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									Rainbow Ridge Homeowners Association
Pool Reservation Form
Please contact Michael Wilson at or 303-913-7308 to return form with deposit payment:

Home #:                                     Work #:
E-mail Address:
Requested Date of Party: (Please No Reservations on July 4, 2010, or August 14, 2010)

Start Time: (Include time for setup)
End Time: (Include time for cleanup)
***(All Events Must End ½ hour before Pool Closes @ 9 PM)
Expected total number of attendees:
I acknowledge I have been given a copy of the rules and regulations governing the pool and reservation requirements
and I agree to abide by these rules. As the homeowner/lease holder, I understand that if I am not present during the
entire duration of the rental, the association and or its representatives have the power to stop the event, ask all guests to
leave, and withhold entire security / damage deposit.

(Homeowner/Lease Holder Signature)

Damage / Security Deposit check: Make payable to Rainbow Ridge HA

Damage / Security Deposit ($100.00) Check #:                                    Date Received:

***Checks and application MUST be received at least 14 DAYS prior to the date of your event.***

The Renter (Homeowner/Lease Holder) assumes full risk and responsibility of his/her guests for damage to the
Association property and/or personal injury that may occur during the rental. The Renter agrees that he/she will not
hold the Association liable in any way, whether such accident occurs on the common grounds, or any part of the
recreational facilities, parking areas or adjacent areas. Residents may perform a preliminary walk-thru inspection of the
facilities prior to their function and should notify the Homeowner's Association, at 303-913-7308, of any preexisting
damage prior to event.

Homeowner/Lease Holder Signature

Date Security Deposit Returned:

Deposit retained and reason:

Association Representative:                                                             Date:
1) Pool is open 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily during the summer season.
2) Homeowners may reserve the pool facility for a party, but not for exclusive use.

3) To reserve the pool, the Homeowner / Leaseholder must initiate the reservation by paying a $100.00 damage
/security deposit and complete the reservation form. The security deposit will be refunded if there are no damages to
the pool, the pool grounds are left clean, and the provided pool furniture used is back in order after the event.
Reservations will not be considered confirmed until the Association has received the completed reservation form and
deposit. All reservations must be confirmed at least two weeks in advance of the date of the event. The Association has
the right to refuse any rental of the pool area.

4) The homeowner who reserves the pool facility is responsible for any and all damages resulting from misuse of the
facility and is assessable in addition to the deposit for repairs or services resulting from such

5) The pool may be reserved by any adult resident/owner of the Rainbow Ridge Homeowners
Association for the purpose of hosting an event

6) The reserving Homeowner must be present during the event. The pool may not be reserved
on a ‘sub-lease’ basis by any resident. Non-residents of Rainbow Ridge, including family
members and friends of residents, are not allowed to reserve the pool for their personal use.

7) Those who decorate the pool for events are not permitted to use staples, nails, or glue to
secure their decorations. All decorations must be completely removed after the event.

8) The pool area used by the resident and their guests must be left in the same condition as it was found or the entire
security / damage deposit will be forfeited. Damages incurred to the pool due to the direct result of homeowner
negligence may result in assessments to the homeowner if damages exceed damage / security deposit.

9) All trash from the event must be placed in the trashcans provided or in plastic trash bags that are tied and sealed
placed in the trash area away from the pool. Please remove all toys, towels, cans, lotions, etc. from the pool area and
parking lot before you leave.

10) Adults reserving the pool must supervise all children under 18.

11) Cancellations must be made at least two days in advance or the security / damage deposit will be forfeited.

12) PARKING - should be restricted to the pool parking lot when hosting an event at the Pool
or Pool. No parking on the streets should interfere with the homeowners located on the
surrounding streets to the Pool and Pool. If the amount of vehicles extend beyond the
capacity of the parking lot, visitors must park their vehicles at the resident’s home that is
hosting the event. Please be considerate of the homeowners that reside near the Pool and
Pool they also might have guests that need to park in front of their homes.

13) Any individual bringing a radio or audio device in or around the pool or pool area is
requested to be considerate of others and to keep the volume low. Loud music is not allowed
in the pool area or the parking lot. Proper authorities may be contacted if noise and/or music
become a problem.

14) All Rainbow Ridge furniture is to remain at the pool.

    1) Smoking or chewing gum is not allowed in the pool area.
2) Proper swim attire must be worn at all times. No cut-off type clothes will be permitted in
   the pool. Babies should wear diapers made for swimming— disposable or cloth diapers are not
   allowed. Tight fitting rubber pants should be worn by any children who are not yet toilet trained.

3) Stay out of the water if you are being treated by a doctor for a cold or have any of the following:
   infections, skin abrasions, or inflamed eyes.

4) Diving in the pool is not allowed.

5) No pets are allowed inside the pool gates.

6) FIREWORKS – No fireworks of any kind are permitted in the pool area.

7) Glass bottles or containers are not allowed in the pool area.
8) Food and drink are not permitted in the pool.
9) Games endangering swimmers or sunbathers are not permitted.
10) Objects which could damage the pool pump or filter are not permitted.
11) Entrance gate remains closed and locked. Entry is by resident key only.
12) Running, profanity, roughness, horseplay and dunking are not permitted.
13) Lifeguards and Rainbow Ridge HOA board members have full authority to enforce rules and settle
14) Unauthorized use or entry will constitute trespass.

                                                                                       Ver 5/16/2010

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