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Email Consulting Services
Achieve More with Email Consulting Services                    Get One Free Hour of Consulting
Whether you are a seasoned veteran of email marketing          Net Atlantic’s free one hour consulting service will provide
or just started to explore launching your first campaign,      you with the fundamentals to achieve more with your
Net Atlantic’s Consulting Services can turn your email         email marketing program. An experienced member of
marketing efforts into proven results.                         our support team will assess long and short term, goals,
                                                               provide insight for content and design improvements
At Net Atlantic we understand that a successful email          and give an overview email marketing solutions and best
marketing program is different for every organization,         practices.
which is why our experienced Account Executives and
Support Team will work directly with you to achieve more       Enhance your email marketing performance and increase
from your campaigns.                                           your ROI, get started now with Net Atlantic’s free one hour
                                                               consulting service.
Our knowledgeable team will assess your needs, provide
insight for design improvements and present an overview        The Net Atlantic Advantage
of email marketing solutions and best practices. You’ll
acquire the information and skills you need to boost your      With nearly 10 years of email marketing experience,
email marketing performance and increase your ROI.             Net Atlantic offers the best commercial email software
                                                               platform with the best server management experience
How Our Consulting Services Work                               and administration available. A dedicated managed email
                                                               server provides excellent security, performance, reliability,
With 15 hours of dedicated support, training and design        and customization.
services Net Atlantic’s Consulting Package will give you the
tools and confidence to execute a superior email marketing     Net Atlantic’s Email Consulting Services give you the
program. A typical consulting contract includes:               knowledge to efficiently deploy your campaigns while
                                                               effectively increasing your performance.
•   Current best practices overview and guidance
•   Dedicated account management                               We handle the details, all you do is grow your business.
•   Long and short term goal assessment
•   Timeline and implementation strategy                       To learn more about our Consulting Services, visit
•   Content recommendations and template design      
•   Email marketing interface training and support             To get started, write to or call an
•   List upload, web form design and segmentation              Account Executive at (877) 263-8285.
•   Triggered and sequential mailings workflow
•   Scheduling & sending campaigns
•   Tracking & reporting

          Net Atlantic, Inc. | 10 Federal Street | Salem, MA 01970 | (877) 263-8285

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