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                           Award-Winning Dentist,
                            Dr. Bruce G. Freund

         NJ Center for Aesthetic Enhancement

Englewood Cliffs, NJ (November 14, 2007) – For more than thirty years, accomplished
dentist Dr. Bruce G. Freund, Director of the NJ Center for Aesthetic Enhancement,
has provided patients within Bergen County and the surrounding tri-state area with the
most technologically innovative, high-quality and advanced personal dental care.

Dr. Freund, offers cosmetic facial injectables along with cosmetic dental procedures.
His expertise in dentistry has enabled him to enhance the quality and advance the
technology of cosmetic facial injections.

Dr. Freund has introduced an innovative anesthesia technique for the use with Radiesse,
a wrinkle filler. His intra-oral approach combines Radiesse with a lidocaine anesthetic
which takes the sting and bruising out of the cosmetic injectable treatment and leaves
patients even more satisfied than before.
Dr. Freund,as a cosmetic dentist, is very familiar with injecting inside the mouth. He
has revolutionized cosmetic facial injections by injecting intra-orally, injecting inside the
mouth, instead of outside on the skin surface, which minimizes temporary bruising and
swelling of the face. Dr. Freund has also pioneered the practice of mixing the injectable
facial filler Radiesse, with a numbing solution. This makes the procedure comfortable
and minimizes patient pain.

Approved by the FDA for facial aesthetic use, Radiesse is an injectable dermal filler used
to replace lost volume, enhance facial contours and correct wrinkles and folds of the
facial area. A next-generation filler, Radiesse is a water-based gel containing tiny,
smooth calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) particles which is injected into the skin through
a safe and effective procedure. Among the product’s many benefits, Radiesse provides
immediate cosmetic results as it stimulates the body to produce new collagen and deliver
a youthful, natural look to the face that persists for an average of one to two years.

Patients of Dr. Freund’s can now benefit from the addition of an aesthetic enhancement
center. The center specializes in the most up-to-the-minute cosmetic facial injection
procedures in a confidential, private-care facility. Facial services include Radiesse,
BOTOX, Restylane, Juvederm & Perlane injectables as well as all aspects of facial care
including customized facials, microdermabrasion, waxing & threading of unwanted hair
and facial products available only through a health care professional. There is also a
plastic surgeon and chiropractor on staff.

A native of New York City, Dr. Bruce G. Freund received his Doctor of Dental
Surgery from New York University College of Dentistry in 1975. For many years Dr.
Freund was a clinical instructor at both NYU and Mt. Sinai Hospital. He is currently on
staff at Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck in New Jersey. Focusing his practice on
cosmetic and restorative techniques, he is nationally recognized as an authority in the
placement of veneers, which he has been placing for over 25 years.

In his expansive career, Dr. Freund has served as a forensic consultant to the New York
City Medical Examiner's Office, and provided aid in the dental identification unit
following the September 11, 2001 attacks. An accomplished dental professional, Dr.
Freund holds memberships in many local, national and international associations and
societies including The American Dental Association, New Jersey Dental Association,
Bergen County Dental Society, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Academy
of General Dentistry, Academy of Computerized Dentistry, International Congress
of Oral Implantologists, Academy of Lasers in Dentistry and the New York Society
of Forensic Dentistry.

In 2002 through 2006, Dr. Freund was named one of "America's Top Dentists" in a
survey taken by the Consumer's Research Council of America, and frequently appears
on local and national news programs as a guest expert. Dr. Freund was featured on past
editions of WNBC's Weekend Today, News Channel 10: NJ's Take Ten and ABC News.
As a dental care provider and with the help of a courteous, well-trained and professional
staff, Dr. Freund’s number one priority is to offer his patients the most up-to-date dental
care using the newest technology such as laser dentistry and Cerec technology (one visit
crowns.) With the addition of a state-of-the-art aesthetic enhancement center, Dr. Freund
caters to the wants and needs of his patients while also maintaining a desired level of
privacy and confidentiality. As a team of health professionals, they recognize that an
individual’s smile is comprised of not only a great set of teeth, but also of well cared for
lips and face comprised of beautiful, smooth skin. Your teeth, lips and skin have key
roles in creating your facial expressions, and all must be looking their best so you can
attain the most beautiful smile. The NJ Center for Aesthetic Enhancement will provide
patients with the ability to care for those areas not attended to in the dental chair. It is
important to remember that an artistic masterpiece is always surrounded by a beautiful
frame. Your lips and skin act as the frame that surrounds your teeth, completing your
beautiful smile.

Dr. Freund has reached an unprecedented level of excellence in dentistry as a result of
tireless dedication, continuous training and a state of the art facility, that is equally as
beautiful. He now provides the same level of excellence at The NJ Center for Aesthetic

New Jersey Center for Aesthetic Enhancement

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