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Web Hosting Contract


									                         Web Hosting Contract
This contract is between and
Business Name:
Phone #(s):
Herein referred to as ‘Customer’. agrees to:

       1. Provide reliable and consistent hosting services for Customer’s custom built website.
       2. Make one customer requested change or update per month. Additional changes or
          updates will be billed at the rate of $10 each.
       3. Ensure that your website is functioning properly. If you find a problem we will fix it
          within 24 hrs. Corrections do not count as a change or update.

Customer agrees to:

       1. Pay monthly hosting fees as outlined below.

Please choose the Payment Plan that works best for you:

           ____ A. One Year Payment Plan in the amount of $______.

           ____ B. Monthly Payment Plan in the amount of $____ to be paid by the first of each

       Payment(s) will be made in the following manner:

               ____ A. I will pay via PayPal to

               ____ B. I will mail a check to Karen Eggett at 2019 S 620 W Lehi, UT 84043.

I understand that if I fail to pay my hosting fees, my website may be taken down at the discretion

Cancellation Policy
Based on the fee schedule chosen when the site was created, customer may cancel this hosting contract:
           ____ A. Anytime
           ____ B. Anytime after _______________

I understand that upon cancellation my website will be taken down immediately and that all upfront fees
for website creation are non-refundable.

_____________________________                                       ________________
Customer Signature                                                  Date

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