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					               Amish Acres                                                                          ®

                                                                                                                                Sign Up for the
               Arts & Crafts                                                                                                 Bicycle Built for Two
                48th Annual

                                                                                                                                Register in the Competition Tent
                                                                                                                                          All Four Days!
                                                                                                                                 Drawing Held at 3 pm Sunday!

                                                                                                                             A Ruby Red Sun Bicycle Built for Two from the Nappanee
                                                                                                                               Bicycle Shop will be given away in celebration of Amish

            Fest Aug. 5~8
                                                                                                                                   Acres 40th Anniversary during the 48th annual
                                                                                                                                Arts & Crafts Festival. Both visitors and vendors are
                                                                                                                               eligible to register. The tandem bicycle recalls the song
                                                                                                                               Daisy Bell and provides the theme for the 2010 festival.
                                                                                                                             “I’m half crazy, all for the love of art.” The logo illustrates
                                                                                                                              it takes two to make an arts and crafts festival, an artist
                                                                                                                               and an admirer. If an admirer also becomes a customer,
                                                                                                                                the two become friends for life! People’s Choice ballot
                                                                                                                             boxes are located in the Competition Tent where you can
                       Thurs thru Sun                                                                                            vote for your favorite piece and booth in the festival.

                        Hours: Thurs ~ Sat 9 - 7 • Sun 10 - 5

        Arts & Crafts Festival Moves Up to 12th in the Nation
One of the barometers of better economic times ahead can be found in Amish Acres Arts and           Supplies of last year’s hit of steak tips and mushrooms are being doubled. The Soda Fountain
Crafts Festival’s ranking in the Sunshine Artist magazine. The 2009 festival jumped eight           offers phosphates, maple syrup and apple butter sundaes, plus old-fashioned ice cream sodas.
places from 20th in 2008 to 12th in the nation among the over 11,000 arts and crafts                Shoofly pie, grilled sausage sandwiches, sweet corn, and sassafras tea return as festival goers’
events in America. The event, which has been ranked as high as third, is based upon the             favorites. Donkey ears as well as sweet ‘tater fries satisfy additional taste buds. An enlarged festive
sales of the artists who make up the event’s marketplace. “Even among the nationally reported       beer and new wine tasting loft add a new flavor to the refreshment roster.
economic slowdown in Elkhart County last year, the festival not only showed its resilience, but
regained momentum from 2008,” said Richard Pletcher, the festival’s founder. The number of          Farm wagon rides, marionettes and magic shows, famous
exhibitors has returned to the show’s capacity after the hesitation experienced last year among     family style Threshers Dinner in the century old barn restaurant,
many out of state exhibitors.                                                                       and guided house and farm tours intertwine the festival’s and the farm’s attractions.
                                                                                                    The Round Barn Theatre will feature the Broadway musicals 42nd Street and the 24th
For the first time Amish Acres is partnering with Martin’s Super                                    anniversary season of Plain and Fancy on the Joseph Stein Stage add unique variety to the
Markets to offer special pricing on admission to the festival in all                                event. Show schedules can be found at or by calling 800-800-4942.
twenty of its stores throughout northern Indiana. Discount vouchers are
available at the service desk in each of the stores.                                                The slate of continuous musical entertainment scheduled for the four stages
                                                                                                    include long time country and contemporary favorites Knock, Knock Hoosier String Band,
Visitors will be eligible to register to win a red bicycle built for two from the                   LaMonte’s Gray Horse Band and Due Process. The Woolevers will stroll the grounds as well
Nappanee Bicycle Shop. The tandem has prompted the festival’s 2010 slogan - “I’m half crazy,        as perform under the tent. Their folk music features the fiddle and guitar along with ten old-time
over the love of art”. Visitors will also be invited to register for Amish Acres 40th anniversary   musical instruments. And the Little River Chorus quartet brings the tight harmonies of barbershop
Ruby Diamond in the Square Quilt being quilted throughout the summer by Joy Johnson in the          singing to the festival.
Gross Daadi House in the historic restoration area. The winner of the $2,000 king size quilt will
be drawn at Amish Acres year ending New Year’s Eve cabaret and celebration. The                     The Dancin’ Tent will be filled with square dancers, tap dancers plus Heartland Country
anniversary is further celebrated in Amish Acres quilt garden in the same distinctive pattern.      Cloggers, Inclognito Cloggers and the Tri-County Kickers. Strolling the grounds will be accordion-
                                                                                                    ist Jim Muciarelli, bringing a taste of Italy to the aisles. The Children’s Entertainment
What began as a downtown clothes line show has become one of the premier arts and crafts            Tent is home to Steven’s Puppets and marionettes presenting Beauty And The Beast.
festivals in the nation. It has been presented annually for over four decades by the same Nap-
panee family for three generations and has evolved into a marketplace with a unique mix of arts Chris Camp will return for his encore appearance at the festival. He is a three-time world
and crafts and folk festival attractions that surround the farm’s pond at Amish Acres Historic Farm champion whip cracker and two-time Guinness Book World Record holder. He has been seen on
& Heritage Resort. The event moved to Amish Acres in its eighth year.                                  The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and America’s Got Talent The
                                                                                                       scheduled shows are filled with stunts, history, physics and lots of great whip crackin’ almost
Its national scope is confirmed by a roster of 320 artists and artisans who will once                  fifty feet in length.
again converge on the farm’s grounds from over 32 states and 296 cities. It was 40 years ago
that the Stahly-Nissley-Kuhns farm came up for auction. The farmstead’s heritage is traced back Vickie Hutchins & Jo Ann Martin, founders of the popular Gooseberry Patch,
to the first Amish pioneers in Indiana in 1839. Through preservation and continued restoration, it publishers of cookbooks compiled from their friends recipes, will be signing cookbooks on
is now listed in The National Register of Historic Places. Today the restored farm has become a        Thursday, from 2-4 p.m. and on Friday, from 10 a.m.- noon, in the Cow Shed Pasture at
heritage cultural center featuring historic interpretation, culinary and performing arts, lodging, and booth O296. Featured will be their two newest cookbooks, “Homemade Harvest” and
domestic demonstrations, which it celebrates each year with the festival as its crowning event.        Homemade Christmas,” just released in July.
The four day weekend is a hectic shopper’s affair tempered by the peaceful pace of the 80 acre
farm with its barnyard of animals, haystacks, horse drawn implements and gravel lanes.                 Gooseberry Patch encourages customers to submit recipes, some of which are selected for
                                                                                                       inclusion in Gooseberry Patch recipe books. Since 1992, over 150 cookbooks have been published
Festive Food concoctions including kettle corn, dill pickles, bean soup, pulled pork                   with over 8.0 million sold. Gooseberry Patch has over 33,000 actively engaged Facebook fans,
sandwiches, and breaded Hoosier tenderloins bring a distinctive flavor to the annual event.            ranking in the top 4% of corporate Facebook pages and over 385,000 current email subscribers.
                       2010 Schedule of Events
 DAILY                                                                           6:00
                                                                                         Steven’s Puppets Marionettes Show CS (Beauty & the Beast)
                                                                                         IPFW Community Flute Choir DT
                                                                                                                                                                     1:15    The Whip Guy MS
                                                                                                                                                                             Knock Knock Hoosier String Band ET
                                                                                 6:00    Grist Mill Demonstration Historic Grounds                                   1:45    Dan Barth’s Medicine Show MS
 Artist Marketplace~popular voting. Visit Amish Acres gift shops, bakery,
                                                                                 8:00    42nd Street Musical Theatre RBT                                             2:00    Plain and Fancy Musical Theatre matinee RBT
 meat & cheese market, fudgery & soda fountain.
 10:00-5:00 Amish Acres Historic House Tour, Farm Wagon Rides                                                                                                                Little River Chorus, (Sweet Adelines) DT
 10:30-7:30 Amish Acres Family Style Restaurant; 10:30-6 Sunday
                                                                                 FRIDAY                                                                              2:15    Due Process Band ET
 11:00-3:00 Barn Loft Grill Buffet Lunch; closed Sunday                                                                                                              2:15    Painter’s Smock Story Time (Rino in the Mud), interactive,
                                                                                 10:00   Due Process Band ET                                                                 kids help tell the story CS
 Entertainment Locations                                                                 The Whip Guy, World Champion Whip Cracker & Entertainer MS
                                                                                         Steven’s Puppets Marionettes CS (Beauty & the Beast)
                                                                                                                                                                     2:30    Old Fashioned Spelling Bee in the One Room German Schoolhouse
                                                                                                                                                                     3:00    Tri County Kickers, Learn to Line Dance DT
                                                                                         Gooseberry Patch Book Signing (Booth O296)                                          Michael the Magician CS
 Entertainment Tent ~ ET • Stephen Gubi Childrens’ Stage ~ CS
                                                                                 10:15   Amish Lecture, Kathy Miller, Director of Historic Interpretation DT         3:15    LaMonte’s Gray Horse Band ET
 • Medicine Show Wagon ~ MS, Dancin’ Tent ~ DT • Festival Grounds ~ FG
                                                                                 11:00   Knock Knock Hoosier String Band ET                                          3:45    Steven’s Puppets Marionettes CS (Beauty & the Beast)
 • Competition Tent ~ CT • Gazebo ~ G • Round Barn Theatre ~ RBT
                                                                                 11:00   Painter’s Smock Story Time (Rino in the Mud), interactive,                  4:00    Heartland Country Cloggers DT
 Strolling Entertainers                                                          11:15
                                                                                         kids help tell the story CS
                                                                                         Quilt Garden Presentation
                                                                                                                                                                     4:15    Knock Knock Hoosier String Band ET
                                                                                                                                                                     4:30    Dan Barth’s Medicine Show MS
                                                                                         Jackie Hughes, ECCVB Regional Tourism Expert DT                             5:00    Tri County Kickers, Line Dancing DT
 Strolling Guitarists FG
                                                                                 11:30   Dan Barth’s Medicine Show MS                                                        Artist’s Palette Craft Time (Hot Rod Hamster) create a take-home craft CS
 Jim Muciarelli, Accordionist FG
                                                                                 12:00   LaMonte’s Gray Horse Band ET                                                5:15    Due Process Band ET
 New Image, Barbershop Quartet, FG, G, DT
                                                                                 12.00   Steven’s Puppets Marionettes CS (Beauty & the Beast)                        5:45    The Whip Guy, World Champion Whip Cracker & Entertainer MS
 Liza & Mark Woolever, FG, DT
                                                                                 12:15   Michael the Magician DT                                                     6:00    Steven’s Puppets Marionettes CS (Beauty & the Beast)
 Plain & Fancy Cast & Farm Animals, FG
                                                                                 1:00    Magician – Ken Ernsberger CS                                                        Heartland Country Cloggers DT
 Table Magic, CS, DT
                                                                                         Due Process Band ET                                                         6:15    LaMonte’s Gray Horse Band ET
 THURSDAY                                                                        1:30
                                                                                         The Whip Guy, World Champion Whip Cracker & Entertainer MS
                                                                                         Jim Muciarelli, Accordion Player DT
                                                                                                                                                                     8:00    42nd Street Musical Theatre RBT

 9:00     Judging, Competition Tent Closed to the Public until 12:00 CT
                                                                                 2:00    Dan Barth’s Medicine Show MS                                                SUNDAY
                                                                                 2:00    Knock Knock Hoosier String Band ET
 10:00    The Whip Guy, World Champion Whip Cracker & Entertainer MS
                                                                                 2:30    Steven’s Puppets Marionettes CS (Beauty & the Beast)                        10:00   Musical Worship Songs ET
           Steven’s Puppets Marionettes Show CS (Beauty & the Beast)
                                                                                         Old Fashioned Spelling Bee in the One Room German Schoolhouse               10:15   The Whip Guy, World Champion Whip Cracker & Entertainer MS
 10:15    Amish Lecture, Kathy Miller, Director of Historic Interpretation DT
                                                                                 3:00    LaMonte’s Gray Horse Band ET                                                10:45   Due Process Band ET
 10:30    LaMonte’s Gray Horse Band ET
                                                                                         Michael the Magician DT                                                     11:00   Liza & Mark Woolever, Folk Music CS
 11:00    Painter’s Smock Story Time (Rino in the Mud), interactive,
                                                                                 3:45    Magician – Ken Ernsberger CS                                                11:15   Dan Barth’s Medicine Show MS
          kids help tell the story CS
                                                                                 4:00    42nd Street Songs from The Round Barn Theatre Cast ET                       11:30   New Image, Barbershop Quartet DT
 11:15    Quilt Garden Presentation,
                                                                                         Grist Mill Demonstration                                                    11:45   LaMonte’s Gray Horse Band ET
          Jackie Hughes, ECCVB Regional Tourism Expert DT
                                                                                 4:30    Dan Barth’s Medicine Show MS                                                12:00   Magician – Ken Ernsberger CS
 11:30    Dan Barth’s Medicine Show MS
                                                                                 4:45    Hammer Dulcimer, Russell Cook DT                                            12:30   The Whip Guy, World Champion Whip Cracker & Entertainer MS
 11:45    42nd Street Songs from The Round Barn Theatre Cast ET
                                                                                 5:00    LaMonte’s Gray Horse Band ET                                                12:45   Due Process Band ET
 12:00    Steven’s Puppets Marionettes Show CS (Beauty & the Beast)
                                                                                 5:00    Artist’s Palette Craft Time (Hot Rod Hamster) create a take-home craft CS   1:00    Happy Squares Square Dancing DT
 12:30    Knock Knock Hoosier String Band ET
                                                                                 5:45    The Whip Guy, World Champion Whip Cracker & Entertainer MS                          Steven’s Puppets Marionettes CS (Beauty & the Beast)
 12:45    Liza & Mark Woolever, Period Singers DT
                                                                                 6:00    Knock Knock Hoosier String Band, Square Dance                               1:45    Dan Barth’s Medicine Show MS
 1:00     Artist’s Palette Craft Time (Hot Rod Hamster)
                                                                                         ~ Lynn Frederick, Caller ET                                                         LaMonte’s Gray Horse Band ET
          create a take-home craft CS
                                                                                 6:00    Steven’s Puppets Marionettes CS (Beauty & the Beast)                        2:00    42nd Street Musical Theatre RBT
          The Whip Guy, World Champion Whip Cracker & Entertainer MS
                                                                                 7:00    Old Fashioned Parade, featuring the Kitchen Band                                    New Image, Barbershop Quartet DT
 1:30     Jim Muciarelli, Accordion Player DT
                                                                                 8:00    42nd Street Musical Theatre RBT                                                     Liza & Mark Woolever, Folk Music CS
 1:45     LaMonte’s Gray Horse Band ET
 2:00     42nd Street Musical Theatre RBT                                                                                                                            2:45    The Whip Guy, World Champion Whip Cracker & Entertainer MS
          Dan Barth’s Medicine Show MS
                                                                                 SATURDAY                                                                            3:00    Happy Squares Square Dancing & Michiana Cloggers DT
          Gooseberry Patch Book Signing (Booth O296)                                                                                                                         Steven’s Puppets Marionettes CS (Beauty & the Beast)
                                                                                 10:00   Steven’s Puppets Marionettes CS (Beauty & the Beast)                                Popular Awards Announced and Visitors’ Prize Drawing G
 2:15     Magician, Ken Ernsberger CS
                                                                                 10:00   New Image Barbershop Quartet DT                                             3:15    Due Process Band ET
 2:30     Old Fashioned Spelling Bee
                                                                                 10:15   Knock Knock Hoosier String Band ET                                          4:00    Dan Barth’s Medicine Show MS
          in the One Room German Schoolhouse
                                                                                 10:15   The Whip Guy, World Champion Whip Cracker & Entertainer MS                  4:15    LaMonte’s Gray Horse Band ET
 3:00     Knock Knock Hoosier String Band ET
                                                                                 11:00   Inclognito Cloggers DT
 3:15     Liza & Mark Woolever, Period Singers DT
                                                                                         Cinderella & High School Musical Songs
 3:30     Steven’s Puppets Marionettes Show CS (Beauty & the Beast)
                                                                                             ~ Amish Acres Theatre Kids Camp CS
 4:00     The Rockerettes, Senior Tap Dancers DT
                                                                                 11:15   Due Process Band ET
 4:15     LaMonte’s Gray Horse Band ET
 4:30     Dan Barth’s Medicine Show MS
                                                                                 11:30   Dan Barth’s Medicine Show MS                                                      Schedule is
                                                                                 12:00   Steven’s Puppets Marionettes CS (Beauty & the Beast)
 4:45     Magician – Ken Ernsberger CS
                                                                                         Little River Chorus, (Sweet Adelines) DT
                                                                                                                                                                        subject to change
 5:00     Hammer Dulcimer, Russell Cook DT
                                                                                 12:15   LaMonte’s Gray Horse Band ET                                                     without notice
 5:30     Knock Knock Hoosier String Band ET
                                                                                 1:00    Inclognito Cloggers DT
 5:45     The Whip Guy, World Champion Whip Cracker & Entertainer MS
                                                                                         Michael the Magician CS

                                                                                                                                                                A Special Thank You
         COUPON                                                                 COUPON                                                                             to Kauffman Sons, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                    of Goshen, Indiana for the generous supply of gators.
        Guy Lombardo’s                                                              German
        Royal Canadians                                                          Roasted Nuts
Thursday, Sept. 2 • 2 & 8 PM
                                                                                $1 off large bag
  $5 off buffet & show
Call or stop by The Round Barn                                                        valid at
Theatre Box Office & Mention                                                    Almond Garten Booth                                            John Deere Gators used at Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival
     Coupon - 800-800-4949                                                         8/5/10 - 8/8/10                                               compliments of Kauffman Sons, Inc. Selling and servicing
                                                                                                                                                John Deere commercial, lawn and garden equipment for four
                                                                                                                                                            generations. Goshen ~ Mishawaka
                                                          Directory of Artists & Crafters
                                   The booths are color coded into four sections. The letter before each booth number indicates the section color.
                                                       R = RED • B = BLUE • G = GREEN • O = ORANGE
Name - Years in Show          Business Name                City/State             Art/Craft                   Booth #          Name - Years in Show          Business Name                  City/State                Art/Craft                  Booth #

Adams/Toumey -15            Emeral Isle Kitchen Access Nappanee, IN               Corian Cutting Boards            O251        Frazee, Jana - 14               My Favorite Clothes              Parkville, MO         Appliqued Clothing              R317
Albrecht/Zadina - 8         Falbrecht Studios                Santa Rosa, CA       Corkers for Bottles              O257        Gamble, Margaret/Frank - 4 Gamble Enterprises                    Dundee, IL            Gold & Silver Wire Art          G084
Alexander, Keith/Pam - 3    Alexander’s Cutting Boards Calimesa, CA               Corian Cutting Boards            O307, 308   Garner, Meghan - 0              Sophistique Jewelry              Mishawaka, IN         Luxury Jewelry                  B131
Allen, Cindy/John - 13      Painted By Cindy                 St Joseph, MI        Handpainted Clothing             G058        Gibbs, Trent/Kimberly - 1       Trent Gibbs Pottery              Murfreesboro, TN      Pottery                         R313
Ameling, Laura/Ronald       LAS Gifts                        Bremen, IN           Handcrafed Animals               G003        Gilroy, Elizabeth - 0           Two Cute Doll Clothes            Dawsonville, GA       18” Doll Clothes                O204
Anderson, LaVonne/Harold -2 Annie’s Garden                   Boyceville, WI       Handthrown Pottery & Dips R034,035           Gingerich, Michael - 10         Puzzle Mike’s                    Riverside, IA         Puzzles-Games-Toys              O273
Anderson, Mike - 0                                           Walker, MI           Wine Caddies                     O291        Goncher, Jane/Ray - 1           Kettle Kandles                   Plymouth, IN          Kettle Candles                  O288
Andrews, Cindy - 0          Cross-Eyed Cow Beaded Jewelry Danville, IN            Jewelry                          R090        Goncher, Jane/Ray - 5           Shops at Walnut Hill             Plymouth, IN          Floral Décor                    O302, 303
Arnes, Eric/Jenny - 4       Made For You Furniture           Barronett, WI        Finished Oak Furniture O245, 246             Graves, Charlie - 4             Mr. & Mrs. Mailbox               Spencer, IN           Mailboxes, Spinners             R312
Baker , Don - 2             Baker’s Woodcrafts               Columbia, IL         Wood Letters & Minis O249                    Greenwood, Patsy/Bob - 9 Patsy’s Potpourri                       Kokomo, IN            Potpourri                       O194
Baker, Marian               Block Head Arts                  Oneonta, AL          Wearable Art & Bags G078                     Greenwood/Becker - 1            EZ Hang Chairs                   Lexington, KY         Hanging Chairs                  B152
Ballard, Amy Jo - 1         Amy’s Bowtique                   Russellville, AL     Customized Hairbows G109, 110                Grider, Thomas/Pattie - 2 Soaking Stone Coasters                 Stigler, OK           Soaking Stone Coasters G080
Ballenger, Pam - 4          Pamboree                         Elgin, IL            Absorbent Stones                 R008        Grover/Pope - 0                 TIZO Designs                     Bloomington, IN       Bold Handcrafted Jewelry G105
Ballou, Elizabeth/Doug - 0 Spoiled Dog Studio                Lakeville, IN        Sandstone Art                    G118        Gustafson/Spieth - 3            Wood Creations                   Waukesha, WI          Personalized Frames B171
Barcheski, Betty/Wayne - 8 k9design                          Naperville, IL       Personalized Dog Bandanas G056               Hargrave, Jeff/Deana - 3        J & D Stones                     Muscatine, IA         Engraved & Painted Stones O299, 300
Beachler, Jim - 12          Hollow Woodworks                 Ferguson, MO         Personalized Puzzles B133                    Hastings, Casie - 0             Genuine Gemstone Jewelry St. John, IN                  Gemstone Jewelry                G125
Benesh, Lois - 13           Winslow Stitchery                West St Paul, MN     Wearables                        R309        Haven, Sandee - 9               Beadazzle                        Columbus, IN          Polymer Clay Jewelry G018
Bennett, Linda-25           Brush Strokes, Inc.              South Bend, IN       Paintings & Prints               O237, 238   Haverstock, Becky -16           Never Enough Thyme               Rolling Prairie, IN   Primitive Folk Art Woods G126, 127
Blankenship, Paula - 0      Prairie Rose Products            Mansfield, OH        Organic Bath & Body G085                     Hein, Jennifer/Richard - 9 Something Special                     Dunlap, IA            Floral & Clothing               B134, 135
Bliss, Clifford - 9         American Stone Art               Louisiana, MO        Stone Sculptures                 O233        Heinecke/Hooper - 4             Heinecke Welding LLC             Paris, MO             Metal Art Silhouettes B148, 149
Bogler, Jaci/Gerald - 8     Scrap Work                       Earling, IA          Shabby Chic Clothing R320, 321               Hernandez, Humberto - 2 Humberto’s Designs                       Flat Rock, MI         Sterling Silver Jewelry G022
Bono, Russell/Janine - 4    Winkadoodle Willy Music          St Peters, MO        Personalized Children’s Music G112           Herzog/Timmons - 0              Reinhard Herzog Glass Studio Ballwin, MO               Blown Glass                     R033
Bower, Connie - 0           The Personal Touch               Elkhart, IN          Ceramics                         R015        Hess, Larry/Chris - 1           Kountry Kollections              Beaverton, MI         Decorative Wood Items O242
Brendle, Tommy/Sharon-2 Brendle Honey Farm                   Indianapolis., IN    Honey Products                   G050        Hill, Kelly - 3                 Harmony Hill Signs               East Troy, WI         Personalized Signs O277
Bronzoulis, Barbara - 4     Barbara’s Antique Button Jewelry Kingwood, TX         Vintage Wearable Art O256                    Hockert, Heather - 2            Polka Dot Bowtique               Nappanee, IN          Hair Bows & More                B141
Brooks, Phyllis - 3         Breath of Light                  Joshua, TX           Halite Mineral Lamp O267                     Hoffman, Leon - 10              Winter Creek Woodworks Tilly, AR                       Kitchen Tools & Toys B172
Brown, Nancy/Rick - 0       Pocketful of Posies              Boston, KY           Appliqued Clothing               R067        Hoover, Debbie - 3              Bearly Chenille                  Calera, AL            Vintage Chenille Items G025
Bujorian, Rachelle/Tom - 0 Silverware Studio                 Medina, OH           Silverware Jewelry               R315        Hostetler, Carolyn - 4          Oil of Gladness                  Lagrange, IN          Oil Candles & Potpourri O258, 259
Bull, Jean - 8              Jean Bull Designs                Platteville, WI      Painted Clothing & More G123, 124            Hostetler, Kevin/Hayley - 17 Shirt Wurks                         Denver, IN            Appliqued Clothing              B183, 184
Burkholder, Debbie - 0      Patches of Brazil                Montague, MI         Quilts & Pillows                 G019        Hoswell, Charlina - 0           Beyond the Porch                 Ashville, OH          Yard Art                        G052
Burton, Susan/John - 2      Calligraphy by Susan             Olivet, MI           Calligraphy                      O240        Imel, Earl - 1                  Earlybirde Art                   Pendleton, IN         Hardwood Bowls & Vases B144
Burton, Teri - 0            The Robin’s Nest                 Casey, IL            Handpainted Signs                O185        Iniguez, Cyndee/Augie - 1 Cyndee’s Country Treasures Hampshire ,IL                     Candles & Country Items O270
Cardona, Robin/Steve - 0 Purses by Robin, LLC                Cadillac, MI         Cloth Purses                     B145        Jahraus, Jon - 10               Jon Jahraus Cartoons             Parkville, MO         Customized Cartoons R016
Chappell, Vickie/John- 1    Vickie’s Jelly Jar               Wayne, MI            Jams, Jellies, Preserves O236                Jenkins, Heather - 0            Clever Creek Designs             Billings, MO                                          O201, 202
Chiza, Yolanda - 1          Native Crafts                    Chicago, IL          Patchwork Jackets                G020        Jeremiah, Michael - 0           Jeremiah’s                       Alto Pass, IL         Folk Art Critters               R316
Choinacky, James - 23                                        Granger, IN          Sepia Photography B162                       Johnson, David/Jacqueline - 3 Sauce de Jacqueline                Knoxville, TN         Gourmet Chocolate Dessert Sauce G083
Clanton, Shaun - 2          Art by Shaun Clanton             Camby, IN            Jewelry & Pottery                R099        Johnston, Larry - 28            Larry Johnston                   Granger, IN           Nostalgic Painting              G024
Clarke, Caroline/Larry - 4 Purseonality                      Thomaston, GA        Leather Handbags                 B176        Jordan/Mezera - 10              Studio Designs                   Brookfield, WI        Oil Candle/Aromatherapy O241
Clesle, Marge/Walter - 0    Gretchen’s Grapevinery           Algonquin, IL        Silk Floral Designs              O231, 232   Joseph, Bradley - 2             Bradley Joseph Music             Vadnais Heights, MN   Piano Music                     R098
Clevenger, Dave - 2         Puzzles by Dave                  Lafayette, IN        Wood Puzzles                     R039        Ketchersid/Pruitt - 1           Wood n Wick                      Casselberry, FL       Wood 3D Signs                   G048
Colter, Michael - 0         Michael Colter Photography Milan, MI                  Nature Photos                    G053        Korthauer, Iris - 9             Doily Boutique II                Prattville, AL        Table Runners                   B180
Cook, Jim/Jolayne - 4       Copper Time                      Fremont, MI          Copper Sprinklers                G021a       Kreigh, Kyle - 0                Kreigh Art Ceramics              La Farge, WI          Porcelain Pottery               O255
Cook, Russell - 6           Dulcimers by Russell Cook Bennington, OK              Dulcimers                        O220, 221   Krieger, Ginny - 19             Hooker Earrings                  Schaumburg, IL        Hooker Earrings                 O200
Costello, Phyllis - 8       Phyllis & Co                     Grayslake, IL        Appliqued Clothing               O227        Kuhn, Suzannah - 1              Kuhn’s Kreations                 Peru, IN              Doll Furniture & Clothes G049
Cotner, DeAnna - 0          Rocky Hollow Slate               Mauckport, IN        Slate & Rock Oil Lamps B156                  Lairson, Sherrie - 0            Cedar Creek Candles              Fort Wayne, IN        All Natural Soy Candles R097
Crichlow, Marie/Bob - 0     Lemon-Aid, Inc.                  Clayton, GA          Organic Skin Care                G119, 120   Lamb Williams/Williams, 0 Mayapple Creations                     Lexington, KY         Jewelry                         O212
Csercse/Newman, - 1         Nite Brite                       Hope, MI             Decorative address signs G106                Lancaster, Brad, 1                                               Southside, AL         Painted Jugs, Mailboxes G082
Cummings, Bill/Susy - 0     Mineral Artists                  Avon, IN             Mineral Art                      G044        Lary, Dan/Lavonna - 8           Stonegate Candle Creations Maryville, TN               Candle Art                      O219
Cupp/McChesney -0           Merry Berry Creations            Hilliard, OH         Quilts                           G086        LaWall, Bruce/Susan - 6         LaWall Pottery                   Milton, FL            Stoneware Pottery               R324
Curnutte, Helen - 1         Helen Curnutte Fine Jewelry Nashville, TN             Gold & Silver Jewelry R040                   Lee, Nan-Hsiung (Jim) - 3 Sweet Valley Bonsai Nursery Conley, GA                       Bonsai Living Art               R031
Dabbieri, Claudia - 2       Fashion Made Easy                Marion, AL           Fashion Accessories B177                     Leidelmeyer, Donovan/Jackie - 2 Fork and Spoon Jewelry           Middlebury, IN        Fork & Spoon Jewelry G057
Damveld, Deb - 0            Deb’s Country Crafts             Dorr, MI             Crocheted Crafts                 R071        Leonhard, Jai/Jack - 4          Jai Originals                    Munroe Falls, OH      Quilted Cotton Purses O263
Darr, Kama - 4              The Vintage Key                  West Lafayette, IN   Vintage Typewriter Key Jewelry G077          Lewis, Katherine - 3            Kate Laine Jewelry               West Nyack, NY        Handmade Jewelry O193
Davenport, Dan - 5          American Forging                 Millington, MI       Hand Hammered Alum Crafts O214               Liddell, Debbie - 14            A Twist of Gold                  Raleigh, NC           Wire Crafted Jewelry B151
Davidson, Nioma - 28        Flowers, Silks, & More           Benton, IL           Florals, Wood                    O192        Lind, Nancy - 11                Feathers & Fins                  Cincinnati, OH        Pottery with Personality G001
Davie, Pamela - 0           Old Country Cabin                Bowling Green, OH    Dips & Dessert Mixes G023                    Liu, Youmei - 0                 Bugs & More                      Ann Arbor, MI         Bug Jewelry                     R012
Davies/Bundy - 4            The Carpenters                   Greencastle, IN      Unique Birdhouses, Furniture B174, 175       Liu, Yu-Chuan - 0               Silk Knotting Art                Louisville, KY        Silk Knotting Art               B132
Davis, Marilyn - 9          Just Peachy                      St Louis, MI         Bath/Beach Towels                O252        Lorraine, Susanne - 0           Susanne Lorraine Jewelry Saginaw, MI                   Crystal Jewelry                 G055
Davis, Sandy/Gary - 6       Calico Country Crafts            Eddyville, IA        Unique Framed Prints R310, 311               Lukas, Indre/Linde - 8          Hair Wear Originals              Beverly Shores, IN    Hair Accessories                R009
Dawson/Pitchford - 1        GT Crafts                        Walnut Hill, IL      Handmade Cloth Items R041                    Mabry, Don - 0                  Heirlooms Inc.                   Roanoke, TX           Shaker-Oval Woodenware O213
Denomme, Rick - 20          Rick Denomme’s Natural Image Northville, MI           Wildlife Photos                  R036, 037   Magreevy, Jamie/Martin - 10 Best Friends Frames                  New Carlisle, OH      Pictures, Photo-Magnets O272
Dilday, Pat - 3             Ozark Mountain Dessert Coffee Morrisville, MO         Dessert Coffee                   O264, 265   Manthei, Carl - 5               Blue Heron Soap Co               Shakopee, MN          Blue Heron Soap Co. O215, 216
Dombrowski, Sheryl - 6      Kris Kraft                       Eagle, WI            Garden Art                       B140        Marcum, Pam - 8                 Pam’s Place                      New Castle, IN        Primitive Wood Items G081
Draheim, Don/Jo-Ann - 0     Maplewood                        Johnson Creek, WI    Maplewood Pet Crafts G114                    Markwardt, Terry - 5            Wiseco                           Austin, TX            Wise-Guyz Gadgets O217
Drake, Dennis/Doris - 0     Twisted Walking Sticks           South Bend, IN       Twisted Walking Sticks R094,95,96            Marshall, Wayne/Debbie - 11 Whitney Dolls & Crafts               Kettering, OH         Victorian Wreaths & Sleighs O280, 281
Dryer, Lin - 3              Classy Nail Files                Grand Rapids, MI     Hand Painted Crystal Nail File R087          Matthews, Vivian/Bill - 19 Uniquely Crafted                      Niles, MI             Seasonal Wood Crafts G325, 326
Ducommun, Cindi - 1         Fancy This                       Asheboro, NC         Unique Hand Painted Glass O207               Mayfield, Jim/Linda - 5         Old Wire Road                    Towanda, KS           Western & Wire Décor B136, 137
Duszynski, Joy - 5          Joyful Things                    Munith, MI           Mosaic Art                       G004        McFadden, Francis - 3           Someplace Special/Mighty t’s Spencer, IN               Hand Painted Letters for Kids O234
Dykes/Bell - 0              Clear Creek Lavender             Hulbert, OK          Lavendar Products                G076        McLean, Marlene - 15            Marlene’s Designs                Kansas City, MO       Appliqued Clothing              O294
Erdmann, Warren/Cathy - 10 Pretty Doll Collections           St Charles, IL       18” & 15” Doll Clothes O293                  Merrill, Sherry/Bill - 4        U-Dog-U                          Milford, NH           High Fashion Dog Wear B161
Farrar, Chrissie - 0        Star Dust and Imagination Tulsa, OK                   Colorful Jewelry                 R032        Metcalf, Mike/Beth - 1          Pillow Wraps                     Edgerton, OH          Pillow Cases & Runners G104
Feret, Carol - 0            Tutu Terrific                    Olathe, KS           Homemade Tutus                   O278        Meyer, Miriam - 23              Critters,Creatures & Caricatures Dekalb, IL            Christmas Ornaments O276
Ferinango Vega, William - 3 Native Arts                      Chicago, IL          Hand Knitted Children’s Sweaters O306        Michael/Disterheft - 1          Beyond the Bottle/Purses Eau Claire, MI                Windchimes & Purses G026
Filewicz, Leonard/Susan - 1 All Star Dips                    Bremen, IN           Fresh Gourmet Dips O298                      Miller, Ed/Jeanne - 8           French Creek Station             Rapid City, SD        Jewelry                         B178, 179
Fleckenstein, Anna - 5      Little Creek Candles             Wilmington, OH       Gel Candles; Refillable G051                 Miller Lois - 0                 Keepsake Jewelry                 Edwardsburg, MI       Keepsake Jewelry                B181
Fleming, Vincent - 25       Fleming Art Studio               Alton, IL            Oil Paintings                    O290        Miller, Robert - 1              Papa’s Woodworking               Valparaiso, IN        Clocks & Display Cases R006
Flynn-Ruiz/Ruiz - 1         Glass Garden Engraving           South Lyon, MI       Hand Painted & Engraved Glass R091           Miller, Sarah - 0               Moonforest Studio                Cincinnati, OH        Handcrafted Objects R068
Foley, Joanne - 3           Jo’s Puzzle Place                Montour, IA          Wooden Puzzles                   O247        Mohr, Karri/Mike - 1            The Painted Garden               Milford, MI           Handpainted Slate               O226
Foster, Kim - 3             Art By Kim Foster                Fenton, MO           Watercolor                       G017        Mohr, Peggy - 6                 Sunny Daze Apparel               Elk Grove, IL         Tie Dyed Clothes- Kids/Adults O208, 209
Foye, Joyce/Gerry - 19      Odds N Ends                      Highland, IN         Woodsigns & Coatracks R014                   Monien, Jim/Cindy - 3           Junction City Craft Co           Junction City, WI     Women’s Clothing Sets G045, 046
Franklin, Anita - 8         Anita’s Gifts & Collectibles Eureka Springs, AR       Collectable Art                  O265, 266   Montana, Peg Crees - 0          Peg Montana                      Lewistown, MI         Fused Glass Beaded Jewelry B157
                                                                                                                               Montes, Pamela - 1              Ginger Blue                      Saugerties, NY        Magnetic Artwork                O274, 275
                                                                   Directory of Artists & Crafters
                                           The booths are color coded into four sections. The letter before each booth number indicates the section color.
                                                                   R = RED • B = BLUE • G = GREEN • O = ORANGE
Name - Years in Show                  Business Name                City/State               Art/Craft                   Booth #         Name - Years in Show         Business Name                City/State              Art/Craft              Booth #

Morris, William - 0                   Creative Crafts                Temple, TX             Wooden Toys                     O254        Thomas/McGinnis - 0           TNT Crafts/3LT               Pendleton, IN          Woodcrafts & Photos B150
Morrone, Ron - 2                      Ron & Frank’s                  Cheswick, PA           Drink Mixes                     B147        Tobin, Gary/Ashley - 0        Craft Cupboard Candles       Bellevue, OH           Scented Candles                B129
Mossberger/O’Conor-5                  Company’s Comin’               Hearne, TX             Gourmet Food Mixes O262                     Tran, Don - 1                 Handcrafted Silk Embroidery Cauterville, IL         Hand Crafted Silk Embroidery G111
Murrell, Tim - 1                      Murrell’s Mex-Italia Salsa     Whitney, PA            Pre-packaged Jarred Salsa G021              Trejbal/Bizon - 2             Helen’s Gem Collection       Valley Cottage, NY     Gemstone Jewelry               O195
Mushtaq, Ramona - 1                   Moonlight Hairsticks           Sausalito, CA          Hair Sticks & Access O284                   Trussell, Charles - 3         Kerry’s Kollectibles         New Braunfels, TX      Glass Quilt Curios             O295
Myers, Susan - 0                      Fun Co. 2                      Hillsboro, TN          Jewelry                         B146        Vandervort, Charlie/Donna - 0 Charlie & Donna’s Oak Crafts Mackinaw, IL           Oak                            B128
Nagy, Nancy - 6                       Create-a-Landscape             Elkhart, IN            Stained Glass Garden O250                   VanDerWeele, Kelli/Todd - 0 The Weele                      Argos, IN              Primitive Wood Items B164
Neff, Nathan/Karen - 3                Ben’s Mustard                  Kingston, OH           Ben’s Sweet & Hot Mustard O301              VanDuyn, Paul - 1             Of The Dunes - Garden Works Anderson, IN            Bird Feeders & Lanterns G047
Neill, James - 0                      James and Catherine Folk Art Ozark, MO                Folk Art Wood Carvings B139                 Vega, Carlos - 1              The Wind                     Antioch, TN            Handmade Musical Instruments B182
Nellans, Gary/Marlene - 22            The Blade & Brush              Winamac, IN            Wooden Names & Benches R062, 063            Velleman/Miley/Belll - 0      Cranberry Cottage            Mishawaka, IN          A Girl’s Boutique              G115
Nelson, Carl/Mary - 2                 Very Mary Designs              Bridgeton, MO          Photo Brag Books                G074        Walters, William/Deborah - 8 Hillside Gardens              Byron, IL              Pressed Flowers/Leaves/Ferns O289
Nelson, Jon/Rosanne - 5               Nelson Enterprises             Detroit Lakes, MN      Painted Furniture               R092, 093   Walz, Walter/Lois - 2         The Magnet People            Donnellson, IA         Magnet Memo Holder G102, 103
Newton, Elizabeth - 2                 Children’s Artistic Expression Terre Haute, IN        Children’s Art Boxes G101                   Wamsley, Elizabeth - 0        HappyLake                    Syracuse, IN           Ceramics                       B142
Nielsen/Williams - 0                  2 Friend’s Design, Inc.        Crown Point, IN        Inspirational Art & Gifts B130              Ward/Bundy, Tonyia/John - 2 T and J Miscellanies           Columbus, OH           Hand Painted Glassware O196
Norton, Jody/Andrea - 20              Something So Charming          Normal, IL             Fashion Accessories O260, 261               Watts, Mark - 0               House ID                     Asheville, NC          House Numbers                  B163
Odell, Bruce - 8                      Odell Pottery Studio           Lafayette, LA          Raku Fired Pottery              G121, 122   Weisinger, Katherine - 1      Forest Flower Jewelry        Reynoldsburg, OH       Nature Jewelry & Ornaments O203
Oliver, Georgina - 3                  Flutterbug Beads               Fishers, IN            Lampwork, Beads & Jewelry G108              Wennersten, Jay - 21          Wennersten Etching           Carol Stream, IL       Fine Art Etchings              B173
Olson, Linda/Phil - 25                Wee Line Doll Clothing         Muskegon, MI           American Girl Doll Clothing O239            White, Kyle - 0               Triumvirate Ceramics         Grand Blanc, MI        Ceramic Planters               B159
Orchard, Lois - 1                     Orchard House Florals          Fort Wayne, IN         Silk floral designs             O244        Willingham, Miles - 3         Texacana Designs             Wylie, TX              Custom Red Oak Mattes & Frames O268
Osterkamp, Sherrie - 0                My Primitive House             Wyoming, IA            Primitive Wood Craft O248                   Winter, Marie - 0             Back To Classic Designs      Holley, NY             Jewelry                        B160
Pace, Dale/Patty - 2                  Bunny Hop Woodworking Rochester, IN                   Pens, Wood, Quilted Items O283              Witte, Diane/Tom - 8          Bunnies, Bibs & Bears        Batavia, IL            Children’s Aprons, Etc. O199
Pagnoni/Slavin - 10                                                  Wheaton, IL            Nesting Dolls                   R072        Wofford, Deb/Richard - 12 Friendship Spoons by Deb Noblesville, IN                Handcarved Wood                G043
Pawley, Daniel - 0                    Pawley Studios                 Russellville, KY       Handmade Stoneware B167                     Woods/Hampton, Melissa - 1 Wire Woods                      Liberty Centre, OH     Wire Wrapped Jewelry R088
Penning, John - 0                     Wire Wrapped Gemstones Springfield, IL                Jewelry                         B166        Wright, Cindy - 7             Cindy’s Crafts               Highland, IN           Personalized Gifts             B154
Phillips, Keith - 2                   Sleepy River Music             Norcross, GA           Original & Arranged Piano CDs O195          Wunderle/Quinn - 1            Ceramic Creations            Olmsted, OH            Ceramic Creations              R061
Pillard/Adams, - 0                    Carvon Eat/Francis Metal Works Indianapolis,IN        Iron & Stone Sculptures R089                Yazel, Mike -2                The Iron Ram                 Mentone, IN            Paintings, Furniture R010, 011
Pinholster, Peter/Paul - 5            Hammock In A Bag               Big Pine Key, FL       Handmade Nylon Hammocks R007                Yuhas, Jeff/Monica - 1        J & M Pottery                Pleasant Prairie, WI   Hand Thrown Pottery O188
Piorun, Greg/Marie - 1                Burning Expressions            Glen Ellyn, IL         Gel Candle Art                  O235        Zahn/Johnson - 0              Sher’s Metal Art             Duluth, GA             Jewelry                        B143
Pohland/Ruby - 11                     NameMe Company                 Latrobe, PA            Pressed Flowers                 G027, 028   Zhang, Jim - 0                                             Norcross, GA           Drawing/Painting               B170
Powell, Brian - 6                     Wall Flower Lamps              Mocksville, NC         Wall Mounted Lamps O285
Przybylek, George - 16                PR Gallery                     Batavia, IL            Prints & Stationary             O292
Putignano, Claudia - 16               Claudia                        Wauconda, IL           Cute Ornaments                  O279
Queen, Carl - 17                                                     Moore, OK              Suede Leather Art               R064
Quint, Dolores/Ebonie - 31            Quint Studios                  Crown Point, IN        Penn Dutch Signs                R100
Rardin, John/Sheerry - 1              J & S Crafts                   Hot Springs, AR        Magnetic Jewelry                R069, 070
Redman/Haeck - 2                      Pam’s Pantry                   Grand Ledge, MI        Gourmet Mixes                   R314
Reinhart, Loreda - 12                 Luv Those Rugs                 Elkton, KY             Braided Rugs                    O228
Relos/Whiting, 5                      Sew Many Snowmen               Plymouth, IN           Appliqued Clothing              O189, 190
Ricks, Doug/Nancy - 1                 D & N Woodcarvings & Crafts Walkerton, IN             Chainsaw Sculpture O186, 187
Rierson, Evelyn/Dick - 2              Evelyn Rierson                 Muskegon, MI           Ladies’ Clothing                O225
Riis, Kristine - 2                    Kristine Riis Designs          Nashville, TN          Jewelry                         G073
Robb, Dale/Veva - 1                   Iron Horse                     Sallisaw, OK           Wrought Iron                    O222, 223
Rossiter, Mark/Deb - 2                Kimericka                      Warsaw, IN             Painted Gourds, Etc. O253
Roth, Jan - 5                         The Antler Lady                Alger, MI              Antler Art/Décor                G002
Roy, Richard - 1                      The Fragrant Pomander          South Elgin IL         Fragrance Diffusers O191
Ruang, Wanpen/Tim - 1                 Flower Jewelry                 Atlanta, GA            Flower Jewelry                  O269
Sallee, Rocky/Wilma - 1               The Iron Fluer                 Rogers, AR             Personalized Signs G079
Sands-Saracino, Andrea - 0            Creations by Jas               East Stroudsburg, PA   Wood & Basket Furniture O287
Schaefer, Pam/Wayne - 20              Mistletoe Memories             West Bend, WI          Christmas Ornaments R005
Schale, Susan - 4                     Designs By Susan               Garrison, ND           Handmade Jewelry O287
Schaum, Marina - 3                    Ohio Valley Herbal Products East Liverpool, OH        Herbal Products                 O197, 198
Scheid, Lea Ann/Bruce - 1             Dip ‘n Good Dips               Davis, IL              Gourmet Dip Mixes R042
Schobinger, Gene/Kathie/Robert, - 4   SWEN Weathervanes              Gardner, ND            SWEN Weathervanes O282
Senetar, Melissa - 3                  PhbeaD, LLC                    Paint Lick, KY         Insect Wing Jewelry O305
Sever, Heidi - 0                      Heidi Sever                    St Louis, MO           Jewelry                         G113
Shaffer, Nancy - 1                    Kan Do Crafts                  Connellsville, PA      Seasonal Decoration R013
Shedron, Liz/Paul - 14                Ozark Herbals                  Long Lane, MO          Herb Soap, Oils, Balms & Pow O286
Shumate, Bill/Lee - 4                 All of Us Plantation Soup      Tallulah, LA           Soup, Dip, Bread & Cheese Mixes O229, 230
Siefker, Janet - 2                    Sweats N Such                  Celina, OH             Trendy Fun Fur Jackets O205, 206
Simpson, Doug - 0                     Custom Woodworking             Flora, IN              Wood Toys                       B138
Sjoblom, Christy/Lynn -3              Christy’s Crafts               Karlstad, MN           Decorative Wood                 R065, 066
Smith, Idell - 15                     A Touch of Class               Wabash, IN             Ladies Appliqued Clothing O210, 211
Smith, Robin/Steve - 16               Hometime                       Wapello, IA            Indoor & Outdoor Metal Art R318, 319
Snyder, Deb - 1                       Deb’s Ceramics & Crafts        Fort Wayne, IN         Sewing & Crafts                 O243
Souder, Colette - 2                   Rainwater Farm                 Maryville, TN          Soaps, Salves & Balms R029
Sperry, Toni - 1                      Crafts ‘n Things               Evansville, WI         Country Home Décor G116, 117
Stahlman, Tim/Michelle                 Moonbrook Arts                Jamestown, NY          Slate Paintings for Home Décor B168
Starke, Margie - 6                    Angels Touch                   Frankfort, IL          Calligraphy By Hand O271
Starnes, Todd - 1                     Greg’s Antiques & Garden Cincinnati, OH               Garden Art                      R322, 323
Stephens, Danny - 1                   Big Country Family Trees South Webster, OH            Family Trees & Ornaments G075
Stevens, Rich/Pam - 7                 The Wooden Nail                Anna, IL               Primitives Furniture & Folkart O224
Stiegler/Perry - 9                    E-Z Hook/Rainbow End TreasurerGrapeland, TX           EZ Hook Cooking Tool G054
Stiles, John/Pat - 0                  Plum Creek Craft               Lamberton, MN          Pine Furniture                  R059, 060
Stolk, Richard - 18                   Banners Plus                   Chesterfield, MO       Windsocks/Banners G107
Stratton, Bill/Mary - 1               Creative Flow Glass Jewelry Fort Wayne, IN            Jewelry - Mixed Media O304
Study, Richard - 1                    Richard Study                  Tarpon Springs, FL     Wind Spinners                   R030
Sturman, Dianna/Terry - 0             D & S Copper Lawn Art          Martin, MI             Lawn Art                        B153
Styer, Brent/Linda - 0                Ellbee’s Garlic Seasonings Wentzville, MO             Garlic Seasonings               B155
Swanbery, Karen - 0                   Watercolor Moments             Aurora, IL             Paintings/Cards                 B165
Terry, Rich - 0                       Rich Terry                     Sandwich, IL           Purses, Bags, Totes B158
Thomas, Debra - 4                     Chime Maker                    Bidwell, OH            Wind Chimes                     R038
Thomas, Troy - 7                      Fish Face Goods                Woodstock, IL          Fish Themed Art                 B169
                      Artists & Crafters Booth Directory
            The booths are color coded into four sections. The letter before each booth number indicates the section color.
                                    R = RED • B = BLUE • G = GREEN • O = ORANGE
B128            Vandervort, Charlie/Donna         Charlie & Donna’s Oak Crafts   B165        Swanbery, Karen                   Watercolor Moments
B129            Tobin, Gary/Ashley                Craft Cupboard Candles         B166        Penning, John                     Wire Wrapped Gemstones
B130            Nielsen/Williams, Mary/Kathy      2 Friend’s Design, Inc.        B167        Pawley, Daniel                    Pawley Studios
B131            Garner, Meghan                    Sophistique Jewelry            B168        Stahlman, Tim/Michelle            Moonbrook Arts
B132            Liu, Yu-Chuan                     Silk Knotting Art              B169        Thomas, Troy                      Fish Face Goods
B133            Beachler, Jim                     Hollow Woodworks               B170        Zhang, Jim,                       Jim Zhang
B134, 135       Hein, Jennifer/Richard            Something Special              B171        Gustafson/Spieth, Dennis/Ralph    Wood Creations
B136, 137       Mayfield, Jim/Linda               Old Wire Road                  B172        Hoffman, Leon                     Winter Creek Woodworks
B138            Simpson, Doug                     Custom Woodworking             B173        Wennersten, Jay                   Wennersten Etching
B139            Neill, James                      James and Catherine Folk Art   B174, 175   Davies/Bundy, Jeff/John           The Carpenters
B140            Dombrowski, Sheryl                Kris Kraft                     B176        Clarke, Caroline/Larry            Purseonality
B141            Hockert, Heather                  Polka Dot Bowtique             B177        Dabbieri, Claudia                 Fashion Made Easy
B142            Wamsley, Elizabeth                HappyLake                      B178, 179   Miller, Ed/Jeanne                 French Creek Station
B143            Zahn/Johnson                      Sher’s Metal Art               B180        Korthauer, Iris                   Doily Boutique II
B144            Imel, Earl                        Earlybirde Art                 B181        Miller, Lois                      Keepsake Jewelry
B145            Cardona, Robin/Steve              Purses by Robin, LLC           B182        Vega, Carlos                       The Wind
B146            Myers, Susan                      Fun Co. 2                      B183, 184   Hostetler, Kevin/Hayley           Shirt Wurks
B147            Morrone, Ron                      Ron & Frank’s
B148, 149       Heinecke/Hooper, Bonnie/Britnay   Heinecke Welding LLC
B150            Thomas/McGinnis, Karen/Jo         TNT Crafts/3LT                 G001        Lind, Nancy                       Feathers & Fins
B151            Liddell, Debbie                   A Twist of Gold                G002        Roth, Jan                         The Antler Lady
B152            Greenwood/Becker, Marylou/Billy   EZ Hang Chairs                 G003        Ameling, Laura/Ronald             LAS Gifts
B153            Sturman, Dianna/Terry             D & S Copper Lawn Art          G004        Duszynski, Joy                    Joyful Things
B154            Wright, Cindy                     Cindy’s Crafts                 G017        Foster, Kim                       Art By Kim Foster
B155            Styer, Brent/Linda                Ellbee’s Garlic Seasonings     G018        Haven, Sandee                     Beadazzle
B156            Cotner, DeAnna                    Rocky Hollow Slate             G019        Burkholder, Debbie                Patches of Brazil
B157            Montana, Peg Crees                Peg Montana                    G020        Chiza, Yolanda                    Native Crafts
B158            Terry, Rich                       Rich Terry                     G021        Murrell, Tim                      Murrell’s Mex-Italia Salsa
B159            White, Kyle                       Triumvirate Ceramics           G021a       Cook, Jim/Jolayne                 Copper Time
B160            Winter, Marie                     Back To Classic Designs        G022        Hernandez, Humberto               Humberto’s Designs
B161            Merrill, Sherry/Bill              U-Dog-U                        G023        Davie, Pamela                     Old Country Cabin
B162            Choinacky, James                  James Choinacky                G024        Johnston, Larry                   Larry Johnston
B163            Watts, Mark                       House ID                       G025        Hoover, Debbie                    Bearly Chenille
B164            VanDerWeele, Kelli/Todd           The Weele                      G026        Michael/Disterheft, Susan/April   Beyond the Bottle/Purses April
G027, 028   Pohland/Ruby, Caryl/Bret/Loretta           NameMe Company                   O226              Mohr, Karri/Mike                   The Painted Garden
G043        Wofford, Deb/Richard                       Friendship Spoons by Deb         O227              Costello, Phyllis                  Phyllis & Co
G044        Cummings, Bill/Susy                        Mineral Artists                  O228              Reinhart, Loreda                   Luv Those Rugs
G045, 046   Monien, Jim/Cindy                          Junction City Craft Co           O229, 230         Shumate, Bill/Lee                  All of Us Plantation Soup
G047        VanDuyn, Paul                              Of The Dunes - Garden Works      O231, 232         Clesle, Marge/Walter               Gretchen’s Grapevinery
G048        Ketchersid/Pruitt, Cindy/Randy             Wood n Wick                      O233              Bliss. Clifford                    American Stone Art
G049        Kuhn, Suzannah                             Kuhn’s Kreations                 O234              McFadden, Francis                  Someplace Special/Mighty t’s
G050        Brendle, Tommy/Sharon                      Brendle Honey Farm               O235              Piorun, Greg/Marie                 Burning Expressions
G051        Fleckenstein, Anna                         Little Creek Candles             O236              Chappell, Vickie/John              Vickie’s Jelly Jar
G052        Hoswell, Charlina                          Beyond the Porch                 O237, 238         Bennett, Linda                     Brush Strokes, Inc.
G053        Colter, Michael                            Michael Colter Photography       O239              Olson, Linda/Phil                  Wee Line Doll Clothing
G054        Stiegler/Perry, Doug/Reaoma/Roge/Chris     E-Z Hook/Rainbow End Treasurer   O240              Burton, Susan/John                 Calligraphy by Susan
G055        Lorraine, Susanne                          Susanne Lorraine Jewelry         O241              Jordan/Mezera, Karla/Linda         Studio Designs
G056        Barcheski, Betty/Wayne                     k9design                         O242              Hess, Larry/Chris                  Kountry Kollections
G057        Leidelmeyer, Donovan/Jackie                Fork and Spoon Jewelry           O243              Snyder, Deb                        Deb’s Ceramics & Crafts
G058        Allen, Cindy/John                          Painted By Cindy                 O244              Orchard, Lois                      Orchard House Florals
G073        Riis, Kristine                             Kristine Riis Designs            O245, 246         Arnes, Eric/Jenny                  Made For You Furniture
G074        Nelson, Carl/Mary                          Very Mary Designs                O247              Foley, Joanne                      Jo’s Puzzle Place
G075        Stephens, Danny                            Big Country Family Trees         O248              Osterkamp, Sherrie                 My Primitive House
G076        Dykes/Bell, Chris/Denise                   Clear Creek Lavender             O249              Baker, Don                         Baker’s Woodcrafts
G077        Darr, Kama                                 The Vintage Key                  O250              Nagy, Nancy                        Create-a-Landscape
G078        Baker, Marian                              Block Head Arts                  O251              Adams/Toumey, Richard/Jeff         Emeral Isle Kitchen Accessories
G079        Sallee, Rocky/Wilma                        The Iron Fluer                   O252              Davis, Marilyn                     Just Peachy
G080        Grider, Thomas/Pattie                      Soaking Stone Coasters           O253              Rossiter, Mark/Deb                 Kimericka
G081        Marcum, Pam                                Pam’s Place                      O254              Morris, William                    Creative Crafts
G082        Lancaster, Brad                            Painted Jugs, Mailboxes          O255              Kreigh, Kyle                       Kreigh Art Ceramics
G083        Johnson, David/Jacqueline                  Sauce de Jacqueline              O256              Bronzoulis, Barbara                Barbara’s Antique Button Jewelry
G084        Gamble, Margaret/Frank                     Gamble Enterprises               O257              Albrecht/Zadina, Fred/Art          Falbrecht Studios
G085        Blankenship, Paula                         Prairie Rose Products            O258, 259         Hostetler, Carolyn                 Oil of Gladness
G086        Cupp/McChesney, Catherine/Mary Catherine   Merry Berry Creations            O260, 261         Norton, , Jody/Andrea              Something So Charming
G101        Newton, Elizabeth                          Children’s Artistic Expression   O262              Mossberger/O’Conor, Gladys/Shannon Company’s Comin’
G102, 103   Walz, Walter/Lois                          The Magnet People                O263              Leonhard, Jai/Jack                 Jai Originals
G104        Metcalf, Mike/Beth                         Pillow Wraps                     O264, 265         Dilday, Pat                        Ozark Mountain Dessert Coffee
G105        Grover/Pope, Rhonda/Laura                  TIZO Designs                     O265, 266         Franklin, Anita                    Anita’s Gifts & Collectibles
G106        Csercse/Newman, Greg/Shari                 Nite Brite                       O267              Brooks, Phyllis                    Breath of Light
G107        Stolk, Richard                             Banners Plus                     O268              Willingham, Miles                  Texacana Designs
G108        Oliver, Georgina                           Flutterbug Beads                 O269              Ruang, Wanpen/Tim                  Flower Jewelry
G109, 110   Ballard, Amy Jo                            Amy’s Bowtique                   O270              Iniguez, Cyndee/Augie              Cyndee’s Country Treasures
G111        Tran, Don                                  Handcrafted Silk Embroidery      O271              Starke, Margie                     Angels Touch
G112        Bono, Russell/Janine                       Winkadoodle Willy Music          O272              Magreevy, Jamie/Martin             Best Friends Frames
G113        Sever, Heidi                               Heidi Sever                      O273              Gingerich, Michael                 Puzzle Mike’s
G114        Draheim, Don/Jo-Ann                        Maplewood                        O274, 275         Montes, Pamela                     Ginger Blue
G115        Velleman/Miley/Belll, Dawn/Kim/Christi     Cranberry Cottage                O276              Meyer, Miriam                      Critters, Creatures & Caricatures
G116, 117   Sperry, Toni                               Crafts ‘n Things                 O277              Hillm, Kelly                       Harmony Hill Signs
G118        Ballou, Elizabeth/Doug                     Spoiled Dog Studio               O278              Feret, Carol                       Tutu Terrific
G119, 120   Crichlow, Marie/Bob                        Lemon-Aid, Inc.                  O279              Putignano, Claudia                 Claudia
G121, 122   Odell, Bruce                               Odell Pottery Studio             O280, 281         Marshall, Wayne/Debbie             Whitney Dolls & Crafts
G123, 124   Bull, Jean                                 Jean Bull Designs                O282              Schobinger, Gene/Kathie/Robert SWEN Weathervanes
G125        Hastings, Casie                            Genuine Gemstone Jewelry         O283              Pace, Dale/Patty                   Bunny Hop Woodworking
G126, 127   Haverstock, Becky                          Never Enough Thyme               O284              Mushtaq, Ramona                    Moonlight Hairsticks
G325, 326   Matthews, Vivian/Bill                      Uniquely Crafted                 O285              Powell, Brian                      Wall Flower Lamps
                                                                                        O286              Shedron, Liz/Paul                  Ozark Herbals
                                                                                        O287a             Sands-Saracino, Andrea             Creations by Jas
O185        Burton, Teri                               The Robin’s Nest                 O287              Schale, Susan                      Designs By Susan
O186, 187   Ricks, Doug/Nancy                          D & N Woodcarvings & Crafts      O288              Goncher, Jane/Ray                  Kettle Kandles
O188        Yuhas, Jeff/Monica                         J & M Pottery                    O289              Walters, William/Deborah           Hillside Gardens
O189, 190   Relos/Whiting, Joyce/Mindy                 Sew Many Snowmen                 O290              Fleming, Vincent                   Fleming Art Studio
O191        Roy, Richard                               The Fragrant Pomander            O291              Anderson, Mike                     Wine Caddies
O192        Davidson, Nioma                            Flowers, Silks, & More           O292              Przybylek, George                  PR Gallery
O193        Lewis, Katherine                           Kate Laine Jewelry               O293              Erdmann, Warren/Cathy              Pretty Doll Collections
O194        Greenwood, Patsy/Bob                       Patsy’s Potpourri                O294              McLean, Marlene                    Marlene’s Designs
O195        Phillips, Keith                            Sleepy River Music               O295              Trussell, Charles                  Kerry’s Kollectibles
O196        Ward/Bundy, Tonyia/John                    T and J Miscellanies             O296, 297, 298a   The Cow Shed Pasture
O197, 198   Schaum, Marina                             Ohio Valley Herbal Products      O298              Filewicz, Leonard/Susan            All Star Dips
O199        Witte, Diane/Tom                           Bunnies, Bibs & Bears            O299, 300         Hargrave, Jeff/Deana               J & D Stones
O200        Krieger, Ginny                             Hooker Earrings                  O301              Neff, Nathan/Karen                 Ben’s Mustard
O201, 202   Jenkins, Heather                           Clever Creek Designs             O302, 303         Goncher, Jane/Ray                  Shops at Walnut Hill
O203        Weisinger, Katherine                       Forest Flower Jewelry            O304              Stratton, Bill/Mary                Creative Flow Glass Jewelry
O204        Gilroy, Elizabeth                          Two Cute Doll Clothes            O305              Senetar, Melissa                   PhbeaD, LLC
O205, 206   Siefker, Janet                             Sweats N Such                    O306              Ferinango Vega, William            Native Arts
O207        Ducommun, Cindi                            Fancy This                       O307, 308         Alexander, Keith/Pam               Alexander’s Cutting Boards
O208, 209   Mohr, Peggy                                Sunny Daze Apparel
O210, 211   Smith, Idell                               A Touch of Class
O212        Lamb Williams/Williams, Josie/Mark         Mayapple Creations               R005              Schaefer, Pam/Wayne               Mistletoe Memories
O213        Mabry, Don                                 Heirlooms Inc.                   R006              Miller, Robert                    Papa’s Woodworking
O214        Davenport, Dan                             American Forging                 R007              Pinholster, Peter/Paul            Hammock In A Bag
O215, 216   Manthei, Carl                              Blue Heron Soap Co               R008              Ballenger, Pam                    Pamboree
O217        Markwardt, Terry                           Wiseco                           R009              Lukas, Indre/Linde                Hair Wear Originals
O218        Trejbal/Bizon, Willie/Helena               Helen’s Gem Collection           R010, 011         Yazel, Mike                       The Iron Ram
O219        Lary, Dan/Lavonna                          Stonegate Candle Creations       R012              Liu, Youmei                       Bugs & More
O220, 221   Cook, Russell                              Dulcimers by Russell Cook        R013              Shaffer, Nancy                    Kan Do Crafts
O222, 223   Robb, Dale/Veva                            Iron Horse                       R014              Foye, Joyce/Gerry                 Odds N Ends
O224        Stevens, Rich/Pam                          The Wooden Nail                  R015              Bower, Connie                     The Personal Touch
O225        Rierson, Evelyn/Dick                       Evelyn Rierson                   R016              Jahraus, Jon                      Jon Jahraus Cartoons
 R029         Souder, Colette                   Rainwater Farm
 R030         Study, Richard                    Richard Study
 R031         Lee, Nan-Hsiung (Jim)             Sweet Valley Bonsai Nursery
 R032         Farrar, Chrissie                  Star Dust and Imagination
 R033         Herzog/Timmons, Reinhard/Sujatha Reinhard Herzog Glass Studio
 R034, 035    Anderson, LaVonne/Harold          Annie’s Garden
 R036, 037    Denomme, Rick                     Rick Denomme’s Natural Image
 R038         Thomas, Debra                     Chime Maker
 R039         Clevenger, Dave                   Puzzles by Dave
 R040         Curnutte, Helen                   Helen Curnutte Fine Jewelry
 R041         Dawson/Pitchford, Gretchen/Terry GT Crafts
 R042         Scheid, Lea Ann/Bruce             Dip ‘n Good Dips
 R059, 060    Stiles, John/Pat                  Plum Creek Craft
 R061         Wunderle/Quinn, Cathy/Kathy       Ceramic Creations
 R062, 063    Nellans, Gary/Marlene             The Blade & Brush
 R064         Queen, Carl                       Carl Queen
 R065, 066    Sjoblom, Christy/Lynn             Christy’s Crafts
 R067         Brown, Nancy/Rick                 Pocketful of Posies
 R068         Miller, Sarah                     Moonforest Studio
 R069, 070    Rardin, John/Sheerry              J & S Crafts
 R071         Damveld, Deb                      Deb’s Country Crafts
 R072         Pagnoni/Slavin, Natalia/Alexandra Hand Painted Nesters
 R087         Dryer, Lin                        Classy Nail Files
 R088         Woods/Hampton, Melissa            Wire Woods
 R089         Pillard/Adams, Yvonne/Chuck       Carvon Ent/Francis Metal Works
 R090         Andrews, Cindy                    The Cross-Eyed Cow Beaded Jewelry
 R091         Flynn-Ruiz/Ruiz, Karen/Eddie      Glass Garden Engraving
 R092, 093    Nelson, Jon/Rosanne               Nelson Enterprises
 R094,95,96   Drake, Dennis/Doris               Twisted Walking Sticks
 R097         Lairson, Sherrie                  Cedar Creek Candles
 R098         Joseph, Bradley                   Bradley Joseph Music
 R099         Clanton, Shaun                    Art by Shaun Clanton
 R100         Quint, Dolores/Ebonie             Quint Studios
 R309         Benesh, Lois                      Winslow Stitchery
 R310, 311    Davis, Sandy/Gary                 Calico Country Crafts
 R312         Graves, Charlie                   Mr. & Mrs. Mailbox
 R313         Gibbs, Trent/Kimberly             Trent Gibbs Pottery
 R314         Redman/Haeck, Pam/Leanne          Pam’s Pantry
 R315         Bujorian, Rachelle/Tom            Silverware Studio
 R316         Jeremiah, Michael                 Jeremiah’s
 R317         Frazee, Jana                      My Favorite Clothes
 R318, 319    Smith, Robin/Steve                Hometime
 R320, 321    Bogler, Jaci/Gerald               Scrap Work
 R322, 323    Starnes, Todd                     Greg’s Antiques & Garden
 R324         LaWall, Bruce/Susan               LaWall Pottery

Your festival admission
handstamp gives you free
access to Amish Acres
restaurant, bakery, soda shop,
fudgery, meat market, and
gift shops! Amish Acres
documentary film and guided tours
are also available for a separate

1. PLEASE keep CHILDREN IN SIGHT at all times.
2. No pets are allowed on festival grounds.
3. Be careful of electric cables and water hoses
   lying on ground.
4. Watch for guy-wires supporting booths, poles, and tents.
5. Watch for tent stakes and attached ropes.
6. Watch for pot-holes in pastures.
7. Don’t pet or feed the farm animals.
8. Watch for supply trucks and tractors.
9. In the event of inclement weather,
   do not seek shelter under tents.
10. Stay clear of pond’s banks, they may be slippery.
The Festival
A. Competition Tent, Information
B. Main Gate
C. Beer Garten Tent
D. Root Beer & Bakery
E. Paddle Boat Dock
F. Gazebo
G. Pig Roast Barn
H. Food Shed
I. Restrooms
J. German Roasted Nuts
K. Marketplace Headquarters
L. Lemon Shake ups
M. Children’s Stage
N. Entertainment Tent
O. Kettle Korn
P. Entrance 4
Q. Artist Parking and Camping
R. Festival Parking
S. First Aid Station, Wheelchair Rental
T. Medicine Wagan and Whip show
U. Ole’ Fishin Hole
V. Mint Still, Old Fashioned Ice Cream
W. Pacific Rim Noodle Bowls & Organic Tea
X. The Stables, Artists
Y. Mint Still, Refreshments
Z. Stone Fence Chicken Tent
AA. Ice House Donkey Ears & BBQ
BB. Sausage , Sweet ‘Tator Fries, Sno-Cones
CC. Steak Tips

DD. The Dancin’ Tent

                                                                  Food D
EE. Entrance 3
FF. Entrance 1
GG. Entrance 2
HH. Cow Shed Pasture, Gifts

                                                                                               Fudge                      29 Fudge Shop               Pulled Pork Sandwich G Pig Roast Barn
The Farm                                      Apple Butter
                                              Banana Splits
                                                                   28 Bakery
                                                                   29 Soda Fountain            Hamburgers                 H Food Shed                 Pulled Pork Dinner G Pig Roast Barn
                                              Barbeque Sandwich AA Ice House Tent                                         Y Mint Still                Root Beer             D Root Beer & Bakery
1. Round Barn Lobby - ATM Machine                                  H Food Shed                 Hickory Smoked Ham 28 Restaurant Barn/Dinner                                 29 Soda Shop
2. Greeting Barn, Gift Shop & Ticket Sales                         36 Barn Loft Grill          Homemade Candy 29 Fudgery & Bakery Sales               Sassafras Iced Tea H Food Shed
3. Courtyard                                  BBQ Ribs Dinner      G Pig Roast Barn            Horseradish                31 Meat & Cheese Shop       Sausage Sandwiches BB Sausage Tent
4. Orchard                                    BBQ Ribs             G Pig Roast Barn            Hot Dogs                   Y Mint Still                Shakes                H Food Shed
5. Garden                                     Bean Soup            28 Restaurant Barn/Dinner   Ice, Bagged                G Pig Roast Barn                                  29 Soda Shop
                                              Beef Roast           8 Restaurant Barn/Dinner                               V Mint Still                Shoofly Pie           28 Restaurant Barn/ Dinner
6. Lye Kiln
                                              Beef Trail Bologna 31 Meat & Cheese Shop         Ice Cream Soft Serve V Mint Still                      Sno Cones             BB Sausage Tent
7. Original House, Main House
                                              Beer                 C Beer Garten               Ice Cream Cones            29 Soda Fountain            Steak Tips            Z Chicken & Steak Tent
8. Grossdaadi Haus, Quilting                                                                   Ice Cream,Hand Dipped Cones H Food Shed                Strawberry Short Cake H Food Shed
                                                                   28 Restaurant Barn
9. Windmill                                                        36 Barn Loft Grill          Iced Coffee                29 Soda Fountain            Strudel Apple, Cherry 28 Bakery
10. Bank Barn                                 Black Cows           29 Soda Fountain Cabin      Iced Sun Tea               AA Donkey Ears                                    D Root Beer & Bakery
11. Pasture                                   Bottled Water        All Food Tents                                         36 Barn Loft Grill          Summer Sausage 31 Meat & Cheese Shop
12. Hog House, Fowl Pens                      Breads 10-varieties 28 Bakery                                               28 Restaurant Barn/Dinner   Sundaes (Feat. Maple Syrup, Apple Butter)
13. Wagon Shed                                                     D Root Beer & Bakery        Jumbo Onion Rings Y Mint Still                                               29 Soda Shop
14. Chauncy Thomas Blacksmith Shop            Breadsticks w/Cheese H Food Shed                 Jumbo Soft Pretzels BB Sausage Tent                    Sweet Corn            G Pig Roast Barn
15. Maple Sugar Camp                          Caramel Corn         28 Bakery                   Lemonade                   H Food Shed                 Sweet & Sour Relish G Pig Roast Barn
16. Sorghum Press                             Cheeses 12-varieties 31 Meat & Cheese Shop                                  29 Soda Fountain            Sweet Potato Fries BB Sausage Tent
17. Ice House                                 Chicken Fillet Sand. H Food Shed                                            28 Restaurant Barn/Dinner   Tenderloins           H Food Shed
18. Display Crops                             Chicken Halves       Z Chicken Tent                                         36 Barn Loft Grill          Tin Roof Sundaes 29 Soda Fountain
                                              Chicken Salad Sand. 36 Barn Loft                 Lemon Shake Ups J Roasted Nuts                         Turkey Club           H Food Shed
19. Portable Restrooms
                                                                   H Food Shed                 Mashed Potatoes            28 Restaurant Barn/Dinner   Waffle Cones          29 Soda Fountain
20. Woods, Nature Trail                                                                        Milk                       28 Restaurant Barn/Dinner                         H Food Shed
                                              Chicken Strips       Y Mint Still
21. Broom Shop                                Chocolate Malt       29 Soda Shop                                           36 Barn Loft Grill          Whoopie Pie           28 Bakery
22. Mint Still                                Cinnamon Rolls       28 Bakery                                              29 Soda Fountain            Wine                  28 Restaurant Barn
23. Walnut Street House                                            D Root Beer & Bakery        Mixed Vegetables           H Food Shed                                       36 Barn Loft
24. Farm Wagon Lanes                          Coffee               29 Soda Fountain            Noodles                    28 Bakery
25. Pond/Paddle Boat Rides                                         G Pig Roast Barn                                       31 Meat & Cheese Shop
26. Market Street House, Private                                   H Food Shed                                            W Pacific Rim Noodle Bowl
27. Work Shop                                                      28 Restaurant Barn/Dinner   Nuts                       J Roasted Nuts
28. Restaurant Barn, Bakery, Gifts            Coffee Cake          28 Bakery                                              L Roasted Nuts
29. Soda Fountain, Fudgery                    Cole Slaw            G Pig Roast                 Old Fashion Beef Ring 31 Meat & Cheese Shop
30. Cider and Grist Mill                      Cookies 7-varieties 28 Bakery                    Old Fashion Pork Ring 31 Meat & Cheese Shop
                                                                   D Root Beer & Bakery        Peanut Butter & Jelly H Food Shed
31. W.H. Best Meat & Cheese Shop
                                              Country Chicken      28 Restaurant Barn/Dinner   Peach Butter               28 Bakery
32. Parking/Handicap                          Dill Pickles         31 Meat & Cheese Shop       Phosphates                 29 Soda Fountain
33. Entry Sign                                                     H Food Shed                 Pies 5-varieties           28 Bakery
34. The Inn at Amish Acres                    Donkey Ears          AA Donkey Ears              Popcorn                    O Kettle Corn
35. The Round Barn Theatre                    French Fries         Y Mint Still                Potato Chips               Y, U, AA, BB, CC, 36
36. The Barn Loft                                                  H Food Shed                 Potato Salad               Z Chicken Tent
37. The Quilt Garden                          Fresh Fruit          H Food Shed                                            36 Barn Loft Grill
    The Nappanee Inn                          Fresh Fruit Pies     28 Restaurant Barn          Preaching Pies             H Food Shed
38. One Room School House