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					Appendix 1 – Past and Present Directorships of Mr John Estmond Strickland

Past Directorships of Mr John Estmond Strickland

Boys & Girls Clubs Association
99 Bishopgate Limited
99 Bishopgate (Cayman Islands) Limited
Benteng Redevelopment Sdn Bhd
Dominus Investments Ltd (liquidated)
Guttata Investment Ltd
Himalaya Investments Ltd
HS Property Management
HSBC Holdings plc
Hongkong Bank (Bahamas) Ltd
Hongkong Bank Lease Management Ltd
Hongkong Bank Malaysia Bhd
Hong Kong Securities Clearing Co Ltd
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Marine Midland Bank USA
Midland Bank UK
Hang Seng Bank
Wheelock & Co Ltd
Jungali Investment Ltd
Liana Co Ltd
Merino Ltd
Mass Transit Railway Corporation
New Sydney Enterprise Ltd
Outward Bound Human Resources Limited
The Outward Bound Trust UK
Oleifera Investments Ltd
Oswery Investments Ltd
Pyracantha Investment Ltd
Solandra Investment Ltd
The Specialist Academy Ltd
Speedlink SA
Strangford Investment Ltd
Tobermory Investment Ltd
Verbena Investment Ltd

Present Directorships of Mr John Estmond Strickland

Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation
Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company
The Asia Society Hong Kong Centre Limited
Airport Authority Hong Kong
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing
Esquel Holdings Inc
Hong Kong Cyberport Management Co Ltd
Integrated Distribution Services Group Ltd
Hong Kong Outward Bound Trust
University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Management Association
Community Chest of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Youth Hostel Association
The Hong Kong Adventure Corps Ltd
The Incorporated Owners of Alpine Court

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