CLY slot type screwdriver by nikeborome


									CLY 354 100
Electricians Tool Kit – 26 Tool
Data Sheet
The Clydesdale 26 Tool Electricians Tool Kit has been developed to provide a useful range of insulated
tools all stored in a handy and robust plastic carrying case. The tough foam padding is laser cut with deep
slots to ensure the tools stay securely in place. All of the tools are compliant with EN 60900 up to 1000V.
The specific tools in the kit have been chosen as a result of tool popularity based on our experience in the
market place and customer feedback to equip the electrician for the right tool for just about any job. These
include on of each of the following:

                                                            Part Number                        Description
                                                        CLY 350 NDS-08              Ins. Screwdriver Slot 8mm
                                                        CLY 350 NDS-065             Ins. Screwdriver Slot 6mm
                                                        CLY 350 NDS-055             Ins. Screwdriver Slot 5mm
                                                        CLY 350 NDS-04              Ins. Screwdriver Slot 4mm
                                                        CLY 350 NDS-035             Ins. Screwdriver Slot 3mm
                                                        CLY 350 NDP-3               Ins. Screwdriver Pozidrive 3
                                                        CLY 350 NDP-2               Ins. Screwdriver Pozidrive 2
                                                        CLY 350 NDP-1               Ins. Screwdriver Pozidrive 1
                                                        CLY 350 MS4-185             Ins. Combination Plier 18.5mm
                                                        CLY 353 MC45E               Ins. (Composite) Cable Cutter
                                                        CLY 350 MS60-145            Ins. Diagonal Cutting Plier
                                                        CLY 350 MS11-170            Ins. Flat Long Nose Plier
                                                        CLY 350 MS16-10             Ins. S.O.E. Spanner 10mm
                                                        CLY 350 MS16-13             Ins. S.O.E. Spanner 13mm
                                                        CLY 350 MS16-17             Ins. S.O.E. Spanner 17mm
                                                        CLY 350 MS16-19             Ins. S.O.E. Spanner 19mm
                                                        CLY 350 MS84                Ins. Extension 140mm 3/8"
                                                        CLY 350 MS85                Ins. Ratchet Driver 3/8"
                                                        CLY 350 MS87-04             Ins. Hex Key Socket 4mm 3
                                                        CLY 350 MS87-05             Ins. Hex Key Socket 5mm 3
                                                        CLY 350 MS86-08             Ins. Socket 8mm 3/8" Sq. Drive
                                                        CLY 350 MS86-10             Ins. Socket 10mm 3/8" Sq. Drive
                                                        CLY 350 MS86-13             Ins. Socket 13mm 3/8" Sq. Drive
                                                        CLY 350 MS86-17             Ins. Socket 17mm 3/8" Sq. Drive
                                                        CLY 350 MS22J               Ins. Junior Hacksaw c/w Blade
                                                        CLY 350 IS79                Ins. Electrician's Knife
                                                        Ins. = Insulated
                                                        S.O.E = Single Open Ended

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                                                                       DS CLY 354 100 Rev0 CFB 2/11/06

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