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Tuesday, April 21

                                The Weather Makers
                                8:00 am – Hall F                  Doors open at 7:45 am
                                How Man is Changing the Climate, What It Means for Life of Earth
                                Tim Flannery
                          Flannery lays out how our actions are damaging our planet. His message is terrifyingly
                          clear, but never defeating. That’s because what follows is a call-to-arms, featuring a
                          plethora of solutions that can combat this great, but not insurmountable, challenge.
                          He draws a path through politics, economics, activism, scientific discovery and corporate
          leadership, showing us how actions at every level of government, at every scale of industry, in every
          decision we make as consumers, can lead us back to an environmentally stable and economically robust
          planet. Tony Blair said “All who read The Weather Makers will be left the wiser.”

                              Tim will be signing copies of his book in the IAPA Booth on the trade show floor
                               (booth #923) immediately following his presentation.

Tuesday 9:30 am – 10:30 am                                 Searching for a Needle in a Haystack:                      machine safety? Do your machine guarding devices
                                                           Identifying Innovations to Prevent                         meet the requirements of the law? Find out the
                                                           MSDs in the Construction Sector                            answers to these and more of your questions as re-
What’s Good for the Goose:                                 Dee Kramer, MES, MSc, PhD., Centre for Research
                                                                                                                      nowned industry experts discuss the legal side of ma-
Best Practices for Supervisory Due                                                                                    chine safety in this eye-opening session.
                                                           Expertise in the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders
Diligence to Protect the Individual                        (CREMSD), and Enzo Garritano, Construction Safety          Bullying at Work: Managing Rights and
and the Organization                                       Association of Ontario (CSAO)                              Responsibilities on a Tightrope
Jeremy Warning, Senior Associate, Heenan Blaikie LLP       Room 717B
                                                                                                                      Frema Engel, Consultant, Trainer, Coach,
Room 718B                                                  How do you find new ways of doing things in con-           President, Engel & Associates
When it comes to OH&S enforcement, the fortunes of         struction? Especially if the innovations that you are      Room 716A
employers and supervisors are closely linked. Super-       seeking will help reduce musculoskeletal disorders.
                                                                                                                      Bullying or psychological harassment at work is one
visors have an essential role in an employer’s health      Researchers are collaborating with the Construction
                                                                                                                      problem that just will not go away. This issue is com-
and safety program, and the nature of the supervision      Safety Association of Ontario to find tools, processes
                                                                                                                      plex and tough to deal with, presenting a challenge
provided by an employer will be closely scrutinized        and practices that are presently being used in the sec-
                                                                                                                      for executives, managers and human resource profes-
by OH&S regulators. Moreover, OH&S charges against         tor. We have found 24 innovations that we think can
                                                                                                                      sionals who have to manage the fallout from a com-
supervisors are increasingly common. Just who is a         reduce MSDs. The tools we have found were chosen
                                                                                                                      plaint. Everyone knows that bullying at work is costly
supervisor and how can their actions or statements         because they improve productivity and quality; re-
                                                                                                                      for the organization and is an obstacle to attracting,
affect their employer? This session will discuss: em-      ducing MSDs was not usually their major advantage.
                                                                                                                      retaining and engaging the workforce. So what to do
ployer obligations respecting supervisors, who is a        They are relatively simple tools, can be used in mul-
                                                                                                                      about it? Having a policy on psychological harass-
supervisor for OH&S purposes, why supervisors are          tiple ways, and their use could first be observed on
                                                                                                                      ment or bullying, a code of conduct and promoting
charged, what the courts have said about the super-        sites. In the next few years, we are going to evaluate
                                                                                                                      ‘respect at work’ helps. So do labour laws on work-
visor’s role in an OH&S system, use of the supervisor’s    these and other tools. Then we are going to try and
                                                                                                                      place harassment. However, what if no one wants to
actions and statements against their employer, and         get them widely adopted.
                                                                                                                      officially complain? Or, when disciplined, the bully
best practices for due diligence.                                                                                     claims harassment against you? Is it realistic to at-
                                                           On the Side of Law
                                                                                                                      tempt to create a respectful work culture? Frema En-
Fatal Distractions (Distracted Driving)                                   Moderator: Mari-Len De Guzman, Editor,
                                                                                                                      gel will enlighten and entertain you as she explains
Mike Trace, Sr. Health & Safety Consultant, THSAO                         Canadian Occupational Safety magazine
                                                                                                                      the contradictions we face and the tightrope we walk
Room 717A                                                                 Panelists: Cheryl Edwards, Partner,                        – while balancing individual and collec-
Research indicates that in a large percentage of au-       Heenan Blaikie, Legal Columnist, Canadian Occupa-
                                                                                                                                     tive rights and the employer’s right to
                                                           tional Safety magazine; Wayne De L’Orme, Ministry
tomobile crashes, inattention was a contributing                                                                                     manage.
                                                           of Labour; Simon Fridlyand, P. Eng., President, S.A.F.E.
factor. We’ve all seen the obvious – people reading                                                                                 Frema will be signing copies of her book
                                                           Engineering Inc.
while driving, putting on makeup or talking on a cell                                                                               in the Book Store immediately following
phone. But how many other things do we do in our           Room 716B
                                                                                                                                    her presentation.
vehicles that distract us – distractions that negatively   The first company ever charged and convicted under
affect driving performance? Participants will receive      the Bill C-45 amendments to the Criminal Code was
important risk reduction tips and techniques.              found guilty of allowing a young worker operate a
                                                           machinery with a disabled safety mechanism. Do
                                                           you know your legal obligations when it comes to

Sessions Streams:           Healthy Workplaces                                                   Health and Safety Core Practices
                            Leadership and Management Breakthroughs                              Evolving Innovations Through Research                                          31
Field Fit Testing of Hearing Protectors:                 several examples of past outbreaks (including Ontario       A Balanced Lean Sigma Framework –
Technologies and Uses                                    episodes), impacts in the community, as well as re-         Optimizing Organizational Performance
                                                         cent Ministry of Labour and public health actions. The
Lee D. Hager, Sonomax Hearing Healthcare                                                                             Peter G. Furst, CSP, ARM, REA, Technical Director of
                                                         session will conclude with current best practices for       Contracting, Liberty Mutual Group
Room 715A
                                                         prevention as recommended by ASHRAE, US OSHA,
Estimating hearing protector performance has been                                                                    Room 713B
                                                         and other authorities.
fraught with problems. Some jurisdictions require                                                                    The Lean Sigma framework takes the best of the Bal-
a “derating”, or devaluing of labelled performance       Improving Your Organization’s OHS                           anced Scorecard, Lean Enterprise, and Six Sigma busi-
data for some applications; others discount the hear-    Performance with OHS Management                             ness models and applies it to the organizational sys-
ing protector completely. new technologies enable                                                                    tems, business processes and operational procedures
individual fit testing to determine how the hearing                                                                  so as to create internal integration and stakeholder
protector system (device, user, insertion technique,     Chris Moore,                                                expectation alignment. The framework drives orga-
                                                         Manager Training and Education Services, CCOHS              nizational behaviour, fosters flawless execution, and
and other variables) perform on individual users. This
presentation describes the commercially available sys-   Room 713A                                                   creates a win-win climate resulting in superior perfor-
tems, and using case study data, describes how the       Working with your organization’s OHS program, an            mance. This innovative, excellence driven framework
information resulting from a fit testing regime can be   occupational health and safety management system            fosters the integration of safety into the organiza-
used to improve hearing conservation program per-        (OHSMS) provides a framework for handling key ac-           tional systems, the business processes, the operation-
formance.                                                tivities, so that everyone knows the right way to do        al procedures, as well as unifying the organizational
                                                         things, and all the right things get done. It’s all about   systems to drives the management and employee be-
Reducing the Risk of Legionnaire’s                       fostering a spirit of continual improvement in OHS,         haviours that create an injury free workplace.
Disease                                                  taking an holistic approach and integrating OHS into
Bernard Siedlecki, Senior Associate,                     the overall management of your organization. In this        Answering the Challenge of
Pinchin Environmental                                    presentation, attendees will learn: what an OHSMS           Accommodating a Diverse Workforce
Room 714B                                                is and why their organizations would benefit from           Dr. Jerome J. Congleton, Ph.D., PE, CPE, Professor of Er-
                                                         OHSMS implementation; about Canadian and inter-             gonomics and Safety Engineering, Texas A&M University
Occupant risk of Legionnaire’s disease is a growing
                                                         national standards that describe the implementation         Health Science Center School of Rural Public Health
concern for building owners and facility managers,
                                                         of an OHSMS using the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle of            Room 712
not only in health care facilities but in commercial
                                                         activities; how to improve health and safety within
and industrial buildings as well. Legionnaire’s dis-                                                                 The design of workspaces that can accommodate the
                                                         their organizations by continually improving their
ease, an often fatal bacterial pneumonia, is caused by                                                               diverse workforce of today is critical. Many of the
                                                         OHS programs; what they need to do to move from
the inhalation of bacteria that can multiply in poorly                                                               assumptions we make about anthropometry, obesity,
                                                         an OHS program to an OHSMS; and how web-based
maintained plumbing systems such as cooling tow-                                                                     and aging are poor estimates of the reality of today’s
                                                         systems can provide a structure for the establishment,
ers, domestic hot water systems, spas and industrial                                                                 workforce. Discover the human body’s unique, pre-
                                                         maintenance and ongoing improvement of OHSMS.
operations. This presentation will discuss the origins                                                               ferred posture and learn how to design products
of Legionella pneumophila, exposure and risk factors,                                                                and office spaces for the future that will help users
maximize their health and productivity while look-          Leadership That Inspires: You Need                        Confined Spaces – Part 1
ing past current fads and politically-correct issues. Dr.   Good Mental Health to be Inspired                         Ray Mullin, Training Manager, North by Honeywell
Congleton provides ergonomic insights into the latest                                                                 Room 709
                                                            Michael Koscec, Entec Corporation
research and shows practical ways that ergonomics
                                                            Room 703                                                  This Part 1 workshop will deal with the confined space
can impact a diverse workforce, an aging workforce,
                                                            Knowledge workers are becoming increasingly impor-        theory. Attendees will be provided with an overview
and an obese workforce. Consider how basic prin-
                                                            tant in the manufacturing sector. Therefore productiv-    of the legislation covering confined spaces. Attend-
ciples and practices affect everything from seating
                                                            ity and business success are determined by the mental     ees will learn how to monitor and what to monitor
and workstation design to computer and keyboard
                                                            performance of employees. Under these conditions,         for, proper ventilation equipment and techniques, the
designs. Learn how to analyze and address your cur-
                                                            creating a work environment that promotes employee        importance of lockout/tagout procedures, fall protec-
rent workplace for the safety and protection of your
                                                            emotional well-being becomes a primary challenge          tion retrieval systems, proper selection of respirators,
company and your employees.
                                                            and responsibility for all managers. This session will    and how equipment is used to comply with the stan-
Small Business: Engaging Stakeholders                       reveal new research in leadership behaviours and          dard. (note that Part 2 in the afternoon will provide
                                                            workplace practices that directly inspire employees to    participants with hands-on opportunities to examine
Terri Holizki, Q.C., Industry Services Manager, Small
                                                            achieve peak mental performance. Deepen your un-          in detail and work with various respiratory, fall protec-
Business, WorkSafe BC
                                                            derstanding of the behaviour that inspire employees;      tion, ventilation and monitoring equipment.)
Room 704
                                                            learn which misaligned and toxic workplace practices
The Safety at Work for Small Business Centre of Work-
                                                            lower employee energy; and learn the difference be-
Safe BC has built effective relationships with their ex-
                                                            tween behaviours that inspire employee engagement         Tuesday 11:15 am – 12:15 pm
ternal partners. They have surveyed and listened to
                                                            and leadership behaviours that promote good mental
their needs and in partnership, have prepared a vari-                                                                 Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself
                                                            health – they are not the same but both are necessary
ety of OHS materials that address those needs. They
                                                                           to achieve peak performance.               Dan Gardner, Author of “Risk”
are currently doing some research into why workers
                                                                                                                      Room 718B
are four times more likely to be seriously injured in a                   Michael will be signing copies of his
small business and two times more likely to be killed                     book in the Book Store immediately          We are the safest and healthiest humans who ever
in a small business. Attend this session to hear more                     following the workshop.                     lived, but we sure don’t act like it. From terrorism to
about this and other small business projects.                                                                         child abduction and chemical contamination, the list
                                                                                                                      of our fears is long and growing. Dan Gardner will
AED: Three Letters Can Save a Life –                                                                                  demonstrate just how fortunate we are to be alive
The Importance of Defibrillators                             Early and Safe Return to Work                             today -- and how little risk the average person actu-
                                                            Elizabeth Parkinson and Andrew Sampogna,                  ally faces from the dramatic dangers that grab head-
Terry Deamone, Cardiac Science
(sponsored by North by Honeywell)                           Employer Specialists, Office of the Employer Adviser       lines. But if we are so safe, why are we so afraid?
                                                            Room 705                                                  Gardner demonstrates that the media’s portrayal of
Room 706
                                                                                                                      the risks we face is consistently wrong. He explains
This is a repeat session – please see Monday at 9:30 am     Proposed changes to WSIB’s Early and Safe Return to
                                                                                                                      how politicians, activists and corporations promote
                                                            Work [ESRTW] policies present significant challenges
                                                                                                                      fear to win votes, generate support and make money.
                                                            to employers – especially those who lack in-house hu-
LINK 2009 Youth Health & Safety Forum                                                                                 He delves into the latest research in cognitive and so-
                                                            man resources expertise. Employer Specialists from
                                                                                                                      cial psychology to explain how the human brain de-
                     Hall F                                 the Office of the Employer Adviser will go through the
                                                                                                                      cides what is worth worrying about and what is not.
                                                            key changes and how they affect employers. They will
                     9:30 am – 12:00 noon                                                                             Learn what’s really worth worrying about and what’s
                                                            also provide tips and tools to enable small-to-medium
                                                                                                                      not, how fear is marketed and why it works, and why
                                                            sized employers understand and meet their obliga-
                                                                                                                                     you and your family are some of the
                                                            tions, thus avoiding costly penalties.
                                                                                                                                     luckiest people who ever lived.
Tuesday Morning Workshops
                                                            Develop Your Own HSE Management
9:30 am – 12:15 pm                                          System and Integrate Emergency
                                                                                                                                     Dan will be signing copies of his book in
                                                                                                                                     the Book Store immediately following his
                                                            Management                                                               presentation.
Master Course – Low Back Disorders –                        Terry Watson, Director of Safety Security, Park Hyatt
Dispelling the Myths and Reducing                           Toronto, and John Hollands, CRSP CPM HRTD, Corporate
                                                            Account Manager, Ontario Service Safety Alliance (OSSA)
            the Risks                                                                                                 A Testimonial of a Journey to Excellence
                                                            Room 707
                 Dr. Stuart McGill, Dept. of Kinesiology,                                                             Al Kruzins, Health, Safety & Environment Consultant,
                 University of Waterloo                     This workshop will tell and show how to map,
                                                                                                                      Siemens, and Andrew Harkness, Senior Strategy Advisor,
                 Room 714A                                  develop and use a simple Plan-Do-Check-Act HSE
                                                                                                                      Healthy Workplaces, IAPA
                                                            management system model. This approach aligns
                 The popular instruction to “bend the                                                                 Room 717A
                                                            to accepted MS standards to ensure all aspects are
                 knees and keep the back straight” is                                                                 This session will discuss the process of creating an
                                                            identified and integrated to simplify ongoing system
inadequate and non-functional for many jobs. This                                                                     integrated management system to meet the require-
                                                            management and achieve goals for continuous
mastercourse describes the injury mechanisms associ-                                                                  ments of OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001. An overview
                                                            improvement. 1. Plan – Policy and planning, process
ated with lifting, sitting, and many prolonged pos-                                                                   of the project plan and strategy will be presented by
                                                            mapping, risk assessments, strategic goals and ob-
tures and repeated tasks, to form a foundation for                                                                    Andrew Harkness, a management systems specialist
                                                            jectives; 2. Do: Program implementation; 3. Check:
evidence based injury avoidance strategies. Delegates                                                                 with IAPA. Al Kruzins, Siemens HSE Consultant, will
                                                            system aspect monitoring, evaluation, auditing; and
will learn a variety of options to reduce the risk of a                                                               provide real time experiences associated with over-
                                                            4. Act: Annual review, corrective actions and plans
broad range of occupationally related back disorders.                                                                 seeing this initiative in a traditional manufacturing
                                                            for continuous improvement. Participants will be
Dr. McGill is an internationally recognized expert and                                                                setting. Be prepared to gain insight into some of the
                                                            coached on how to start the process in their own
much sought after speaker in this area.                                                                               tips and challenges encountered by Siemens in reach-
                                                            organizations. A focus will be on how to develop and
                                                            integrate the 4 elements of emergency management          ing their goal of registration to these two standards.
                                                            (preparedness, response, crisis management and
Sessions Streams:
                                                            business continuity)
Healthy Workplaces
Health and Safety Core Practices
Leadership and Management Breakthroughs
Evolving Innovations Through Research
CSA Z462-08
Workplace Electrical Safety Standard

                                        CSA Z462 is the country’s first all-Canadian comprehensive
                                        standard to protect electrical workers. Z462 will compliment
                                        CSA Z460 Control of Hazardous Energy – Lockout and the
                                        updated Canadian Electrical Code Part I.
                                        CSA Z462 is based on the U.S. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard
                                        NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace. In fact, CSA Z462 was
                                        developed in parallel with the 2009 edition of NFPA 70E. Attempts have been made
                                        to harmonize Z462 with NFPA 70E as much as practicable for Canadian Workplaces.

                                        CSA-Z462 sets out requirements for the recognition of “qualified” electrical workers.
                                        This definition places a duty on the owners of electrical equipment in the workplace
                                        to ensure that unqualified people do not have easy access to these hazard zones,
                                        and to ensure that only recognized qualified workers are used to perform work on
                                        hazardous electrical systems.

                                        CSA Education & Training offers a comprehensive suite of training resources for
                                        CSA Z462, including workshops, on-site seminars and e-learning curriculum;
                                        visit for more details.

 C SA - M A K I N G   STA N DA R DS   WO RK   FO R   PE OPLE      A N D   B U S I N E S S

Workplace Violence Prevention                                                Safety and Technology                        Integrating Safety Culture and
Catherine Burr and Dr. Peter Jaffe,                                            Moderator: Mary Del Ciancio, Editor,       Performance Management
University of Western Ontario                                                  Manufacturing AUTOMATION magazine                           Gary Phillips, BA, BEd, MA , CRSP
Room 717B                                                      Panel: Bill Valedis, President, Imperial Automation         TheArTo fsAfeTy CHRP, NW Training & Development
Violence can and does happen in any workplace.                 Training; Walter Veugen, Founder, Veugen                                    Room 714B
Everyone has a prevention role. Workplaces need                Integrated Technologies; Allen Rutherford, P.Eng,
                                                                                                                                           Many workers get cynical about the
policies, assessment tools and programs to address             Applications Engineer, Bosch Rexroth Canada;
                                                                                                                                           latest expression of those “fuzzy”
physical and psychological violence, bullying, abuse,          John Murphy, Machine Guarding and Safety Specialist,        Gary PhilliPs
                                                                                                                                           words – values, vision, mission and
harassment and domestic violence in the workplace.             Vickers-Warnick Ltd.
                                                                                                                          culture. And all too often these generalized state-
Drawing from Canadian and international sources,               Room 716B
                                                                                                                          ments are left open to perilously broad interpreta-
two experts with the University of Western Ontar-              Technology has come a long way to help prevent in-         tions. Join Gary Phillips, the author of The Art of
io’s Centre for Research and Education on Violence             juries from machinery. What used to be mechanical          Safety and learn how to deliver a new perspective on
Against Women and Children will identify and discuss           monsters that cost lives have evolved into technologi-     these critical statements and how to incorporate the
prevention options and resources you can adapt for             cally advanced safeguards that save lives. In this ses-    6 essential factors required to operationalize them,
your workplace. The link between effective preven-             sion, we talk to experts about how new technologies        into your existing performance management system.
tion, assessment and response is highlighted. Cath-            are making a difference in workers’ safety. Health and     Then get ready to challenge your existing beliefs!
erine Burr is a Community Research Associate with              safety professionals will have the chance to interact      Find out how to spot and avoid dangerous corporate
the Centre and has investigation, training and policy          with leading technology providers for insights on us-      safety slogans, like “all accidents are preventable”,
experience on workplace harassment. Dr. Peter Jaffe            ing modern tools for safer machines.                       “safety is job 1” and “zero injuries”, that can actually
is the Centre’s Academic Director and also sits on the                                                                    mitigate against their own success.
Chief Coroner’s Domestic Violence Death Review                 Worker OH&S Education –
Committee.                                                     Are Your Efforts Being Effective?                          Changing Perceptions
                                                                                Dianne Dyck, Rn, BN, MSc, COHN(C),        Rebecca DiFilippo, Publisher, Moods Magazine
Senior Management OH&S Risk                                                     COHN-S, CRSP, OHS Specialist              Room 713B
Management                                                                      Room 715A                                 Rebecca DiFilippo is the founder and publisher of
Julie Thibault, Heenan Blaikie LLP                                              People learn new things everyday and      Moods Magazine, a Canadian national consumer
Room 716A                                                                       tend to apply what they learn to new      publication addressing healthy living from a physical
The ever-changing Canadian OH&S enforcement en-                                 and different situations. This is often   and mental standpoint. In 2001 DiFilippo was hospi-
vironment has seen OH&S enforcers knocking more                an effortless process. Based on this premise, most         talized with clinical depression and struggled with a
frequently on the doors of corporate boardrooms,               government and community agencies that promote             long battle back to good mental and physical health.
and the offices of senior management. High corpo-              public health interventions use an educational compo-      She now promotes the education of mood disorders
rate and personal fines are meted out each day for             nent to elicit the desired human behavioural change.       in the workplace to both management and their staff.
OH&S violations. Criminal sanctions can be imposed             Their premise is that once people know about a given       In her presentation, she provides staggering work-
on individuals and corporations, particularly where            risk, they will make the recommended behavioural           place productivity statistics, and example cases of
“senior officers” fail to take sufficient OH&S manage-         changes to protect themselves and others. However,         corporations experiencing the benefits of programs
ment steps. Is your senior management group alert              from experience, “knowing” does not lead to “do-           implemented to reduce lost production costs. In 2006
to and managing these risks? This session will discuss         ing”. This presentation is dedicated to worker OH&S        she was awarded the Canadian Mental Health Asso-
key OH&S and Criminal Code provisions and risks,               education/training and how OH&S professionals/prac-        ciation’s Media Award for outstanding coverage of
and key risk management essentials for boards of di-           titioners can enable employers to design and deliver       mental health issues in Canada and was nominated
rectors and other members of senior management.                effective worker OH&S education.                           for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health’s An-
                                                                                                                          nual Courage to Come Back Award.
An Introduction to Changes in the                              Get in the Driver’s Seat: Managing Your
Ontario Electrical Safety Code                                 Company’s Safe Driving Program                             Occupational Asthma
(24th Edition/2009)                                            Tami Boulton, Senior Advisor, Health and Safety, Ontario   Dr. Susan Tarlo and Dr. Gary Liss, Centre for Research
James Fraser, Technical Advisor, Electrical Safety Authority   Power Generation                                           Expertise in Occupational Disease (CREOD)
Room 713A                                                      Room 715B                                                  Room 712
The Electrical Safety Authority is introducing the 24th        Due to the geographic distribution of OPG’s work-          CREOD has an ongoing research project reviewing
edition of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (OESC) in        force across Ontario and the requirement for their         trends in work-related asthma claims and the possible
the spring of 2009. This edition of the OESC is the first      staff to drive to different sites for operational main-    role of medical surveillance. This session will cover as-
update in seven years, and introduces 255 changes to           tenance, off site training, meetings, trouble-shooting,    pects of MSDSs relevant to work-related asthma, and
reflect changes in both the Canadian Electrical Code           etc., driving remains one of the top safety risks at       prevention of occupational asthma, primary, second-
and the Ontario amendments. An introduction to the             OPG. Learn how OPG is paving the road to reduce            ary and tertiary preventive measures with illustrative
“key changes” in the OESC (24th Edition 2009) will             driving related risks. Their safety management system      examples.
be provided in this session with an opportunity for            is the backbone of the program with risk assessments
participants to ask questions to clarify compliance            identifying driving as a significant risk, safe driving    Hand Injuries:
requirements.                                                  procedures, innovative training and communication          Real Costs and How to Prevent Them!
                                                               initiatives to increase employee awareness of the risk     Yves Limoges, North by Honeywell
                                                               and how to prevent incidents. Learn how OPG has            Room 706
                                                               created a culture where employees take personal re-
                                                                                                                          Hand injury could be prevented by doing a hand
                                                               sponsibility for their driving decisions.
                                                                                                                          protection risk assessment. This session will
                                                                                                                          provide an analysis of hand injury real costs for the
         Sessions Streams:                                                                                                organization.
         Healthy Workplaces
         Health and Safety Core Practices
         Leadership and Management Breakthroughs
         Evolving Innovations Through Research

                                         Nobody knows compliance and
                                         due diligence issues better than
                                         the North Team, so when you
                                          need outside the box thinking,
                                          contact us.
                                          North has 30 professionals
                                           across Canada who train on
                                               site or in the 3 North
                                                 training centers.
                                                They will offer you and
                                               your people their
                                              knowledge and experience
                                             for your “Safety Solutions”

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                                                   on training and
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Tuesday 1:45 pm – 2:45 pm                                  The Use of Seatbelts for Lift Trucks                       Combustible Dust
                                                           Denis Rancourt, Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en      David Johnston, CRSP, Director, Safety & Health/Canada,
                                                           santé et en sécurité du travail (IRSST)                    ADM Agri-Industries Co., and Burke Desautels, Fenwall
Workplace Violence: Evolving                               Room 717B                                                  Protection Systems
Obligations and Worker Rights                              The IRSST has done extensive research on the effec-        Room 715A
in Ontario                                                 tiveness of wearing a safety belt and other devices        On February 7, 2008 a dust explosion occurred at the
Cheryl A. Edwards, Partner, and Jeremy Warning,            as protection for lift truck operators in the event of     Dixie Crystals sugar refinery in Port Wentworth, Texas,
Senior Associate, Heenan Blaikie LLP                       lift truck rollover. Their research describes tests car-   killing 13 people and injuring 32 others. According to
Room 718B                                                  ried out to determine the contribution to safety of        Carolyn Merritt, Chairman of the U.S. Chemical Safe-
A rising tide of recognition of workplace violence as      various devices, including safety gates, armrests and      ty and Hazard Investigation Board, there have been
an OH&S problem has led to resounding pressure on          seats with wings, combined or not with a pelvic safety     197 dust fires and explosions in the last 25 years that
governments to amend OH&S legislation, to impose           belt. Results indicate that the wearing of a safety belt   have resulted in 109 fatalities and 592 injuries in the
broader responsibilities on employers to protect work-     alone or the presence of a complete door, combined         United States. Many common organic powders have
ers from harassment, bullying, and violence. Increas-      with a head protection system, is a good means of          the capacity to explode and cause serious injuries and
ingly, workers are turning to OH&S work refusals,          protection against most of the injuries that can oc-       damage. This includes seemingly innocuous prod-
complaints, and requests for government compliance         cur in the lateral rollover of a lift truck. The study’s   ucts such as sugar, flour, starch, coffee, spices and
orders. This opens the door to demands for pros-           results refute the belief that the wearing of a safety     powdered milk. The controls to prevent and mitigate
ecution of employers where violence-related OH&S           belt significantly increases the impact velocity of the    dust explosions are essential but relatively simple to
legal obligations are not met. This session will focus     body or the head on the ground. Attend this session        implement. David Johnston of ADM will be discuss-
on emerging initiatives and legislation in Ontario.        to learn more.                                             ing “hands–on” practices to prevent dust explosions.
Discussions will include: the definition of workplace                                                                 Burke Desautels from Fenwall will discuss equipment
violence; compliance orders being issued; recognition
                                                           Risk Taking and Public Waterways                           available to mitigate explosions including explosion
of safety-related rights to refuse work and protection     Norman Giesbrecht, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Centre for     suppression systems, explosion venting and highlights
from reprisals; expectations on employers to develop       Addiction and Mental Health and David Abbott, Director     of nFPA 68.
workplace policies, undertake violence risk assess-        Public Affairs - Hydro, Ontario Power Generation
                                                           Room 716A                                                  Building Resilience in a Difficult Time
ments, provide training in policies and procedures as
a means to prevent workplace violence.                     Understanding why people take unnecessary risk             Lea Brovedani, The Emotions Expert
                                                           is like the “holy grail” to those in the safety busi-      Room 714B
A New Frontier for Safety                                  ness. This presentation will report on an innovative       By learning to create a resilient environment, you in-
Corrie Pitzer, SAFEMap International                       project undertaken by OPG in partnership with Uni-         crease the effectiveness, productivity and viability of
Room 717A                                                  versity of Toronto and the Centre for Addiction and        your workplace. Resilient staff are able to accept chal-
                                                           Mental Health (CAMH) designed to reduce high-risk          lenges and adapt to new situations quickly. By becom-
RISK! Risk is why we have accidents. It is the big
                                                           behaviour of members of the public around Ontario          ing emotionally resilient they will be able to recover
threat, the no go zone, the source of all evil for the
                                                           Power Generation dams and power stations. The les-         from setbacks and handle any situation without com-
safety profession. But how can we not take a risk?
                                                           sons from this study are relevant to other forms of        ing apart or having it negatively affect their external
How can we go out in any work day and never, ever
                                                           risk taking behaviour, such as drinking and driving,       and internal customers. Resiliency does not mean that
take a risk? The new world that safety will be enter-
                                                           or examples of getting in harm’s way while under the       a person will not experience difficulties or stress, but
ing is one where risk-taking is harnessed, to ensure
                                                           influence of alcohol or other drugs. This presentation     rather they will learn the behaviours, thoughts and
workers at all levels are optimizing the way we work,
                                                           will provide an exemplary model for other applica-         actions that will allow them to confidently deal with
finding innovative, new and more effective ways of
                                                           tions both in the realm of public safety and work-         the difficulties. EI expert Lea Brovedani will show you
doing the job. It’s a scary new world where there is
                                                           place safety to better understand why people take          how to tap into emotional strengths to create better
a balance between risks and rewards and where the
                                                           these risks.                                               business outcomes. Learn how to understand and in-
safety practitioner disappeared from the organiza-
tional chart, because, like the dinosaur, he devoured                                                                 corporate resilient behaviour and learn techniques to
                                                           Building World Class Safety Capability                     manage emotions.
his own world. Safety in these terms is a process
through which we seek opportunities in a responsible
                                                           in Manufacturing
                                                           Scott Gaddis, Global Safety Capability Leader, Kimberly    Duelling Philosophies in Health and
way, develop skills in all our people to deal with risks
competently, and confidently explore new and better        Clark Professional                                         Safety: If Behaviour-Based Health
ways to engineer and build things. It is part of the       Room 716B                                                  and Safety is Bunk, Then is Compliance
strategic planning and thinking and is integrated in       At Kimberly-Clark Professional, our safety vision calls    the Key?
every activity.                                            for an absolute belief that every employee can cre-        Larry Wilson, Vice President, Electrolab and Dr. Peter
                                                           ate and maintain a workplace free of illness and in-       Strahlendorf, Associate Professor, School of Occupa-
Preventing MSD’s – Not Just a Theory!                      jury. Our vision is paying off with world-class incident   tional and Public Health, Ryerson University
Jerry Mouchian, CHSC, CRSP, Plant and Safety Engineer,     rates and dramatic reductions in medical costs due         Room 713A
G.N. Johnston Equipment Co. Ltd.                           to workplace injuries and illnesses. This session will     This session will examine duelling philosophies in
Room 715B                                                  focus on building world-class safety capability in a       health and safety. The behaviour-based perspec-
When MSD prevention was introduced as the key              lean manufacturing environment. To improve work-           tive believes that you must first understand the root
focus for all organizations, Johnston Equipment,           place safety, organizational culture must change. This     causes behind mistakes and errors. The other view
nationally known as a materials handling sales and         session will focus on employee involvement, visible        sees management leading by example and provid-
service provider, decided to take the proverbial “bull     leadership, process commitment and strategy ele-           ing everyone in the organization training to improve
by the horns.” Having numerous service technicians         ments for success. A simple process model, utilizing       skills in identifying physical hazards and the pitfalls
that deal with heavy machinery and equipment on            four aspects of a successful implementation strategy       caused by common causes of mistakes. This promises
a day to day basis, namely forklifts, they examined        will be discussed; the areas include Visible Leadership,   to be an animated discussion with plenty of food for
the trends in the trade and immediately identified the     Physical Protection, Capability and Skill Development      thought.
causal factors that contributed to some of MSD inju-       and Behaviour and Expectations.
ries. This session will discuss and present the journey                                                                                        Sessions Streams:
taken on the rough road to success.                                                                                                 Healthy Workplaces
                                                                                                                        Health and Safety Core Practices
                                                                                                            Leadership and Management Breakthroughs
                                                                                                                 Evolving Innovations Through Research
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Improving Lone Worker Safety with                         Tuesday Afternoon Workshops                                Getting Local Leadership Right Reduces
GPS Technology                                                                                                       Incivility and Raises Engagement
                                                          1:45 pm – 4:30 pm
Rob Goehring, VP Product Management and                                                                              Dr. John Yardley, President, Metrics@Work, Managing
Marketing, Contigo (a TELUS partner)                                                                                 Director, Workplace Health Research Laboratory Brock
Room 712                                                  Tongue Fu!® … The Art of Dealing                           University
In an increasingly mobile world, workers who work         with Difficult People Without Becoming                      Room 703
by themselves, in small groups or late at night are       One Yourself                                               This presentation targets those who manage others
more and more at risk. In addition, with the recent                                                                  in a work organization and are responsible for work
                                                          Joan Craven, Craven Communications
introduction of work alone guidelines and legislation                                                                culture, quality of work life, health of the organiza-
                                                          Room 714A
in various provinces in Canada, government agencies                                                                  tion etc. It has value for those who work in strategic
have recognized the inherent risks associated with        Are your communications techniques ready for the           positions in that it provides a “strategy” or frame-
many jobs, and provided requirements for employers        future? Joan Craven is a certified Tongue Fu!® instruc-    work from which organizational change and develop-
of all sizes to maintain the health and safety of their   tor who will give real life examples that are applicable   ment tactics can be implemented. It also has value for
workers. During this session you will learn about the     on and off the job. Focusing on original ideas that        those who directly manage a team as the workshop
latest health and safety requirements for employers,      work, you’ll leave with dozens of diplomatic respons-      discussions will emphasize local work elements and
the types of workers who are most at risk, and how        es to situations that face you everyday. This workshop     performance indicators that will be of direct relevance
new technology using web, GPS and other Location          is filled with practical information you can use right     to them, e.g., incivility levels, engagement, perfor-
Based Services can be used to improve worker safety       away to improve your communication with just about         mance. Therefore, the audience is: strategic leaders,
and assist employers with legislative compliance.         anybody. Learn to identify 6 trigger words – words to      business managers, organizational development spe-
                                                          use and words to lose so that conversations are help-      cialists and supervisors.
Transform Overloaded Text Slides into                     ful not hurtful. Learn what to do when people frus-
Persuasive Presentations                                  trate you or complain – defusing the situation instead
Dave Paradi, MBA, author of “The Visual Slide
                                                          of escalating it. Learn how to stop name calling and       Tuesday 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
                                                          blaming, the art of tactful termination to end time-
Revolution”, co-author of “Guide to PowerPoint”
                                                          wasters extending your day, and how to choose your
Room 713B
                                                          battles. Techniques to help you be the kind of person      You’ve Called 911 –
If we want our safety messages to get through and be      you want to be even when others around you are not.        Now What? Effective Investigation
put into practice, our training presentations need to     (This workshop is a pre-requisite for the Strong Talk
be effective. Unfortunately, too many presentations
                                                                                                                     and Prevention Strategies
                                                          workshop on Wednesday at 9:30 am.)
consist of overloaded text slides that are read to the                                                               Ryan J. Conlin, LLB, Stringer Brisbin Humphrey, Yvonne
audience – and safety incidents don’t get reduced.        Integrated Care for Your Workers –                         O’Reilly, CRSP, O’Reilly Health & Safety Consulting
This session will introduce you to a five-step method                                                                Room 718B
                                                          What’s In It For You?
for transforming your text slides into persuasive                                                                    A serious accident is perhaps the most traumatic
                                                          Dr. Howard Hamer, Occupational Health Physician;
visuals and show examples of the ideas applied in                                                                    event that can take place at any workplace. It is the
                                                          Dr. Rhonda Nemeth, Lead Psychologist; Jodie Cooper,
real-world situations. Come to get practical ideas        Occupational Therapist; and Laura Wentzell,                event that every health and safety professional tries
                to improve your next training or          Kinesiologist; UHN Rehabilitation Solutions                to prevent. However, regardless of how many train-
                information presentation.                                                                            ing programs, precautionary measures and disciplin-
                                                          Room 705
                                                                                                                     ary systems an employer implements, unfortunately
                Dave will be signing copies of his book   Preventing injuries in the workplace and effectively       serious workplace accidents can and do happen. This
                in the Book Store immediately follow-     managing an injured workforce is not an easy task          session will outline the steps to be taken immediately
                ing his presentation.                     for an employer to undertake. Balancing legislative        following the incident to control the immediate risk,
                                                          requirements, healthcare providers, job requirements,      secure the scene, comply with legislated require-
                                                          with the needs of the individual worker can be frus-       ments, and ensure effective communication internally
The New Standard in Business                              trating and challenging. A common mistake when             and externally. Conducting a thorough investigation,
Continuity – CSA Z1600                                    understanding the cause of an injury is overlooking        post accident remedial steps and developing an ac-
Graeme Jannaway, CBCP CISA, Jannaway & Associates         the underlying factors that inhibit a successful pre-      cident response plan will also be discussed.
Room 707                                                  vention and return to work program. The goal is to
The arrival of CSA Z1600 marks a new era in business      keep people at work and get involved earlier, taking       Nanotechnology –
continuity and emergency management in Canada.            into consideration the worker’s overall well-being, in-    A Best Practices Guide
The former separate disciplines of emergency man-         cluding psychosocial factors. Through an interactive
                                                                                                                     Claude Ostiguy, Ph.D., Chemist, Director, Research and
agement and business continuity have been brought         presentation and panel discussion with an interdis-
                                                                                                                     Expertise Support Development, Institut de recherche
together within one standard. Learn how to increase       ciplinary team of clinicians, attendees will be taken
                                                                                                                     Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail
your company’s resilience through a unified approach      through case studies and leave with key take-home
                                                                                                                     Room 717A
to prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and     messages. The floor will also be open for attendees to
                                                          bring their own difficult cases for the panel to discuss   A recent review demonstrated that nanotechnologies
recovery. By creating a management systems stan-
                                                          and provide recommendations.                               are growing and that a substantial increase in the
dard, based on nFPA 1600, programs built to CSA
                                                                                                                     number of Québec workers exposed to nanoparticles
Z1600 will be compliant with the American national
standard and auditable to future ISO TC 223 stan-         Confined Spaces – Part 2                                    can be expected. It also revealed the high toxicity of
                                                          Ray Mullin, North by Honeywell; Brad O’Neil, Pacesetter;   these molecular or atomic size particles, as well as
dards. Included in the session will be a demonstration
                                                          and Jim Willis, Honeywell Analytics                        the safety risks that they represent. Faced with this
of a new electronic audit tool based on CSA Z1600.
                                                          Room 709                                                   emerging health and safety problem, the researchers
CSAZ96.1 Standard –                                                                                                  at IRSST developed a good practices guide intended
                                                          Whether you attended Part 1 or not, this workshop
                                                                                                                     for nanotechnology manufacturers and users as
A New Standard In Hi-Viz Apparel                          will benefit anyone working in or responsible for oth-
                                                                                                                     well as for scientists who create new nanoparticles
JF Ouellette, North by Honeywell and Dave Shanahan, CSA   ers working in confined spaces. You will learn how
                                                                                                                     and examine other potential applications for these
Room 706                                                  different equipment works and actually be able to
                                                                                                                     techniques. This brand new Guide will be widely
                                                          try it out yourself – equipment such as air purifying
This is a repeat session – please see Monday 1:45 pm                                                                 disseminated by the IRSST, CSST and nano-Québec,
                                                          respirators, powered air purifying respirators, self-
                                                                                                                     to help avoid the occupational diseases and
                                                          contained breathing apparatus, fall protection, air
                                                                                                                     accidents resulting from exposure to nanoparticles
                                                          monitoring equipment, and more.
                                                                                                                     before they occur.

Sessions Streams:           Healthy Workplaces                                                  Health and Safety Core Practices
                            Leadership and Management Breakthroughs                             Evolving Innovations Through Research

 Branding, Wellness, Culture –                                No-Nonsense Tactics to Deal with Human                    Ergonomics Guidelines and Regulations
 It’s All Connected                                           Gorillas, Tarantulas, and Terriers at Work                Ivan Szlapetis, B.Sc.,CCPE, CEP, Ergonomics Specialist, IAPA
 Jim Letwin, President and CEO, JAN Kelley Marketing          and Get the Respect You Deserve                           Room 713A
 Room 717B                                                                   Frema Engel, Consultant, Trainer, Coach,   Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) such as back strain
 We all know that a healthy workplace and employee                           President, Engel & Associates              and tennis elbow remain the most common and
 wellness play an important part in forming the culture                      Room 714B                                  most costly type of work-related injuries in Canada.
 of an organization. And when it comes to brand-                             Have a bully in your midst and wish you    Recently federal regulations were introduced that re-
 ing we often say that brands are “built from the in-                        knew a magical trick or two that would     quire employers to address ergonomics-related haz-
 side out”. This session will explore the importance of                      make the person leave you alone or         ards and the Ontario government released guidelines
 making health & safety part of your brand as well as         disappear? Frema Engel will follow up on her earlier      and tools to help prevent these painful and costly
 how a cross-section of organizations have success-           presentation: Bullying at Work: Managing Rights and       injuries. Whether you need ergonomics to enhance
 fully done so. The presenter will also share tips on         Responsibilities on a Tightrope with this interactive,    the health and safety of your own employees or to
 internal branding and how to encourage employees             skill-based session to help you handle difficult per-     improve the workplace design for your clients, this
 to “live the brand”.                                         sonalities or dangerous animal-type behaviours, stop      session will help demystify the topic and connect you
                                                              annoying, “innocuous” incidents, or neutralize the        with the resources or references you need.
 Achieving Injury Free                                        bully’s power. Learn straightforward, techniques to
 George Brandon, Corporate HSE Manager, ShawCor Ltd.          defuse simple to highly-charged, complex problems.
                                                                                                                        Aging Workforce: OHS Solutions
 Room 716B                                                    Present a scenario and get tips on how to turn around     Jan Chappel, Senior Technical Specialist, CCOHS
 Safety professionals in all organizations seek to pre-       a tough situation you’re experiencing yourself or have    Room 712
 vent injuries and to create an injury free work envi-        to manage. Or simply listen and watch – be enter-         Research has shown that some physical and men-
 ronment. Getting to injury free isn’t about tracking         tained and learn some valuable strategies for Taming      tal changes do occur as people age. How do these
 recordable statistics, following a set script or eliminat-   the Beast and how to harness the power of respect.        changes affect people and the jobs they do? We will
 ing all risks. Achieving injury free requires leadership.                                                              take what is learnt from the research studies and
 The best safety leaders take calculated risks to expand      What Do I Need to Know About                              demonstrate how specific solutions and practices can
 their influence in their organizations. But personal         Beryllium in Respiratory Protection?                      prevent these changes from becoming hindrances in
 risk taking may be a challenge for safety practitioners      Syvain Lefebvre, North by Honeywell                       the workplace. We will review aging from an occu-
 whose role is often to be an advocate of caution. This       Room 706                                                  pational health and safety perspective and examine
 presentation provides practical advice and tools to                                                                    different work situations (carrying heavy loads, com-
                                                              This is a repeat session.
 help safety professionals to be more effective in creat-                                                               puter work, visual environment, chemical exposures,
                                                              Please see Monday 11:15 am
 ing a framework for injury free. The tools focus on be-                                                                etc), explore the possible impact on older workers
 ing intolerant of all incidents, coaching line managers                                                                and discuss solutions on how to keep everyone safe
 to engage them in the safety process, and on building                                                                  and free of injury.
 and accepting personal responsibility.

                                                                                                                  I need help
                                                                                                                  to prevent
                                                                                                                  and manage
                                                                                                        When it comes to group insurance, an ounce
                                                                                                        of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s why
                                                                                                        Standard Life takes a global, integrated approach
                                                                                                        to managing absenteeism, and offers prevention
                                                                                                        and intervention tools specifically geared to
                                                                                                        the needs of employees and managers. Talk to
                                                                                                        your benefits advisor or visit

                                                                                                        For the financial realities of life.

                                                                                                      Retirement             Investments                  Insurance
                                                                                                      The Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada


CSA Z1600 –                                                 Total Sustainability –                                       The Anatomy of a Collision
From Standard To Implementation                             The Three P’s of Resilience                                  Bruce Brunsch, Collision Reconstructionist
Scott Hood, B.A.Sc. CET, CRSP, Principal Consultant, IAPA   Greg Hart, President, Human Effort                           Room 713B
Room 707                                                    Room 715B                                                    You only have a split second to make a decision. Your
When an emergency strikes will you and your organi-         Sustainable is a word most often associated with             actions will determine the outcome. By understand-
zation be ready? Have you even considered the fact          environmental practices. Lately world financial mar-         ing how collisions occur, you may be able to prevent
that you will be on your own for the first 72 hours of      kets are also being mentioned. If we consider what           them. Bruce Brunsch brings a unique perspective to
an emergency? If you are trying to develop an emer-         it takes to keep people healthy and safe on an in-           driving and driver awareness. He is a Collision Re-
gency plan where do you begin? CSA has developed            dividual level, an organizational level, or at a com-        constructionist with 28 years of law enforcement
a new standard to guide firms in developing their           munity level, sustainability is the key. This session will   experience. Through the use of humour and life ex-
emergency plans. This session will look at a practi-        explore the concept of total sustainability by consider-     periences, Bruce brings an understanding to how col-
cal approach to implementing this comprehensive             ing the three Ps of resilience – people, processes and       lisions occur and what role human behaviour plays
CSA standard. During the presentation the standard’s        places. Learn how to maintain and increase resilience        in contributing to them. Each person will take away
structure will be reviewed along with a very brief          through specific activities and careful monitoring of        some technical knowledge and, more importantly, an
background of why the standard was developed.               integrated continuous improvement in each of the             appreciation for their responsibility in the prevention
The structure of the standard will be reviewed and a        three areas. Total sustainability is possible and that       of vehicle collisions.
five step process to implement this new standard will       means healthy people working in productive and safe
be presented.                                               processes and places.

How the Office of the Worker Adviser                         How “S-a-a-S” y is your Health and
Helps Injured Workers                                       Safety Program?
Marlene Ciarrocchi, Eleanor McRae, and Jessica              Ben Snyman, President,
Schmidt, Worker Advisers, Office of the Worker Adviser       Room 715A
Room 704                                                    Software as a Service (S-a-a-S) is one of the fastest
The Office of the Worker Adviser (OWA) is an agency         growing global IT trends now applied to the OH&S
of the Ministry of Labour that provides free services       industry. Advance H&S web-based solutions are no
to non-unionized injured workers and to the survi-          longer exclusive to the wealthiest of companies, but                                          Sessions Streams:
vors of injured workers. Attend this session to learn       available to companies of all sizes at costs far less
more about the OWA and how it can help provide              than traditional solutions. In this presentation the                                Healthy Workplaces
advice, representation and education services related       OH&S S-a-a-S model will be discussed highlighting                       Health and Safety Core Practices
to workplace insurance matters. Learn about OWA             the benefits and functionality, as well as potential                       Leadership and Management
representation at mediations and appeals and hear           concerns associated with implementing a web-based                                        Breakthroughs
about OWA partnerships to improve services related          OH&S program management system.                                  Evolving Innovations Through Research
to workplace safety and insurance matters.

Ad_NAN_IAPA    1/5/09      8:02 PM      Page 1

 National Account Network
              First Aid & CPR Training Solutions for Every Employee, in Every Location

    National Account Network
              The realities of today’s workplace make it difficult to dedicate the time and resources needed to
              coordinate and execute a comprehensive, standardized First Aid & CPR training program – especially
              when training employees in multiple locations.
              First Aid & CPR Training Solutions for Every Employee, in Every Location
              The Canadian Red Cross National Account Network is the solution that makes it easy to ensure
              consistent, flexible First Aid & CPR training for all your employees, streamline the costs and operations,
              while meeting or exceeding your health and safety mandate. Contact us to discuss your solution.
               The realities of today’s workplace make it difficult to dedicate the time and resources needed to
               coordinate and execute a comprehensive, standardized First Aid & CPR training program – especially
               when training employees in multiple locations.

               The Canadian Red Cross National Account Network is the solution that makes it easy to ensure
                                         Streamlined operations
               consistent, flexible First Aid & CPR training for all your employees, streamline the costs and operations,
                                         Single-point of and safety
               while meeting or exceeding your health contact mandate. Contact us to discuss your solution.
                                                Consolidated invoicing
                                                Extension to US (American Red Cross)
                                           Streamlined operations
                                              Economies of
                                           Single-point of contact scale
                                           Consolidated invoicing
                                              National preferred pricing
                                           Extension to US (American Red Cross)
                                             Volume-based discounts
                                             Discounts scale
                                           Economies ofon safety products
                                           National preferred pricing
                                              Centralized records
                                           Volume-based discounts
                                              Record safety products
                                           Discounts onkeeping

                                                Evaluation reports
                                           Centralized records
                                           Record keeping
                                           Evaluation reports

              All Red Cross courses meet the federal and provincial/territorial Occupational Safety and Health Regulations and exceed
              all competitors’ standards by including injury prevention techniques, CPR and AED. In Quebec our Authorized Providers
               All Red Cross courses meet the federal and provincial/territorial Occupational Safety and Health carried through by
              offer the Quebec government’s workplace First Aid program. In US the contract isRegulations and exceedthe American Red Cross
              who is OSHA compliant. including injury prevention techniques, CPR and AED. In Quebec our Authorized Providers
               all competitors’ standards by
               offer the Quebec government’s workplace First Aid program. In US the contract is carried through by the American Red Cross
               who is OSHA compliant.

                                                                                                                                      1.877.356.3226 |
                                                                                                                  1.877.356.3226 |

                                                                 Red Cross First Aid. Prepare
                                                              Red Cross First Aid. Prepare for life. ®                                                        for life. ®

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