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UNIlap lap machine


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									Combing preparation
UNIlap E 32

UNIlap E 32
Preparation for high-production combers
2   Rieter . UNIlap E 32
                                                                                                                  Rieter . UNIlap E 32   3

                                                                   Pre-drawframe SB-D 40                 UNIlap E 32

RIETER SPUN YARN SYSTEMS                                           SUMMARY

Systems for your success                                           Drawframe-UNIlap process

Integrated installations from Rieter offer more than just spin-     The drawframe – UNIlap process is the most widely used
ning machinery covering the entire process range from the          preparation process nowadays. The advantages of this process
fiber to the yarn. Perfect coordination of the machines through-    apply to both the coarse and the fine yarn sectors:
out the process chain ensures economical manufacturing of          • High production rates
the required yarn quality. In addition to its machine expertise    • High quality standards
and as a result of numerous technical innovations, Rieter of-      • Wider field of applications
fers its customers support from the original business idea right   • Easier machine operation
through to the achievement of market success through yarn          • Flexibility (combed and carded cotton in the same line)
                                                                   THE PREPARATION FOR THE BEST COMBING RESULTS
RIETER – YOUR PARTNER FOR THE FUTURE                               UNIlap E 32 is the answer to the high demands imposed on the
With Rieter as your partner you benefit from the following          combing machines. UNIlap E 32 encompasses the latest know-
supplementary services:                                            how based on technical and technological experience with
• Complete mill planning, spinning schedule computation and        proven components from the previous successful model:
  cost calculation                                                 • 2-zone drafting for ideal fiber drawing
• Automation options tailored exactly to customer needs            • 4 calender rollers and automatic regulation of the lap loading
• SPIDERweb data acquisition system for on-line monitoring           for perfect lap build-up
  of the entire spinning mill                                      • High production rates and quality levels by means of
• Process optimization and technical recommendations derived         VARIOspeed
  from broad-based technological expertise covering all spin-      • Improved running conditions – better reliability
  ning process stages right through to downstream processing       • Functional design for greater ease of operation
• World-wide service network and intensive customer training
  on-site or at the Rieter Training Center
• Spare parts deliveries, a broad range of innovative and
  technically superb solutions in the sphere of conversions

You can have confidence in solutions from Rieter!
4   Rieter . UNIlap E 32


                                                                         High lap quality

                                                                         HIGH LAP QUALITY – THE KEY TO BEST COMBING RESULTS
                                                                         Optimal fiber structure, homogeneous batt build-up and even
                                                                         lap construction are the key factors for high lap quality. The
                                                                         precision of each of the matching elements of the UNIlap E 32
                                                                         model guarantees the fulfilment of these demands.

                                                                         2-ZONE DRAFTING SYSTEM
                                                                         The 2-zone drafting system enables the correct application of
                                                                         splitting pre- and main drafting in both zones. Only optimal
                                                                         drafting distribution can ensure the best drafting conditions
                                                                         and the resulting fiber parallelization.

                                                                         In particular, with longer fiber 2-zone drafting shows signifi-
                                                                         cant quality advantages when pre-drafting is reduced and the
                                                                         main draft is increased.
    2-zone drafting system

                             Draft 1



    4 calender rollers and large lap rollers (Fig. 1)                    Regulated automatic lap loading (Fig. 2)
                                                                                                                                  Rieter . UNIlap E 32   5


                                                                                    Optimum production

DRAFTING UNIT DRIVE SYSTEM                                                          VARIOspeed (optional)
The drive system features state-of-the-art flat belt technology.                     VARIOspeed permits permanent adjustment of the lap speed to
Improved accessibility and handling are the result. Fast and                        the lap diameter during the entire lap build-up cycle. Together
easy draft change is possible without change gears.                                 with consistently better lap quality it also ensures higher pro-
                                                                                    duction rates. (Fig. 3)
4 calender rollers and large lap rollers allow for faultless batt                   ECONOMY WITH LARGE-FORMAT CANS
structure and ensure secure and optimal lap construction.                           Feed cans with a diameter of 1 000 mm increase efficiency.
(Fig. 1)                                                                            (Fig. 4) On request cans with a diameter of 600 mm can also
                                                                                    be supplied.
Regulated automatic lap loading ensures ideal pressure of the                       COMBING SET
lap on the lap rollers during the complete build-up cycle.                          Up to 5 E 65 / E 75 combers can be operated with 1 UNIlap
(Fig. 2)                                                                            E 32. Depending on raw material, one set produces up to
                                                                                    300 kg/h.

           winding speed [m/min]
                                   production increase
     40                                     positive influence
                                            on quality
           0 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 300 325
                                       lap length [m]

          without VARIOspeed (constant winding speed, depending on staple length)
          VARIOspeed 2 (reduction of winding speed with increasing lap diameter)

VARIOspeed (Fig. 3)                                                                 Large-format cans (Fig. 4)
6   Rieter . UNIlap E 32

    Gentle sliver guidance
                                FUNCTIONAL DESIGN

                                Ease of operation – greater degree of comfort

                                SIMPLE PROGRAMMING
                                Uniform operating philosophy over all process stages simplifies
                                the machine configuration. All parameters can be called up
                                quickly and easily.

                                EASY MAINTENANCE
                                Ergonomic design details, technical simplification and better
                                access make it easier to change lots and maintain the ma-

                                GOOD RUNNING CONDITIONS
                                Gentle sliver guide elements improve runnability on the
                                UNIlap E 32 and have a positive impact on batt quality.

                                SLIVER MONITORING
                                Static and dynamic sliver sensors detect missing or stationary
                                slivers. Clear fault signals allow the operator to rectify the fault
                                quickly. This results in improved efficiency.

    Easy handling

    Easy access and operation
                                                                                                                 Rieter . UNIlap E 32   7


Lap transport system

The UNIlap E 32 can be supplied optionally with a semi-      8 laps are transported simultaneously using the fully automated
automatic or a fully automated lap transport system.         SERVOlap. The following options are available for system and
                                                             layout flexibility:
SERVOtrolley SEMI-AUTOMATIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM                 • transverse conveyor incl. lap rotating station for 90° and 180°
4 laps can be transported using the SERVOtrolley. Transfer   • combination with earlier machine generations
to the comber is performed manually. SERVOtrolley and the    • linking of 2 SERVOlap systems
comber are loaded and unloaded automatically.
                                                             The advantages of the SERVOlap system are:
The advantages of this system are:                           • Reduced space requirements
• High degree of flexibility                                  • Savings on operating personnel
• Easy handling                                              • Increased flexibility
• Low capital cost                                           • High quality consistency
                                                             • Enhanced efficiency

SERVOtrolley for semi-automatic lap transport                Maximum economy with fully automated SERVOlap E 25 lap transport
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