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					The Wiki Wave
Mary Somers & Melissa Harris
Wiki Defined
• A website that allows visitors
  to add, remove, and edit

• Allows for linking among any
  number of pages.

• An effective tool for mass
  collaborative authoring.

(from Wikipedia, a wiki encyclopedia
Wiki History
• The first wiki, WikiWikiWeb,
  was made public in 1995

• Based on HyperCard, an              The word “wiki”
                                       is Hawaiian,
  Apple Computer program              meaning quick
  released in 1987.

• Predating the Internet,
  HyperCard created hyperlinks
  between virtual data cards
  that could contain text or
Wiki Criticism
• Open-source wikis have been
  criticized for their reliability.

• Individuals may maliciously
  introduce false or misleading

• Users must rely on the user
  community to catch and
  correct malicious content.

• Wikis in general make a basic
  assumption of the goodness
  of people.
Possible Solutions
• Some wiki sites offer
  password protection or
  “watching” as part of their
  free hosting service.
Spotlight: PBwiki

• “As easy as making a peanut
  butter & jelly sandwich”

• Features:
     5 Gigabytes of space
     Can be public or private
     Pre-made designs
     Unlimited pages
     Lockable pages
     Access controls
Education Wiki Examples
  Effective Speech @ Penn State

                                     More examples &
  School Law @                       best practices at
  Western Illinois University        http://educators.

  C Programming @ Nassau Community

  Book reviews by Princeton Public
  Library patrons

From the Colbert Report: