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The GeoConnections Discovery Portal by gjjur4356


									                                         INFORMATION GÉORÉFÉRENCÉE EN LIGNE


The GeoConnections Discovery Portal

      BIO Workshop, June 13, 2006
Spatial Data Infrastructures – a global trend
Global approach to improve the discovery, access, use and
sharing of geospatial information

Using the Internet, they harness the power of geomatics by enabling
sharing of interoperable spatially correlated data;

Data always obtained from closest point to source;

Evolving from centralized warehouses to fully distributed

Currently under development in 54 countries around the world;
 Federal Budget 2005

“Under the program, governments, the private sector,
academia and non-government organizations have
partnered to develop the Canadian Geospatial
Data Infrastructure, bringing together data
previously held by different organizations and orders
of government. Budget 2005 provides $60 million
over five years for GeoConnections to continue this
work and to support decision making on a broader
range of issues, particularly health, public safety,
sustainable development, the environment and
issues of importance to Aboriginal people.”
          CGDI - Railroad analogy
  CGDI - railroad analogy



•Standard gauge track transports all content
•Content serves specific users and is shared with other “communities” who need it
•Suppliers or users can build branch lines of same gauge and add new content
•Various tools and policies serve to manage unique and collective requirements
       GeoConnections II Focus

  GeoConnections is mandated to build Canada’s
  SDI through partnerships:

APPLICATIONS: Build applications that serve specifically targeted
  communities of practice;

CONTENT: Provide the framework and other thematic data with
  attributes prioritized by these communities of practice;

TECHNOLOGIES & STANDARDS: Maintain, operate and expand
  the core infrastructure and standards, as required by users;

POLICIES: Support consistent geomatics policy development
  federally and nationally to reduce duplication and improve use of
  the CGDI
Funding Opportunities re: Metadata

1. Core Technology and Infrastructure Development

    RFI June 2006

    Objective: Advancement of core infrastructure technologies, standards
    and services (e.g. Discovery Portal)

    to evolve the GDP to support new standards (e.g., new ISO)

    Private geomatics industry opportunity

2. Directed Innovation

    RFP – June 2006

    Objective: Procurement of innovative new infrastructure, components,
    and services

    Private geomatics industry opportunity
Other Activities

 1. North American profile for metadata
       Working with Cdn General Standards Board
       Provide guidance to best practices on the
       implementation of standards and best practices
       Profile will be supported by 1) an internationally
       endorsed schema and 1) a register (database of
       elements and language)
 2. Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
       Examples: bilingualism for webservices; sensor
GeoConnections Discovery Portal Home Page
GeoConnections Discovery Portal

•   Powerful search engine provides discovery of
    National and International collections of
    geospatial data products, organizations and
    services (including WMS/WFS)
•   Suppliers of metadata can provide Z39.50
    links to their inventory databases, use FGDC
    CSDGM fields, ISO fields to create metadata
•   Bilingual interface
•   User centric re-design
•   RUC’s
•   International exchange
Search Geospatial Data – Advanced Search Features
Register or update your content

 Register here
Geospatial Data Metadata Entry Form
      GeoConnections Discovery Portal Metadata (Mandatory Info)

1.      Descriptive Name of the Product Collection   13.   Place Keywords
2.      Acronym                                      14.   Fees
3.      Country of Origin                            15.   Network Resource Name
4.      Citation Title                               16.   Contact Information
5.      Originator                                            Primary, Distributor, Metadata
6.      Time Period of Content                       17.   Metadata Elements specific to ISO
        Beginning and End dates                            19115
7.      Online Linkage                                        Language, Character Set, Topic Category
8.      Geospatial Data Presentation Form
        Product Type
9.      Abstract
10.     Purpose
11.     Bounding Coordinates
12.     Theme Keywords
Geospatial Data Metadata Entry Form (continued)
Services Metadata Entry Form
Services Metadata Entry Form (continued)
GeoConnections Discovery Portal - Portals

•   Site is used by metadata
    coordinators/providers to create FGDC
    entries (not published) for export to
    developing system
•   Portals created where coordinators enter
    hidden portal codes within geospatial
    metadata entry for easy retrieval/specific
 For more information

              Natural Resources Canada
               615 Booth St, 6th Floor
                     Ottawa, ON
                      K1A 0E9


GeoConnections Discovery Portal:

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