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					                                          Christmas 2010
                                         Created 12/21/2010 8:23 PM


*Long Sleeve polo shirts- XLG tall
*Gift cards to good eating places - Red Lobster, Texas Roadhouse
*Car Wash gift certificates
*Gift Cards to Menards or Theisens
*Extra battery pack for his Black and Decker cordless Drill model # SPS 18V (18volt)
*New Smoke detecors for the house (poss with carb detect too)


Cabela Cards
3LX shirts
44 X 30 pants


Curling iron
Tennis Shoes Sz 8 1/2
Work shoes Sz 8 1/2
Movies - comedies
Gift cards - Borders, etc
8" pyrex dish with cover

Don C

Long Sleeved Dress Shirts 15-34/35
Dress Pants 34/34
GRAY Socks
EDDIE BAUER Lightweight Flannel Shirts Medium/Tall
Short Sleeve Polo Shirts


Loopz game
Bop It
Fushigi Anti-Gravity Ball
Hyper Dash Extreme Game
Sorry Spin Game
Charm Bracelet or necklace
All Star Weekend CD: Suddenly


*Monster High Dolls - Has none of them
*LIV Doll clothes
*Zoobles playset
*Sock Monkey
*Windquits or gym clothes - pants size 12 - tops size 12-14
*PJ's size 12-14
*DS game - baby sitting one or Cake mania
*Gift cards to Walmart, Justice or Clairs Botique
*slippers size 7-8 ladies


*Xbox Live Membership or Microsoft points gift cards ($20-25)
*Gift cards to Walmart, Gamestop or best buy
*Lego sets - Atlantis or star wars
*Halo - Mega block sets
*Teck Deck stuff
*Wind pants or trico gym pants - Men's small
*PJ's - Men's small
*Cheat code books for Halo or Modern Warfare Xbox 360 games
*Posters or books on Star wars
*Guitar music


Remote Control Car - Corvette
A Rocket
Kirby's Epic Yarn DS Game
Lego Power Miner's
Hawkeye Helmet
Backyard Sports Football DS Game
Rayman Raving Rabbids Wii Game

Matt C

Wii Game: Goldeneye 007
Work Pants: Loose Fit 36 x 34
Work Shirts: Any style w/ collar (XL)
Gift Cards: Best Buy, Menards, Fast Food
Thick Socks
Book: Pocket Ref (Thomas J Glover)
Book: Pocket Ref (Thomas J Glover)
Book: Anathem (Neal Stepenson)
Crocs Mammoth (shoes, size 12)
DVD: The Expendables

Matt H

Long Sleeve T-shirts (XL)
Gift Cards: Best Buy, Guitar Center, I-tunes or Ticketmaster, any restaurant.
Guitar capo like in the following link -

Plastic finger picks similar to this link -

Sports socks shoe size 12


BeyBlade metal fusion
Lego atlantis Exploration HQ
Lego Star wars Hoth wampa set
Air hog hawk eye
Kung zhu zhu zhu pets
Darth vader lego clock not in lego aisle
Or money


Nerf Stampede
Nerf Recon
Beyblade Metal Fusion Ipod dock
Bayblade Metal Fusion
Caster Scooter
WWE Steel
Cage Match


Iowa Hooded Sweatshirt (2XL)
Big Picture Frames
body pillow
DVD: Get Him to the Greek
Stability Ball: Medium
Faith Hill perfume

*HGTV to come in and organize my house - Priceless!
*Bath and Body lotion - scent "Dark Kiss"
*Foot Messager (plug in kind)
*Cricut Cartridges (scrapbooking thing) at Walmart in craft Dept. ($39 or $20 day after thanksgiving sale) I
want either the "Varsity letter" or "Lovely Floral". Just noticed they are at Menards too!
*Long sleeve shirts or sweaters - size lg or Xlg if it looks small
* Gift cards to Kohl's, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, JoAnn's or Target
*King size bed sheets in beige or light green (500 thread count or better) Day after Thanksgiving at Walmart
for $19