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					Japan                                                                                            We are a Key Member of the ARRK Global Network.

                      YASUDA SEISAKUSHO Co.,Ltd.
  FULL-LINE NETWORK           DESIGNING           ENGINEERING          PROTOTYPING            TOOLING               MOLDING

                                                                                                 Who We Are
                                                                                                  Yasuda,          established         as
                                                                                                  Yasuda-Seisakusho in 1961, is a tool
                                                                                                  design and manufacturing company
                                                                                                  with its headquarters in Tokyo and
            Yamagata Factry
                                                                                                  main factory in Yamagata. Yasuda
                                                                                                  offers full-line services including
              Production Department                                                               design, tool making, molding,
              Our commitment to quality                                                           painting, and printing. We shorten
              and customer satisfaction                                                           lead times by utilizing a wide variety
              becomes reality in our                                                              of    3D     CAD     tools    including
              Production      Department.                                                         Pro/ENGINEER, CADCEUS, CATIA,
              State-of-art equipment and                                                          and Solid-Designer.
              our unique manufacturing                                                            A personal training for manufacturing
              and processing expertise                                                            technique is the principal estate as
              are used to shorten lead                                                            we are a high skilled tooling company.
              times, improve precision and                                                        We fully implement our most effort for
              guarantee that our product                                                          our clients in working round the clock,
              meets     our    customers'                                                         carrying concepts of common
              needs.                                                                              conscious, purpose and aim, through
                                                                                                  the top management.

               Molding / Painting / Printing Department                                          What We Do
               Planning and a well-organized work environment allow us to produce                 Yasuda provides a range of tooling
               high-precision products. Our factory has been carefully laid-out to separate       from precision molds for cellular
                                                              the material supply section         phone to large molds for equipment
                                                              from the molding and NC             panels such as flat panel of
                                                              sections in order to                television. Our molding capabilities
                                                              prevent impurities from             include Thixo molds, In-mold, and
                                                              entering our processes.             Fast-cycle molds. We continue to
                                                              Downstream         processes        streamline our full-line service for
                                                              have also been isolated in          plastic products from prototyping to
                                                              order to insure a top-class         tooling, injection molding, painting,
                                                              work environment and the            and printing. We are continuously
                                                              highest quality product.            investing our resources to shorten
                                                                                                  lead times in order to better meet our
                                                                                                  customers' needs.
Advanced Technology That Creates High Quality

Engineering Department
Once we have met with our clients and gained a thorough
understanding of their requirements, our Engineering
Department's diversity of experience developing products for
markets such as office automation equipment and home
appliances, allows us to generate flexible concepts for product
shapes, materials, and production methodologies. Our continuing
quality efforts insure that we provide superior engineering                            Mold Factry
expertise and advice throughout the detail design and into
                                                                   Main Equipment List
                                                                    Machine List
                                                                        High Speed Machining Centres
                                                                        Machining Centres
                                                                        Wire EDMs
                                                                        CNC Milling Machines for Graphite
                                                                        CNC Milling Machines
                                                                        Milling Machines
                                                                        Universal Milling Machines
                                                                        Horizontal Twin-Head Milling Machines
                                                                        Gun Drilling Machines
                                                                        CNC Lathes
                                                                        Grinding Machines
                                                                        Radial Drilling Machines
Inspection Department                                                   Band Saw

Quality engineers apply the robust processes of our                     Die Spotting Press Machines

comprehensive inspection system in conjunction with precise             CMMs

inspection instruments to assure high quality product without           Injection Molding Machines

compromise.                                                             Painting Robots

Our total inspection system is the organic cooperation between          Pad Printing Machines

the centralized checking functionality and daily effort by each         Screenprinting Machines

section, such as production, engineering, and manufacturing. And        Hot Stamping Machines

it is one of our biggest differentiators.                               Ultra Sonic Welding Machines
                                                                        High Frequency Welding Machines

                                                                    CAD/CAM List
                                                                        Solid Designer
                                                                        MPI                             YASUDA SEISAKUSHO Co.,Ltd.
                                                                                                                                   [Head Office]
                                                                                   3-16-45 Nishi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo 141-0033 Japan
                                                                                                     Tel: +81-3-6862-8911 / Fax: +81-3-6862-8914
                                                                                                                             [Yamagata Factory]
                                                                    160-2 Aza Maki Yachi Kahoku-Cho Nishimurayama-Gun Yamagata 999-3511 Japan
                                                                                                     Tel: +81-237-72-7121 / Fax: +81-237-72-3936
                                                                                                                             [Yunosawa Factory]
                                                                      3332 Aza Minamihara Oaza Yunosawa Murayama-Shi Ymagata 995-0112 Japan
                                                                                                     Tel: +81-237-54-3566 / Fax: +81-237-54-3567


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