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					              Kendrick – Juliaetta Community Development Association
                                      Revised 4/17/07

                                       Action Plan


Date Submitted: January 31st, 2007
Content of this report contains projected action plan goals for the next five years that will
enhance the quality of living within the Kendrick-Juliaetta community
Our community Gem Team is unique because we have all organizations within our
community planning and working on different projects that they feel are important to
make a difference in our quality of life and economics.
Therefore the “Gem Team” actually communicates with these organizations and
documents the plans that have been made for the Action Plan. There is a listing of active
Gem Team members who were involved in putting this documentation together rather
than taking the full responsibility of making the plans themselves.
We have processed this document to continue Gem Community status with the State of
Idaho Department of Commerce.
Submitted by:
K-J Community Development Association, Inc
Action Plan Coordinator
Justin Cope
PO Box 454
Juliaetta, ID 83535
Phone 208-276-7174
Team members:
Anna Bruce                                         208 289 4473
Justin Cope                                 208 276 7174
Chad Henson                              208 276 3381
Jan Welles                                         208 276 3658
Polly Taylor-Dennler                         208 276 4302
Lori Brocke                                          208 289 5092
Lillian Howerton                                  208 289 4567
Jim Hoogland                                   208 289 4547
Carol Haynes                                        208 289 4545

Gem Team Action Plan
Meeting dates: November 17th, 2006 KJCDA, Action Plan Meeting
Dec 21st, 2006 KJCDA, General Meeting
Enhance the quality of living within the Kendrick-Juliaetta community through economic
stabilization and diversification.
Community Accomplishments in 2006
The first phase of the Kendrick Park playground has been completed. The old unsafe
equipment has been removed, soft fall has been put down, and the toddler piece of
equipment has been installed. Money is still being raised to purchase the larger piece of
equipment to complete the project.
The Kendrick-Juliaetta brochures have been redesigned and reprinted. A “Showcasing
the Valley” committee was formed which was responsible for content and distribution.
The committee is still intact and is going to be important for how we want to market our
area as a hub of tourism and attractions.
Our community has been selected to participate in the Horizons program to address
poverty in our community. The program is provided by the Northwest Area Foundation
and administered through the University of Idaho extension. The program is fully funded
and has numerous positive implications for our towns. The main focus is poverty, which
is defined by our own citizens input, and leadership training to help our volunteer base
and sense of community. The K-JCDA has agreed to be the steering committee for this
project. Kendrick and Juliaetta have been identified as meeting the basic requirement
threshold for poverty.
In accordance with our strategic planning sessions we have prioritized the following

Kendrick City Water Improvement, drilling two wells, creating additional 350,000
gallons of water storage, replacement of aging water main lines along Main and Pearl
How: Approved $740,000 water improvement bond, applications for $500,000 ICDBG,
$250,000 USDA Rural Development grant.
Who: City of Kendrick
Cost: $1,500,000
When: December 2006
Contact Person, Mayor James Hoogland, 208-289 5155
RV Park/Restrooms for the Ed Corkill Memorial Trail and Depot
How: Grant Funding/Volunteer Contribution
Who: City of Kendrick, J-K Recreation District, Friends of the Depot,
Wiring and Electrical                 $10,000.00
Prefabricated Restroom unit           $37,000.00
Water and Sewer Utilities              $5,000.00
Concrete RV pads/Misc.                $10,000.00
Total:                                $62,000.00
When: Spring/Summer 2007
Contact: Mayor Jim Hoogland, City of Kendrick, 208-289-5155
The addition of an RV Park and Restrooms that are accessible from the Ed Corkill
Memorial trail have been included in the 5 year infrastructure plan and the short term 1
year plan. There are currently no overnight accommodations in the Potlatch River valley
of any kind, including motels/hotels, bed and breakfast, or overnight camping facilities.
With the influx of campers, hunters, and Recreationists that travel through our combined
communities, we feel that it is an opportunity to provide a valuable resource and possibly
generate economic benefit as well.

Pursue Grants to construct a new multi-purpose Community Center in Juliaetta, facility to
include office space, multi-purpose room for meetings, events, functions, and educational
opportunities, artistic and cultural activities, a commercial kitchen, space for a food bank,
one complete floor available for the Juliaetta Community Library.
How: Grant funding Applications
Who: Juliaetta Community Improvement Association (JCIA)
Cost: $175,000 (Revised)
When: December 2007
Contact Person: Jayne Smith, 208-276-7571

Swimming Pool Renovation
How: Grant funding
Who: City of Kendrick, J-K Recreation District, Arts Committee, Clearwater Economic
Develop Association, Latah County Community Foundation
Cost: $230,000
When: December 2007
Contact Person: Jim Hoogland, 208-289-5155

JK Rural Fire District/Cooperative, for fire protection surrounding the Cities of Kendrick
and Juliaetta.
How: Agreements between the two Cities, formation of an independent rural fire district
Who: Juliaetta Volunteer Fire Department, Kendrick Fire Department, City of Juliaetta,
City of Kendrick
Cost: Volunteer
When: December 2007
Contact Person, Kendrick City Mayor, James Hoogland, 208-289-5155

New Playground Equipment for the Kendrick City Park
How: Grant funding, Fund raisers, and donations
Who: Community Park Improvement Committee, City of Kendrick, J-K Recreation
District, Latah County Community Foundation
Cost: $25,000 (Final Phase)
When: May 2007
Contact Person: Patti Hogan 208-289-0621

Public Transportation from our community to Lewiston or Moscow on a regular basis.
How: Grant funding
Who: Idaho Dept. Of Transportation, Latah and Nez Perce Counties
Cost: Unknown
When: Fall 2007
Contact Person: Lil Howerton, 208-289-4567
The Kendrick Senior Center/JK Mealsite is pursuing funding options to remain open and
providing meals to our areas seniors.
How: Primarily Donations, Grant Funding
Who: Della Patterson & Wilma Larsen
Cost: $14,000/Annually
Contact Person: Della Patterson, 208-289-7459

Revive the Welcome entry signs for Juliaetta and Kendrick
How: Grant funding
Who: City of Juliaetta, City of Kendrick, K-JCDA, JCIA
Cost: $10,000
Contact Person: Jeff Lohman, 208-276-7661, Jim Hoogland, 208-289-5155

Commercial Kitchen/Fish processing facility
How: Grant Funding/Small Business Loans
Who: Chad Henson
Cost: Unknown
When: Fall 2007
Contact: Chad Henson/Small Business owner, 208-276-3381
Project: (Revision)
After School program at Juliaetta Elementary School for 4 -7 grade three days a week.
How: Grant Funding
Who: Latah County Youth Advocacy Council and A.C.T.I.O.N
Cost: $25,000
Contact: Christina Kowrack

Pond Development - Juliaetta Centennial Park
How: Grand Funding/Volunteer
Cost: Unknown
When: Spring 2007
Contact: Chad Henson, 208-276-3381, Palouse Environmental Institute watershed
program coordinator.

Numbering items are for identity only not to prioritize.
2006 – 2010 Action Plan
Five Year Plan
1. Improve access for Public Rest Rooms to accommodate tourism and extra activity
events. Inventory of the Valley needs to be made to find facilities that can be
accommodating. These bathrooms need to be posted so they are easily found. Budget
$5,000 and volunteers time. City of Kendrick, City of Juliaetta, and K-J CDA.
2. The City of Kendrick is also planning an RV park so that there are some overnight
amenities in our valley. This RV Park is associated with a new restroom facility near the
Ed Corkill Memorial Trail that was mentioned previously and it is hoped that it will
promote tourism and bring in export dollars.


Five Year Plan
1. Kendrick Railroad Depot Restoration to be a Civic Center for community activity,
historical museum, visitor’s center and rest rooms for the Ed Corkill Walking/Biking
2. Create office space for the K-J Community Development Association, providing an
information center for tourist, visitors, and contact for Economic Diversification
opportunities and planning, including other K-J CDA business for the community.
Budget: rental expense Responsible Parties: Assistance from all community organization
to man office time.
3. Develop community police protection combined to protect citizens and share costs,
encourage Block Watch Organization, find out about deputizing city employees.
4. The City of Kendrick needs to update and upgrade sewer lagoons. Responsible Party:
City of Kendrick
5. Develop a Comprehensive Noxious Weed Control Plan within the community;
Responsible Parties: Nez Perce County Weed Control, Hill & Valley Garden Club, Urban
Forestry, Department of Lands, Latah County Noxious Weed Dept.
6. Install lighting on both Juliaetta Centennial Ball fields. Budget: Babe Ruth Field $
80,000; Little League field $30,000 Responsible Parties: City of Juliaetta, J-K Recreation
District, Juliaetta Community Improvement Association, K-J Community Development
Association, KHS Booster Club, Baseball Association, Taylor Construction, J-K Lions
Club, North Central Travel Council, Department of Commerce,
7. Construct a new multi-purpose Community Center in the City of Juliaetta to house
office space, meeting/conference room, and the Juliaetta Public Library. Budget:
$175,000 Responsible Parties: City of Juliaetta, K-J Community Development
Association, Juliaetta Community Improvement Association, Clearwater Economic
Development Association, U of I, State of Idaho Department of Commerce, Latah
County Library District, Latah County Rural Development
8. Install curb, gutter, sidewalks, and storm drainage at the west end of Kendrick’s Main
Street (State Hwy 3) from its intersection with State Hwy 99 to Old Main Street. Budget
$200,000. Responsible party, City of Kendrick, Idaho Transportation Department
9. J-K EMT Ambulance service, needs address stake labels with numbers on both sides
for rural identification of residents. Or numbers on both sides of mail boxes would help.
Budget unavailable. Responsible party: Latah County Commissioners, City of Kendrick,
City of Juliaetta, K-JCDA and JCIA.

2007 Kendrick-Juliaetta Arts Committee Officers:
President & Three Bear Painters Chairperson: Chris Kowrach
Juliaetta Elementary School Liaison: Billie Waide
Kendrick High School Liaison: Erin Rishling, Peggy Fiske
Juliaetta Artists Watercolor Society Chairperson: Barb Murphey
21st Century Learning Center Representatives: Billie Waide, Barb Murphey
Kendrick-Juliaetta Arts Committee
5-Year Action Plan
Mission Statement: To strengthen the sense of community through promotion and
enhancement of the arts in the Kendrick and Juliaetta area.
2006-07 Proposed Projects:

      December 2006 - Watercolor Art Show as an opportunity for the local watercolor
       artists to display their art work to the community. Location will be in the Wells
       Fargo Bank lobby prior to Christmas.
K-J Arts Committee Chair: Barb Murphey
Co-Sponsor: Juliaetta-Kendrick Watercolorists and Wells Fargo Bank
Expense: None

      February 2007 – Genealogy and Historical Research Workshop will be held at the
       Juliaetta Community Library. This one-day session will be presented by Julie
       Monroe and is open to community members of all ages.
K-J Arts Committee Chair: Chris Kowrach
Co-Sponsor: Friends of the Library and Seven Ridges Historical Society
Expense: None

      March 2007 – Scrapbooking and Card Making Workshops will be offered as an
       opportunity for parents and children to interact in a creative venture.
K-J Arts Committee Chair: Chris Kowrach
Co-Sponsor: Friends of the Library
Expense: $50

      May 27, 2006 - The Locust Blossom Art Show and Sale to be located in the
       Committee’s new tent at the Kendrick City Park. This show will exhibit/sell items
       from the local K – 12 students including Art Club and Jr. Art Club projects, and a
       diverse variety of local artists. Small clinics demonstrating skills of local artists
       are being considered as an additional offering.
K-J Arts Committee members all will be participating
Projected Expense: $250.00

      Spring 2007 – Participation in planning a new mural for Kendrick Memorial Park
       Swimming Pool will continue throughout the year and will extend into following
       years as soon as the wall is ready for the project
K-J Arts Committee Chair: Peggy Fiske Au Clair
Co-Sponsor: K-J Community Development Association
Projected Expense: None in planning year

      Summer 2007 – Flower Drying and Flower Arranging Workshops:
K-J Arts Committee Chair: Barb Murphey
Co-Sponsor: Hill and Valley Garden Club
Projected Expense: $400.00

      September 2007 - Blackberry Festival Art Show and Sale
Provide an opportunity for local watercolorist to show and or sell their creations to the
community at this Festival.
Co-Sponsor: Juliaetta-Kendrick Watercolorist and Three Bear Painters
Projected Cost: $100.00
      Ongoing – Kendrick-Juliaetta Arts Committee Web Site will be designed and be
       on line to provide the community information concerning the arts and
       entertainment opportunities, artists and workshops available in our area. This site
       will be linked to the Kendrick-Juliaetta Community Development Association site
K-J Committee Chair: Chris Kowrach

      Provide representatives and help in the following community projects:

              Latah County Youth Advocacy Council in promoting and facilitating
               positive youth development opportunities in our community

              KJ VFW Holiday Sale

              Kendrick Depot Renovation Project which will provide economical
               meeting space for classes and gatherings.

              Hill and Valley Garden Club activities for junior gardeners
2007 Proposed Projects
Festival Dance and Civic Theater of Moscow
Outreach projects are available to surrounding communities.
Participate in sponsoring Kendrick High School students on a trip similar to the Spring
2007 trip to Paris.
Missoula Children’s Theater coaching, rehearsal and production of a play.
Adult/youth interaction: Kendrick High School Art Club and KJ Arts Committee will
team up to visit plays or art exhibits in outlying communities including Moscow, Pullman
and Spokane.
2008 Proposed Projects
Vigilante Theatre Production & Dessert
Projected Time: Fall 2008
Have this touring group of professional singers and actors from Montana return for the
fourth time to our community for a social evening event.
Projected Cost: $2800.00
Mask Making Workshop
Projected Time: Spring 2008
Provide a workshop for elementary age students on the art of making a mask. Clay that
does not need firing can be used. The students will participate in the Locust Blossom
Parade wearing their art work and then display it at the Locust Blossom Art Show.
Projected Cost: $900.00
2009 Projected Projects:
Poetry Workshop
Projected Time: Fall 2009
Four area poetry writers will provide instruction on how to write in their specialize style.
The writing of the students will be critique by both the instructors and fellow students.
High School Students as well as adult community members will be in the class.
Projected Expense: $1000.00.
Community Summer Theater Production
Projected Time: Summer 2009
This will require extensive children and adult community participation. An experienced
theater person will be needed to help in organizing and producing the selected
production. Community members will participate in props and costume needs. It will be
performed at the Kendrick High School or Kendrick’s outdoor park.
Projected Cost: $3,000.00
2010 Projected Projects
Kendrick Park Improvements
Projected Time: Spring 2010
Provide enhanced seating and other park enhancing items to encourage people gathering
at that location.
Projected Cost $2000.00

One Year Plan
1. The committee applied for, and received a grant, through Latah County Parks and
2. The grant paid for four watering barrels and a drip system that were placed along the
bicycle trail.
3. The grant paid for someone to keep the barrels full of water.
4. The grant also paid for labor in the spring and fall to prune and maintain the area along
the trail.
5. Three Australian Pines were planted by the horseshoe pit.
6. A grant from the Arbor Day foundation paid for an Autumn Blaze Maple to be planted
in the park with the help of Noah’s Ark Day Care students.
7. Arbor Day activities are always publicized in the local newspaper.

8. The committee applied for, and was accepted, as a Tree City USA.
9. The Tree City USA award was presented to committee members in the park during the
Locust Blossom festival.
10. The committee is going to apply for another grant through the county parks and
recreation to buy four more water barrels and their drip systems. We will also be
requesting for funds to pay someone for watering during the summer and continued
spring and fall maintenance.
11. Partnering with the region’s Community Forestry representative, the committee
intends to hold a pruning workshop this spring for it’s Arbor Day activity.
12. Community members and the local Boy Scouts will be invited in an attempt to
educate community members and solicit more involvement in urban forestry.
13. The committee is designing a campaign to encourage new members.

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