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									Image and Marketing

   A Mid-Year Report
Fall 2005

   New undergraduate recruitment publications
   Advertising (print)
   Video production
   Viral marketing concept and production
   Web site enhancement
   Graduate School open house and search materials
Undergraduate recruitment publications

   Search (150,000) and travel (50,000) brochures
   Viewbooks and envelopes (60,000)
   Acceptance package folders and guts (10,000)
   Undergraduate fact sheets
   Admissions Web site (in production)
   Print: Strategy—large ads in hometown papers, 8 consecutive
    weeks, raise visibility, drive to Web
     Niagara Gazette (circ. 51,539)
     Batavia Daily, (circ. 14,000) Livingston Co. News (circ. 6,800)
     Rochester area
         13 Messenger Post papers (Sunday/weekly subscription, 79,000)
         City Newspaper (103,000 readers each week)
     Syracuse area
         Eagle papers, 15 Central NY papers (54,635 paid circ., 158,441 readers)
     Buffalo area
         ArtVoice (63,000 copies, 280,000 readers each week)
         North Buffalo Rocket, West Side Times, Riverside Times (40,000 copies)
         Bee newspapers (38,000 copies, 108,000 readers)

     Others: NextStep magazine, Transfer Guide; Peterson‟s Guide;
      music educators publications
Video production
   High visibility project; three 2-minute videos for high-demand programs
    (education, forensic chemistry, interior design); focus on the academic
    strength and competitive advantages; these will be delivered via the Web;
    also cut down to 30-second television spot (image, visibility), drive people
    to the Web

   L&P Media, Troy, NY: On-campus visit in September; outline of features
    developed with faculty members; scheduled shoot

   Filmed more 50 people over 52 hours in 4 days, on campus and off
    (Campus West, Visual and Performing Arts, Niagara County Crime Lab)

   Audio files completed by end of November, video editing in December

   Will be able to track downloads, forwards
Viral marketing
   Viral marketing (e.g., see something interesting on a Web site, pass it
    along) Word-of-mouth marketing (tell a friend)

   Goal: Create a Flash segment to be delivered on the Web targeting 13- to
    18-year olds, promoting the unique aspects of the college

   Hired Andy Beedle (Franklin and Marshall, Kettering University projects) in
    June; visited campus in October

   Concept and script in November; expect comps for review in December

   Launch date to be determined

   Will be able to track downloads, forwards
Web: Most important marketing tool
   Chronicle of Higher Education,
         To Size Up Colleges, Students Now Shop Online (June 10, 2005)

   National Association for College Admission Counseling,
         State of College Admission Report (2005)

   Art & Science Group, StudentPOLL,
          The Use of Technologies in College Choice (January 29, 2003)
          No Digital Divide (April 17, 2003)

   Lipman Hearne,
         Web Site Effectiveness Study (2002)

   Harris Interactive, The Harris Poll (Trends & Tudes),
          How Do High School Students Select a College? (January 2005)
          Generation M: Media in the Lives of 8- to 18-Year Olds (May 2005)

   American Advertising Federation, Higher Education Marketing Newsletter,
    Communication Arts
Web: Most important marketing tool
New features (last 6 months)

    Accepted students site and electronic bulletin board

    Google-Mini, new search engine

    Student mail page (

    Student computing section

    Student quick polls (

    Podcasting

    Blogs (
Web metrics

    Login: guest; password: guest

 2004-2005: average 356,348 “sessions” per month; daily
  average 11,715 visitor sessions

    A „session' is defined as a series of clicks on your site by an
     individual visitor during a specific period of time. A session is
     initiated when the visitor arrives at your site, and it ends when
     the browser is closed or there is a period of inactivity.

 September 490,707; October 588,784; November daily
  visitor sessions average 21,089
Web metrics

 October 2004
    365,315 total visitor sessions
    226,832 visitors NOT from Buffalo State IP

 October 2005
    588,784 total visitor sessions
    354,356 (60%) visitors NOT from Buffalo State IP

       Examples of specific data available:
           From ECC: 324, from UCLA: 324; from Buffalo General
            Hospital: 255; from U.S. military: 744
Web metrics
Web metrics

 Ability to track response to postcard mailings
Web metrics: lots of data available
Web: Final word
   Constantly assessing and improving the Web experience
      Web usability studies
      Online user survey (
      Continual client (faculty, chairs, students) feedback

   SUNY, regional, national recognition
      2005 University & College Designers Association Award of Excellence

      2005 CASE District II Bronze; 2004 CASE District II Silver

      Recognition on national sites: 11/14/05: Slate has listed Buffalo State in
       its “Podcast Roundup” along with schools like Harvard and Stanford.
       Find out more about publishing your own podcast or downloading
       Buffalo State podcasts—like WBNY's All-Talk Monday shows or campus
       poetry readings—through Apple's iTunes Music Store today!

      Dartmouth used our CMS plan as a model
Spring 2006

 Advertising (print, tv, outdoors): March
    Viral marketing launch
    Videos available on the Web site; promotion
 Yield campaigns
    Mug mailing
    Postcards to accepted communication, forensic chemistry,
     criminal justice, and education majors
 Outreach and visibility in high schools
    Pennants(!)
 Graduate School

 Print (8 weeks, mid-February through mid-April)
    Same style ads
    Same media outlets as fall plus
       Criterion
       Long Island (Newsday [5], Long Island Press)
       Community college papers or local papers in selected
       Buffalo News [5], NACAC college fair guide

 Television (mid-March)
    30-second spot ads for 2-week period
       Buffalo Niagara region
       Rochester region

 Outdoors (March)
    Third medium for reach and frequency (high visibility)

    5 large boards on major highways in WNY
        290 E, 33 E, 33 W, 190 N (by NCCC), Milestrip Road (by
         ECC South)
Yield direct mail campaigns

 Communication, criminal justice, forensic chemistry
  (continued from last year)

 Education

 General mailing to accepted students
    Reduce premiums in package; possibly tie to yield events
Outreach and visibility in high schools

 Orange felt Buffalo State pennants for guidance counselors

 Possibility: Series of posters (working with 2 concepts)
    May also be used in community colleges
Graduate School

Spring 2006
 Open house or information sessions
     Print, radio, direct mail?

Fall 2006
 Comprehensive information brochure
      Replacement for fact sheets, fall 2006

   Program-specific marketing (e.g., SPA, Creative Studies, Museum
      Purchase lists, direct mail, advertising
Planning for 2006-2007

   Considering the cost and effectiveness of replacing undergraduate
    fact sheets with a series of more substantial brochures that could
    double as direct-mail pieces (working on prototype)

   New Admissions and Graduate School Web sites

   Continue to raise awareness and build image in Buffalo Niagara,
    Rochester, Central NY, and Long Island through advertising

   2007-2009 Undergraduate viewbook and collateral materials:
    update and reprint, make some design and copy changes, or
    completely redesign?

   Intellectual Foundations requirements: need all new materials

   E-mail search campaigns
Planning for 2006-2007
   Need to make decisions, begin creative process, production and placement
    decisions six- to 12-months in advance of implementation
      150+ other publications and projects on CR list, need to prioritize

   How can you help?
      Keep College Relations informed:
          Events, research projects, awards, interesting student and alumni
          Anything that speaks to the academic excellence of our faculty,
           students, and programs: Need to demonstrate academic excellence,
           not just say, “we‟re good”
          Proud Points on the home page, articles for Insider, 1300 Elmwood,
           items for undergrad admissions materials
      Keep Web sites up to date (we‟ll help!)
      Let us know how we can help you, but we need lots of advance
       planning and production time!

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