approximately 50 percent but Dr. Boone states that payment of the original $2,000.00 invoice
has been received in the office.

Mr. Thompson introduces Jeff Biddle, who explains that South Lake YMCA is looking for land
to purchase to construct a new facility, but if not, the organization will lease a facility. They
serve 7,100 citizens, about 20% of whom are assisted in membership fees. He explains an
upcoming Scholarship fundraiser and asks for support from participants for the South Lake
facility. Mr. Thompson states that Golden Triangle YMCA is also conducting its fundraiser.

Dr. Boone presents a spreadsheet which details mandated / appointed Board members according
to HB 1-A. She explains that the Bylaws are currently under revision to conform to HB 1-A
requirements. Ms. Lee asks how soon we would learn about the appointments from the governor.
Mr. Thompson states that he was told yesterday that it is at least a month out (mid-April, 2005).
Mr. Thompson states that the Executive Committee will meet and bring recommendations back
to the April Board of Directors meeting. He states that all Sub-Committee meetings set for
Tuesday, March 22, 2005 have been postponed. The Board meets again Thursday, April 7, 2005
at 8:30 AM.

Ms. Lee asks about abuse complaints lodged against facilities and the role of the Coalition in the
process. Ms. McKenzie states the allegations are investigated within 48 hours but that privacy
criteria prevents posting results to the website. Licensing carries more than 60 requirements, but
registering only seven.

                                                                    Early Learning Coalition of Lake County, Inc.
                                                                                          Board Meeting Minutes
                                                                                                    April 7, 2005

Ms. McKenzie states that she works very closely with Calvin Brown and CCCS on any
compliance issues, quality of care and whether a center is qualified to receive subsidized dollars.
A “warning” might be an “intent to impose” non-compliance letter, which is followed up by two
subsequent reviews. Results may include a fine, suspension or provisional corrective methods.
Final non-compliance results will be posted to the website. Mr. Thompson states that it is
incumbent on the parents to research centers. Ms. McKenzie states that abuse reports are always
subject to privacy standards. She states that the Coalition might only get involved at the end, if a
license is revoked.

Mr. Brown states that in Lake County there are 70 licensed centers, 12 licensed homes and 78
registered homes, half of which receive supportive services from CCCS and are also monitored
by CCCS. Provider agreements in place dictate inspections and monitoring of registered
facilities. Ms. Lee states the need for the Coalition’s Provider Agreements to meet standards as
high as the Department of Children and Families licensing standards currently in place. Ms.
McKenzie states that some Coalitions are already addressing concerns for standards. She will
share all 63 standards so that the Quality committee can review each one for appropriate
application by the Coalition.

Mr. Smith moves to adjourn and Ms. McKenzie seconds. With no further discussion, meeting is
adjourned at 10:32 AM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Vivian Gallimore, Administrative Assistant
Early Learning Coalition of Lake County, Inc.

                                                                     Approved May 05 meeting


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