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									     Maybe It’s Time You

               Step Up To
        Digital Dictation
              Steven D. Atwood, M.D., FACP

1                                                  Digital Dictation-MT
    Digital Dictation for the MT

     1.   Benefits
     2.   Charges
     3.   Where the Jobs Are
     4.   Dictation Equipment
     5.   File Transfer
     6.   Player Equipment
     7.   Typing Time Savers
     8.   Summary

2                               Digital Dictation-MT
    Digital Dictation

    Doctor dictates in office

    Transcriptionist types at home

    Return the next day

    Easily printed, saved, or
       inserted into an EMR

3                                Digital Dictation-MT
       No daily trip to office
          for work or pick up a dictation tape

       No files to get stolen from a work-at-home
        transcriptionist’s car

       No irreplaceable files to get lost

       Quicker return of work—esp. letters

       Add to Electronic Medical Record later
4                                            Digital Dictation-MT
     Huge increase in number of people that
      could do this work
     Easy to get the services of those with the
      best expertise and greatest skills
     More services by transcriptionist
        e.g. Excel, Access, Faxes
     Greater efficiency of software and
         e.g.. 1 license for software that
               manages dozens of doctors
     Transcriptionist work environment more
5     comfortable— (work from home)        Digital Dictation-MT
      Other Office Issues
     Less  payroll expense for office
     No benefits—work comp,
                     health insurance, etc.
     Less personnel management—e.g.
      late, sick, slow, chatty, inefficient

     No staff to train
     No office space needed
6                                  Digital Dictation-MT
     Greater take home pay for
      transcriptionist—work more, make more

     Better   sound quality for transcriptionist

     Higher quality transcribed product–
      formatted for saving or adding to EMR

7                                       Digital Dictation-MT

     Confidentiality,   HIPAA

     Costof hardware, software,
        computer, and Internet link

8                                Digital Dictation-MT
        Paying for the Service

       Pay by key stroke or line
         1. 72 characters per line,
               8-16 ¢ per line

         2. convert to a charge per key stroke
             --e.g. 10 ¢ per line=
                   0.0137 ¢ per key stroke

9                                     Digital Dictation-MT
         Service Providers

      Doctor:Dictate!.com

      Medical

                         List at

10                                     Digital Dictation-MT
    Yahoo List of MT Service Providers—
            list goes on for 3 pages

12                Digital Dictation-MT
Portable Recorders– Many Options
                    Olympus 330
       $160 5 hours, 5 folders, compressed file
       Off-Load by USB Wire not Smart Card

Dictation for the Busy Physician--
   work from your desk--
  just plug in and record

                                     Digital Dictation- MT
          Sound Formats

         Just Like Picture Formats--
           (dozens of options)
        WAV– Windows standard,
                   you type your notes from this file
        MP3--- compressed 12 to 1
        VOX– phone lines
        DSS—Olympus format, compressed ~12 to 1
        OGG (open source) ,MSV (Sony) , SRF, WMP, etc.

16                                         Digital Dictation-MT
      Encryption

          like a child’s decoder ring
          e.g. substitute 1=a 2=b 3=c thus cab=312
      You Encrypt (or Convert) Then Send
      Receiver Needs Your System to Decode
      This Is In The Key You Give Them In Advance

       You Receive By The Same System In Reverse

19                                       Digital Dictation-MT
     SSL or Secure Socket
            Is Basically
     Encryption from a Web Page
     The Computer to Computer Link
       Having All Data Encrypted

     This is Called a Secure Socket
     or SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

        Bidirectional—Send and Receive
20                                Digital Dictation-MT
     SSL or Secure Socket
      SSL like online transactions--
      sends like Instant Messenger--
            i.e., only when both parties on line

21                                      Digital Dictation-MT
               Security Options
 1. Password on File
 2. Password on Website
 3. Encrypted File
 4. SSL
 5. Modem only on web briefly; then off
 6. Firewall
 7. Hacker Blocking Software on ISP
                  Size Matters
 Upload—e.g. 30 minutes dictation
 File size:
     WAV format that is used to play the file for typing
          (1 MB for 5 minutes) (30 minutes = 6 MB)
     DSS format from Olympus is Compressed
            (30 minutes = 1 MB)

                        Size Matters
               Returned Typing—e.g. 1 paragraph
Format---File Size
TXT     4 Kb        RTF Format Ideal Because
                 Universal standard
RTF     4
HTML    8        Software type and version independent
PDF     16       No Macro’s— So Less Virus Risks
DOC     30

 File Upload Typically 3 MBs., Download ½ MB.
       Software to Play the Sound File
           both hands on keyboard, foot pedal

Gear Player                 Windows Media Player
Voice It                    Real Player
Voice Scribe                WAV Player
Express Scribe (free)       Sound Forge
Start Stop

                                                Digital Dictation- MT
     Useful Features of Player Software

    sound            word processor
speed control           auto-text
start / stop            cut and paste
rewind few seconds       templates
rewind unlimited
fast forward
volume control
pitch control

                                        Digital Dictation- MT
                 Time Savers

1.   Auto-Text
2. and your own DOT file
3.   Header for your office letterhead
4.   Digital Signature
        control+F9 --insert         F11 --jump
F-11 Jump to bookmark

                               Add auto-text

                  Digital Signature

                                      Digital Dictation- MT
     Digital Dictation Summary
        Soon all dictation will be done this way

                   Need
          player, headset, foot pedal
          recorder, transfer to computer
          transfer encrypted via web

        Improved quality, faster, inexpensive,
            and better convergence to EMR
                                       Digital Dictation-MT

                                           digital -dictation-for-mt

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