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             FEBRUARY 2011 NEWSLETTER IS 18 JANUARY 2011
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Judy Cuddeford    -   Director
Jayne Tarbun      -   Volunteer Co-ordinator
Sheila Cook       -   Funding/Project Co-ordinator
Pat Lidster       -   Admin Support Officer
Gwen Bousfield    -   Admin Support & Greenfingers Project
Bill Bevridge     -   Gardener
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Events & Local News including
    Braintree Male Voice Choir Christmas Concert &
    Abbeyfield’s Christmas Fayre                                 Page 3

BDVSA News including Management Matters                          Pages 4—6

Understanding Personal Budgets                                   Page 7

More local news                                                  Pages 8 & 9

Funding News & Information                                       Pages 9—13

High Sheriff Awards                                              Pages 11 & 20

Register now for Carers Right Day 2010                           Page 14

UK Honours—Honour the best in mid Essex                          Page 15

National News - includes Disabled Person Railcard                Pages 16 & 17

Age UK—an information guide                                      Page 17

Free IT Support                                                  Page 18

Volunteer Centre News                                            Pages 19 & 20

News from Voluntary Sector Training                              Page 21

Ways to Improve Your Income—find out about Gift Aid              Page 22

Nacro Braintree Community Sports Project—announcing
    The new Development Programme                                Page 22

BDVSA Resources, News items wanted and Local Advertising         Pages 23—25

           FEBRUARY 2011 NEWSLETTER IS 18 JANUARY 2011.

BDVSA will ensure that, as far as possible, information supplied by contributors is
correct, but cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of any of the information
in this publication. Some of the informative items may have been extracted from
other publications. In addition to this, BDVSA does not endorse any company’s
product or service that may be advertised within this publication.
                EVENTS & LOCAL NEWS

                      Braintree Male Voice Choir
                                Christmas Concert
                     Friday 10th December at Christchurch at 7.30 p.m.

                                  Guest band is Simply Brass
                               Tickets are £10 (£9 concession)
          For tickets please contact: Syd Farmer on 01376 341987
         or Joscelyn Chase Estate Agents in Bank Street, Braintree.

                          Abbeyfield Christmas Fayre
              at Gt Bradfords House, 159 Coggeshall Road, Braintree

           Saturday 20th November 2010 2.00pm – 5.00pm
                                various stalls including
                            Raffle Tombola Homemade cakes

                    JANET C DAVIES
                 LADY FUNERAL DIRECTOR

W       hen we lose someone close to us, the festive season can be emo-
tionally tricky. Janet Davies, Lady Funeral Director, offers a simple but most
meaningful gesture of ‘Naming a Star’ at Christmas. Everyone is invited to dedicate
a star in memory of a loved one whether bereaved recently or in the distant past.
The stars will be hung in the window alongside our special Christmas Tree of
Remembrance at Janet’s premises in Fern House, Coggeshall Road, Braintree or
alternatively in the Kelvedon Chapel of Rest.

The Very Reverend Philip Need will be at Janet’s Braintree premises on Thursday
2nd December to bless the ‘Tree of Remembrance’ at 5.30pm to which everyone is
welcome to come along to light a candle and join in a prayer of remembrance.
Although there is absolutely no charge for this small act of remembrance, a char-
ity box will be available for anyone wishing make a donation to CLIC
Sargent (Caring for Children with Cancer).

                  To dedicate a star please telephone
                 Janet, Louise or Val on 01376 339300.

                            BDVSA NEWS

W      hen our Director Judy saw an opportunity to work shadow someone in the
Department of Communities and Local Government she applied for a place on the
‘A Day in the Life’ scheme and was successful in being paired up with Sabitha Kumar,
a Finance Manager for the New Deal for Communities. Sabitha spent a day with us in
Braintree where she got to see some of the challenges being faced by our local volun-
tary sector and met representatives of Braintree District Council to talk about how
BDVSA works in partnership with them. She also spent some time at the Tabor Cen-
tre, meeting their members and seeing the activities they get involved in.

On her return visit to London, Judy had a full day with Sabitha’s New Deal for Commu-
nities colleagues, which included a meeting with staff from the Big Society and a visit to
a huge regeneration project in Islington currently being funded by Sabitha’s Depart-

Judy said ‘Sabitha and I found this experience really useful – she was better able to
appreciate how central government policy affects people working ‘on the ground’ and
was amazed at the range of work going on in the voluntary sector in our District. The
experience gave me the chance to meet directly with central government policy-makers
and helped me understand some of the workings of central government.’

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                       Management Matters Project -
           Funded by the National Lottery through Big Lottery Fund

Spending Review and Big Society Update

Wednesday October 20 2010 saw the government announcing the results of its long-
awaited Comprehensive Spending Review. The review not only detailed which gov-
ernment department budgets will be cut over the next five years, but also outlined
measures directly relating to our sector including:-

   £470m over the next four years will go towards building the voluntary sector's
     capacity so that it can deliver the government's Big Society agenda. This will
     provide 5,000 new community organisers and a pilot for the National
     Citizen Service
   of this, £100m transitional fund for to help the voluntary and community sector
     adjust to new public spending budgets.
   councils in England will face cuts of more than 28%, but they will have greater
     powers to borrow

The Office for Civil Society is asking for responses to their consultation called
‘Supporting a Stronger Civil Society’. This is the first step towards helping civil soci-
ety organisations grasp new opportunities arising from the massive devolution of power
to local communities and the reform of public services that underpins the Big Society.
Please note that there are two documents within this consultation which are:-

This consultation consists of two documents which are;-

   Building a Stronger Civil Society-A strategy for voluntary and community
     groups, charities and social enterprises
   Supporting a Stronger Civil Society- An office for Civil Society consultation on
     improving support for frontline civil society organisations.

Plans in the strategy include:-

   Reducing red tape for small groups
   Giving public sector staff the right to spin-out and form a co-op or mutual supported
     by a new network of advice and mentoring
   Give local communities the right to buy or bid to run community assets
   Continue to match fund local endowments to encourage giving
   Modernisation of public service commissioning so the most efficient and effective
     charities can get a fair chance to bid for public contracts.

Responses to this consultation are requested by 6th January 2011 (question 9 by 25th
November 2010) and the documents can be found on the Cabinet Office website at

                                                                 Continued on next page….

                        Management Matters Project -
            Funded by the National Lottery through Big Lottery Fund

Continued from previous page...

Like us at BDVSA you will no doubt be impatient for more information about how the cuts
and other announcements will impact on all our organisations. More detail is expected to
emerge over the coming weeks and months and we will keep you informed as informa-
tion becomes available. In the meantime you can check in at the National Council for
Voluntary Organisation’s (NCVO) website at
copingwithcuts which is being updated with all the government’s announcements as they
are being made.

These are uncertain times for us all so if you have issues or concerns that you would like to
discuss please get in touch. As we said in our last newsletter – it’s BUSINESS AS USUAL

Complaints are free feedback!

We all want to think that we are providing a good service so it can be hard to receive criti-
cism and complaints. If you do not have any formal system for handling complaints that
come to your organisation then you are unprepared for dealing with problems or misunder-
standings and could be missing out on a valuable opportunity. Taking time to think through
a complaint or criticism can be a great way to inject some creativity into your organisation
and improve your service. We all know that negative feedback can be upsetting and even
de-motivating but standing back and reflecting on what has been said about your organisa-
tion or service can be a powerful learning experience. Stepping into the shoes of the person
who has made the complaint or comment can reveal problem areas that you have missed or
maybe just forgotten to address. It can also bring to the fore exciting ideas for making your
service even better.

A simple and structured complaints process means you can encourage people to give you
feedback or speak to you about their concerns in a positive way. Your organisation’s com-
plaints records can give you an excellent source of information for monitoring and measur-
ing your performance and for improving the way you do things. Complaints are free feed-
back and if the person who complains feels listened to and well treated then having a robust
complaints system can actually enhance the reputation of your organisation.

For advice on setting up a complaints process for your organisation please contact Sheila at
the BDVSA office.

       Management Matters - Funded by the National Lottery through
                            Big Lottery Fund

                            LOCAL NEWS
Understanding Personal Budgets

People are now given a personal budget to spend to meet their
care needs and improve their quality of life. People decide how
they would like to have their personal budget in a way that is right for them. The
choice people make is either:

   A managed service - this is where people prefer ECC as the local authority to
     hold the budget and purchase services on their behalf.
   A personal budget direct - this is where people have the budget paid to them to
     purchase services directly from where and who they choose. In some cases
     people decide to employ a personal assistant.
   A split package - this is where people decide that ECC will purchase some ser-
     vices on their behalf, but would also prefer to have some of the budget paid to
     them to purchase their own services direct.

Essex County Council understands that people need to be fully informed about per-
sonal budgets before deciding the option that will be best for them. To ensure that this
information is available from an independent organisation ECC have commissioned
the Essex Coalition of Disabled People (ECDP) to provide pre-service information.
Please see contact details below.

Self Directed Support Service, ECDP, Ivan Peck House, 1 Russell Way
Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 3AA

                   Tel: 01245 392300 Text Phone: 01245 392302
                    Fax: 01245 392329 Email:

FREE Town Planning Advice

Do you know a residents group or community group who
needs help with a planning problem or who would like to learn more now about how
planning may be affecting their local area in future?

Planning Aid provides FREE independent, professional help and support on town and
country planning matters. We can help people to enjoy understanding the planning
system better and make a difference to their local area - we tailor our help to local

We can help with specific issues like commenting on a local planning application, ex-
plaining what an enforcement notice means, and advise on how to submit a planning
application OR we can offer fun and interactive activities to community groups to learn
about local plans or development proposals more generally and how best to have a
say on the future of their area.

If you are interested in finding out more please get in touch!

Phone:   Community Planning 01223 351 597 or Caseworker 0870 850 9801

                                     LOCAL NEWS

          T    hank you to all of you who took the time to complete our
          questionnaire to assess the 3rd Sectors Contribution to the
          Braintree District Economy.

          The full report will be available shortly.

          The winners of the draw are Laughter Specialist and Braintree
          Social Club for the Blind who each receive a £25 Marks &
          Spencer voucher.


        Tap Into Savings is a unique new scheme to help Braintree District
        residents who are supplied by Anglian Water save water, energy and

        Anglian Water, Braintree District Council and Greenfields Community Housing have
        teamed up with Global Action Plan, Waterwise and Defra to offer free water-saving
        home visits to 5,000 homes over the next five months. The aim is to reduce household
        water consumption by 15%, and save up to £50 per household on utility bills.

        Free home visits Each home visit is carried out by a qualified Anglian Water plumber,
        taking up to one hour. The plumber will check kitchen and bathroom fittings, and if suit-
        able supply a dual flush product for the toilet, flow-reducing inserts for taps and showers
        and a garden hose gun.

        EcoTeam meetings We're also inviting residents to come along to an EcoTeam meet-
        ing to find out more ways to save water, energy, waste and money in the home. The
        meetings are held once a month and last about one hour.

        To find out more about Tap into Savings or request a home visit, please contact:
        Mary Blake, Project Facilitator: 0777 500 1752
        e-mail:          website:

    Braintree District now has a BME Forum - please go to the following

          THANK YOU !
                                                                        WOODROFFE BENTON
                           n Maintenance      Scheme is grateful to the              hedgecutter/
Our Greenfingers Garde                                       been used to purchase a
                            d do  nation of £750 which has
FOUNDATION for their kin                            of equipment very useful.
strimmer. Bill, our ga rdener, is finding this item
   The Hawthorns at Meadow Park, Tortoiseshell Way, Braintree is a unique, all-inclusive,
   independent, hotel style retirement facility. Our residents enjoy a lifestyle that includes 3
   meals a day prepared by our own chefs and served in our
   lovely, spacious dining room; weekly housekeeping; live in
   managers that are on call 24 hours every day; our own           “We can offer fund raising
   coach that provides regularly scheduled transportation to      opportunities and facilities
   local shops, doctors etc, an ever changing monthly calen-       for meetings to name just
   dar of events and much more. All for a surprisingly low                  a few …..”
   affordable monthly fee.

        With a spirit of commitment to service, we the        residents at The Hawthorns
      at Braintree seek to positively impact each other, our community, and the world.

   The above is part of a caption hanging in a prominent position in our building and is part of
   our corporate culture and Grass Roots Philosophy. We actively seek ways to positively
      impact our local community by working with local charities. We can offer fund
    raising opportunities, and facilities for meetings to name just a few. We are limited
    only by our imaginations. If you have a need, call us and give us an opportunity to
                                       enrich other lives.

            The Hawthorns at Meadow Park, Tortoiseshell Way, Braintree CM7 1TD
                                  Telephone: 01376 335500
         Terry & Marie Marshall, Facility Managers, Gordon & Sue Swan, Co Managers

                    FUNDING NEWS & information


 The aim of LocalGiving is to enable people to donate on-line to small local charities
 and community groups in the UK. was founded in 2008 and having
 been piloted through eight Community Foundations LocalGiving is currently being rolled
 out across the UK. Essex Community Foundation will be launching LocalGiving in
 Essex shortly but if you would like to see how it works go to

                                                          tment Partnership Fund
                            Ho using – Community Inves
Greenfields Community
                                                                 undation are working to-
                            Housing  and Essex Community Fo                        ort com-
Greenfields Community                                    hip Fund which will supp
                             unity Investment Partners                                  u have
gether to launch the Comm                                    of £25,000. We will let yo
                           Braintre e District to a maximum
munity projects across                             as we have them.
more details of this exciting opportunity as soon
                  Spotlight on Heritage Lottery Fund Grants

                    Heritage Lottery Fund - Young Roots
Young Roots is a grant programme designed to engage young people aged 13-25 with
their heritage. Young Roots projects stem directly from the interest and ideas of young
people, who are supported by youth and heritage organisations to develop skills, build con-
fidence, and connect with their local communities with grants of between £3000 to £25,000

To receive a Young Roots grant, your project must relate to the varied heritage of the UK;
provide new opportunities for a wider range of young people aged 13 to 25 to learn about
their own and others’ heritage; allow young people to lead and take part in creative and
engaging activities; develop partnerships between youth organisations and heritage or-
ganisations; and create opportunities to celebrate young people’s achievements in the
project and share their learning with the wider community.
Your project must also create new opportunities for young people to either:
 volunteer in heritage;
 or gain skills in identifying, recording, interpreting or caring for heritage.

Young Roots is a rolling programme and there are no deadlines for applications. You will
receive a decision on your application within 10 weeks. You should complete the pre-
application enquiry form and full application online. To do this register and apply on their
website at or
tel: 020 7591 6042 Fax: 020 7591 6271 email:

      Heritage Lottery Fund - Your Heritage (£3,000 to £50,000)

     The Your Heritage programme offers grants between £3000 and
     £50,000 inclusive for projects that relate to the local, regional or na-
     tional heritage of the UK. They welcome applications that help people
     to learn about, look after and celebrate heritage in a fun and enjoyable
     To receive a grant your project must help people to learn about their
     own and other people’s heritage. Your project must also do either or
     both of the following: conserve the UK’s diverse heritage for present and
     future generations to experience and enjoy, help more people, and a
     wider range of people, to take an active part in and make decisions about

     Your Heritage is a rolling programme and there are no deadlines for
     applications. And you will receive a decision on your application within 10
     weeks. You should complete the pre-application enquiry form and full
     application online. To do this register and apply online at or
     tel: 020 7591 6042 Fax: 020 7591 6001 email:
                    FUNDING NEWS & information
 High Sheriff Invites Applications

 The High Sheriff of Essex, Michael Hindmarch, is inviting local community groups,
 young people and volunteers to apply to the High Sheriffs’ Awards Scheme for rec-
 ognition and grants.

 There are two parts to the High Sheriffs’ Awards Scheme:

    Grants of up to £1000 are available to voluntary and community groups that are
       working to make their local communities safer places to live and work
    Recognition will be given to local people who have made an outstanding contribution
      in their local community, making it a safer place

 The High Sheriff said “It is a great honour to be the Queen’s representative for Law and
 Order in the County”. He added “I would encourage voluntary organisations that are
 working on initiatives with local people to keep our communities safe from crime, to ap-
 ply for an Award. The Awards ceremony provides a great opportunity for their valuable
 contribution to be recognised.”

 Local grantmaking trust, Essex Community Foundation manages the High Sheriffs’ Fund
 and administers the Awards Scheme, working with local Community Safety Officers and
 local Volunteer Centres. An independent panel of judges, chaired by the High Sheriff
 and including past High Sheriffs, will agree the Awards which will be presented by the
 High Sheriff at a special event to be held on 9 March 2011 at the Fennes Estate, Bock-

 The deadline date for completed applications to the High Sheriffs’ Awards is
 1 December 2010. Application forms and details about the criteria can be found on the
 ECF’s website at or if you would like to discuss
 an application, please contact their grants team on 01245 356018.

W J Courtauld Medical Fund

Are you looking for money for medical equipment for your group? The William Julien
Courtauld Medical Fund is a local charitable trust administered by Essex Community
Foundation. It is restricted to providing funds for groups in Braintree District who want to
purchase medical equipment that costs a minimum of £250. We have been asked to en-
courage eligible groups to make an application as there are currently funds remaining in
the trust that need to be spent - and this not something were here often these days!

The term 'medical equipment' can have a reasonable loose interpretation. In the past the
fund has assisted with the purchase of equipment as diverse as first aid kits, keep fit
equipment for people with special needs, play therapy equipment, special stirrups for dis-
abled horse riders, a wheelchair and an automatic door opening mechanism.

Please contact the Grants Team at Essex Community Foundation 01245 356018 for
further details and an application form. If you need any help completing an application
please contact us for support.

                FUNDING NEWS & information

Latest statistics from Reaching Communities and Awards for All

The Big Lottery tell us that the budget for Reaching Communities this year has been in-
creased to £125m and the rule which prevented organisations from reapplying to Reach-
ing Communities within twelve months of being rejected at Committee stage has been re-
moved. The current success rate for Reaching Communities applicants at Outline Proposal
stage is around 25% and the success rate at full application stage is 39%. The Awards for
All budget this year is £45m and the current success rate is 46%.

                                         Cash 4 Clubs

    Betfair and SportsAid recognise the importance of community sport, so Cash 4 Clubs
    has been set up to facilitate fundraising for community sports clubs throughout the
    country. Cash 4 Clubs offers all sports clubs in the UK the chance to win grants
    ranging from £250 to £1000. It is a simple scheme, aimed at giving community clubs
    a helping hand and provide the opportunity to raise the money they need to invest in
    their club. Clubs can apply for a Cash 4 Clubs Sports Grant by filling out the online ap-
    plication form at anytime, available at website below. Any sports club can apply as
    long as they are registered with their sport's National Governing Body or local
    authority. Funding can be requested for anything that will add to the sustainability and
    effectiveness of the sports club.

    Grants are awarded on a quarterly basis. For more details email: or visit their website at

                             funding for suppor        t and equipment needed by
Colchester Catalyst provides     es who live in North East Ess
                                                               ex, specifically where
with medical conditions or dis
                                   statutory organisations.
assistance is not available from
                                            or teleph
For further information visit their website at www.c         
                                        m at info@colchestercatalyst.c
them  on 01206 752545 or e mail the

  The Earls Colne an
  This Trust makes gr
                             H alstead Education
                      ants to voluntary or             al Charity
  people in the catchm                    ganisations making
                       ent area of the form                    opportunities for yo
  Schools. To enquire                       er Earls Colne and H                    ung
                       about this fund e m                       alstead Grammar
                                           ail earlscolnehalstea
               FUNDING NEWS & information
Launch of Big Lottery's International Communities Funding Programme

The International Communities programme is the Big Lottery Fund’s way of helping
disadvantaged communities overseas. The programme will run from 2010-2015 and
the budget for 2010-2012 will be up to £25 million. They will announce the level of
funding for grants between 1 April 2012 and 31 March 2015 when BIG’s overall fund-
ing for that period has been finalised.

They want communities to be at the heart of the International Communities pro-
gramme and will fund effective projects that tackle the causes of poverty and depriva-
tion and bring about a long-term difference to the lives of the most disadvantaged peo-
ple in the world. These will result in:

   Improved primary education for the most disadvantaged girls and boys
   Improved health for the most disadvantaged people
   Improved access to and use of natural resources to benefit the most
     disadvantaged people
   Improved ability for the most disadvantaged people to exercise their human
   Improved livelihoods for the most disadvantaged people by enabling
     communities in need, both rural and urban, to reduce poverty in a sustainable

The International Communities programme is open to UK based non-governmental or-
ganisations working with overseas partners in Africa, Asia (including the Pacific
and Central Asian countries), the Middle East, Central and South America, the
Caribbean, and parts of Eastern Europe.

For more information and details of how to apply go to http:// .

          Clara E Burgess Trust Grant
          This Trust makes grants to registered charities for supporting projects
          that benefit the health and well-being of children, particularly those un-
          der the age of 10 who have lost both parents. It funds initiatives for educa-
          tion and training, overseas projects, disability, social welfare, hos-
          pices, medicine and health.

          The two annual deadlines for applications are 30 June and 31 December.
          In 2008 the average grant was £15,000. Application forms are available
          on request from:

           The Clara Burgess Trust, Royal Bank of Scotland PLC, Trust and Estate
          Services, Eden Lakeside, Chester Business Park, Wrexham Road, Chester
                                CH4 9QT tel 01244 625810

                 Register now for Carers Rights Day 2010

Carers Uk’s eleventh Carers Rights Day will take place this year on Friday
3rd December with over 1,000 local groups, politicians, businesses and community
organisations running events to support, inform and speak up for the 6 million people
in the UK who care for ill or disabled loved ones.

Why register?

Events can be simple to run: Some groups are able to run big events with lots of
local partners. But bigger isn’t always better! Other groups run fantastic small events
on a shoestring to give out information about carers’ rights or get local carers to-
gether to share stories. Whatever you can manage will make a difference to local

Registration is easy: You don’t need to know what sort of event you’d run to regis-
ter—you can register now and let us know what you might do later. To be sent your
Organiser’s Handbook go to and register online or call
Steve on 0207 378 4937.

                     AGM & CONFERENCE

        T   he Women’s Resource Centre is to hold its
        annual conference on Tuesday 7th December 2010 at Cass Business
        School in London. Entitled 'Facing Our Future', the all-day conference
        has scheduled speakers, panels and workshops on everything from
        social media to social enterprise.

        We will be providing refreshments throughout the day and are also hold-
        ing our AGM and hosting an evening drinks reception. .

        If you would like to attend, please go to our website and
        download booking forms/bursary forms from the front of the website.
        You can also email and mark ‘conference’ in the
        subject header, or ‘AGM’ if you would like to attend the AGM, or call
        Christina Nelson on 0207 324 3030.

                             Honour the best in mid Essex
BRAINTREE, Chelmsford and Maldon people have been urged to boost nominations
for honours for those who make a significant contribution to their community.

Representatives of dozens of mainly voluntary groups from mid Essex were told by
Lord Petre, the Lord Lieutenant of Essex: “Honours recognise the achievements of or-
dinary people who do extraordinary things. We want to see more successful nomina-
tions for Essex people whose efforts have been of significant benefit to the community.
Anyone can make a nomination.”
He was speaking at a special reception at the Essex Record Office in Chelmsford on
Monday, October 18, as part of the Do the Honours for Essex campaign which encour-
ages nominations for honours for Essex people.

The campaign aims to increase the number of nominations for those in central Essex
who make a real difference to the community, whether it is in their field of work, through
their interests or pursuits or on a local level.
Lord Petre, who is the Queen’s representative in the county, told the audience of nearly
150 people: “If you know someone who has made a significant difference in their field
of work or in their community or who has achieved great things against all the odds,
then you may be able to say thanks and Do the Honours for Essex.”
                                       Award for groups
Some 20 to 30 honours are awarded to Essex people each year but, said Lord Petre,
not all awards are for those who work in the county. He said it wasn’t only individuals
who are eligible for awards. Voluntary groups can be nominated for a Queen’s Award
for Voluntary Service.

The honours lists are issued twice a year, at New Year and on the Queen's official
birthday in mid-June. Information on how to make nominations is available through the

For further information on the Do The Honours For Essex campaign contact Stuart Rawlins on
079464680202 or email

                        NATIONAL NEWS
         Disabled Person Railcard

    Get a third off rail fares for your and a companion by paying just £48 for a
    three-year railcard. You qualify if you meet any of the criteria below:

         You receive attendance allowance
         You receive disability living allowance
         You are registered as having a visual impairment
         You have epilepsy and have repeated attacks or are currently prohibited
           from driving because of epilepsy.
         You are registered as deaf or use a hearing aid.
         You receive severe disablement allowance
         You receive war pensions mobility supplement for 80% or more disability
         You are buying, or leasing, a vehicle through the Motability schemes.

    To find out how to apply, see the leaflet ‘Rail Travel Made Easy’ (available
               at stations) or:
                 Email: Tel: 0845 605 0525
                                    Article courtesy of Colchester CVS Sept/Oct Newslink 2010

                                              Find HR support in your area with
                                              NCVO’s new directories

                                              NCVO has developed a series of directo-

I  n March 2011 Census forms will
arrive by post and can be returned
                                              ries to help make it easier for voluntary and
                                              community sector employers to find appro-
                                              priate HR services at a local, regional or
using a pre-paid envelope or, for the         national level.
first time ever, can be completed online
via a secure internet site.                   The entries in each directory make clear
                                              how you can contact the service provider,
The Census should take around ten             providing their location and the geographi-
minutes for each person’s details to be       cal region(s) they serve. Most importantly,
entered and the information provided          each entry identifies the key HR services
will help shape our community for years       that each provider offers, so you are able to
to come. A wide range of help and             make informed decisions about which pro-
support will be available.                    viders to contact.

Personal information is protected by          The directories highlight HR support provid-
law and is kept confidential for 100          ers from across nine regions. To download
years.                                        your copy, visit:

                            NATIONAL NEWS

Age UK - An information guide.

Age UK is the new force combining Age Concern and Help the aged providing
advice and information for people in later life through the Age UK Advice line, publica-
tions and online.

Are older people at risk? Older people can present an attractive target for scammers,
not least because they are more likely to have easily accessible savings than younger
people. Some older people are isolated and may not have anyone to go to for advice.
Also, the older generation may be less likely to have access to the internet as a check-
ing tool, although this is increasingly less true.

A guide has been produced by Age UK covering many of the issues that older
people, along with carers, relatives and friends have concerns about.

Among the topics covered are:

   Is it legal?
   Taking advice and taking your time
   Rogue traders
   Bogus callers
   Mail scams

Contact Age UK Advice: 0800 169 65 65 or go to

Other useful organisations are:
Action Fraud         (giving advice on issues about fraud, both preventing it and what
                     to do if you fall victim to it.) Tel: 0300 123 2040 (national rate)

Consumer Direct      (Government-funding service providing practical consumer
                     Tel: 08454 04 05 06

Citizens Advice      National network of free advice centres. For details of your local
Bureau (CAB)         CAB call: 020 7833 2181.

TrustMark            Information and guidance on finding reliable tradespeople.
                     Tel: 01344 630 804

Office of Fair
Trading (OFT)

                        FREE IT SUPPORT

Leading Charity Offers    Free Database to Small Charities and Community

London Advice Services Alliance (Lasa), are offering an Advice and Information
Management System database (AIMS Free) to all small community groups and third
sector organisations across the UK, to help them deliver their services more efficiently
and cost effectively in challenging times. Last year the AIMS Free package was made
available to all voluntary and community sector groups and over 700 groups have
downloaded the software to-date.

AIMS Free is simple to use and contains everything needed to start capturing details of
clients and outcomes. From a survey taken of AIMS Free users 60% of respondents
said that they found the package ‘very helpful’, and 100% said that they would recom-
mend it to other potential users.

There is also a paid for version of the AIMS software. Like AIMS Free, this version
comes with extensive guides and support materials, but also includes a full support
contract, tutorials, and training courses held throughout the year. Details about the
package and instructions on how to download and install AIMS Free can be found at

For more information about Lasa just visit

           Includes software donations, computer hardware, free IT skills train-
ing resources, access to skilled IT volunteers and general advice and guidance
on technology for charities.

In an effort to strengthen and support the UK voluntary sector, Microsoft invests in sev-
eral programmes designed to help voluntary and community organisations make the
best use of technology.

Working with the Charity Technology Trust (a registered charity), Microsoft is one of a
growing number of technology companies who make donations of their products to the
voluntary sector. Eligible organisations are offered up to six titles, including, for exam-
ple, their most popular software packages such as Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft
Office 2010. Organisations can receive up to 50 copies of each title every two year
period. Donations include free upgrades for two years and access to a range of e-
learning resources. Grantees pay a nominal administrative fee to the Charity Technol-
ogy Exchange, which supports the running of this service.

If you would like more information about these programmes please contact
Donna Whitehead on 020 3425 1162 or email or
visit the website at

On Saturday 30th October the Volunteer Centre teamed up with V Involved, the national
youth volunteering organisation and Braintree Council’s Green Heart of Essex campaign,
to hold a volunteer recruitment/information morning at Freeport Shopping Village,

The Big Green heart attracted people to come over to find out more about
volunteering for environmental and other opportunities.

D     o you need to recruit more volunteers or using volunteers within your organisa-
tion is something you have never done before? Please get in touch we are here to
offer help and advice.

Due to the large quantity of volunteers offering their time we are looking for more
opportunities for our database. I would be very interested in any administrative
opportunities as I am often asked for these. We can provide information on recruit-
ment, management and good practice.

           For all your volunteering needs just contact Jayne Tarbun
      at the Volunteer Centre on 01376 550507 or Email

To find an opportunity you can also log onto the national volunteering website at
   or the new Essex wide website at to see what opportunities are available.

Trustee/Committee Members for Braintree Arthritis Care

Committee members needed to carry this organisation into the future.
Chairman, Secretary, Social Secretary and
Treasurer are just some of the positions you could help fill. Meetings are held
2—4 pm whilst the lunch club is running 11.30—4.00 pm

                            Collection Box Co-ordinator for Guide
                            Dogs for the Blind

                            A great opportunity to get out into your
                            local community, build relationships
                            with local businesses and to develop new
                            skills. It’s a totally flexible opportunity
                            and you’ll be making a real difference by
                            helping Guide Dogs enable blind and par-
                            tially sighted people to enjoy the same
                            freedom of movement as everyone else.

District Football Club Supporter

The Essex County Football Association are looking
for volunteers to support their work. Local clubs
need volunteers to get involved in a variety of roles,
including coaching, managing, administration and
website maintenance. Flexible and part time.

                  The High Sheriffs’
            Volunteer Centre Essex Award

           “In recognition of Good Practice in Managing Volunteers”

  This award encourages volunteers to nominate their voluntary or community group
for an award. A cash award of £1,000 is given to the organisation which best demon-
  strates the use of good practice in providing encouragement, support, training and
                              supervision to volunteers.

Deadline is 1st December. If you haven’t received a nomination form yet please
contact Jayne Tarbun at the Braintree Volunteer Centre and one can be sent to you.

                 TRAINING NEWS & information

Data Protection Book now!
Effective Data Protection policies are crucial to an organisation as is the treating of
personal data responsibly. This session explains the Act and helps organisations
understand how to comply with it and implement good practice.
Trainer: Paul Ticher, author of the standard work on the subject "Data Protection for Voluntary
Date: Monday 29th November 2010 Time: 10.30am to 4.30pm
Venue: Nightingale Centre, Brentwood
Price: £70/£20 concessions

Trustee Essentials Book now!
In this course participants will have the opportunity to learn about Trusteeship and
the roles & responsibilities involved in effective 'Governance' of a community or-
ganisation/charity or charitable company.
Trainer: Mark Gerbaldi
Date: Wednesday 1st December 2010 Time: 10.00am to 4.30pm
Venue: Gt Dunmow
Price: £70/£20 concessions

CIEH Level 2 Risk Assessment Book now!
The CIEH Level 2 Award in Principles of Risk Assessment is a new CIEH qualifica-
tion designed to help improve the workplace culture for occupational health and
safety. Its main purpose is to enable learners to understand the basic principles of
risk assessment.
Trainer: Kate Hinch
Date: Tuesday, 7th December 2010 Time: 9.30am to 5.00pm
Venue: Rural Community Council, Feering, Nr Kelvedon
Price: £70/£20 concessions

Also don’t miss the following training coming up in Chelmsford:
24th November Know Your Community, Chelmsford, £70/£10*
25th November Mental Health Awareness, Chelmsford, £70/£10*

Phone 01371 876747 for further details or to book visit our website: Remember VST have courses running
all over Essex – why not take a look at the website to see what is available?

                  46 High Street, Great Dunmow
                         Essex CM6 1AN
     01371 876747 email:

                          MORE TRAINING NEWS
                      WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR INCOME
                 Tax Effective Giving-Making Giving go further…
                  The more you are given the more you can get
Has your organisation considered registering for Gift Aid?
Are you aware of other ways of tax effective donations?

Individual in the UK generates £12.6 billion (NCVO 2009) each year for UK charities and
about 57.6% of the adult population donates to a charity on a regular basis. However es-
timates suggest that charities are still missing out on over £700 million in Gift Aid each

If you haven’t yet considered tax effective giving or are confused about how to go about it
then we at BDVSA can help you. I have recently been on an excellent course about the
different methods of tax effective giving including gift aid, payroll giving and share giving.

Voluntary Sector Training are planning to put on a course early next year and I would like
to encourage everyone of you either to attend this course or arrange to have a one to
one session with me.

I will be holding surgery days for these one to one sessions on the following dates
from 10am until 2pm, 6th December,13th December and 10th January. Other days
can be arranged if needed.

Please contact me to book your session on 01376 550507 or by email

                                                         Judy Cuddeford BDVSA director

Nacro Braintree Community Sports Project is pleased to announce its new
Nacro Development Programme (NDP) starting Thursday 13th January 2011 followed
by 6 consecutive weeks through to Thursday 17th February 2011.

The NDP is a structured weekly football training programme to engage young people
aged 12 – 15 years old wish to take their own personal development to the next level.
Each training sessions will take place at Braintree Leisure Centre, Panfield Lane, Brain-
tree from 5pm – 6pm.

Cost for the 6 weeks is just £10 which will cover;

    -      the full 6 weeks training
    -      A NDP T- shirt for training days
    -      A certificate on completion of the programme
    -      A Sports accreditation

The NDP can help to support young people in their search for club football as well as
young leader programmes/ volunteering opportunities where attendees can gain further
experience and qualification. There are limited spaces available so book now.

For more information contact: James Taylor, Sports Development Worker
Tel: 07971 308 531
               BDVSA RESOURCES
A     s well as being a Volunteer Centre, BDVSA promotes and
publicises the voluntary sector and is also an information and
resource centre for all voluntary and charitable organisations in the
Braintree district. So come to us for all your needs, including:
Equipment Loan/Hire, Funding and Training Advice
& Information and Volunteer Recruitment
         Call us on: 01376 550507 or email

Particularly AGM’s, large                  SMALL BLIC
                                            BL E P U
meetings etc.                          PORTA S SYSTEM

Can be used on the main power supply or independently using its own inbuilt battery.

For the hire of this expensive equipment there will be a small charge to voluntary/
community groups of £10 plus a deposit of £50.

              AL                         AD PRO
      DI G I T T O R                  AND SCR JECTOR
         J EC                                 EEN

                    SHOWN BELOW.

                         RD        S              PORTABLE HEARING LOOP
                PLAY BOA

                                EL AND          FLIPCHART
                       NOBO EAS


Other services are available i.e:
Photocopying (small quantities) and Laminating.

We also hold a selection of books for loan on:
Funding, Volunteering, Management, Legal Issues and others.

ISSUE IS 18th JANUARY 2011. PLEASE CONTACT PAT ON 01376 550507 or
      E-MAIL: or return this form to the BDVSA office.

Items for Inclusion in Newsletter (i.e. Open days / talks /
campaigns / events etc)

Please publicise our: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….







Organisation Name: …………………………………………………………………………………………………………....

Contact Name: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………...

Telephone No./Email: …………………………………………………………………………………………………………...


                       Please return to: BDVSA,
      Room 5, Colne House, 96 Mount Chambers, Coggeshall Road,
                  Braintree, Essex. CM7 9BY
         Fax: 01376 550092 Email:

  offers low-cost counselling,
       so when you have


      Please call Sycamore
        on 01245 359353

WHCM is a Registered Charity no: 1084940

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                      CONTACT THE BDVSA OFFICE FOR
                            INFORMATION ON
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