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					Transfer of Assets Letter
[ ] The purpose of this software product is to assist you in the preparation of sample estate planning documents. You must have these documents reviewed and approved by an Estate Planning Attorney to ensure that the documents meet your particular needs, as well as to ensure that the documents conform to the latest requirements of state and federal laws. JIAN and the authors of the software do not represent or guarantee that these documents are appropriate for your needs, satisfy any provision of state or federal law or will have any particular state or federal tax effect.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[ ] After you’ve prepared and signed your trust documents, you are ready to take the next critical step in your estate plan—transferring title of your assets to your trust. Unless you take this critical step, all previous planning you have done will be fruitless. For more information on which assets can be transfered to your trust using this sample letter, refer to the section "What is a Living Trust and How Does It Work" in your LivingTrustBuilder Reference Guide. [ ] Insertion codes used in this document: [Q1], [Q2], [Q3]. (Single persons should delete the [Q2] references.)

Date: From:

[x] [Q1] (and [Q2]) [x] (Address) [x] (City, State Zip) [x] (Name of Administrator or Transfer Agent) [x] (Address) [x] (City, State Zip) [x] (Asset to be transferred and how title is currently held)



Dear Sir/Madam: We (or I) have recently executed a revocable, living trust and now desire that the above asset be transferred into the name of the trust, as follows: [Q1] (AND [Q2]), (CO-)TRUSTEE(S), [Q3] [x] (Date of execution) Please proceed to transfer our (or my) interest in this asset on your records and forward any documentation for signature to the above address. Thank you for your assistance. Sincerely,

________________________________________ [Q1]

________________________________________ ([Q2])

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