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                                 VENDOR SELECTION CHECKLIST
       Develop a list of vendors using the                                Comments
            PMO Vendor Database information
            Directories specializing in software
            Various computer and trade magazines
            Hardware vendors that normally supply a
            list of software programs and packages
            that run on their processors
            Professional user groups
            Other (please comment)
       Select potential vendors                                           Comments
            Gather vendor information (see Vendor
            Resume template)
            Contact vendor references (see Vendor
            Reference Questionnaire)
       Develop a request for Proposal (RFP)                               Comments
            Cover Letter
            Table of Contents
            System Requirements Description
            Functional and Data Requirements
            Operational Requirements
                     Miscellaneous Requirements
                     Appendix of additional information
                     (flow diagrams, system
       Evaluate the Vendor Proposals                                      Comments
            Develop a standard list of selection criteria
            Weigh the selection criteria
            Rate proposals based on the selection
            criteria (see the Vendor Satisfaction
       Select a Vendor                                                    Comments
            Create list of desirable vendors
            Contact vendors/ Hand off RFP
            Select vendor
            Obtain and sign Vendor Contract

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