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Options Media/1Touch Marketing is the power behind countless
            Multi-channel campaigns
fortune 500 Multi channel campaigns.

We strive to develop strong relationships with the direct
marketing professionals we serve. This often times means that
we are the silent force driving marketing campaigns….behind
the scenes.

Just as we protect the privacy of the major fortune 500
companies, entertainers and award winning agencies we now
     with,                                                well.
work with we will protect your proprietary information as well
:: Services

Options Media/1Touch Marketing has established
relationships with many other list companies and
advertising agencies.

We consider it a compliment that other list companies
recognize the quality of our data and continually turn to us
t fulfill th i own li t orders.
to f lfill their   list d

Options Media/1TM looks forward to growing our
relationship network to align with our colleagues and
expand their core capabilities.
   p                 p
:: Direct Marketing Lists

When you work with Options Media’s 1TM
                          marketing, you re
Database for your direct marketing you’re working
with the source of the data compiled from a
multitude of proprietary websites, public records
and surveys.

We have matching records for opt-in email, sms
and postal marketing.

These records are unique to our databases and are
verified for deliverability as well as age
:: Micro-Targeting

Options Media’s 1TM Database offers over 700 separate
micro-targeting                                18 000
micro targeting factors for consumers and over 18,000 SIC
codes as well as
600+ job titles for business.

These targeting factors can be used to custom create
your lists.
Options Media’s 1TM opt-in email database
contains over 150-Million records.

There is a reason why major companies and their
                     y   j       p
award-winning agencies seek out 1Touch Marketing for
their email data again and again.

It’s because we make CAN-Spam compliance our top

Protecting you is a mission of utmost importance.
And, this isn’t just talk. Every email campaign broadcast
by Options Media/1TM is backed up by our written
CAN-Spam guarantee!
:: Deliverability

While there are many factors that influence an
       campaign’s effectiveness
email campaign s effectiveness, 1TM does
offer a deliverability guarantee that the
emails in our database have been
verified as valid addresses.
:: sms PUSH Marketing

Options Media’s 1TM sms Mobile Marketing database comprises
     60-Million records.
over 60 Million records

These opted-in users have agreed to receive offers and information
from 3rd parties on their cell phones.

These users get a limited number of promotions per month (4 SMS
max) and have an easy Opt-in / Opt-out mechanism in place.

Options Media/1TM offer both:
• sms Text messaging
• sms WAP messaging
                  1 similar to opt-in email marketing a
                  company rents a list based on the
                  prospect universe they wish to reach.

                  2 similar to opt-in email marketing an
                  actionable message is broadcast
How sms push      directly to the mobile phone of the
                  opted in user
marketing works
                  3 the recipient of the message then
                  takes action based on the information
                  provided on the message.

                  4 based on the response mechanism
                  used, the advertiser receives leads.
:: sms PULL Marketing

Add sms keyword marketing to any advertising and you
immediately transform it into an interactive media.

Respondents are prompted to text in a keyword to a
specific “short code”

They immediately get an auto responder from you
with an offer code, information, a web address or
other vital information.
How sms pull
marketing works
:: Append

We match your customer database to our
email, postal and sms database.

We then flag the records wherever a match
is available. After a welcome email, postcard
or text message is sent all undeliverables
   d      b ib              bb d
and unsubscribes are scrubbed.

You only pay for useable, deliverable data —
and you own the records!
:: Lead Gen

Lead Generation is the practice of allowing a consumer
   Opt-in                                                       offer.
to Opt in for multiple offers while registering for one primary offer

After a registration is complete the prospect will have the
opportunity to opt-in to view the list of appropriate offers.

By checking a box on an offer, the consumer’s data will be
transferred to the listed Advertisers.
:: Lead Gen

You can customize the number and type of
leads you will receive based on the criteria
you set.

Our experts are tops in their field and can
develop a specific plan that fits your goals
  d      budget.
and your b d t
:: ESP

Your customer database is the most important part
of your business.

Reaching out to your existing customers to cross-sell and
up-sell your products and services is vital.

Our Email Service Provider Platform gives you the opportunity
to create, send and track email messages to your existing
customer database.

We offer Do-It-For-Me, Consulting and Do-It-Yourself services
to meet your exact requirements!
:: Additional 1TM Web Services

 Video Seo
 Social Network Advertising
:: Options Media

Options Media and its subsidiary, 1Touch Marketing,
 is a leading provider of precision direct marketing and digital
solutions. Our expertise and technology that allows our clients to
maximize their advertising dollar.

1Touch Marketing was founded in October 2003,
and is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.

It employs a talented team of experienced technologists
& seasoned marketing professionals.

The 1Touch Marketing network infrastructure enables us to
provide greater access to services for the Internet and direct
marketing communities.
:: Facility

1Touch Marketing has a state-of-the-art 10,000
Sq. Ft. facility in Boca Raton, FL.

Our modern offices feature fully staffed
departments using the most technologically
advanced equipment available today!
:: Proprietary Statement
This document contains confidential and proprietary information and is the property of 1Touch Marketing
this document was prepared for the requesting party for the sole purpose of evaluating the products and
services proposed. It is submitted to you in confidence, on the condition that you and your
representatives have, by receiving it, agreed not to reproduce or copy it, in whole or in part, or to furnish
such information to others, or to make any other use of it except for the evaluation purposes stated
above, and to return it to 1Touch Marketing upon request.

The previous statement shall not apply to the extent that such statement violates any federal or state laws
requiring such information to be made available to the public. In the event this document results in a
contract, you may retain this document for use, including making any necessary copies related to the
products and services covered by such contract. The offerings and prices presented in this document,
excluding any leasing quotes or rates, shall remain valid for a period of 30 days from the document date
unless 1Touch Marketing authorizes an extension
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