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SIS FEATURES: Comparative Matrix 12-01-05                         Final Vendor #1   #2    Additional Comments from Vendor:
                                                                                          This template was sent to the two final
                                                                                          vendors who responded. Then this
                                                                                          comparison matrix compiled for research
Teacher/Student/Parent Web Access                                                         committee:
*Parents can access teacher assignments/homework                       Yes          Yes
*Parents can access grades online                                      Yes          Yes
*Parents can update their student demographics and contact
info online                                                            Yes          Yes
                                                                                          #2 - teachers can also view and track
                                                                                          parent/student access logs using the web
                                                                                          browser, client gradebook is additional
                                                                                          option that gives teachers offline access and
                                                                                          has auto-update feature eliminating need to
                                                                                          manage annual client upgrades on teacher
*Teachers can edit grades and assignments online 24/7                  Yes          Yes   PCs
*Paperless attendance tracking by teachers (no scantron                                   PS - all postings in real-time (attendance,
sheets needed)                                                         Yes          Yes   comments, grades, assignments, notes…)
*Online registration included for students (to select courses)         Yes          Yes
*Students can access teacher assignments/homework/grades
posted                                                                 Yes          Yes

                                                                                          #1 - Saves and restores results of any
*Allows virtually unlimited trail schedule versions                    Yes          Yes   number of scheduling attempts

*Support teams, blocks, compound, & composite scheduling               Yes          Yes

*Builds interactive conflict matrix                                    Yes          No    #2 - builds conflict matrix but not interactive
*Includes student & teacher preferences & exclusions                   Yes          Yes
*Provides extensive cycle day support                                  Yeas         Yes
                                                                                          #2 - automated Master Schedule
                                                                                          Builder/Loader and all scheduling done via
*Provides interactive master schedule building                         Yes          Yes   web-connection browser (no client install)

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SIS FEATURES: Comparative Matrix 12-01-05                         Final Vendor #1   #2    Additional Comments from Vendor:
*No rollovers required (centralized database)                           Yes         Yes
*Allows for trimester and block scheduling specifically                 Yes         Yes

Walk-in Scheduling:
*Schedules walk-in students                                            Yes          Yes

*Fully integrated electronic gradebook for teachers                    Yes          Yes   #2 - graphing capabilities in PowerGrade
*Calculates multiple user managed GPA                                  Yes          Yes   #1 - provides 16 GPAs
                                                                                          #2 - multiple grading profiles for individual
*Supports multiple grading profiles for different classes              Yes          Yes   students within each class as well
*Allows for standards-based grading                                    Yes          Yes
*Supports variety of grade entry methods                               Yes          Yes
                                                                                          #2 - provides a variety of standard report
*Allows multiple user-defined report card formats                      Yes          Yes   card formats/options
*Integrated "print-to-mail" program for printing report cards
(does not require third-party software)                                 No          No

Student Demographics:
*Captures extensive student demographic data                           Yes          Yes
*Allows unlimited family assignments for each student                  No           Yes   #1 - uses one family ID for all siblings
*Identifies siblings automatically                                     Yes          Yes
*Tracks custody & residence identification                             Yes          Yes
*Links addresses to individual school boundaries                       Yes          No
*Tracks preschool, non-public school, home school, and other
district students                                                      Yes          Yes
                                                                                          #1 - query used to import to 3rd party GIS
*Provides transportation interface capabilities                        Yes          Yes   systems
*Provides GIS interface capabilities                                   Yes          Yes
*Electronic Transcripts available                                      Yes          Yes   #2 - available in PDF format, not XML
*UC/CSU Eligibility requirements & tracking available                  Yes          Yes

Custom Reports:
*Provides extensive online access to attendance details                Yes          Yes

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SIS FEATURES: Comparative Matrix 12-01-05                         Final Vendor #1   #2    Additional Comments from Vendor:
*Provides unlimited attendance history                                  Yes         Yes
                                                                                          #1 - standard reports can be used as
                                                                                          templates to create district-customized
                                                                                          reports; PS - built-in standard, push-button
*Allows standard reports to be customized                              Yes          No    reports may not be customized

                                                                                          #1 - query can be used to create, save/store
                                                                                          unlimited user-defined reports; PS -
                                                                                          customized reports may be
*Allows for unlimited customized reports                               Yes          Yes   exported/imported from one SIS to another

                                                                                          #1 - query can be used to create, save/store
*Defines reports that are unique to the individual, site, or                              unlimited user-defined reports; PS - single-
district                                                               Yes          Yes   click, auto-export to Excel function included
*Queries are robust                                                    Yes          Yes

*Queries are easy to use and not cumbersome (user-friendly)            Yes          Yes

                                                                                          #2 - provides interval-based attendance for
*Records negative & positive attendance                                Yes          Yes   alternative education programs
*Supports scanned, interactive, or manual attendance data                                 PS - scanned attendance data file must be
entry                                                                  Yes          Yes   imported manually
*Provides user defined print destinations                              Yes          Yes
*Allows multiple report versions                                       Yes          Yes
*Tracks history of report requests                                     No           Yes
*Merges data with forms                                                Yes          Yes
*Provides frequently requested report modules                          Yes          Yes
*Compatible with popular report writer applications (Access,                              #2 - query can be used to import into 3rd
Crystal, Impromptu, File Maker Pro)                                    Yes          Yes   party software
*Provides powerful ad-hoc reporting capabilities                       Yes          Yes   A - external to Aeries and imported into
*Allows template creation                                              Yes          Yes   Excel or similar software
*Allows graphical representation of data in templates/reports          Yes          No
*Allows customization of parent letters re: truancy and cuts           Yes          Yes
*Supports daily, period, or time-based attendance                      Yes          Yes

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SIS FEATURES: Comparative Matrix 12-01-05                         Final Vendor #1   #2    Additional Comments from Vendor:
*Holds/tracks clear dates                                                No         Yes   #2 - says they have a work around
*Reports total absences by dispositions (Like our Lighthouse
program)                                                               Yes          Yes
*Able to clear absences without typing individual student
names                                                                  Yes          Yes

Custom Reports:
*Notifies guardian by both mail and email                              Yes          Yes
*Provides "Absence summons slips" (used at our high
schools)                                                               Yes          Yes
*Parent name and ph. # prints on absence slips                         No           Yes
*Records unlimited incidents per student & participants
involved                                                               Yes          Yes
                                                                                          #2 - provides user-friendly search tool for
*Provides unlimited hisory of discipline activites                     Yes          Yes   discipline records
*Records other behaviors beyond disciplinary                           Yes          Yes

Interaction with other School Related Programs

Student Assessments: Basic tracking of tests and scores                Yes          Yes
Food Services: tracks free/reduced meal students only                  Yes          Yes
Special Ed: Basic tracking of IEP students (no IEP generator
included)                                                              Yes          Yes

District Level Areas
*Allows importing for state testing data                               Yes          Yes
*Tracks graduation requirement testing                                 Yes          Yes
*Tracks standards by course & student                                  Yes          Yes
*Import/Export Capabilities                                            Yes          Yes

* Exports data for PreIds: STAR CAHSEE, CELDT, PE etc                  Yes          Yes
*Data is entered real-time                                             Yes          Yes
*No required maintenance procedures like re-orgs required by
SASI                                                                   Yes          Yes

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SIS FEATURES: Comparative Matrix 12-01-05                           Final Vendor #1   #2    Additional Comments from Vendor:
*Safeguards are included to prevent enrolling a student 2x at                               Both - concurrent enrollment possible (i.e.
2 diff. sites                                                            Yes          Yes   regular site and summer school)
*User security rights are organized by user groups                       Yes          Yes

*Custom screen designs are provided by user groups                        No          Yes   #2 - provides a built-in custom screen wizard
*Personnel and Staff tracking capabilities that are CSIS-
compliant                                                                Yes          Yes
*State Reports available for: CBEDS, R-30, SNOR and Carl
Perkins                                                                  Yes          Yes

*Tracks referrals, district responses, andimmediate assistance
*Quality support from company includes filng of state reports            Yes          Yes   #1 -- discipline web site" that offers extensive
                                                                                            PS "support function
when needed                                                              Yes          Yes   and growing knowledgebase and Yahoo
*Provides comprehensive training for both site & district level
power users                                                              Yes          Yes

*Provides "over-the-shoulder" assistance on first "LIVE" date            Yes          Yes
Upgrades, Service Packs, Patches are applied by vendor (as                                  #1 - updates easily downloaded from Aeries
opposed to district techs) with notification                              No          Yes   web site and installed by district
*Field User, Date Time Stamp available (tracks user making                                  #2 - log feature has to be enabled to track all
change with date/time)                                                   Yes          Yes   changes
*Annual user conferences in CA                                           Yes          Yes

*User groups online ( or list serv available for specific groups)         No          Yes
                                                                                            #2 - dozens canned reports with the program
                                                                                            and usergroups provide hundreds download
*Hundreds of canned reports                                              Yes          Yes   and use if desired

Technical Areas
*Centralized database                                                    Yes          Yes
                                                                                            #1 - power users use a client software and
*Clients use web browser                                                 Yes          Yes   all others use web browser
                                                                                            #2 - LDAP compatibility for both active
*Password encryption included                                            Yes          Yes   directory and open directory

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SIS FEATURES: Comparative Matrix 12-01-05                         Final Vendor #1   #2   Additional Comments from Vendor:
                                                                                         #2 - Easy to add additional application server
                                                                                         nodes if needed, requires no plugins or
                                                                                         JAVA for browser, advanced SIF agent
                                                                                         supports multiple objects and two-way
Misc.                                                                                    communication

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