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REGISTERED FOR THE 2010 Blue Cross Broad
Street Run.
In case you have missed it, registration for the 2010 Blue Cross Broad Street Run
is now open. We strongly encourage you to register early as the number of
runners will be capped at 30,000 for the 2010 race. This is the first time in race
history that we will be capping the number of participants and we need you to
spread the word to your family and friends who wish to run this year to get
registered early if they plan to participate this year. Please feel free to forward
this e-mail to them.
To register visit our website:
If you have already registered in 2010, thank you.

Once again we will be using a corralled wave start this year so please be sure to
enter your anticipated finish time so that you are placed in the proper
corral. Failure to include an anticipated finish time will result in your being
placed in the last corral. Please be as accurate as possible when entering the
amount of time you plan to run. Make sure that you enter the number
of hours and minutes when you register. (Not the time of day)
We must emphasis that the Corral and Wave system is meant for runners to run
at a pace with others who plan to finish about the same time. This is a safety
issue and we need everyone’s cooperation to make this work.
Also make sure that you check off the proper box if you have medical insurance
within the family of Independence Blue Cross. Special offers are provided to their
members who participate in the race.

NEW IN 2010 – New timing device being used at
the Blue Cross Broad Street Run.
For the 2010 race, we will be using the most advance scoring technology
available to the running community. The Chronotrack “B” Tag technology allows
the runner to where their scoring device on their race bibs. No more attachment
to your shoe. With this new technology comes a new set of directions so that
you get scored properly in the race. If you wear your bib in the wrong manner
you will not be scored and your finish time will not be recorded. Please follow the
instructions very carefully this year. See for more
NEW IN 2010- Runner Gear Check has been
totally revised.
After listening to the runner comments in 2009, we have totally changed the way
gear check will be handled for the 2010 Blue Cross Broad Street Run. This year,
all runners who wish to use gear check should be ready for this change. The
School Buses will be loaded by first come first serve. You will not use your Bib
Number to locate your bus. Each bus will be numbered and each bag will be
tagged by the volunteers in a manner similar to bag check at the airport. A
secure wristband/luggage tag will be attached to each bag and the runner will be
given a matching wristband and sticker. The wristband will have the number of
the bus and the number of your bag printed on it so you know what bus you
placed your gear. Once a bus is considered full, it will pull away and head for the
Navy Yard finish area.
When you arrive at the Navy Yard, you will find the bus with your wristband
number to retrieve your bag. Your patience and cooperation are requested as we
try this new system. We highly recommend that you place some type of
identification inside your bag in case you are unable to pick it up after the race.
We will attempt to return gear left behind if identification is enclosed.

                 Upcoming Races to consider
Saturday, March 20th, the Adrenaline 5K in Haddonfield, NJ
Sunday, March 21st, the venerable 47th Annual Citizens Bank Caesar Rodney
½ Marathon in Wilmington. DE
Saturday, March 27, Rams Run the Rox 5K, Philadelphia University
Sunday, April 11 Legs Against Arms 5K St Joseph’s University in Philadelphia

Saturday, April 17th, the Inaugural Gener8tion Run to benefit Students Run Philly
Style, to be held at the Please Touch Museum (Memorial Hall area), Philadelphia
PA. 8K
Sunday, April 18 Valley Forge Revolutionary Run 5 Mile Valley Forge National
Park, PA

Saturday, May 29th, the ODDessey Half Marathon, Please Touch Museum
(Memorial Hall area), Philadelphia PA
                      Some of Our Proud Partners

The Blue Cross Broad Street Run is happy to continue our tradition with our loyal
Independence Blue Cross
Independence Blue Cross is back for its 14th straight year as our Title Sponsor.
We urge to go to learn more about this great Philadelphia Business
Leader. We cannot thank them enough for all of their wonderful support over the
years and a special thanks to the “Blue Crew” team of volunteers who come out
each year to help with the race.
Philadelphia Newspapers Inc.
The Philadelphia Daily News has been with the race since the beginning (31years)
and we cannot imagine how the race would have been able to grow without their
being there as a wonderful partner. Please join their efforts this year with the
following offer from their partner newspaper.
Help support the fight against Cancer!
Subscribe to the Philadelphia Inquirer for $2.12 a week and we’ll donate $1.00 to
the American Cancer Society for each subscription.
Order now and receive a complimentary $10.00 Target gift card as a bonus.
The American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society is the official charity of the Blue Cross Broad Street
Run. If you our your company is looking to raise funds as part of your efforts in
running the race we urge you to join the fight against cancer, and join The
American Cancer Society’s Determination Program to raise funds for the cause.
For more information, please visit the ACS Determination website:
Modell’s Sporting Goods
Back again in 2010, Modell’s Sporting Goods continues to be a leader in
supporting the efforts of the Blue Cross Broad Street Run and more important the
work of the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department who owns and
conducts the race each year. We urge you to go to or any
Modell’s Sporting goods Store to see their new look as part of their BETTER
Dunkin Donuts
This year we would like to welcome a new Sponsor to the Blue Cross Broad
Street Run since we are the largest 10 mile race in America, it is only fitting that
we get on board with the America Runs on Dunkin campaign.
We are proud to partner with Dunkin Donuts, the exclusive coffee of the 2010
Blue Cross Broad Street Run. AMERICA RUNS ON DUNKIN.
Keep an eye on future e-mails from the race for more information on this new
Gatorade Endurance Formula
Gatorade Endurance Formula is back again this year as the official replacement
fluid of the Blue Cross Broad Street Run. We are proud of our continued
partnership with the leader in this industry.

NEW IN 2010 Team Philly Race Training Program Set to Begin

Looking for a committed group of locals to run with at your pace? Want
professional coaching?
This year join TEAM Philly Race Training led by three time Top 5 Blue Cross
Broad Street Run finisher and marathon crusher, Head Coach Ross Martinson.
While Ross is an elite runner, this 9-week program is geared for beginner and
intermediate runners needing to prepare for Philly’s empowering 10 mile Blue
Cross Broad Street Run and includes: complete training manual, coach led runs
on Kelly Drive, interactive group website, guaranteed race registration, dry fit
shirt, freebies/discounts, and more

This community program is run by local fitness and wellness businesses:
Philadelphia Runner, Fusion Cross-training and Excel Physical Therapy. The cost
is only $75 and the group will donate a portion to Students Run Philly Style.
Don’t be a lone wolf, run with the pack. For complete details and to join online
click here: