Universal Radial Drilling Machine

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					                           Universal Radial Drilling Machine
                                     Specification (of sample drilling machine)

                                                  CAPACITY                                           M.S.                               C.I.
                                                     Drilling Capacity                            38 mm.                          38 mm.
                                                  DRILL HEAD
                                                     Spindle Nose                                                                     MT - 4
                                                     Spindle Travel                                  mm.                                220
                                                     No. of Spindle Speed                                                                 8
                                                     Range of Spindle speed                         RPM                         62 - 1980
                                                                                                    mm. /
                                                     Range of Power feed                             REV                   (2) 0.08 - 0.04
                                                  POWER                                              H.P.                         V-BELT
                                                     Main Motor                                        1.5                            B - 45
                                                     Arm Elevating Motor                               0.5                            A - 23
                                                  WORKING TABLE
                                                     LxWxH                                           mm.                 380 x 300 x 300
                                                  WORKING RANGE
                                                     Drilling Radius Max. / Min.                     mm.                        895 / 440
                                                     Max. / Min. distance Column to
                                                     Spindle                                         mm.                        810 / 360
                                                     Maximum Drill Head Travel                       mm.                                450
                                                     Max. / Min. Base Plate to Spindle               mm.                        930 / 230
                                                     Dia. Of Column                                  mm.                                165
                                                     Swivel of arm L / R side                                                           90
                                                  BASE PLATE
                                                     LxWxH                                           mm.                760 x 1250 x 150
                                                     Working Surface                                 mm.                        820 x 610
                                                     No. of T - Slots                                mm.                              (4) 16
                                                     Overall Height                                  mm.                               2000
                                                     Wooden case L x W x H                           mm.             1250 x 1550 x 2000

       Motor Pulleys 2 Nos.                             Main Spindle made from Alloy Steel with 6 slots machined by Hobber
       Drill Drift.                                     Machine and MT – Bore grinded by internal grinding machine.
       Oil Can.                                         Provides 8 speeds by accurate balanced pairs of cone pulleys which runs
                                                        on two ball bearings.
EXTRA ACCESSORIES (At Extra Cost):                      Spindle sleeve is properly grinded and hardened. Drill head bore spindle is
       Box Table with T – Slots.                        mounted on five ball & roller bearing for smooth and accurate running.
       V – Belt.                                        By simple adjustment of only tapper wedge facility to set drill head on arm
       Coolant Pump and Tank with Fittings.             guide way.
       Electric Control Panel.                          Top cover provided with window for changing gears and setting V-belt for
                                                        desired RPM.
         Electric Motor.
                                                        Lever facility for V-belt tension.
                                                        Gears made from best quality material are helical teethed on imported
                                                        hobbing machine for smooth and noiseless running.
                                                        Piller and other parts being provided in machine are ground and finished
                                                        by WMW GERMAN MAKE GRINDING MACHINE.
                                                        Gradations are provided on protector for swiveling of radial arm to
                                                        required degree.
                                                        Automatic adjustable depth control.
                                                        Auto as well as manual feeds.

*Please note that our drilling machines can be customized to your needs