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					                          CS 100 – INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTERS
                        Course Syllabus – Spring 2011 – 8 Week Online

Course Prerequisite:      Appropriate placement score or REA 093 "B" or better.

Instructor:               Refer to your schedule

Office:                   Refer to the BHC web site

Phone:                    Refer to the BHC web site

E-Mail Address:           Refer to the BHC web site

                          Please type “CS 100” and your class section number in the subject line of all
                          e-mails. Messages will generally be answered within 24 hours, except on
                          weekends and college holidays.

Office Hours:             Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00 a.m. – noon and Wednesdays 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.
                          Other times by appointment.

                          Students are encouraged to contact me to clarify course material or to discuss
                          their course performance. Students experiencing difficulties in the course are
                          strongly encouraged to see me without delay. If you cannot contact me during
                          my office hours, please make an appointment for some other time. You are
                          also welcome to drop by – I can talk to you if I am free or we can make some
                          other arrangement if I am busy.

Course Overview and Goals:

Introduction to Computers is a broad-based course designed to acquaint you with the concepts and
terminology required to utilize computer technology, the most commonly used software applications,
microcomputer operating systems, and current issues surrounding the use of computers. A hands-on
approach is used so that you will be able to use the application software in further course work or in a job
situation. This course is beneficial for all students since nearly every discipline will require the use of
computers to some degree. It will not make you a “computer expert,” but should help you better
understand the world of computers, apply them in your chosen field, and become a better-informed
consumer of computer products.
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Specifically, the course goals include:

   acquainting the student with computer concepts and terminology related to hardware and software
   developing a working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation graphics,
    and microcomputer operating system software
   developing an understanding of how computers are used in the workplace and issues affecting us when
    they are used

Online Course Format:

The online format uses myitlab as the home base for the course. You must use it with the Windows
operating system. If you are using a Mac, you must set up your Mac to use Windows and Office 2010 for
Windows. You will need an access code to use myitlab. The access code comes with the textbook
bundle. You will be given instructions for registering and using myitlab. Contact your instructor to obtain
the course ID number.

Online courses are NOT independent study courses. Assignments are due regularly. Online courses
require frequent interaction with the instructor. You must take the final exam on campus or at an
approved site.


The software taught in this course is based on the Windows operating system. We will use Microsoft Office
2010 in this course.

We will use the following:
   Windows 7                                     an operating system program
   Microsoft Word 2010                           a word processor program
   Microsoft Excel 2010                          a spreadsheet program
   Microsoft Access 2010                         a database management program
   Microsoft PowerPoint 2010                     a presentation graphics program
   Internet Explorer 7 or 8                      a web browser
   Myitlab for Office 2010                       training and assessment

You must use the Office 2010 version. You can purchase the Office Professional Academic 2010 suite online
from the Microsoft web site for $79.95 at:
The Office Professional Academic 2010 suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. The Office
Professional Academic 2010 suite also includes OneNote, Publisher, and Outlook. We won’t be using them
in this course, but I think that you will find them useful to have. You may also purchase Office 2010 through
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the BHC book store, but the price will not be the same as through the Microsoft web site. We will use the
Windows 7 operation system for this course, but you do not have to purchase it because we will use it
through myitlab simulations.

Textbook and Materials:

We will use these textbooks: Skills for Success, Office 2010 Volume 1 by Townsend/Ferrett/Hain/Vargas;
GO! Windows 7 Getting Started by Gaskin/Ferrett; and GO! Basic Computer Concepts Getting Started by
Gaskin/Ferrett. You may purchase the textbook bundle, which includes the myitlab access code, from the
Black Hawk College bookstore, either in person or online. To purchase it online, go to the BHC web site at and then click the bookstore link.

The textbooks were chosen to give you experience in specific software packages as well as to provide you
with background “concept” material. You will be completing “hands-on” computer assignments from the
textbooks to help you learn the software packages covered in the course. Since completing these
assignments is crucial to your success in the course, they will be graded and will count significantly toward
your final grade. You will use a USB (Flash) disk drive to save your files.


A: 90-100% B: 80-89% C: 70-79% D: 60-69% F: 0-59%

22 Assignments . . . 44%

4 Exams . . . 16%

Project . . . 5%

Final Exam . . . 35%


If for any reason you are unable to complete this course, it is your responsibility to officially withdraw. You
can do this by filling out the appropriate forms in the Enrollment Services office or by e-mailing me.

According to the BHC policy, you must drop the course by the 6th week of class (of an eight week course)
After the student drop date, you may drop the course only if you receive the instructor’s permission
AND if the date that you requested the drop is on or before the last day of the regular part of the
course; in other words, you may not drop the class during final weeks. If you have special personal
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problems during the semester that prevent you from doing assignments, please contact me as soon as
possible so that we may discuss your options.


A grade of “Incomplete” is reserved for extreme emergencies, such as serious personal, professional, or
medical problems. Please contact me as soon as possible to inform me of your emergency. Lack of
planning, as evidenced by not completing assignments, is not considered an emergency. A request for an
incomplete must be submitted to me, in writing, before the 7th week of class (of an eight week course). If
an incomplete is arranged, we must work out a signed agreement. A date by which the course work must
be completed is specified in that agreement. If the work is not completed by the agreed upon date, your
grade for the course will be an “F.” According to BHC policy, an “Incomplete” grade automatically converts
to an “F” if it is not completed by one year after the semester end date.


Assignment instructions may be accessed from myitlab. Your assignments will be posted in myitlab on
Mondays and Thursdays on or before 12:00 noon. You will have one week to complete each assignment
and each assignment is due at noon on the due date. The assignment due date will be posted when the
assignment is posted.

Submitting Assignments:

You will submit your assignments online, through myitlab. Further instructions will be given with each
assignment. If you are having problems submitting files, you may e-mail them to me as attachments. Do
this only if you are having problems. You must e-mail the attachments BEFORE the due date and time.

Late Assignments:

Late assignments and projects will not be accepted. Manage your time so that you will be prepared for
unexpected personal or computer problems. In other words, you should try to complete the
assignments at least 24 hours before the due date and time. Please do not ask for additional time
beyond the regular due date and time.


There are four exams. You will have one week to complete each exam. The instructions will be posted in
myitlab. If you miss the due date for one or two of the exams, I will allow you to make them up. You may
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make up only two of the exams. The make-up exam will not be the same exam that is posted in myitlab.
You will have to make up the exam by coming to the Independent Learning Center on the QC campus to
take it. You will take it during the week before finals week. It is your responsibility to contact me to
request that I allow you to make up an exam.

Final Exam:

You will take the final exam in the Independent Learning Center on the QC campus during Final Exams
week. If you are taking this course outside of the Quad Cities area, you may contact me about making
arrangements for taking the final exam near where you live.

To prepare for the final exam, make sure that you are familiar with the tasks you performed in each
chapter of the textbooks. The final exam will be “hands-on.” You will demonstrate your proficiency in
PowerPoint, Word, Windows, Excel, and Access.

Web Privacy:

You will never have to use your first and last name on anything that I ask you to put on the web for this
course, except for the files that are submitted within myitlab. Whenever you create a web account for
this course, you can use an alias instead of using your real name. Contact me if you questions about this.


This course can be very time consuming. As a college student, you are expected to study a minimum of
three hours for every credit hour. If you want to be proficient in all the material that we cover in
CS 100, expect to spend at least 9 hours per week working on assignments, reviewing your work, and
preparing for the final exam.

Once you are confident that you have succeeded in learning the content of an assignment, you should
reinforce your learning through practice. A MAJOR FACTOR IN ACQUIRING EXPERTISE IS REPETITIVE
PRACTICE. If you do all the assignments thoroughly and completely and then PRACTICE WHAT YOU
HAVE LEARNED, you will likely master this course. Students who have failed this course have done so
because they failed to turn in a majority of the work or they violated the academic integrity of this
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Tutors are available from Black Hawk College at no cost to you. At the first indication of difficulties,
please contact me or see a tutor. Tutor/lab assistant hours are posted in the Independent Learning

Special Needs:

Students with a disability who need special accommodations should contact Disability Services at
309-796-5900. Also, feel free to discuss your needs with me.

Academic Integrity:

Scholastic dishonesty (cheating) is not tolerated at Black Hawk College. It can generally be defined as
giving or receiving aid in examinations or on assignments which are intended to be done individually, or
the presentation of other person's work as one's own. Using all or part of another person's computer file
and/or printout and turning it in as your own is considered cheating. Letting someone use your
computer file and/or printout is also considered cheating.

All assignments are to be done by the individual student. You may NOT work together on one
computer. You may seek assistance from other persons on assignments, but the work must be your
own. Anyone caught cheating on an assignment will receive a zero for that assignment. In addition, you
will not receive extra credit points and 30% will be deducted from your course grade. In other words,
you will not earn higher than a "D" in the course. If you are caught cheating a second time, you will be
dropped from the course and an "F" will be recorded as your course grade.

Please be aware that the myitlab software embeds metadata (data about data) tags in all downloaded
materials and compares the submitted work with the downloaded work. If the metadata tags do not
match, the software flags the submission as a possible integrity violation.

“Borrowing a friend’s computer” and accidently submitting your friend’s file instead of your own is not
an excuse. The software will identify the co-conspirator even if that student is in a different class with a
different teacher. You and your friend will both receive grades of zero. You will also be subject to the
penalties outlined above.
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Problems with Your Home PC:

Your home computer, your applications, or your Internet connection may fail during the semester.
Other possible problems include firewalls, pop-up blockers, and using outdated computer software and
hardware, and/or problems using myitlab. Students must take the initiative to seek assistance, if
problems arise in the home computing environment. Students should have a backup plan in place in
case their home computer fails. One alternative is to work in a computer lab at the QC Campus or in a
computer lab at the East Campus. Please get in the habit of doing the assignments at least 24 hours
before the due date and time to give yourself extra time in case you have personal or computer
problems on the day the assignment is due.

Backup Copies of Your Work:

You should save backup copies of your work. On campus, you may save your files to your H: drive.
Another way to back up your work is to send the file to yourself as an e-mail attachment. If you are
working from home, save your files to your hard drive and to a USB disk drive.

College Information:

College Mission Statement: Black Hawk College provides the environment and the resources for
individuals to become life-long learners.

Check your current Black Hawk College Student handbook for important information about college
processes, policies, and procedures. The handbook can be accessed online from the BHC web site.

College Closure Information:

You should listen to the appropriate television or radio stations for information regarding college closure
for inclement weather or other emergencies. You should also use the Black Hawk College 3N Emergency
Notification System. A text message, e-mail message, or phone message can be sent to you
automatically when the college is closed due to weather or other emergencies. You can register for the
3N Emergency Notification System through your myBlackHawk account.

Course Changes:

The instructor reserves the right to alter the course syllabus. Any changes will be posted in myitlab and
it shall be the responsibility of the student to acquire this information.
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Final Note:

Don’t be surprised if you feel overwhelmed at first – there are a lot of software programs and
instructions to get used to. Stick with it, though, and contact me if you need help. Everything will make
perfect sense very shortly! This course will require a lot of work and quite a bit of time – you will learn
by doing. I hope that it will be a worthwhile and enjoyable (maybe even fun!) learning experience.

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