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					                                                                                         Mind shaper

 Mind shaper Interactive Board is a surface
 onto which a computer screen can be displayed           Projector: beams
 via projector.                                          image of computer
                                                         screen onto the         Interactive Board: every touch on it
                                                         Interactive Board       with a pen or fingers is like a
                                                                                 mouse-click on a computer screen.
 It is touch sensitive so it enables the presenter                               The whiteboard sends messages
 to control the computer from board itself.             Computer: sends
                                                                                 back to the computer the required
                                                                                 changes occur and the images on
                                                        message to the
                                                                                 the board changes in response.
 It is a powerful presentation tool that improves the   data projector and
                                                        receives messages
 interaction between the presenter & the audience.      from the Interactive

  Features                                              Benefits
  Can be used as a white boards cum computer            Improves audience participation & enhances
  screen                                                comprehensive understanding
  Use of pre-prepared resources & option                Saves preparation time of the presenter & allows
  of saving information.                                the audience to recap the missed information.
  Easy integration of videos, animations, graphics,     Enhances presentation impact & actively
  text & audio.                                         engages the audience.


Active Area Size            Durable surface                    Technology                      Easy installation
                           tear proof, optimized               Electromagnetic                No complicated wiring
   80” to 100”
                          for projection & easily                                                  is required

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             Mind Shaper Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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                                                                      Mind Shaper
                                                                     Audience Response

Audience response system is an interactive
                                                                          Collect Data
solution designed to engage the audience.

Everyone in the audience is given a response
device to communicate with the presenter
throughout the presentation.

With instant feedback the level of participation                                         Receiver
can be monitored & responses can be viewed.

 Configuration can be customized as per requirement
                                                              Audience Response Device
 Can be integrated with Power Point

 Reports & Analysis can be exported to .xls format

                       What Assessment Device can do for you?

 Engage               Modify &            Involve Reluctant          Track               Save
& Motivate         Control Content           Participants         Performance            Time

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          Mind Shaper Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
          email: ; Tel.: +91-9811040421               Learning Systems

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