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					                    July, 2009

                                       He Is With Us Even Now
Those who traveled to the mountains of Oregon heard once again          make disciples of all nations, baptizing
the good news that God reigns and that we are to "Look to The           them in the name of the Father and of
Hills". We were led through the pages of God's holy Word. We            the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and
were directed to where help can be found. It is found in the Lord       teaching them to obey everything I have
the maker of heaven and earth. We were encouraged to share with         commanded you. And surely I am with
others the hope that is in us, that by grace we are saved through       you always, to the very end of the age."
faith. We are on a journey home and we are not alone. God has           Matthew 28:19-20 How wonderful to
promised to be with us wherever we go, whether it is up a               know that as God's dearly loved
mountain or down the mountain. As we head up the mountain,              children He is with us even now, no
reach the peak, take in the beauty and are refreshed, we agree with     matter where we find ourselves, may we
the hymn writer: Tis good Lord to be here. Yet we may not remain;       never forget, Our God Reigns!
But since Thou bidst us leave the mount, come with us to the plain.
                                                                        Pastor Joel Steven Zipay
       You and I have been told to go; we have been told where to       LWML Counselor, Indiana District
go, and we have been told what to do as we go. "Therefore go and

                             What’s Your Credit Rating?
My husband and I recently refinanced the loan on our home to secure a lower interest rate. In order for
us to do this, the banker had to look up our credit rating. Having been good stewards of what the Lord
has given us, we were not concerned and passed with flying colors. We earned that rating by paying our
bills on time and not spending beyond our means. We also have a good credit rating with God. But
there is nothing that we can do to deserve that rating. Genesis 15:6 says, “Abram believed the Lord,
and he credited it to him as righteousness.” By simply believing that Christ died for our sins and paid
our debt, our rating with God soars to the highest amount possible-- perfect. Even our faith was instilled
in us through the power of the Holy Spirit working through God’s Word and Sacraments. We trust in the
Lord for a “perfect credit rating.” Having a good financial credit rating puts our mind at ease, but
having a good credit rating with our Father in heaven gives us an even greater peace. It gives us the
assurance of eternal life with Jesus. This peace must be shared with others who do not yet have that
assurance. This can be accomplished through our Mites and personal witnessing. Share the peace!

Miriam Neumann
Vice President – Mission Grants

                                         FROM THE PRESIDENT…
                   Nineteen delegates from the          Fort Wayne seminary campus Tuesday, October
                   Indiana District were among          20. This is a great time to bring your clothing,
                   the 3300 plus men, women,            household items and food pantry items to the
                   and children that attended the       seminary.
                   33rd     Biennial      LWML
                   Convention in Portland,              Our district convention will be next June in
                   Oregon, in June. The LWML            Indianapolis. Now is the time to look around in
                   adopted a $1.825 million             your local area for possible mission grant
mission goal for the 2009-11 biennium, the              proposals. Contact Miriam Neumann, Vice
largest mite goal in the LWML’s 67-year                 President – Mission Grants, for information on
history. Nineteen mission grants will be funded.        how to submit a grant proposal.
New officers were elected and Salt Lake City
will be the site for the 2017 LWML convention.          As noted in the last issue of the Good News
To check out news and photos from the                   inserted into the Summer 2009 Lutheran
convention, go to www.lwml.org where you can            Woman’s Quarterly, beginning with this issue
also download the daily convention newspaper            of the Good News and all future issues, the
for your society or zone. This issue of the Good        Good News will be sent electronically to
News also includes articles from our two YWRs           churches, societies, and individuals. Please
and our Public Relations Director, Penny                check with your church secretary for your
Letterman.                                              society’s copy, make copies and distribute to the
                                                        ladies in your church. If you are unable to
Looking for new ideas for your events and               receive newsletters via the internet, contact Deb
programs for this coming year? Check out the            Sorokin (address info on last page) so
new Planning Made Easy available from the               newsletters will continue to be sent by regular
LWML #14223. Use this guide to plan LWML                mail. Copies of all newsletters can also be found
meetings, rallies, any church or group gathering.       on our district Web site, www.lwmlindiana.org.
It contains devotions, Bible studies, programs,
sketches, Human Care suggestions and prayers.           Spend time daily with our Lord, in His Word, at
                                                        His feet. (…Mary, sat at the Lord’s feet,
It’s not too early to start planning LWML               listening to what he taught.” Luke 10: 39) Take
Sunday which features this year’s convention            time to be quiet – to be still – to listen (Be still
theme and logo “Look to the Hills…God                   and know that I am God.” Psalm 46: 10). Let
Reigns.”. LWML Sunday packets have been                 Him fill you with joy and thank Him always in
mailed to congregations and societies. The first        whatever circumstance. (let the Holy Spirit fill
Sunday in October is the Celebration Sunday for         and control you … and you will always give
LWML, which is October 4 this year. However,            thanks for everything to God the Father in the
the materials can be used at your church on any         name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Eph. 5: 18b;20)
                                                        Joyfully serving Him together with you,
The Indiana District LWML and the Concordia
Seminary Guild will host Donation Day at the            Ruth Thomas

                                     WHO AM I?
I am a daughter, wife, mother, teacher and, most importantly, I'm a princess!

I am the third of five children, all born in Brazil to George and Ottilie Mueller. My father,
born and raised in France, came to study for the ministry in the United States. He did his
vicarage in Bristol, CT, where he met my mom. One month after they were married, they went
to Brazil where they served the Lord as missionaries for twenty-four years.

I am also the wife of Peter Cook, a Math teacher and administrative assistant in the Math
Department at Purdue University. The Lord has blessed us with 39 wonderful years of
marriage. (That number is so big but the years have gone by so quickly!)

After nine years of marriage, the Lord gave us a child, our precious daughter, Corrie (in whom
we delight), now married and living in Indianapolis.

My background in Brazil enabled me to become a Portuguese (and Spanish) teacher at Purdue

So you see, I am a daughter, wife, mother and teacher. That's a fact! You can
believe that, but would you believe than I am a princess as well? That's right!
I am a princess! No, that title is not hereditary. My earthly parents were not
members of the royalty. So, what makes me a princess? I am the legitimate
daughter of THE king and that makes me a princess, no doubt about it!! I
officially became His daughter through the waters of baptism. I am His child
and He is My Father for He said: "I have called you by name; you are mine."

How comforting it is to know that our Father, who is the King of Kings,
comes to us in a very personal way in His Word and in His Sacraments, is
also the One who forgives us all our sins and who cares deeply about our
spiritual, physical and material well being. The hymn writer Henry W. Baker
said it well when he wrote:

                           The King of love my shepherd is
                            Whose goodness faileth never;
                              I nothing lack if I am his
                               And he is mine forever.

Nowadays, with all the pressures and demands placed upon us, as we try our best to
"balance our act" and understand "Who am I?" let us remember that we are, above all
princesses, daughters of THE king!

Betty Cook
Christian Life Committee


                    We are hearing more and more about Staycations - a get away vacation – at home. As
the economy prevents many from having a traditional vacation, a staycation also helps to keep the earth
green by not traveling and less fuel consumption.

What is a Staycation you ask? It is a stay at home, go to a local hotel or go camping vacation. If you stay
at home, don’t do any home repairs, just enjoy your house and yard for a day or two. You also won’t
have to pack/unpack luggage, fight traffic and won’t have to hear “Are we there yet?” “He/she touched
me”, and all the things the dear children do and yell from the back seat.

Our own area or backyard is worthy of praise to God as in Psalm 145:3-7 (NIV) 3 Great is the LORD
and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom. 4 One generation will commend your works to another;
they will tell of your mighty acts. 5 They will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty, and I will meditate on
your wonderful works. 6 They will tell of the power of your awesome works, and I will proclaim your great deeds. 7
They will celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness.

        Visit the local museums and parks. Buy a souvenir of a site from your hometown. You might
         find something from/about your congregation. I was thrilled to find a paperweight of our
         congregation’s school building which had been torn down 40+ years ago.

        Go to a ballgame – Even if it is a little league game, they are fun to watch. Go ahead and cheer
         for players even if you don’t know them!

        Go on a picnic to the park and use the old picnic basket that the kids or grandkids haven’t seen,
         and be sure to use a real tablecloth for the picnic table. Don’t have a real tablecloth, use a blanket.

        Go hiking or biking – almost every city has some sort of trail to do. Don’t tell the kids that this is
         also good exercise.

        This would also be a good time to try that new ethnic restaurant and introduce new foods to the

        Try a short bus or train trip to a neighboring city and visit their attractions. Go on the day that
         there is free admission.

        Don’t forget the zoo. The animals are always fun to visit and watch and the kids always like
         watching and imitating the animals.

Taking a Staycation will make one look at the parks, the trails, the zoo, and your own backyard in a
different perspective as they are all God’s creations. Go early or late in the day and look at the sunrise or
sunset and marvel of all the wonderful things and sights that God has given us to enjoy and He did it all
for you!

Mary Ellen Fuller
Human Care
                               MISSION GRANT PRESENTATIONS

Kentuckiana Zone Prison Ministry - $1,000.00
 President Thomas, Barbara Anderson, Zone
   Treasurer, Gloria Wood, Zone President
                                                    LDM: Missionary Intern Matching Grant
                                                           Partial grant of $5,000.00
                                                    Rebekah Stokes, Lauren Wilderson, Tristin
                                                      Rutledge (interns), President Thomas,
                                                         Don Boden, Executive Director
                                                       (intern Melissa Gould, not present)

 Missions & Outreach – Ellettsville - partial
        Members of LWML of TLC

                                                St. John’s Preschool, Farmers Retreat - 3,501.00
                                                Sandy Lang, LWML President, President Thomas

Hands of Mercy Training Center - $10,000.00
 Rev. Douglas Punke, President Thomas, and
   Pat Nuffer, Deaconess and Project Adm.

Greetings dear sisters in Christ!                             LWML Convention 2009 “Our God Reigns”

As I reflect on the 2009 convention in Portland, I            It has been a couple of weeks now since returning
am first and foremost grateful for the opportunity            from Portland for the 2009 LWML Convention and
and honor of being one of two YWRs from the                   life is getting back into a normal routine, but the
Indiana District. The convention was alive with               welcoming smiles and nuggets of wisdom from
excitement and activity that will be a lasting                God’s Word will remain with me for a long time to
memory for me as I continue my involvement in                 come. Thank you for the honor of selecting me as
LWML. I formed new friendships and learned a                  one of the Young Women Representatives for the
great deal about LWML.                                        convention. Throughout the entire convention, you
                                                              could see how God is working through the lives of
I was most impressed and amazed by the amount                 LCMS women to impact their churches, their
of Mission Grants awarded for the 2009-11                     communities, and the world. For me, the times of
biennium, a record 1.825 million. Wow! What a
                                                              praise and worship were especially powerful. Being
wonderful testament to the vitality of LWML. It
                                                              a church musician, music often speaks directly to my
was intriguing to see and hear from past grant
recipients. Every penny, dime, nickel, or quarter             heart, and to hear so many voices uniting in song at
in your mite box brings                                                    the same time to praise our God who
individuals that much                                                      reigns gave me God bumps. Upon
closer to hearing the                                                      arriving home, I have already sought out
Word. I am honored to                                                      some of the songs that I felt carried such
be a part of that process.                                                 powerful     messages,      like    “How
                                                                           Beautiful” by Twila Paris, to use in our
President       Wendorf                                                    worship.
presented her vision
statement for LWML as                                                     On Saturday evening, the “Pride of
“Lutheran Women in                                                        Portland” group was the activity for the
Mission who are in the                                                    evening. This group of women shared
Word, of the Word, and                                                    their voices and their hearts with us
walking with the Lord.”                                                   Saturday evening. And despite the fact
What      a     beautiful                                                 that they were supposed to be the
synopsis of what it is to                                                 entertainment for the evening, they
be a Christian lady. We                                                   surprised us with a donation of mites that
do not need gimmicks,                                                     they     had      collected   themselves
entertainment,         or                                                 specifically for the LWML Convention.
incentives to make our                                                    They were very excited to be able to
goals happen or bring             Allison Huffman, President Thomas,         perform for us and further such an
individuals to Christ.                   Jamelyn Langhammer                  impactful mission.
We only need faith and         District Banner made by Elaine Young, St.
trust in the Lord. The                   Paul’s LWML, Bremen                 All of the ladies at the convention were
Word is our light and                                                        very welcoming, and I have made
allows us to truly “serve the Lord with gladness.”              several new friends across the United States in the
                                                                LWML. I look forward to hearing what various
Blessings!                                                      activities that the societies, zones, and districts are
Allison Huffman                                                 doing. It is wonderful to see what an impact God
Emmanuel Leesville
                                                                has in our lives through our mites and the activities
Seymour Zone
                                                                that the ladies of the LCMS do together!

                                                                                                  Our God Reigns!
                                                                                              Jamelyn Langhammer

                                     Indiana District LWML
                                     Mission Grants Update
                                        2008-2010 Biennium - $117,500

                                                                        Grant Total Disbursed         Balance

          American Bible Society                                            $1,000.00   $1,000.00       PAID
          CTS Food Co-op                                                    10,000.00    5,000.00     5,000.00
          Worship for Shut-Ins                                              10,000.00   10,000.00       PAID
          Cambodia Battambang School & Outreach                             10,000.00                10,000.00
          Lutheran Disability Outreach                                      10,000.00                10,000.00
          Lutherwood Spiritual Growth Program                                3,500.00                 3,500.00
          Kentuckiana Zone Prison Ministry                                   1,000.00    1,000.00        PAID
          Hands of Mercy Training Center                                    10,000.00      10,000        PAID
          Word & Sacrament Outreach -So. Central IN                         10,000.00                10,000.00
          Blind Mission Outreach Directors                                   4,500.00                 4,500.00
          Ligonier Hispanic Ministry                                         9,000.00    9,000.00        PAID
          LDM - Missionary Intern Matching Grant                            10,000.00      10,000        PAID
          IN Dist Guatemala Trip                                             8,000.00   *6,000.00        PAID
          LCMS World Relief - Deaconess MMEs to ELC - Latvia                 9,000.00                 9,000.00
          Missions and Outreach - Ellettesville, IN                          9,999.00    2,814.10     7,184.90
          St. John's Church and Preschool Improvements                       1,501.00       3.501      *PAID
                                                                           117,500.00   58,315.10    59,184.90

* Only $6000 of the $8000 was needed for the trip to Guatemala. The grant stated that any unneeded funds be returned to
mites. The Executive Committee and Board of Directors voted to add the remaining $2000 to St. John’s Church and Pre-
school grant.
$2500 has also been sent to the Indiana District Flood Relief fund.

                                        Our Mites at Work
Hands of Mercy Training Center
         Hands of Mercy Training Center was opened in December 2006 under the direction of the ELC Sudan and
Deaconess Pat Nuffer. Training includes literacy classes and marketable skills for people with disabilities. Classes were
first held in a thatched roof hut but in March 2008 severe rains destroyed it making it unusable. A new permanent
building is being erected to continue this training. Mites will be used to complete the building and provide furnishings.

Word and Sacrament Outreach – South Central Indiana
        On September 7, 2008, Juan Luna was installed as vicar to serve the Spanish-speaking congregations in
Columbus and Seymour. He is the first full time “servant” for these two mission congregations. Since that time
attendance has increased and a number of people have been baptized and/or confirmed. Juan continues his studies at the
St. Louis seminary. Mites will assist in paying the salary of Vicar Luna during the next year and assist him in paying for
his seminary training.

                                             Presidents and/or Secretaries.

Please send or Email Zone minutes and programs for 2009 events to Shirley Gut, 21 Fleet Parkway, Culver, IN
46511-1214, slcp@att.net (To date only 7 zones have reported and many still have 2008 events outstanding.)
Zone updates are readily available upon request. (In many cases a recent inventory has already been forwarded
to the zone.)

                    Thanks to all of you who have been using JOY and MEMORIAL cards to make contributions to the
           District Scholarship Fund. Please keep this fund in mind when giving a memorial or when honoring someone
           for a "joy" event. Thanks to your gifts we were able to present 13 five hundred dollar scholarships this year.
             Education costs, however, are rising so whatever can be done to help our future church workers receive their
             training will be very much appreciated. Gifts to the Scholarship Fund by societies and individuals are
            always                                                                                            welcomed.

                    Please pray that our funds may continue so that we will be able to have future workers in the harvest
            fields spreading the Gospel.

           Kathy Eisenbraun

       With LWML Sunday fast approaching many of you will need Mite Boxes. You may call me,
email me or write a note requesting mite boxes and I will be happy to send them to you. I will also
enclose a voucher with the cost of the mite boxes and a request that you reimburse us for the postage.
The cost of mite boxes is 10 cents each.

Iris Wittman
Financial Secretary

                                    ST. LOUIS MISSION TRIP
        Due to the lack of participants for the mission trip to St. Louis to work with Christian Friends for New Americans,
we have postponed the trip at this time. We are hoping to choose another date and hope that we will be able to get a nice
group to go and witness to the Muslim people CFNA is serving in the St. Louis area. If you have any questions or would
like to be considered for the trip at a future date, please contact me and let me know. My email address is
dbfarley4222@sbcglobal.net and my home phone number is 317-291-7342. I ask that you prayerfully consider going on
our next trip. You will be truly blessed in serving Him and showing God’s light to those who do not know Him.

Alice Farley
Mission Team Coordinator
                                             COME TO THE WATER

        Three hundred thirty-four women from the IN District LWML gathered at beautiful Clifty Falls State
Park for a spring retreat. The theme of this retreat was based on Isaiah 55:1a: “Come, all who are thirsty, come
to the waters……”
        The meeting room was filled with laughter, singing and Bible study led by Jan Struck. Jan reminded
the ladies that God has created them just as He wants them to be and she
also talked about Philippians 4:13, “I can do everything through Him
who gives me strength.” (NIV).
      Pastor Joel Zipay led us in devotions talking about “R” reasons
to come to the water – retreat, renewal and refreshment. Helen
Bohannon of Grace Lutheran in New Albany IN led the singing.
        The ladies attending were asked to bring plus-size clothing and
coats for the Madison Women’s Correctional Facility. Jennifer Saroka
from the facility greeted the ladies and tearfully expressed her gratitude
for the many boxes and bags of clothes that were donated.
Penny Letterman
IN District Public Relations Director

       I bought my 6-year old grandson some kind of “greenish fish person” at a garage sale. It looked a bit
ugly and strange, but since he likes anything related to oceans, I thought he would like it. He happily took the
                                    weird toy (which he had never seen before) and, within a minute, turned it
                                    into a functional helicopter. I was dumbfounded. I had played with it a bit
                                    myself and could make no sense out of it. Yet a 6-year old, in less than a
                                    minute, was able to transform a fish into a helicopter. He saw it’s potential
                                    and was not fooled by what it seemed to be.
        God sees past what we seem to be by human standards and sees what we can be by His grace. Yes, sin
does mark us and our sinful nature influences us in ways we may never understand. But God chose to love us
anyway. Jesus chose to die for us in spite of those sins so we could be forgiven. The Holy Spirit is at work in
us daily to transform us into what God intends for us to be.
        Though hard to understand, God can take even those ugly parts of our lives that make us ashamed and
use them to transform us into special people for His service. Consider how God transformed Saul, persecutor of
Christians, to Paul the Apostle. Romans 8:28 (NAS) promises,
        “We know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are
                                         called according to His purpose.”
        Let us lay those “secret” parts of our lives before God in prayer so we can experience His forgiveness
and healing. God is the Master Transformer and He delights in changing us into His beautiful children - gifted
for His service.

                                                                                             Michele Yamanaka
                                                                                  Christian Outreach Committee

The 33rd Biennial Convention of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League
was held from June 25 – 28, 2009, in Portland Oregon.

       Servant events were held on Thursday. You could assemble Braille
Book of the Bible in Spanish, fill backpacks for underprivileged children,
make a variety of items to assist veterans, assemble and tie quilts, highlight
Spanish Bibles, assemble personal care kits, write letters and notes to
missionaries and military personnel and making creative enhancements for
Bethesda and other group homes in the Portland area. The exhibits also
opened for you to visit.
         The convention opened with a Holy Communion Worship service on
Thursday evening. There were approximately 3,300 people in attendance
for this convention.
       The Bible study leader was Dr. Mary Hilgendorf and the key note
speaker was Ruth Koch. The inspirational speaker was Heidi Floyd with
musical interludes by Lauren Randall. The offerings that were collected
went to the mission goal, Hispanic lay training in the pacific SW, Alaska
missions for Christ and the LWML endowment fund.
        All of the people attending from the Indiana district met on Thursday
for a caucus meeting. They also had a picture taken of those in attendance
from Indiana.
        The convention concluded on Sunday morning with the installation
of officers and worship service.
      The mission budget for the next biennium is $1,446,032.00 which will support 19 missions world wide.
You may go to the website, www.lwml.org to find a list of the grants that were approved and the amount.

       The future conventions will be held as follows:

               2011 – Peoria IL
               2013 – Pittsburg PA
               2015 – Des Moines IA
               2017 – Salt Lake City UT

        If you have never attended a National convention, why not make plans for the 2011 convention which
will be held in Peoria IL. It is not too early to start planning. You will find it to be very uplifting as well as

Penny Letterman, Public Relations Director

                                                NOMINATIONS:               WE ARE SEARCHING!

                                 The nominating committee of the Indiana District LWML is searching for
                                 names of people who will be willing to permit their names to be placed on the
                                 ballet for the 2010 election of officers. The convention will take place at the
                                 Sheraton Hotel to be held in Indianapolis on June 25-27, 2010.

                                   We need your help. This may seem to be a long way off, but we need your
                                 prayers that God will guide us in this endeavor, as we search for people whom
                                 He has chosen to be the new officers for the 2010-2014 term. Look around in
                                 your societies and zones; you know them much better than we. God has
blessed His people with many talents and gifts. Pray for their faith to serve our Lord and Savior. We can
achieve many things by using the gifts God has bestowed on us. The offices to be elected are:

              1.   President-Indiana District LWML
              2.   Vice President Spiritual Resource Department
              3.   Financial Secretary
              4.   Counselor

  The job descriptions are available by request, as well as copies of the nomination and consent forms. As
sisters in Christ, turn your true talents to work for the good of witnessing for Christ. May God bless and guide
us in searching for these workers.

  If you have any questions or if you wish to convey any information, you may contact me
or any committee member.

              Shirley F. Liedtky, Chairman                 Barb Rastl
              7215W 850S                                   6929 South Decker Road
              North Judson, IN 46366                       Vincennes, IN 47591
              Phone (574)-896-5852                         Phone: (8120-886-9965
                                                           Barb Hamm
              Pastor Joel Zipay                            1016 Orlando Drive
              15496 South CR 900West                       Fort Wayne, IN 46825
              Wanatah. IN 46390                            Phone: (260)-489-9724
              Phone: (219)-773-9475
                                                           Juanita Martin-Davis
              Elise Koenemann                              698 Bradford Drive
              8715 Middleboro Place                        Kokomo, IN 46902
              New Haven, IN 46774                          Phone: (765)-767-0532
              Phone: (2600-493-3923

                                            Leader Tip #6
                                         Planning Effectively
       In planning for the coming year, look forward and enthusiastically plan motivating activities. Meetings
101, (#71226 in the LWML Catalog), puts PIZZAZZ into your meetings.

 1. Gather a planning group - officers, a committee, two or three planners. (More diversity = more ideas.)

 2. Pray for God’s guidance and vision.

 3. Ask others for suggestions and new ideas.

 4. Set goals for the year, i.e. involve younger women, inform the congregation more about LWML, include
   more Bible Study.

 5. Be creative. Try new activities.

 6. Make changes. Change the meeting location and format.

 7. Use LWML idea guides. The catalog includes the NEW Meeting & Event Planner, Planning Made Easy,
   and the Rekindling Kit.

 8. After plans are made, publicize dates and encourage participation. Communication is vital.

 9. Be prepared. Keep the meeting running smoothly and women will want to become involved.

10. Keep a positive attitude. Remember PIZZAZZ. Spirit, sparkle, and enthusiasm are contagious.

11. Care about others. Respond to the needs of others throughout the planning process.

12. Involve others in activities, sketches, Bible study presentation, refreshments, etc. Involvement gives

13. Be grounded in the Word. Set aside daily time to be in the Word.

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Let us not give up meeting together,
as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another. Hebrews 10:24-25a

Kay Dager, Leader Development Committee

Contact:        Edie Norris, Public Relations Director           LWML Office
                Lutheran Women’s Missionary League               PO Box 411993
                3915 64th Ave Ct NW                              St. Louis, MO 63141-1993
                Gig Harbor, WA 98335                             (800) 252-LWML (5965)
                (253) 973-1498                                   www.lwml.org

July 20, 2009

LWML President Janice Wendorf Brings Greetings to Int’l LLL Convention

        Welcomed on Friday, July 17 by the over 700 attendees at the 92nd Convention of the International Lutheran
Laymen’s League, Janice Wendorf, LWML President, brought greetings from the members of the other official auxiliary
of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League.

        Explaining the new LWML Mission Goal of $1.825 million that was adopted for the 2009-2011 biennium,
President Wendorf noted that 70% of the amount, plus a $57,482 overage from the last biennium, will be given to 19
mission grant recipients for a total of $1,334,982. “We have the opportunity to see God accomplish great things in support
of mission grants at home and in foreign countries. To Him be the glory!”

        Wendorf stated that Lutheran Women in Mission use their most recognizable tool, the Mite Box, to collect Mites
in the 40 LWML districts, where 75% remains to fund the grants and work of each district. The remaining 25% is sent to
LWML to fund the work of the national organization and the 19 mission grants selected in Portland last month.

        The LWML President communicated information about three of the successful programs of the LWML: Young
Woman Representatives that offers two young women from each LWML district an introduction to the LWML on the
national level; Heart to Heart Sisters, which marked the 100th participant at the LWML Convention, that intentionally
teams LWML with LCMS women of different cultures and ethnicity; and Friends Into Serving Him®, that helps establish
and nurture relationships with preteens and teens who have a heart for missions. Each of these programs offers
encouragement to these specific groups of women and insight into the work of the LWML.

         President Wendorf conveyed that one of the directives given to the president of the LWML is to set the vision for
the organization. After much prayer and pondering, the Lord led this LWML President to a three part vision: Women who
are in the Word – studying God’s Word on a regular basis; Women who are nurtured by the Word – reading God’s Word
daily to find His direction and guidance for their lives; Women who are Walking with the Lord – allowing God’s Word to
work in them, to change them as it applies to their daily lives.

        During the LLL Convention, the delegates voted to change to a biennial schedule for their conventions beginning
with the 2010 in Omaha, Nebraska. The Int’l LLL will meet in even-numbered years — LWML Conventions are held in
odd-numbered years.

       Thanking the members of the LLL for the warm reception given to her, President Wendorf concluded “Together
may we be strengthened for service and emboldened to ‘Share His Story’ – let me tell you what He has done for me!”

       The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) is the official women’s auxiliary of The Lutheran Church—
Missouri Synod. For over 65 years, the LWML has focused on affirming each woman’s relationship with Christ,
encouraging and equipping women to live out their Christian lives in active mission ministries and to support global

                                      Indiana District Officers
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