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                                                                   Moment of Inertia Table Setup
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NV6026 Moment of Inertia Table Setup
dramatically represents how moment of inertia posses
in any body. Moment of Inertia plays an important
role in our daily life. Setup familiarizes with the
concept of Moment of Inertia along with rotational
motion of object. Setup explains how it is affected by
mass and distance from the axis of rotation. Our setup
allows to determine the moment of inertia of various
objects. For time measurement of rotation,
measurement unit is included with manual and
automatic mode.

Micro controller based Measurement Unit
?                                                                 Technical Specifications :

? and ruled inertia discs
Engraved                                                          Circular Base
                                                                  Type             : Iron
?U- shaped metal body with chuck                                  Diameter         : 25cm
   screw connection
                                                                  Inertia Discs
Measurement unit gives instant result of
?                                                                 Type             : Aluminium
   moment of inertia                                              Diameter         : 15cm
Three auxiliary bodies
                                                                  Balancing ring   : 04
                                                                  Suspension Wire                      Measurement Unit
Two years
? warranty
                                                                  Type            : M.S. Wire
                                                                  Width           : 28 gauze
                                                                  Auxiliary Bodies of known MOI
Scope of Learning :                                               Square
Determination of the moment of inertia of
                                                                  Sides            : 3.2 cm
                                                                  Weight           : 252.2 gm
   given body using inertia table.
Determination of the moment of inertia of
?                                                                 Sides            : 3.6 cm
   given body using inertia table using lamp                      Weight           : 173.8 gm
   and scale arrangement.                                         Cylindrical
                                                                                                         Lamp & Scale
                                                                  Radius           : 1.9 cm
Prove the
? perpendicular axis theorem of                                   Weight           : 300.4 gm
   moment of inertia using inertia table.
                                                                  Lamp & Scale(Optional)
                                                                  Lamp          : Laser light source
                                                                  Scale         : 30-0-30 cm
                                                                                                                          Subject to Change

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