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									             LAKE HAVASU CITY                                                                            THIS IS THE PLACE

                                      FRONTIER                                                                                     Awards Lunch
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    JUNE 200 6 • WWW.HAVASUCHAMBER.COM • TEL: (928) 855-4115 • FAX: (928) 680-0010

                                                                                 Voters Say No to EV Purchase
                                                               Lake Havasu City voters overwhelmingly said no to a taxpayer purchase of a
                                                             portion of the English Village last month. The Chamber supported the “Vote No”
                                                             campaign, spearheaded by the Citizens Against the English Village Acquisition. About
                                                             56 percent of the City’s registered voters cast their mail-in ballots.
      A Look Inside                                            The Chamber appreciates all its members who voted in the special election,
Election Recap ............................... Cover         especially those who encouraged their employees, staff and business associates to
Small Business Alliance ................. Cover              vote as well. The voice of the business community spoke loud and clear during the
From Our Chairman .................... Pg 2
President’s Perspective .................. Pg 3
In the Mailbox ............................... Pg 3             Since it is a general election year, the Chamber reminds its members of the
Board Retreat ................................ Pg 4          importance of voting. The primary election date is Sept. 12; the general election date
Mixer Recap ................................... Pg 4         is Nov. 14. This is a judicial election year, meaning locally, Mohave County Superior
Networking Opportunities ............. Pg 5                  Court and Justice Court judge candidates will be on the ballot; along with State Senate
A.M. Exchange Schedule ............... Pg 5                  and House candidates. The positions of mayor along with three city council positions
Chamber Mixer Schedule .............. Pg 5                   are also in the works.
Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon . Pg 6                         Not registered? Log on to, click on the Uncle Sam icon,
You Got The Right Stuff? ............... Pg. 6               and get registered today. Voter registration forms are also available in our business
Ambassador of the Month ............. Pg 7                   office.
Havasu Leadership Development Pg 8
Available Training Videos .............. Pg. 8
Business Directory Unveiled ......... Pg 9                              Chamber Increases Membership Benefits
A.M. Exchange ............................... Pg. 9
Spotlight on Business .................... Pg 10
                                                                              With New Partnership
Spotlight on Business .................... Pg 11
                                                               The Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the U.S.
Spotlight on Business .................... Pg 12
Computer Class Schedule ............. Pg. 12
                                                             Chamber of Commerce through the Federation Partnership program. This program
Welcome New Members ................ Pg 13
                                                             provides U.S. Chamber membership to small business members of associations and
Renewing Members ....................... Pg 13
                                                             local and state chambers of commerce, thereby building a stronger and more effective
City Statistics ................................. Pg 13      small business coalition.
Chamber Statistics ........................ Pg 13              “This is a wonderful opportunity for our Chamber to provide additional benefits to
Chamber Internet Statistics ........... Pg 13                the membership,” stated Lisa Krueger.
Ribbon-Cuttings ............................. Pg 14            The program offers the Chamber’s small business members value-added benefits,
Ribbon-Cuttings (Cont’) ................ Pg 15               including access to members-only sections of the U.S. Chamber’s online Small
Ribbon-Cuttings (Cont’) ................ Pg 16               Business Center; discounts on products and services; Weekly
C.V.B. ............................................. Pg 16
                                                             e-newsletter; the Chamber’s monthly flagship publication,; and other
2006 H.L.D. Graduates ................ Pg 16
                                                             communications that alert small businesses to pressing legislation or policy initiatives.
                                                               Federation Partnership is offered at no cost to small business members of our
                                                             Chamber. To maintain membership with the U.S. Chamber, a small business must
                                                             maintain its Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce membership, and the
                                                             Chamber must maintain its membership with the U.S. Chamber.
                                                               The Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce represents more than 900
                                                             businesses in the area.
           2005/2006                                                     FROM OUR CHAIRMAN
        Board of Directors

    Marcia Kellison, Chairman                              Chairman Reflects
     ABC - Leavitt Insurance       855-5109
    Ralph Tapscott, Vice Chairman
                                                           on Year’s Successes
      Mohave State Bank            855-0000
    Kevin Myers, Treasurer                        Wow! What an exciting year for me as your 2005/
      River Valley Mortgage        854-5363     2006 Chamber Chairman. I can’t tell you what this
    Cindy Aldridge
     LHC Council                   855-2116
                                                experience has done for me. I have worked with
    Dan Cunning                                 some incredibly talented people and enjoyed the
      Lake Havasu City C.V.B.      453-3444     decision making process of our very successful
    Nancy Darrow                                Chamber. Don’t forget, your Chamber obtained the
      Sterilite Corporation        453-5060
    Dick Elewaut
                                                4-star accreditation just last year.
        Hidden Palms Resort Condos 855-7144
                                                  Lisa, my hat’s off to you. You are a true leader
    Carl Flusche`
      Flusche` Realty Co.          505-5911     with personality, integrity and the ability to be           MARCIA K ELLISON
    Jim Harris                                  concise and factual in various presentations your               C HAIRMAN
      Advanced Homes, Inc.         855-6370     position requires. It has been such a pleasure
    Karen Hede
      Premier Garage               854-7920     working with you and our staff – you are all top notch. I could write an entire column
    Gary Kellogg                                praising each and every one of you. Thank you Kathy, Sarah, Alea, Jim & Mary! By
      P.E.D.                       505-7333     the way, a big thank you for the “I Can’t Believe It Happened!” Dilbert Award. I
    Nancy Leamons
      Natural Tease                855-4040
                                                promise to do better at the 2007 Winterfest!
    Gail Malay                                    Our membership has climbed to 905. Our goal this year was to increase our
      LH Unified School District 855-3578
    Marc Register                               membership by 30 net new members. We have reached that goal with Jeni Coke as
      Mesquite Medical Center      855-4001     our Director of Membership Development and each member that has sponsored
    Linda Riesdorph                             and/or encouraged new members to join our organization.
      Mohave Community College 505-3378
    Ralph Robertson                                Our Havasu Leadership Development class and our first Advanced Havasu
      SunMeadow Homes              680-6405     Leadership class graduated individuals committed to improving their skills and
    Dorothy Sawyer
     HRMC                          855-8185     attributes to become future leaders in our community. We are proud of each one of
    Kathie Schuler                              them and wish them much success in their future endeavors.
      Sunbelt Appliance            680-0024
    Ginger Stroup                                 Our fund raisers - the Harley dinner, golf tournament and Winterfest were all
      Patio Paradise               854-1122     successful. Winterfest continues to be our main signature event. Eileen Nexsen –
    Laura Thor                                  thank you for your continued leadership of this committee. If you have not been
      Coach-Net                    680-6666
    Gene Tucker                                 involved with these events, volunteer, you will have a great time and experience.
      Coldwell Banker              855-2191
                                                   We have become more involved in politics as most Chambers have done
       Chamber of Commerce                      throughout Arizona and the United States. This direction came more into focus when
            314 London Bridge Road              obtaining our Chamber accreditation. Member’s responses from various surveys
          Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403            indicated this direction should be taken. It’s the members and their voices that will
    Tel: (928) 855-4115 • Fax: (928) 680-0010
                 help this city with the many changes and growing pains we are experiencing.
                 Lisa Krueger
                                                  As Ralph Tapscott takes office, I will continue to give my time and support as
                 President / CEO                Kevin Myers and other past chairs have also done. The Teamwork has been
                 Kathy Tippett                  outstanding and has been the lifeline of the Chamber throughout this year. Thank you
           Director of Administration           for the opportunity and thank you for your continued support of your Chamber.
                   Jeni Coke
      Director of Membership Development
                Sarah Murphy
             Administrative Assistant
                  Alea Scarff
                                                                           Mission Statement
                                                     The mission of the Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce
                  Jim Weeks
                Project Assistant                         is to enhance and promote the business environment
                Mary Reynolds
                   Staff Writer                              and the economic well-being of our communities.
              American Graphics
         Contributing Desktop Publishing

2                                                                        LAKE HAVASU AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
          PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVE                                                        IN THE MAILBOX

  Get Out Your
                                                                 Dear Chamber Staff & Members,
 Shades for Our
                                                                 On behalf of the participants in the Advanced
 Bright Future!                                                  Leadership Development program (AHLD), I would like
  It is hard to believe                                          to send a HUGE “Thank You” to the many people who
another Chamber year is                                          bought tickets for our fundraiser drawing. I am proud to
drawing to a close. It has                                       be a graduate of the inaugural class of AHLD, and we
been a pleasure for myself                                       all anticipate the continued growth and success of
and the Chamber Team to                                          the program. But we can’t raise the funds without
serve each and every one                                         community support. Thanks again to so many, who
of you for another 12                                            stepped up to the plate and said “we support your
months. We also send                                             efforts!”
                                        LISA KRUEGER
out our greatest thanks and          PRESIDENT / CEO                                                        Drue Brainard
appreciation to our                                                                           Jack Brainard Appraisals Inc
C h a i r m a n , M a r c i a Kellison, for such a wonderful
year. We have fond memories of membership and political
progress, along with some really great fun!                      We would like to thank you and the Lake Havasu
                                                                 Chamber of Commerce for assisting us in getting the
  Please join us on Friday, June 9 for our annual meeting and
                                                                 word to your membership about the seminar we hosted
the 33rd Annual Volunteer Appreciation Awards
                                                                 with ADOT and other government agencies in Lake
Luncheon where Marcia will be honored and our theme for
                                                                 Havasu. Your efforts helped to make the seminar a
upcoming changes will ring true - Our Future’s So Bright,        success. In order to achieve our goal it is important for
We’ve Gotta Wear Shades!                                         us to work with other organizations that support the
   Change means progress however and we intend to progress       local community.
in leaps and bounds during our future. In the next few months,   Thank you again for your assistance and cooperative
this newsletter will bring you up to date on the Chamber’s       spirit.
plans and goals, along with our accomplishments of the
ending year, and some insights into our Board members.                                                       Regards,
Another change in the newsletter will be regular recognition                                             Kelley Marsh
                                                                                                      SBDC Counselor
articles of our Team members. We have the best Team in the
                                                                                              Mohave Community College
country as far as I am concerned and I am looking forward
to showing them off!                                             business-friendly theme.
   As you will read later in the newsletter, the Board’s           As part of this process however, we will have to relocate
annual planning session focused on four areas of                 for a few months to stay out of the way. In July, all three
improvement: membership; personnel; local governmental           organizations will be located in back suites of the Springberg
affairs/English Village and Channel; and the Chamber’s           McAndrew Financial Building at 1795 Civic Center Blvd.,
image. Very soon, task forces and committees will begin work     formerly occupied by Pro Therapy , at 1795 Civic Center
in all four of those areas and we will be calling on you for     Blvd. We are extremely grateful to Dorothy Sawyer and Paul
your input and participation. Don’t miss this opportunity to     Aiken at Havasu Regional Medical Center, owner of the
become a part of the Chamber’s future.                           building, for providing us with our temporary quarters.
   Along the image lines, we will very soon begin our              As we enter our 36th year of serving the businesses of
long-awaited building-remodeling project in partnership          Lake Havasu City, we thank each of you for your support of
with our partners at the PED and CVB. After nearly four          your organization. Congratulations to us all.
years of planning, we have been given the green light
to move forward. Upon completion later this year, the
business center will have a complete new look, from our
front door to the back. We’ll expand our meeting room,
and our lobby and waiting areas will feature a modern,

BUSINESS FRONTIER JUNE 2006                                                                                                       3
                                      CREATING A STRONG LOCAL ECONOMY

                                                                Lake Havasu’s Changing Horizon Assists
                                                                  Board in Annual Planning Session
                                                        When the board of directors went to its annual retreat to work on the future
                                                      planning/goals for the Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce, a new
                                                      momentum formed toward political action. According to Chairman, Ralph
                                                      Tapscott, the biggest change in activities could mean a more vocal presence
                                                      in governmental affairs.
                                                        “There is a solid consensus amongst the board that this Chamber play an
                                                      active role in the political arena,” said Tapscott. “Chambers have changed
                                                      from what they were 10 years ago—today, when initiatives come about that
           Steve Snyder Facilitates Retreat           affect [economics] it’s our job to stand up for businesses as a whole.”
                                                        Tapscott said part of the business of the Chamber of Commerce was to
    take a stance on certain initiatives or in support of certain candidates if it served the business community.
      “This is based on what the business community wants, which we determine through surveys and polls” said Tapscott. “And
    that isn’t always what the general public wants.”
      Tapscott said the board focused on several items that included Channel/Island development planning and the importance of
    being a part of that process; the image of the Chamber, which included the building it is housed in; communication/marketing
    of the Chamber, so that members fully understand the services and benefits available; and staffing recognition/benefits.
      “Every business understands that staffing is an issue,” said Tapscott. “We want to recognize and keep qualified individuals
    representing the Chamber and not lose them to other businesses.”
      Tapscott said a suggestion that came from facilitator Steve Snyder, who is also the Vice President of the Western
    Association of Chamber Executives (W.A.C.E.) and Director of Local Chamber Services for the California Chamber of
    Commerce, was something that could work in Lake Havasu City.
      “San Jose has a local preference ordinance on bids, where if the city puts out a RFB for something, and a local contractor
    responds to it, the city will choose the local contractor if they are within 10-percent of the lowest bid,” said Tapscott. “It is a
    way to keep the dollars local. That is something that would work real well here if we could get the city to agree to it.”
      The Board of Directors, Committee Chairs and key team members met Friday, May 5 at the London Bridge Resort and 25
    were able to participate.

                                             BJ’s Tavern Delivers Big Time
                MIXER                             on Chamber Mixer!                                        RECAP
        BJ’s Tavern was the host for the Chamber’s May 18 networking mixer where approximately 270 members and their
     guests enjoyed the outdoor patio, live music, delicious food and casual atmosphere. Owner, Jim Herold honored us for the
     first Advanced Havasu Leadership Development fundraising drawing. The 50/50 winner was Jason Johnson who took
     home $265 cash! Congratulations to you all and thank you for participating.
        Be sure to mark your calendars for Thursday, June 15 when Big John’s Steak ‘n Pub hosts the next Business After
     Hours mixer. Big John’s is located at 717 N. Lake Havasu Avenue. (See related story on page 5). For more information,
     contact the Chamber office at 855-4115.

4                                                                       LAKE HAVASU AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                      NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES

                                                           Big John’s is Coming of Age
                                               The Chamber’s June 15 networking mixer will be hosted by Big John’s
                                             Steak ‘n Pub, which is celebrating its 18th anniversary this month. Owner
                                             John Homerding is planning a big shindig that includes free samples of his
                                             famous steak sandwiches and barbecue baby back pork ribs while they
                                               “We are taking this opportunity to reintroduce ourselves to Chamber
                                             members and the business community,” said Homerding. “We have
          Big John’s Steak ‘n Pub            completed extensive remodeling on the interior which includes new tables,
           on Lake Havasu Ave.
                                             chairs, bar stools, granite counter tops, oak cabinets, and more televisions.”
   Big John’s will also be providing live music courtesy of the Phil Conti Band, featuring blues and jazz, and most of the
 gathering will be held outside underneath the tents with full bar and Italian beef sandwiches. Attendees can park
 anywhere on the street—after 5 p.m. Bradley Chevrolet says it is O.K. if people park in their parking lot.
    Big John’s Steak ‘n Pub is located at 717 N. Lake Havasu Avenue. It is the home of the deep fried lobster and it
 specializes in steaks and late night dinners. “In the summer we get a lot of activity after 9 p.m.” said Homerding. “That
 is why you can get a full dinner at Big John’s both during the week and on the weekends after 9 p.m.”
   Big John’s Steak ‘n Pub is open seven days a week. They serve lunch and dinner seven days, and breakfast on the
 weekends. They are open for dinner during the week until 10 p.m. (the bar is open until 11 p.m.) and until 11 p.m. for
 dinner on Friday and Saturday nights (the bar is open until midnight). For more information, call 453-5858.
   The networking mixer is 5-7 p.m. and the cost for Chamber members is $5 per person, all others $10. For more
 information, contact the Chamber office at 855-4115.

                                                                                     2006 Mixer Schedule
                                                                      Thur . Jun 15 ............... Big John’s Steak n’ Pub
                                                                      Thur .. Jul 20 ...... Havasu Regional Medical Center
                                                                      Thur .. Aug 17 ............................................. Splash
                                                                      Thur .. Sept 21 .................. Havasu Surgery Center
                                                                      Thur .. Oct 19 .......................... Mohave State Bank
                                                                      Thur .. Nov 16 ................. LandAmerica/Transnation
                                                                      Thur .. Dec 14 ...................... London Bridge Resort

BUSINESS FRONTIER JUNE 2006                                                                                                                 5
                                             COMMUNITY PROMOTION

                   Volunteers Honored at 33rd Annual Event & Meeting
                           The 33rd Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon has been scheduled for Friday, June 9 at
                         Shugrue’s Restaurant in the Bridgeview Room between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Chamber
                         members, their guests, and the community are invited to honor the worthy recipients who will be
                         rewarded for their dedicated service throughout the year.
                          Awards will be given for: Student of the Year; Organization of the Year; Volunteer of the Year;
                         Community Improvement; Volunteer of the Year; Community Booster, Citizen of the Year;
                         Chamber Member of the Year; Ambassador of the Year (Chosen by the Ambassadors) and Public
    Safety Personnel.
      This will also be the third year for the ATHENA Award. The ATHENA Award program celebrates the potential of
    women as valued members and leaders of the community. Anyone who is especially diligent about assisting women in
    reaching their full potential is eligible for this award. Past recipients of the ATHENA Award include Kathy Hodel and
    Catherine Fitzgerald.
     During the luncheon the Chamber will unveil the 2006-07 Membership/Business Directory and Community Profile.
    Every member will receive a copy in the mail and extra copies will be available for pick or delivery.
      Tickets to the luncheon are $20 per member, $25 all others or at the door; the menu for the afternoon will be Chicken
    Cordon Bleu. To make reservations, please contact Kathy at the Chamber office as soon as possible. Any business
    interested in sponsoring a banner at the luncheon call the Chamber office at 855-4115.

                You Got the Right Stuff?
      Coordinators of the Havasu Leadership Development program
    and the Advanced Havasu Leadership Development program
    have begun the recruitment process for the 2006-07 sessions.
    Individuals interested in developing their leadership skills and/or
    taking their skills to the next level are welcome to submit
    applications for the program(s).
      According to Nancy Darrow, Education Committee chair,
    the programs are designed to identify resources and educate
    individuals to assume leadership roles within the Lake Havasu City
                                                                               AHLD Participating in High Ropes program
      “The HLD program is an award-winning nine month program
    that immerses participants in a varied curriculum of teambuilding, communication, and community awareness,” said
    Darrow. “Our aim is to attract candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries so that we can achieve
    diversity in the class.”
      Program goals include educating participants in leadership techniques, familiarizing participants with the workings of
    local institutions, motivating graduates to assume active roles in the public and private sector and developing a network
    of resources and contacts within the community.
      “It’s rewarding to be in the leadership program,” said Darrow. “Our vision is that the quality of the community
    depends on the capability of it’s leaders, and the graduates of the program emerge as these potential community
      The AHLD program is a natural progression of the leadership process and is only open to HLD graduates. It includes
    a “High Ropes” challenge and the building of a mock town as part of its skill developing techniques.
      Both programs have class limits—the HLD has spaces for 30 participants and the AHLD has room for 20. Deadline
    for the HLD is July 14 and AHLD is June 16.
      For more information contact the Chamber of Commerce at 855-4115.

6                                                                 LAKE HAVASU AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                       AMBASSADOR OF THE MONTH

                                    Barry Tuberman Juggles Volunteer Duties & Work
                                       Between running meetings for the Ambassadors, handing out money for the 50/50
                                     raffle, being a member of the Education Committee and the Membership Value
                                      Committee it’s a wonder Barry Tuberman still runs a business and provides his
                                      customers with unique and top-of-the-line graphic arts for their promotional
                                      advertising. He is a busy man, but he expertly juggles all his activities to give the best
                                      of his talents and skills.
                                      “I have been real active with Chamber events since 1992,” said Barry. “It helps out
                                   business and I think I am helping other business, too.”
                                   Barry works with his mother, Sue Tuberman, at the shop his father founded in 1972—
                              Art Paul Advertising. It is the oldest advertising/promotional business in Lake Havasu City,
which offers a wide range of services from graphic arts to logo design.
  “We do a lot of sublimation now, which is applying full color artwork on mugs, mouse pads, T-shirts, clipboards, etc.”
said Barry. “I do a lot of work in PhotoShop and specialize in altering photos—adding people in and taking them out.”
  Barry is now a graduate of the Advanced Havasu Leadership Development program. In fact, he was on the planning
committee that initiated the program. He graduated from the Havasu Leadership Development course in 2002 and Co-
Chaired it in 2003.
  “One of my favorite activities is taking new Ambassadors around at
the Chamber’s networking mixers and introducing them to other                                       2005/2006
Ambassadors and business owners,” said Barry. “It’s part of our                                    Ambassadors
shadowing program.”                                                        Tammie Bohnker .................................... MDIC/Farm Bureau
                                                                           Colette Bradner ...................... Advantage Windshield & Glass
  Barry recently helped organize an Ambassador picnic between Parker       Drue Brainard ..................................... Jack Brainard Appraisal
and Quartzsite Chambers of Commerce and they all met at Rotary             Candy Burgard ............................. Brooks-Clark & Associates
Community Park for ‘get to know you’ activities.                           Carole Cathcart ............................. Advanced Real Estate Co
                                                                           Rose Marie Eaton ........................ National Bank of Arizona
  “We had about 65 people come to it,” said Barry. “It turned out real     Carl Flusche` ............................................ Flusche` Realty Co
                                                                           Judi Harris ...................................... Advanced Real Estate Co
nice.”                                                                     Geri Kessler ................... Springberg & McAndrew Financial
                                                                           Gail Dean Kolesar ........................... Gail Dean Kolesar, CPA
  Barry received his education from Platt College (graphics) and DeVry     Nancy Leamons .......................................... Natural Tease Inc
University (electronics). His father, Art is a past Chamber president      Marquita McKnight ................................. Impruvit Consulting
                                                                           Brendan Nunemacher .................... Countrywide Home Loans
and is responsible for designing the Chamber’s current logo. For more
                                                                           Sharon Oakley ............................... Team Oakley Productions
information about Art Paul Advertising, contact Barry at 855-7102.         Sue Oldfield ...................................................... Windsor Square
                                                                           Linda O’Rielly ................................... River Valley Mortgage
                                                                           Tom Otero ................................................. Mohave Electric
                                                                           Eileen Reed .................................................. Wells Fargo Bank
                                                                           Gene Riesdorph .................. La Fiesta Leisure Living Center
                                                                           Linda Riesdorph ...................... Mohave Community College
                                COMPUTER CLASSES                           Priscilla Robertson ............................. Hi-Tech Mortgage Inc
                                                                           Marshall Ronningen .............................. All Star Auto Center
                                 WILL BE SCHEDULED                         Kathie Schuler ............................... Sunbelt Appliance Repair
                                                                           Christine Snyder ................................. State Title Agency Inc
                                   WHEN THE LHUSD                          Gregg Staples .............................. Thompson Bay Trading Co
                                                                           Amy Sugamele ..................................................... Chase Bank
                               FALL SESSION BEGINS                         Linda Sugamele ...................................................... Century 21
                                                                           Barry Tuberman ........................... Art Paul Advertising
                                                                           Kelli Ward ............................... Lakeview Family Health Care
                                                                           Paula Zalibra .............................. Campbell Brothers Storage

BUSINESS FRONTIER JUNE 2006                                                                                                                                     7
                                    CREATING A STRONG LOCAL ECONOMY

                                                    Learning & Laughs End Leadership Year
                                                                           By Jessica Dietrich
                                              It’s been a great nine months of learning, laughs and leadership.
                                              On the first day of class we were given an activity in which we were
                                           provided a piece of paper with one of our classmates names on it. From there we
                                           had to write what our first impression was of that person. On our final day, Co-
                                           Chair Carol Stockwell started us off by handing us back our first impressions paper.
                                           We then wrote what impression we have of that person now. It was definitely neat
                                           to see how the first impression and the impression of them now have changed over
                                           the last nine months. As these were read aloud it was evident that our class had
    bonded a great deal and formed a lot of solid friendships. Hearing everyone’s first impressions was a lot fun and once it
    was done, I had a definite side ache from laughing so hard.
       We then threw out some words that we thought described leadership and some examples
    of these were knowledge, courage, trustworthiness, integrity and creativity to name a few.
    Then we broke into groups to do skits that pertained to the following words: perseverance,
    courage, integrity and attitude, all very important characteristics of a leader. Each group
    was given a characteristic. We were given time to practice, after which we watched a
    video that Jim Weeks, Project Assistant for the Chamber of Commerce had prepared. It
    included a compilation of video footage from all of our classes. We all enjoyed watching the
    time we walked around as a giant amoeba and tied our shoelaces together and tried to walk
    and crawl. The next time you have some free time, get a group of people together and try
    that! It’s not easy, but it makes for a good laugh!
       After our delicious lunch catered by Juicy’s Noodles, it was time to perform! Each group
    got up and portrayed the characteristics that were given to them. Julius Carlson pretended
    to be the humorous Jarrod Lyman and Kathy Henry pretended to be the Mayor of Lake Havasu City. Well done Kathy!
    While each skit was filled with many laughs, the skits portrayed the valuable attributes of leadership.
       Once that was all said and done each of us had a chance to tell about our most memorable moment in leadership
    class. The responses were heart-felt and touching. Nancy Darrow, the Education Committee Co-Chair introduced the
    2006/2007 Co-Chairs and selected session leaders for each class. A great big congratulations to next years Co-Chairs
    Mark McKinnon, Melissa Dobar, Melissa Brocker, Catherine Rabik and Darren Carson. I wish you all the best in the
    coming year!
       It was a great day of memories and laughs. Thank you to our Co-Chairs, Session Leaders and the Chamber of
    Commerce for giving us the opportunity to experience such a great year of valuable leadership skills and knowledge as
    well as fun. The Lighthouse Club deserves a great big thank you as well for letting our class be a part of what they do.
    I look forward to working with all of you in the near future!

                            Train Your Staff At Their Own Workstation
      For those of you who are not aware of it, the Chamber has a pretty extensive educational library available for check out
    on a number of topics from conflict resolution to detecting counterfeit currency. Any Chamber member is welcome to
    use the library—they come in both VHS tape, DVD and CD ROM.
      The titles currently available are:
          Chamber of Commerce —                                    John Marshall Associates —
              • Dispute Resolution (1) Disk (2) Tapes                 • Wealth Creation & Preservation
              • Customer Service (2) Disks (3) Tapes               Others Include —
              • Business Basics (1) Disk (1 ) Tape                    • Quickbooks Ultimate Business Planner
              • First Impressions (1) Disk (1) Tape                   • AZ Dept. of Revenue Small Business Video
          Dr. Zonnya —                                                • Detecting Counterfeit Currency
              • Systems On Success For Balanced Living                • Stress Management (1995 tape)
              • Systems For Winners                                   • Motivation & Goal Setting (1995 tape)
              • Systems On Success For Leadership                     • Leadership 2004 (14 Disks)

8                                                                  LAKE HAVASU AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                 CREATING A STRONG LOCAL ECONOMY

                 Business Directory Unveiled at Volunteer Luncheon
    The 2006-07 Membership/Business Directory and Community Profile will be unveiled
  during the Chamber’s Annual Volunteer appreciation Luncheon on June 9. The
  directory includes the entire membership listing as well as the most up to date resource
  information for the community along with stunning photographs of Lake Havasu City.
    The directory is divided into three major sections—the front is a community profile
  which includes information on the Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce, the
  City of Lake Havasu, Education, Healthcare, the Convention & Visitors Bureau and
  the Partnership for Economic Development.
    The second and third sections are divided into membership and business directory.
  The membership directory is an alphabetical listing of every Chamber member in the
  organization. It includes a subcategory where the Chamber member can also be
  found in the business directory, (i.e. AA Auto also found under Batteries, Car Care).
  The Business directory is also alphabetized by category, chosen by the Chamber member, (i.e. Auto Care, Banking,
  Cleaning, etc.)
    According to CEO/President Lisa Kruger, the directory is eight pages bigger than it was last year. “We are really
  excited about this year’s edition,” said Krueger. “It reflects the growth in chamber membership that we have
  experienced. Special thanks goes to Mary Reynolds for her hard work and professional dedication to this project and
  to Jeni Coke for the fabulous ad sales.”
    Following the unveiling, the directories will be distributed by mail to the entire membership. Those wanting extra
  copies can call the Chamber office and either request delivery or come by and pick some up.
   “We encourage hotels, motels, resorts, and RV Parks to pick up enough to place in each room of their facilities,” said
   Chamber staff will continue to distribute the directories throughout the year in high traffic locations around town and
  mail them in relocation packets.

                                                                  Advantage Windshield
                                                                Featured at A.M. Exchange
                                                       Thanks to Colette Bradner and her staff at Advantage Windshield
                                                     for hosting the May 12 A.M. Exchange. Those in attendance got the
                                                     opportunity to tour the new Bradner Commercial Center and be
                                                     treated by JAVA Dog—another new business by Bradner and her
            Early Morning Networking                 staff. It was a very pleasant way to begin a Friday morning.
   For those of you unfamiliar about the early bird networking opportunities—the A.M. Exchanges were designed to
 accommodate those business owners who cannot make it to the evening monthly mixers. It is also designed for the
 smaller business owner who wants the chance to host or co-host an event in their place of business. An A.M. Exchange
 prepares for 30 to 50 participants and offers the hosts the chance to give a 10-minute presentation (including a tour of
 their facility) and provide a continental-style breakfast.
 “It is great to see business growth in Havasu. Dreams becoming a reality, congrats Advantage Glass. What a great way
 to showcase our growing businesses.” Tammie Bohnker, Farm Bureau
   Those in attendance have the chance to win an advertising packet worth $100. The cost to attend is $2 in advance and
 $3 at the door. For more information contact the Chamber office at 855-4115.

BUSINESS FRONTIER JUNE 2006                                                                                                  9
                                             SPOTLIGHT ON BUSINESS

                                                           Frontline Graphics & Web Design’s
                                                                  Motto: No Ugly Websites
                                                              In 1995, Timothy Hodges drove across the United States to
                                                            Lake Havasu City in a red Ford to ask Christine to marry him.
                                                            He was dabbling in web design at the time—he had already
                                                            completed his first site for a MacIntosh Users Group in
                                                           Saracuse, New York. His driving force for his hobby was being
                                                          tired of seeing ugly web sites that were not easy to navigate.
                                                         His driving force for coming to the desert was love.
                                                      “I was the terminal manager for Jaguar Freight at the time,” said
                                                    Christine. “Timothy had been my best friend for years. His first trip
                                                    to Lake Havasu City was to get me.”
                    Tim & Christine Hodges            Christine returned to New York with Tim and together they grew
     Frontline Graphics into a wed design, hosting, maintenance and technical support business that it is.
      “Tim has taught me everything I know about web design,” said Christine. “He has been my mentor and a
     wonderful husband.”
       Frontline Graphics has been operating in Lake Havasu City since 2003, when the Hodges moved back to town to
     be with other members of their family. They broke into the market when a lot of businesses were skeptical about
     web designers in general.
        “A common thing we found when we arrived was incomplete web sites,” said Tim. “So it took awhile for people
      to trust that we would stay around to finish the job.”
       Frontline Graphics specializes in designing strikingly different web sites, which includes domain registering, site
      hosting, maintenance, search engine submission and technical support. They also offer the opportunity through a
      Google ad campaign to keep a businesses’ web site at the top of the ‘search’ list.
        “It’s something I maintain daily and some customers prefer to use it if they are just launching their site and they
       want to be immediately out there,” said Christine.
         Frontline Graphics has now grown to a team of four people and samples of their work include the one for Lake
        Havasu City Convention & Visitors Bureau. They have also done comp work for organizations like the United
                         “The key thing is to create an eye appealing and functional web site for people,” said Tim. “It
                           needs to be easy to navigate and get people where they want to go and return them where
                            they started.”
                                    Frontline Graphics & Wed Design can be contacted by calling 854-8481.

10                                                             LAKE HAVASU AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                         SPOTLIGHT ON BUSINESS

                                                           Channel 45 Moves Programming
                                                                 Into 21st Century
                                                     Ever wonder who’s watching Channel 45 these days?
                                                      Everyone, according to local feedback. In the last year, our local
                                                   television channel has moved into the 21 st century with new
                                                   technology and a variety of locally produced programs.
                                                      “The quality of this station’s broadcast has never been better,”
                                                   said general manager Ken McKinney. “We offer professional
                                                   television programming through news, events, sports, talk shows and
                                                   business spotlights. Advertisers can take advantage of all our
              Channel 45 Newscasters
                                                   television programming because it is so affordable in comparison to
                                                   other medias.
     KLHU Channel 45 is owned and operated by Mark and Jolene Jensen who have been visiting the Lake Havasu
   area for over a dozen years. Mark was a developer in the Northwest for many years and has now transferred all his
   business interests to Lake Havasu City.
     As owner, operator and FCC licensee of KLHU-ca TV45 since 2003, Mark and Jolene have actively managed
   the local Lake Havasu City television station since March 2005. To date Jensen Media has invested in today’s
   technology in order to deliver a higher quality signal to viewers. The main focus of the Jensen Media Group’s
   business plan involves the production of local programs designed to inform and entertain viewers.
      KLHU Channel 45 currently produces “TV45 N.E.W.S.” covering local news, events, weather and sports,
    “Politically Speaking With Larry Reese” a live 30 minute talk show with local newsmakers, “Your Havasu
    Weekend” a half hour program highlighting weekend weather and events, “Heidi On The Town” which are video
    vignettes highlighting new businesses, events or activities of interest to our viewers, and “Great Homes & Designs
     Of Havasu” which is a magazine style program aimed at developers of master planned communities, contractors
     and realtors. KLHU also provides LIVE coverage of the City Council meetings.
        KLHU is available via antenna and NPG cable. For those satellite subscribers without access to Channel 45,
     there is video streaming available on the internet through the website at by clicking on Web TV 45.
      Since the image is sent out digitally, the viewer sees it with DVD quality.
        Jolene Jensen is one of the newscasters, along with Larry Reese, Theresa McAllister and Donna Brister.
      Stevie Weaver is the host of the Great Homes & Designs of Havasu program.
           “We are a business ourselves and our philosophy is to make your business better,” says owner Mark Jensen.
                          Chamber members who are interested in television advertising are welcome to call Channel
                           45 (at 453-8888) as a result of this story and receive a 30-second commercial for as low as
                           $6 each run. TV45 is located at the Easy Street complex at 1600 W. Acoma Blvd, Suite 36.

BUSINESS FRONTIER JUNE 2006                                                                                                11
                                              SPOTLIGHT ON BUSINESS

                       Butler Communications Celebrate 15 Years In Havasu
       Don and Sherry Butler have approximately 80 years experience
     between them in an industry that has changed tremendously over
     the last decade. They are an authorized business partner for ANAYA
     Communications, which is a spin-off of AT&T and Lucent
      Technologies. They sell business telephone systems—including the
      hardware—which are custom programmable to fit their customers’
        “Phone systems have changed so much over the years that 99.9
      percent of the problems can be diagnosed and repaired over the
      phone,” explained Sherry. “It’s called ‘remote administration’. Once
      a system is installed, we are available 24/7 should our customers
      need any assistance.”
                                                                                           Don & Sherry Butler
       Sherry handles the sales and customer service portion of Butler
      Communications, while Don handles all the installs. They cover the Tri-State region with accounts as far away as La
      Paz and San Bernardino Counties.
         “I started out with Illinois Bell as a long distance operator,” said Sherry. “That’s when they had switchboards to
       handle calls. Then I transferred to the business and customer service/sales side. I eventually moved to California as
       a customer trainer where I traveled to large corporations to set up phone systems and show them how to use
        them—we’re talking large as in Air Force.”
         Once in Southern California, Sherry met Don, who was a supervisor in installation and repair. Somewhere in the
        midst, the Bell company they worked for turned into AT&T and they both ended up in Northern California.
           “Don’s office was getting ready to move to Denver and he didn’t want to go,” said Sherry. “He had visited Lake
          Havasu City on vacation so he wanted to retire here. When we moved here, we ended up opening our own
            agency, instead.”
                             The Butler’s are stating fact when they say they know their business better than anyone in
                             the industry. For 15 years they have provided end-service phone systems for their clients
                              throughout Mohave County and the surrounding area. For more information, contact Sherry
                                                    and Don at 680-0783.

12                                                              LAKE HAVASU AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                   WELCOME NEW MEMBERS                                             RENEWING MEMBERS

Accurate Heating                    Liska’s Apothecary Shop
& Cooling Inc                       1840 Mesquite Ave #E
3274 Sea Ace Ln                     LHC, AZ 86403                     Neat Pool & Supply Inc (17 yrs)
LHC, AZ 86406                       855-0106                          American Association of
505-6263                                   University Women (16 yrs)
Andy Bailey                         John Liska                        MDIC/Farm Bureau (16 yrs)
Heating                             Pharmacies
                                                                      Walmart Stores Inc (16 yrs)
Air Conditioning
                                    Rio Vista Medical Billing         Action Telephone Answering Exchange (15 yrs)
Advanced Real                       3521 Offshore Dr                  Novak Animal Care Center (15 yrs)
Estate Co.                          LHC, AZ 86406                     Windsor Beach Storage (15 yrs)
2690 Jamaica Blvd                   680-0800
                                    New Horizons Center Inc (13 yrs)
LHC, AZ 86403
                                    Patti Fromang                     ARAMARK Catering (12 yrs)
486-5353               Medical Billing                   Quality Fence Inc (12 yrs)                                          Impact International Group (11 yrs)
                                    SOS Staffing Services
Carole Cathcart                                                       Lions Foundation of LHC (10 yrs)
                                    2701 E Andy Devine Ave
                                    Kingman, AZ 86401                 Goldberg & Osborne (9 yrs)
Arizona Carpetman                   928-753-4800                      Desert Technology High School (8 yrs)
911 N Lake Havasu Ave #404           Pauline’s Fashions (7 yrs)
LHC, AZ 86403             
                                    Bruce Bollinger                   Kiwanis Golden K (5 yrs)
                                    Employment Services               Southside Laundromat (5 yrs)
Cathie Marshall                                                       Accurate Measures (4 yrs)
Floor Covering                                                        US Fish & Wildlife Service-
                                    Home Inspections
                                                                           Bill Williams River NWR (4 yrs)
Budget Blinds                       2160 Cosnina Dr
                                    LHC, AZ 86403                     Brooks-Clark & Associates-Dunkley (3 yrs)
of Lake Havasu
2906 Mountain Trail Rd              208-1505                          Havasu Medical Supply Inc (3 yrs)
Kingman, AZ 86401                       Kathy Weydig Photography (3 yrs)
928-757-4142                        Darla Fallon                      Selman & Associates-Przysiecki (3 yrs)            Home Inspections
                                                                      Tiger Trenching (3 yrs)
                                                                      Barbara J Perry, MD (2 yrs)
Ed Benton                               City Statistics
Window Coverings                                                      Bella (2 yrs)
                                         City Sales Tax               Havasu Realty-Anderson (2 yrs)
Exit Realty River Cities            Mar 2005 ....... $ 1,582,976      UniSource Energy Services-Electric (2 yrs)
422 El Camino Way                   Mar 2006 ....... $ 1,774,522
LHC, AZ 86403                                                         Advanced Real Estate Co (1 yr)
                                       Building Permits               All American Remodeling (1 yr)
486-9997                                 Residential             Mar 2005 ....... 263            Audibility Inc (1 yr)
Aaron Pfeifer                         Mar 2006 ....... 259            BridgeWater Casual Wear & Gifts (1 yr)
                                         Commercial                   J3Jetskis (1 yr)
Immediate Promotions Inc               Mar 2005 ...... 16             Red Room (1 yr)
6120 W Grovers Ave                     Mar 2006 ........ 7
Glendale, AZ 85308
602-595-6226                             Chamber                        Chamber Statistics                     Internet Statistics                          April 2006
Karen Hays                                                   April 2006                  Lobby Visits: ............. 166
                                                  Directory Searches: .... 1,280         Phone Calls: .............. 816
                                                  Website Link Referrals 1,108           Member Referrals: ... 396

BUSINESS FRONTIER JUNE 2006                                                                                                13

                                                                 Affordable Legal Document Services
                                                                         1795 Civic Center Blvd #101
                                                    The Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors held a
                                                    ribbon cutting ceremony to welcome Affordable Legal Document Services
                                                    into the Chamber. Carol Keller with Affordable Legal Document Services
                                                    specializes in providing a low-cost alternative for those who are in need of
                                                    a will or basic revocable living trust. They can also provide powers of
                                                    attorney for financial management and health care. Affordable Legal
                                                    Document Services is located inside Springberg McAndrew Financial at
                                                    1795 Civic Center Blvd and can be contacted at 453-2075.

                         Butler Communications
     Don and Sherry Butler, owners of Butler Communications are happy to
     celebrate the business’s 15 th anniversary. The Lake Havasu Area
     Chamber Ambassadors were on hand for a ribbon cutting ceremony.
     Butler Communications handles telephone systems for all size businesses.
     Contact Sherry for more information at 680-0783.

                                                    This year marks the 15th year of Kid City at Starline Elementary. Each
                                                    year kids in third, fourth, and fifth grades have the chance to participate in
                                                    the program. During the program, the children must design a product and
                                                    business plan and then sell the product. Kid City is open for operation
                                                    during the school day. They keep their books and keep track of sales tax
                                                    on the items that they sell. This year Mrs. Brewster and Miss Moran were
                                                    the coordinators of the program. The Chamber Ambassadors were on hand
                                                    for a ribbon cutting ceremony to open Kid City.

                       Platinum USA Real Estate
                       500 N Lake Havasu Ave #B102
     Platinum USA Real Estate held it’s grand opening recently with a ribbon
     cutting by the Lake Havasu Area Chamber Ambassadors. Keri Poole,
     CEO of Platinum USA Real Estate and her agents invite you to contact
     them with your real estate needs. Platinum USA Real Estate is located at
     500 N Lake Havasu Ave #B102 and can be reached at 854-5505.

                                                                              River City Shuttle
                                                    The Lake Havasu Area Chamber Ambassadors welcomed new member,
                                                    River City Shuttle with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Michael Logan, owner
                                                    has taken over Commuter Carriers day time airport service. He has
                                                    modified the route and now provides daily service from Lake Havasu City
                                                    to the McCarran Airport in Las Vegas via Needles, Bullhead City, Laughlin
                                                    and Searchlight. For shuttle service contact Michael at 854-5253.

14                                                                 LAKE HAVASU AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                            RIBBON-CUTTINGS (CONT’)

                                                                               Scraps Dog Bakery
                                                                                    1535 Marlboro
                                                     The Lake Havasu Area Chamber Ambassadors held a ribbon cutting cer-
                                                     emony for Scraps Dog Bakery which is now open in Lake Havasu City.
                                                     This is the 9th Scraps location in the west coast region. Scraps Dog Bakery
                                                     sells exceptional pet treats, accessories and nutritious foods for both cats
                                                     and dogs. The stores also carry a full reference library for its customer’s
                                                     use, and provide for special orders. Stop by and check out the store at 1535
                                                     Marlboro and don’t forget to bring your favorite companion with you.

                    Ingram & Honsinger, P.C.
                          2000 McCulloch Blvd.
Susan Ingram, Attorney, Ingram & Honsinger Law Offices celebrated the
addition of her new partner Paul Honsinger with a ribbon cutting by the
Lake Havasu Area Chamber Ambassadors. The firm has increased its
office space a t the 2000 McCulloch Blvd., address and will continue to
practice in the area of family law. Ingram & Honsinger, P.C. is now
accepting selected cases in the areas of family law, civil law, civil litigation,
and business litigation. The phone number is 505-7785.

                                                                          Table Bluff Lighthouse
                                                The Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club dedicated the 11th lighthouse on Lake Havasu
                                                with a ribbon cutting ceremony by the Lake Havasu Area Chamber Ambassadors.
                                                The original Table Bluff Lighthouse in Eureka, Calif., was built in 1892. The
                                                Lake Havasu replica is approximately 75% of the original in size. Mark Matt,
                                                owner of USA RV & Marine was the sponsor of this lighthouse. Anyone
                                                interested in more information on the Lighthouse Club are asked to contact Bob
                                                Keller at 680-0996.

  Havasu Leadership Development Class Project 2006
The Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce, Havasu Leadership
Development, Class of 2006 celebrated the completion of its class project
with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The class created a trail and trailhead to
where the Boston Lighthouse will eventually be placed. The trail is marked
with plaques along the way to the lighthouse site and provide information on
the Lighthouse Club, lighthouses, Lake Havasu City and information on the
desert’s natural surroundings. There is a bench located next to the
Lighthouse site for visitors to enjoy.

BUSINESS FRONTIER JUNE 2006                                                                                                         15
                                               RIBBON-CUTTINGS (CONT’)

                                                                          500 N. Lake Havasu Ave C-106
                                                                               928-854-6600 Office
                                                      Michelle Morgan, owner of Help-U-Sell Real Estate Specialists, offers the
                                                      easy way to sell your home and save. They offer full service at a low set
                                                      fee of $4250 for listings, not a high-cost commission. Your payment is due
                                                      at closing only if your home sells, no advance fee required. Help-U-Sell
                                                      will put your property on the Master Listing Service (Sellers Choice). Help-
                                                      U-Sell celebrated its grand opening with a ribbon cutting by the Lake Havasu
                                                      Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors. Help-U-Sell can be contacted
                                                      at 854-6600 or at 500 N. Lake Havasu Ave., C-106.

                                  Great Clips
                            1641 McCulloch Blvd #18
     Great Clips opened its Lake Havasu City salon in grand style with a ribbon
     cutting ceremony by the Lake Havasu Area Chamber Ambassadors. Great
     Clips’ “no appointment” approach to business, highly trained stylists and
     dedication to customer service is leading the way to better haircare service
     in Lake Havasu City. They are open at 1641 McCulloch Blvd #18 and are
     offering $5.99 haircuts through month of May. Great Clips can be reached
     at 505-3412.

                                          CVB Receives Multi-Year Contract from City
                                                                      By Jarrod Lyman
                                 Judging by the number of boats I saw on the highway today, summer most definitely has
                              arrived. Time for the boats to come out of storage and hit the water. If the rest of this year is any
                              indication, this summer should be another great year, with bed tax receipts continuing to climb.
        Speaking of great things, the city and the CVB have taken the next step in the great partnership we have with each other
     when the Council voted 6-0 recently to a three year contract. This is the first multi-year contract the CVB has had with the
     city, and everyone here is excited to have the long term agreement in place. It was the result of hard work between CVB
     administration, the Board and city officials who had the common goal of building upon the continued success the bureau has
     seen in recent year. It’s also indicative of the great relationship we have with each other and the team work that makes so
     many of our accomplishments possible. So to the council and the city staff who also gave their backing, thank you for your
     confidence and your support.

        The Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce is proud
      to announce the 2006 graduating class of the Havasu
      Leadership Development Program. This is the 8th class to
      complete the award-winning program sponsored by the
      Chamber. HLD has been so successful that an Advanced
      Havasu Leadership Development program is now being
      offered to the alumni of HLD. Recruitment for 2007 HLD
      and AHLD is now in progress. Applications are available
      at the Chamber’s website or call
      the Chamber office 855-4115 for more information.

16                                                                    LAKE HAVASU AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                       “Members Only”
                                        Bulletin Board
City Council Tuesday, June 13 & Tuesday, June 27 at 7 p.m.
Listen to the Chamber on KNTR 980 Speakout the second Friday of the month 11:00-noon. A different
Chamber member is featured each month.
SCORE meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm at Bank of America. SCORE is
a volunteer community service organization affiliated with the US Small Business Administration whose
sole purpose is to provide free, confidential consultation and mentoring services to local entrepreneurs and
small businesses.
Havasu Art Guild meets on the 3rd Monday of the month from September through May at 7 pm. Meetings
held at the Mohave County Library. For additional info call 855-8078.
Women’s Network Exchange of Arizona (WNEA) meets in the King Arthur Room at the London
Bridge Resort the first Thursday of the month. Networking begins at 5:00 pm. Dinner is served at 6:15. For
reservations or for more information, please call Margee 486-9231.
BPW meets every 2nd Thursday, 6 pm. Ramada Inn 6:00 pm. for dinner, edutainment and business meeting.
Guests and prospective members welcome. Call 453-3182 for more info.
Havasu Stitchers meets the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm. at the library.
The Lake Havasu City Historical Society & Museum is open from 1:00 – 4:00 pm daily except Sunday
and Monday. Call 854-4938 for information. 320 London Bridge Road. Admission $2.
SCORE- volunteers: workers, business owners and entrepreneurs being sought to share their experiences
in the marketplace at the SCORE office in LHC. If you have a few hours a week or month, call the office
453-5951 or email
Rotary Club meetings: Lake Havasu Rotary every Monday at noon in Shugrue’s Bridgeview Room.
London Bridge Rotary every Wednesday at noon in Shugrue’s Bridgeview Room. Sunrise Rotary every
Thursday 7:00 am. at CHA-Bones.
Herbal Emporium has a one hour segment on KNTR 980. This is called “On the Natural Side”
Wednesdays at 11 am.
Alzheimer’s Association support group information please contact: Paula Anderson at 505-2133.
The Lake Havasu Museum of History will be showing a Classic Film with your admission to the
Museum on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. For further info call 854-4938.
Soroptimist (women helping women) meets for lunch on Thursday September – June. Call 854-2858
for time, place or more information.
National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors (NAIFA)-MOHAVE meets bi-monthly with
guest speakers at Juicy’s Noodles (7:30 a.m.) For information call Mona 453-9330 or Geri 855-9421.
Concerts in the Park every Thursday at Rotary Community Park 7:30pm. Free Admission, Bring blanket
or chair. Call 453-8686 LHC Parks & Recreation for more info.

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