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              to ACCA UK. We are one of ACCA’s largest national offices with
              over 80 staff working with UK-based students, affiliates and
              members, as well as a wide range of other stakeholders including
              tuition providers and employers.
              The UK is a diverse, vibrant place to live, study and work and is
              rich in history and culture. We wish you a fantastic experience
              whilst you are here and look forward to supporting you
              throughout your international ACCA career.
              Wyn Mears, Director, ACCA UK

2                                      WELCOME
   INTRODUCTION                            5

   COmING TO ThE UK ChECKlIsT              6

   ENTERING ThE UK                         7

   lIvING IN ThE UK                        8

   ACCA TUITION                            9

   UK EmplOymENT mARKET                    11

   ACCA UK sERvICEs                        14

   lEAvING ThE UK ChECKlIsT                16

   RECOmmENDED READING AND                 17

    ORIENTATION GUIDE           CONTENTS        3
    Every effort has been
    made to ensure that the
    information in this document
    is accurate and up to date
    at the time of publication.
    ACCA accepts no liability
    for inconvenience or loss
    caused by the publication of
    any out of date or inaccurate
    information, November 2009.

    There are over 75,000 ACCA students and affiliates and nearly
    60,000 ACCA members currently in the UK. ACCA has statutory
    recognition and is the fastest growing professional accountancy
    body in the country.
    We work with a large network of learning providers who offer ACCA
    tuition through a variety of methods in locations all over the UK.
    Many British ACCA students work full-time and study on a part-
    time basis. However full-time tuition is possible and there is a large
    international student community.
    ACCA members and students work in organisations of all sizes, in
    all sectors of employment from private companies to government
    departments. Almost 7,500 organisations hold ACCA Approved
    Employer status.
    ACCA UK is engaged in a number of initiatives to support students
    and members in the UK, as well as working closely with both
    business and government. We offer a range of events nationwide,
    and also operate ACCA offices for Wales and Scotland that work
    specifically with and for members and students in those areas.
    Information specifically for students and members in the UK can be
    found on the UK website –

    If you have any queries concerning ACCA, please contact our global
    customer service centre:
    ACCA Connect
    2 Central Quay
    89 Hydepark Street
    Glasgow G3 8BW
    Tel: +44 (0)141 582 2000
    Fax: +44 (0)141 582 2222

     ORIENTATION GUIDE                                INTRODUCTION           5
    þ   COmING TO ThE UK

        BEfORE yOU ARRIvE:

        þ any necessary visaspermit requirementsthe UK you have
          research visa/work
                              or permits to enter
                                                  and ensure

        þ banking, accommodation, transport,the UK – inand other
          research information about living in

             essential information

        þ research tuition options and find a learning provider
        þ secure a job before you leave. if applicable not place students
          research the UK job market –
                                         (ACCA does
                                                       and possible,

             or members into employment. It is the responsibility of the
             individual student or member to find appropriate work).

        WhEN yOU ARRIvE:

        þ detailsACCA of your change of Connect (and employment
                  if applicable) via ACCA
                                                  or myACCA on the

        þ set up all essential living necessities – bank account etc
        þ activities places tothe most of your UK experience
                     – make
                                visit, cultural differences, possible

        þ find work or work experience (if applicable)
        þ qualifications
          consider opportunities to improve your skills / gain additional

        þ events. of ACCA UK activities, publications, societies and
          be aware

6                                                       CHECKLIST
STUDyING IN ThE UK                                                    •	   make	your	arrangements	for	travel	to	the	UK.	Please	ensure		
                                                                           that you have your learning provider’s acceptance letter with
There has been significant changes to the UK visa requirements
                                                                           you. UK immigration may require confirmation of this when
and it is important that you familiarise yourself with visa
                                                                           you arrive in the UK.
requirements rules before travelling to the UK to study. You will
need to know whether you require a student visa and, if so, how to    ACCA UK is not involved in any aspect of administering or issuing
apply for one. For more information visit     Student Visas. This is managed by the Home Office Border &
uk/studyingintheuk                                                    Immigration Agency.
Below is a list of important points to remember when planning to      For further information and guidance on UK visa requirements and
study in the UK:                                                      application procedures please visit
•	   firstly ensure that the tuition provider you are considering
     for your ACCA study is a licensed provider. See http://
                                                                      WORKING IN ThE UK
     students/approved-education-provider/ for further details
                                                                      The Home Office Border & Immigration Agency website has clear
•	   if	you	are	not	yet	an	ACCA	student,	ensure	you	register	with		
                                                                      information about the various routes open to non-UK nationals who
     ACCA directly (your learning provider can’t do this for you)
                                                                      want to work in the UK.
•	   complete	an	enrolment	form	for	your	chosen	ACCA	learning		
                                                                      The UK Government wishes to manage legal migration in the
     provider (see page 9). Enrolment forms should be available to
                                                                      interests of the UK economy, and there are opportunities for
     download on their website. In order to satisfy current student
                                                                      people with different types and levels of skills. However, in some
     visa requirements you need to complete 15 hours per week
                                                                      instances, it is not you but your employer who has to obtain the
     of formal tuition
                                                                      correct work permit for you.
•	   receive	your	acceptance	pack	from	your	learning	provider.		
                                                                      ACCA UK is aware that some students find it very difficult to
     The pack should contain relevant information about fees and
                                                                      find employers willing or able to obtain work permits for them
     entering the UK on a student visa
                                                                      for training purposes. The UK job market is very competitive and
•	   to	apply	for	a	student	visa,	you	must	have	a	valid	passport		    employers can often easily source candidates for training positions
     and meet the British immigration requirements. Once you          from EU (European Union) states who do not require work permits.
     receive your acceptance letter from your learning provider,      Many ACCA students who require work permits utilise the hours they
     you should request an interview for application for a            are permitted to work on a student visa and then return to their home
     student visa with the local British Embassy or British High      countries on completion of UK studies to obtain the remaining relevant
     Commission. You must also have evidence of sufficient            work experience required for ACCA membership. If they wish to
     funds to pay your fees and living costs. At your interview you   return to the UK to work, many will do this post membership.
     will have to demonstrate that you have sufficient command of
                                                                      ACCA does not place students or members into employment. It
     the English language
                                                                      is the responsibility of the individual student or member to find
•	   arrange	your	accommodation.	The	authorities	may	not	grant		      appropriate work.
     you a student visa without written confirmation of proof of
                                                                      For full information on UK work permits please visit
     address whilst you are studying in the UK

                                                  ORIENTATION GUIDE                             ENTERING THE UK                            7
OvERvIEW                                                               ENGLISh LANGUAGE LEARNING
Arriving and settling in a foreign country can be challenging and it   For many students, one of the advantages of studying in the UK
may take time to adapt to your new environment. However, whilst        is the opportunity to improve their English in an English-speaking
living in the UK you will come across many opportunities for new       country. As well as many opportunities to practice English in
experiences and many organisations to help support you.                everyday situations, many students also like to take additional
                                                                       English language classes.
Education UK, part of the British Council, has produced a
comprehensive guide to arriving and living in the UK. It includes      ACCA has partnered Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of
information on arranging visas and accommodation, working in the       Other Languages) – part of the world-renowned University of
UK, financial and legal matters, culture, food and health care.        Cambridge.
To access this guide on the internet go to                             Together, our organisations have developed Cambridge ICFE                        (International Certificate in Financial English). Cambridge ICFE is
                                                                       an ideal qualification for anyone thinking of, or already pursuing, a
                                                                       career in accountancy or finance. By focussing on accounting and
                                                                       finance vocabulary and practical business situations, it will help
                                                                       you to participate in meetings and discussions of a financial nature
                                                                       and to express opinions clearly. It will also help with understanding
                                                                       financial documents including statements, journal articles, letters,
                                                                       reports and proposals – helping you to improve your performance
                                                                       in the classroom and in exams. Studying for Cambridge ICFE will
                                                                       help you improve your language skills and enable you to use them
                                                                       in a wide range of accounting and financial contexts. For more
                                                                       information, including a list of tuition providers and exams centres,
                                                                       Not yet ready to take Cambridge ICFE? Then why not take
                                                                       Cambridge	ESOL	BEC	(Business	English	Certificate)	Preliminary?	
                                                                       It’s an ideal qualification if you want to improve your business
                                                                       English language skills and demonstrate your commitment to a
                                                                       career in finance. For more information visit

8                                                                                                LIVING IN THE UK
If you are planning to study towards the ACCA Qualification in the     UK TUITION PROvIDERS
UK then you must ensure that you enrol with a tuition provider and
                                                                       It is important that you make the right decisions
obtain the correct visas.
                                                                       when preparing for your exams. ACCA courses
Before you enrol with a tuition provider it is important that you      are taught by over 280 learning providers
register as a student with ACCA. This will mean that (if applicable)   throughout the UK, so it can be
you have the correct exemption information to pass onto the tuition    difficult to select the one
provider to ensure you study towards the right papers.                 that is right for you.
                                                                       ACCA strongly
You will not be able to enter for any ACCA exams unless you
                                                                       recommends that you
are a registered ACCA student. If you intend to enter for ACCA’s
                                                                       opt for a provider that
June exam sitting you must register as an ACCA student by 31
                                                                       is registered under
December. If you intend to enter for the December exam sitting you
                                                                       ACCA’s Approved
must register as an ACCA student by 15 August.
                                                                       Learning	Partners	(ALP)	
It is your responsibility to enter for exams with ACCA. As a           scheme, as you can be sure that
registered student, if you intend to sit paper-based exams, the        they:
exam entry deadlines are 15 April for June Exams and 15 October        •	 are	monitored	by	ACCA	
for December Exams.                                                    •	 meet	the	minimum	quality	criteria	
                                                                       •	 receive	up-to-date	information	regarding	ACCA	
Computer-based exams (CBEs) are available for certain papers
                                                                       •	 will	be	subject	to	an	investigation	in	the	event	of	any	student		
in the CAT and ACCA qualifications. CBEs offer flexibility as they
can be sat at any time and do not restrict you to the June and
December sittings. However, you will not be able to sit CBEs           Gold	Approved	Learning	Partners	have	to	demonstrate	to	ACCA	that	
unless you are a registered student with ACCA. Visit http://www.       they meet certain performance targets around the way they manage for full details of CBEs and       their institution – such as the provision of comfortable premises and
how they operate.                                                      adequate facilities, carefully monitored attendance and retention, and
                                                                       financial viability – and the way they manage and deliver their ACCA
                                                                       courses – such as having a knowledgeable and experienced teaching
                                                                       team, a structured teaching programme and providing students with
                                                                       advice on study options and tutorial support.
                                                                       Platinum	Approved	Learning	Partners,	in	addition	to	meeting	the	
                                                                       Gold performance targets, have to provide evidence of continual
                                                                       improvement and innovation, and must consistently meet exam
                                                                       results targets, set by meeting or exceeding ACCA’s worldwide
                                                                       pass rates.

                                                 ORIENTATION GUIDE                               ACCA TUITION                              9
ACCA TUITION                                                                      CONTINUED

     You can access an up-to-date list of UK tuition providers on
     the ACCA website:
     search. This	list	includes	details	of	ALPs	as	well	as	other	institutions	
     teaching	towards	ACCA	exams,	but	who	are	not	part	of	ACCA’s	ALP	
     accreditation scheme.
     Costs for tuition vary depending on the method of study and
     individual	learning	provider.	Payment	for	tuition	takes	place	directly	
     between you and your learning provider. ACCA only controls costs
     and payment for sitting exams.

     To support the international breadth of ACCA’s membership, we
     offer students the opportunity to take law and tax papers that
     reflect the law and tax systems of several countries. However
     please note that if you are studying ACCA papers for law or tax
     in the UK, it is highly unlikely that UK tuition providers will offer
     courses for these papers in anything other than the UK variant.
     While it is permissible to sit any available law or tax variant exam in
     the UK, you will need to consider how you will study for a non-UK
     law or tax variant paper in the UK.

     You have the choice of answering exam papers in accordance
     with either UK accounting standards or international accounting
     standards. It is possible to find tuition for either type in the UK.
     However, you are advised to consider the country in which you are
     planning to work when you decide which accounting standards to
     undertake. UK standards will not be applicable in most countries
     outside the UK.

     We have 45 exam centres located throughout the UK. Most major
     UK	cities	will	have	at	least	one	exam	centre.	Please	visit	http:// to see where exam
     centres are located.

10                                                       ACCA TUITION continued
                                                       ACCOUNTANCy MARKET OvERvIEW
                                                       The current economic climate has significantly impacted the UK
* This section has been produced                       employment market. Jobs are no longer the fluid commodity that
by	GAAPweb,	the	UK’s	leading	
jobsite for accountancy and                            they were a year ago; instead there is increased competition across
finance professionals – www.                           a number of sectors. We would like to
thank them for their support                           Despite this, there is still a demand for highly capable accounting
                                                       and finance professionals. Due to the nature of the accountancy
                                                       market this demand can fluctuate, so it’s important to keep an eye
                                                       on different types of opportunities.
                                                       For example, there has been an increase over the past year
                                                       in demand for interim and contract accountancy and finance
                                                       professionals, to help companies manage change in difficult times.
                                                       Rates of pay for interim work can be competitive with permanent
                                                       roles, often paying even more pro rata. It’s a great option for people
                                                       between roles or looking to get into a different sector.
                                                       Of course, there are still other opportunities out there – some of
                                                       them permanent positions. The permanent employment market
                                                       is usually boosted by budgets in the new financial year (from 6th
                                                       April onwards), whereas the temporary employment market is at its
                                                       peak towards the end of the financial year.
                                                       With the economic outlook showing very early signs of recovery, it’s
                                                       important to stay flexible and consider every opportunity.

                                                       CURRENT TRENDS
                                                       Corporate sector
                                                       There are certain industries that have remained largely immune
                                                       to the effects of the UK’s economic recession, including oil, gas
                                                       and utilities. The corporates within these industries are still hiring
                                                       at a steady rate. Other companies are moving towards hiring
                                                       contractors in order to reduce employee headcount and liability.
                                                       In general, corporates are looking for specific skills in IFRS, UK
                                                       GAAP,	consolidations,	management	accounting	and	financial	
                                                       accounting. The current market has also prompted a high demand
                                                       for strong credit controllers.

                                   ORIENTATION GUIDE                              UK	EMPLOYMENT	MARKET                          11
mARKET                                                              CONTINUED

Banking and financial Services                                          fINDING A JOB IN ThE UK
Widely publicised as the cause of the credit crunch,                    Types of vacancy
the banking and financial services sector has been hit                  There are two main types of vacancy in the UK: permanent
significantly by its aftershock. Although the summer months             and	temporary.	Previously	permanent	jobs	were	thought	
have traditionally sparked the most movement in the                     to be more stable, as they offered long-term benefits and
financial services temporary sector, this year has seen a               security, but in today’s market, things are less certain.
rapid slowdown.
                                                                        At the moment, permanent jobs are proving harder to come
There have been some early signs of recovery. A recent                  by, and so many people are turning towards temporary
report suggested that the employment market in London                   jobs for a short-term financial fix. Temporary contracts are
was up 20% from the previous month in mid-2009. In                      sometimes referred to as interim roles or contract work.
general, there is more competition for jobs in London,
but people working there are more optimistic about their                Standard UK office hours for full-time positions are
sector’s recovery than the rest of the UK.                              9.00am to 5.30pm, whereas part-time employees work a
                                                                        much shorter week – usually two to three days or another
Practice sector                                                         combination of reduced hours.
Finding a role within the practice sector can be very                   The importance of work/life balance has led to a rise in the
competitive, but at the moment there is a strong demand                 popularity of flexi-time, where employees can choose their
for quality candidates with good experience in audit, tax               start and finish times, as long as they work the required
and advisory services.                                                  quota of hours per week.
Gaining experience at a top firm can be valuable, but there             Where to find vacancies
are many small-to-medium firms that offer the opportunity to
                                                                        It’s possible to access UK accounting and finance vacancies
undertake a wider variety of work for clients.
                                                                        before arrival in the UK, and the easiest way to do this is
In general the practice sector is strong, although there are            online, via jobsites.
high levels of competition for too few positions.                       Jobsites can be split into two categories: generalist
Public and not-for-profit sector                                        and specialist. Generalist sites attract a high number of
                                                                        jobseekers, and competition can be fierce. Specialist jobsites
In the current climate, the public and not-for-profit sector            are particularly useful for those in a particular industry or
has come to be regarded as a good, solid, ‘recession-proof’             sector.	is	an	example	of	an	industry-specific	
sector. Consequently, many more accounting and finance                  specialist jobsite. These sites make it easy to see the
professionals are switching over from the private sector.               number of jobs available with the salary, location and full job
The complex political and legal structure of the sector, along          specification in one place.
with its many regulatory issues and red tape, has proved                 Increasingly, online networking sites such as LinkedIn and
to be a deterrent to jobseekers in the past. In addition,               Facebook are being used to find jobs. Groups, forums, contacts
specialist knowledge is often required, involving either previous      and recommendations act as online word-of-mouth tools, and
experience or further study.                                          can provide useful access to accountancy and finance jobs that
Increasingly, NHS hospitals are becoming foundation trusts,           otherwise would not have been advertised in UK newspapers,
resulting in a higher demand for commercial accountants.             trade journals or through recruitment consultants.

12                                                                                         UK	EMPLOYMENT	MARKET
how to apply                                                              What are the major challenges faced by international candidates?
To apply for any UK-based job, it’s always necessary to submit a          There needn’t be any real obstacles facing international candidates,
CV with a cover letter. In addition, larger organisations often require   providing candidates put in the required research and preparation.
the completion of an application form.
                                                                          Clearly, UK technical experience isn’t going to match exactly
In order to write an interview-winning cover letter, CV or application    experience acquired in other countries, which is why it’s important
form,	recommend	the	following:                                to emphasise transferrable technical skills. UK employers will be
                                                                          open to accepting similar skills, qualifications or experience, so
•	   Make sure you align your CV to UK conventions. This
                                                                          research the corresponding UK equivalent.
     includes keeping it to a maximum of two pages and preparing
     your references separately (don’t include them on your CV).          UK salaries vary depending on a number of factors, including
     Organise professional and character references before you            location, sector and job title. They are also likely to vary from
     leave your home country.                                             international salaries, so it’s essential to be realistic about salary
                                                                          expectations before relocating to the UK.
•	   Photos,	salary	details	and	peculiar	fonts	on	application	
     documents are not common practice in the UK.
•	   Tailor your CV, cover letter and application form to match the       EMPLOyER EXPECTATIONS
     company you are applying for.
                                                                          Expectations, contracts and entitlements
•	   Emphasise any accountancy and finance experience you’ve
                                                                          UK employers will generally expect the following from international
     acquired in your home country. Bear in mind that UK
     employers might not be familiar with overseas companies,
     qualifications or processes, so go into more detail if necessary.    •	   an excellent grasp of written and spoken English
•	   Demonstrate your value to a company by quantifying your              •	   a broad knowledge of the accountancy and finance sector,
     experience. Don’t just say that you achieved something, talk              both in the UK and abroad
     about the difference you made to a company by producing real
                                                                          •	   a period of work experience to match the amount of time
                                                                               spent studying for the ACCA qualification.
•	   When you email your cover letter with your CV, make sure you
     attach both documents separately. Or, if you’d prefer, you can
     write your cover letter in the body of the email.                    In addition, being able to converse in another language is always
                                                                          seen as an asset in any job application. Employers will, in general,
•	   Double check spelling and grammar, particularly if English isn’t
                                                                          expect the same standard of numeric ability, problem-solving
     your first language. Get someone with a good grasp of English
                                                                          and ACCA-related skills from all applicants, whether UK-based or
     to read over your application.
•	   If you include phone numbers, be sure to include the relevant
                                                                          Most employment contracts are standardised to comply with UK
     international dialling code for your home country.
                                                                          legislation including holiday and pension entitlements, notice and
                                                                          probationary periods, sick leave and redundancy rights.

                                                   ORIENTATION GUIDE                                 UK	EMPLOYMENT	MARKET                          13
INTRODUCTION                                                          UK STUDENT SUPPORT SERvICES AND EvENTS
ACCA UK is one of ACCA’s largest national offices with over 80        In addition to global resources such as student accountant
staff working with and supporting UK-based ACCA students,             magazine and resources found on the student section of www.
affiliates and members. We operate from offices in London, York,, we provide a number of UK-specific services.
Glasgow and Birmingham. Additionally we have separate national
                                                                      •	   For students who are planning to sit exams, we put together
offices for Wales and Scotland – ACCA Wales based in Cardiff
                                                                           a listing of study support events taking place from the end
and ACCA Scotland based in Edinburgh. Our colleagues in ACCA
                                                                           of February to the end of April (for June exams) and from
Ireland support students in both Northern Ireland and the Republic
                                                                           the end of September to the end of October (for December
of Ireland.
                                                                           exams). All the events are available from Approved Learning
                                                                           Partner	(ALP)	tuition	providers	across	the	UK	and	include	
                                                                           topics such as study skills, memory techniques and exam
                                                                           techniques and events specific to certain ACCA papers and
The ACCA UK website contains information                 subject areas. We also provide details of revision courses run
directly relevant to students, affiliates and members in the UK. It        by	Approved	Learning	Providers	for	each	examination	sitting.
contains information from all ACCA UK departments and advises
                                                                      •	   Details of learning provider open days can be found on the
on the latest UK events, research, resources and hot topics.
                                                                           ACCA UK website.
Websites also exist for ACCA Wales at,
                                                                      •	   ACCA UK holds a twice-yearly series of presentations on
and ACCA Scotland at and contain
                                                                           ACCA’s	Practical	Experience	Requirement	(PER)	which	focus	
information for students, affiliates and members living and working
                                                                           on how to record experience and claim performance objectives
in these countries.
                                                                           on the Trainee Development Matrix (TDM).
Employment sector-specific publications are also produced for
                                                                      •	   We also produce a UK-specific e-bulletin published at key
members in the public practice and health sectors:
                                                                           points in the student year.
•	   To view our In Practice Online e-newsletter click here, or to
                                                                      •	   ACCA UK and NUS (National Union of Students) have been
     subscribe email
                                                                           working together so that ACCA students can apply for the
•	   For more information on Health Service Review click here.             NUS extra card, which gives cardholders access to products
                                                                           and services from a variety of companies. The NUS represents
These are distributed directly to ACCA members working in these
                                                                           over seven million students across the UK, providing excellent
sectors in the UK. Other member publications can be downloaded
                                                                           benefits and helpful research and information. The NUS
                                                                           website offers students a range of facilities, including
                                                                           information on NUS campaigns, education news, and advice
                                                                           on issues relating to housing, education and health care.

14                                                                                              ACCA UK SERVICES
                    •	   ACCA has developed a series of podcasts which focus on
                         commercial awareness and how they can be translated across
                         different sectors. The podcasts were produced to enable
                         undergraduates to develop their commercial knowledge and
                         then use that knowledge when applying for employment. Click
                         here for more information.
                    •	   ACCA students can benefit from the Financial Times Education
                         programme, saving you up to 65% off a subscription to both
                         the Financial Times newspaper and The Financial
                         Times is a useful resource for ACCA students, providing you
                         with a broad-based, in-depth knowledge of business and
                          industry. It covers global investing and international capital
                           market activity in full, and provides an exhaustive summary
                           of currencies worldwide, commodities and world stock
                            markets. It is also the leading newspaper for UK company
                            news and offers definitive coverage of the world’s biggest
                             corporate stories.

                             To subscribe to the FT and with your 65% ACCA
                             student discount, email fte.subs@ft/com or call 0845
                              602 3176 and quote ‘education association’. Details of
                              UK support services and events can be found at http://

                    KEEP IN CONTACT
                    If you move to the UK it is crucial that you remember to update
                    your address details through the myACCA section of the website.
                    Once we know you are in the UK, we will automatically notify you
                    of UK-related events, publications and initiatives.

ORIENTATION GUIDE                            ACCA UK SERVICES                        15
     þ   lEAvING ThE UK


         þ tuition provider (or and references from your UK employer or
           get contact details
                                introductions to others in your home
              country if possible) – contacts can often create opportunities
              for you

         þ advantage in best way of usingcountry (eg language to your
           research the
                        your destination
                                          your UK experience
              work experience, qualification, contacts etc).


         þ if applicable)of your change of address (and on
           notify ACCA
                          via ACCA Connect or myACCA
                                                        employer details


         þ you are up tolocal ACCAall localorACCA their websiteandensure
           contact your
                         date with
                                   office visit

              services. Details of local offices can be found at

16                                                         LEAVING THE UK
The British Council                   
Home Office (UK Border Agency)        
UK Council for International Student Affairs
Visit Britain                         

ACCA UK website                       
ACCA Scotland website                 
ACCA Wales website                    
Learning	Provider	database		          
Exam centre database                  
ACCA Potential - a free electronic newsletter
for prospective students that provides          potential
information and advice about a career in
finance and accountancy

Many useful UK job websites and recruitment agencies are available,
a selection of these are shown below:
Job vacancy websites                            Recruitment agencies                                        

                         ORIENTATION GUIDE                               RECOMMENDED READING       17
                                                                         AND FURTHER INFORMATION
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Glasgow G3 8BW

tel: +44 (0)141 582 2000
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