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					         THE NEWSLETTER of the MICHIGAN FLY FISHING CLUB                                 November 2008

Nielsen’s rating?                                                                          UPCOMING
Her “guide flies”                                                                          MEETINGS
score a 10                                                                                 & EVENTS
In her first appearance at a Michigan
                                                                                   November 7-10
Fly Fishing Club meeting, West                                                     Fall Steelhead Outing
Michigan-based fly tier Julie Nielsen                                              Muskegon River, Newaygo
kept October meeting attendees                                                     Contact: Eric Zadorecky
enthralled by focusing on a selection
of “guide flies.” She demonstrated                                                 November 12 (Note 2nd Wed.)
three: a variation of Earl Madsen’s                                                Speaker: Jeff “Bear” Andrews
venerable skunk, a pattern called                                                  Topic: “Labrador Brook
                                                                                   Trout and the Flies to Deceive
                                                                                   Clarenceville Middle School,
                                                                                   Livonia, 7:30 p.m.

                                                                                   November 19 (Note: 3rd Wed.)
                                        Terry Herron and Larry Poole get
                                                                                   Board Meeting
                                                                                   Clarenceville Middle School,
                                        some individual attention from
                                                                                   Livonia, 7:30 p.m.
                                        October presenter, Julie Nielsen.
                                        “box o’ chocolates” and the D.O.A. or      November 26 (Note: 4th Wed.)
                                        “dun on arrival.”                          Garage Sale & Activity Night
                                        A regular at the annual Great Lakes        Featured Tier: Terry Herron
                                        Council-FFF Fly Tying Expo in              Clarenceville Middle School,
                                        Mason, Nielsen described “guide flies”     Livonia, 7:30 p.m.
                                        as “cheap, easy and quick to do.”
                                        “Believe me,” she said, “after a day       December 6
   Garage Sale Night                    spent with a client on the river, a        9th Annual Great Lakes
   set for November 26                  guide’s not interested in doing any        Council-FFF Tying Expo
   You’ll want to be on hand for        tying.”                                    Ingham County Fairgrounds, Mason
   what’s become a much                 While she doesn’t think of herself as a    9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
   anticipated tradition, the Club’s    production fly tier, she is a commercial   Admission: $10 for adults, $5 for
   annual garage sale night. You’ll     tier, cranking out about 700 dozen flies   youths ages 13-18; children 12 and
   likely find all manner of fishing-                                              under are free.
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   related items offered by
                                    Nielsen’s rating?                            body, it will pass for a hopper and has
                                                                                 proven to be especially effective on
                                    Her “guide flies”                            Western rivers. The GSP thread is
                                                                                 especially important, she added. “You
                                    score a 10                                   need a thread that you can really horse
                                    Continued from page 1                        down on.”
                                    a year, exclusively for Gates AuSable
         Published monthly          Lodge, Schmidt Outfitters and Kelly
Editor           Mike Matuszewski   Galloup’s Slide Inn, near West
           Yellowstone, MT. Her real forté, she
                 248-646-4768       said, is tying custom orders. When not
   Michigan Fly Fishing Club        tying, she and her 7-year-old border
       P.O. Box 530113              collie, Tippet (more formally known to
      Livonia, MI 48153             the American Kennel Club as
                                    Nielsen’s 6X Tippet) have explored
         2008 – 2009 Officers       many of America’s most notable
President        Pat Brazzil        rivers, including the Yellowstone,
              Arkansas’ White River, the Deschutes
                 248-344-7470       in Oregon and Pennsylvania’s Yellow
Vice President                      Breeches.
                 Jeff McGowan
             She said she finds that traditional
                 248-888-9791       Michigan flies, like Earl Madsen’s
                                    skunk are especially effective on other
Corresponding Secretary                                                          October presenter Julie Nielsen, with
                                    rivers, particularly those out West.
             Bruce Kramer                                                        her materials and tools arrayed
                                    “The fish out there just haven’t seen
             248-672-9056                                                        around her, prepares to take club
                                    many of them,” she said.
Recording Secretary                                                              members on a tour of her favorite
             Rick Gokenbach                                                      “guide flies.”
             313-343-0026           Julie Nielsen’s Skunk
Treasurer    Scott Freeburg         Thread: Black 50 denier GSP (gel spun        Julie’s Box o’ Chocolates
             248-366-6783           Hook: #10 Tiemco 1001                        Thread: Black or brown
Membership Eric Center              Tail: White calf tail                        Hook: Dry fly sizes #14, #16, or #18
       Body: Crystal Antron chenille                Head: 1/8th inch brass or tungsten
             248-363-3861           Accent: Four strands of Crystal Flash        bead
Immediate Past President            Wing: High-quality elk                       Rib: Fine gold wire
              Joe Sprys             Rubber legs, tied in right at the water      Accent: One strand of a Crystal
              248-380-6170          level                                        Flashaboo tied in like the lateral line
                                    Nielsen described this as “an all-day        on a fish
         Board of Directors         fly.” “Cast it right up into the log jams    Body: Hare’s ear dubbing
Al Bullock       989-344-0594       and cover. Let it sit for a second, then     Hackle: Hungarian Partridge, tied very
Chris Hunter     734-207-0575       pop it. It’ll elicit a savage strike.” She   sparse in by the tip
John Long        734-420-0267       also noted that tied in with a yellow
                                                                                 Julie’s D.O.A. (Dun on Arrival)
                                                  Salmon time!                   Can be used for blue wing olives,
                                                  Maralynn Tanner and            sulphurs, pale morning duns
                                                  one of the three salmon        Hook: Dry fly sizes #18 to #24
                                                  she brought to the net         Thread: To match body
                                                  while fishing the              Body: Crinkled Zelon, stretched out
                                                  Gleason’s Landing              and sparse
                                                  area on the PM in              Parachute post material
                                                  mid-September. “ALL            Hackle: Dun Whiting, 2 to 3 wraps
                                                  fish caught were               behind the post and 2 wraps in front
                                                  successfully netted by         of the post. Trim the bottom hackle
                                                  my long-time fishing           flush with the hook point.
                                                  buddy, Vince
                                                  Ronewicz,” she said.
                                           even as a passable hopper. It’s been     MFFC helps CRA
                                           referred to by various names – but
                                           come November you’ll garner the info     empower communities to
                                           you need to tie your own – no matter     improve water quality
                                           what you decide to call it.              Funded in part by an MFFC
                                           So bring your vise, your tools, and be   conservation grant, the Conservation
                                           sure to get a good seat because Terry    Resource Alliance (CRA) and partners
                                           Herron’s class will definitely be in     have been working hard to deliver new
                                           session.                                 technology that will make sharing
                                                                                    information and stimulating public
Our featured tier in November will be                                               involvement much easier.
Terry Herron. He’s pictured above at                                                Its primary purpose is to include six
the 2007 Great Lakes Council-FFF                                                    new rivers (Bear Creek, Big Sable,
Fly Tying Expo.                                                                     Manistee, Pere Marquette, Carp, and
                                                                                    Maple rivers) and update existing
Foam and feathers:                                                                  watershed conditions and priorities on
Class is in session at the                                                          an exciting new prototype GIS
                                                                                    database. The database called
Nov. activity meeting                      The Fly Tyer Foam Hopper                 Evaluation of Erosion Control Best
by Todd A. Schotts                                                                  Management Practices (BMP’s) in
                                           Hook: 2x long, sizes 8-12
                                                                                    Streams. Sample content may be
Most birds are on the wing heading         Thread: 6/0 contrasting color to the
                                                                                    viewed at The
south and you say you haven’t seen a       foam
                                                                                    database is user-friendly and is an
grasshopper since Labor Day? You           Body: 2mm closed-cell foam
                                                                                    interactive and updateable tool for
can change that at the November 26         Legs: Medium round rubber legs
                                                                                    tracking sources of sediment input and
activity meeting. Terry Herron will be     Wing: Deer hair
                                                                                    other impacts to watersheds
featuring foam hoppers and Jack
                                                                                    throughout northwest Michigan. Now
Gartside’s famous sparrow pattern.
                                                                                    for the first time, agencies, non-
                                                                                    governmental organizations, and
Herron is a Royal Oak resident, a
                                                                                    especially local residents, can have
retired school teacher and one very
                                                                                    real-time access to watershed
active MFFC member. If there’s a
                                                                                    information at their fingertips.
school, a youth activity or an
opportunity to interest other anglers in                                            Providing this information allows local
tying, you’ll typically find Herron                                                 people, groups, and specific audiences
there. He’s a regular at events like our                                            to engage and connect ideas to the
Youth School, Boy Scout School, the        The Gartside Sparrow                     efforts of other organizations to create
Members’ School, youth fly tying at                                                 more sustainable communities through
the club’s corner at MUCC’s                Hook: 1x long nymph size 12-8            interactive involvement in natural
Outdoorama and the Ultimate Fishing        Tail: Fluff from pheasant rump feather   resource management. For 40 years,
Show.                                      Rib: Copper wire                         CRA and local partners have
                                           Body: Ultra chenille                     successfully completed hundreds of
Herron’s chosen two interesting            Collar: Pheasant rump feather            projects greatly reducing non-point
patterns. The foam hopper comes            Head: Aftershaft feather                 source pollution from entering the
from the pages of Fly Tyer Magazine.
                                                                                    Great Lakes and surrounding coastal
If you read about it, now you’ll be able    Help save on postage,                   watersheds.
to see it tied and tie your own.            get your Hatch via email                The secondary purpose of this project
The second fly should be a staple in
                                            With the economy bracing for the        is to empower local residents to get
everyone’s fly box right alongside the
                                            possibility of more bad news,           involved in watershed management by
wooly bugger. Massachusetts native
                                            everyone’s economizing. Getting         providing public information
Jack Gartside devised the sparrow
                                            your monthly edition of The             technology through interactive web
more than 25 years ago while camping
                                            Evening Hatch via email will help       and CD databases. Included is specific
near Baker’s Hole on the Madison
                                            trim some of our expenses, freeing      site information designed to be utilized
River just outside West Yellowstone,
                                            up dollars to be used in other
MT. He didn’t like changing flies all
                                            ways. Just let Membership               Continued on page 6
the time, so he wanted a fly that could
                                            Chairman Eric Center know you
fish as a nymph or as a streamer or
                                            want to receive the newsletter
                                            BEAD HEAD: What your fishing               KEEPER RING: Synonymous with
Todd’s world,                               partner calls you upon seeing the cold     “wedding ring.”
etymologically                              sweat beading on your forehead the
                                            morning after consuming way too
                                                                                       PELVIC FINS: Among fly anglers
                                                                                       whose waistline is expanding. It’s
speaking                                    much 25-year-old single malt. Related      synonymous with “love handles.”
                                            to “WOBBLING.”                             PROFILE: A complaint lodged
by Todd A. Schotts                          BI-FLY: A fly that is comfortable          against DNR conservation officers
                                            among straight and gay fly anglers.        who stop you before you reach Tippy
(Editor’s note: Todd Schotts has taken                                                 Dam access site during salmon and
readers of The Evening Hatch on tours                                                  steelhead season as they pat you down
of some of Michigan’s most famous                                                      looking for the (in)famous “Pere
rivers. In this edition, he’s decided to                                               Marquette Yarn Treble Hook”
turn his attention to some of the terms                                                patterns.
that have slipped into fly anglers’                                                    RUN: What you do when you
vocabulary. Read ‘em and weep or                                                       inadvertently hook a wasps’ nest in a
chuckle as the mood moves you. What                                                    tree overhanging the river.
you’re about to read likely won’t be                                                   SNIPPET: What your spouse does to
contained in the American Heritage,                                                    your credit cards after you get home
Webster’s or Oxford New English             A Bimini twist                             from the fly shop.
dictionaries.)                                                                         STRIP: What you do after you step
                                            BIMINI TWIST: A variation of that          into a deep pool and float your hat.
Taking a break from tying recently, I       1960, Chubby Checker-inspired dance,
decided to look up “Fly Fishing             “The Twist.” This version can only be
Terminology” on the Internet. Was I         performed in tropical locations
ever amazed! There were sites for           wearing a mango-hued Midwest Fly
Japan, England, Europe, Ireland and         Fishing Expo tech shirt and a $5 grass
the good ol’ USA. Let’s not forget          skirt.
“fly tying.” WOW! After glancing at         BUTT PAD: Okay, I’m going to
some of those definitions I figured I       leave this one alone. NEXT!!
could enhance or come up with my            DISTURBANCE PATTERN: This
own definitions for a few of them. So       occurs when a rooster-crowing alarm
I picked out ones that I thought really     clock goes off at 6 a.m. in the middle     SURFACE TENSION: The result of
needed some new definitions and here        of a crowded fly fishing lodge. As the     repeatedly hooking your float partner
they are. Some of you, after reading        lodgers search high and low for this       or guide.
this list, may think that I may have tied   fowl wake-up call, the disturbance         TEETER: What you do after multiple
one too many flies or left the caps off     causes a pattern of surly behavior         nips of the 25-year-old single malt in
the Fish Glue, Zap-A-Gap and head           among the awakened lodgers.                your hip flask. If this happens, find a
cement. Nevertheless, here they are.        FOUL-HOOK: This is the name                chair immediately. If no chair is
                                            given to the first fly you ever tie        available, just sit down where you are
                                            because it tends to resemble a chicken     … as long as it’s not in the middle of
                                            with a hook in its marabou section         the river.
                                            (buttocks).                                UPWIND: A very good place to be
                                            HORROR FLIES: Think stacked                after eating my Loaded Country Bean,
                                            deer hair trimmed to resemble you          15 Bean Soup. BAM!!!
                                            famous horror film villains – the          VENT: What you do if you’re
                                            “Frankenstein Fry Fly;” “Dracula           “UPWIND.”
                                            Dobson Fly;” “Mummy Mayfly,” an            WILD TURKEY: Possible favorite
                                            advanced, but misnamed cased-caddis        adult beverage among fly fishers.
An alevin pattern.                          pattern; and “Jason’s Jointed Fly,” a      WOBBLING: What you do while
                                            variation of Earl Madsen’s “buzzsaw.”      walking to the river the morning after
ALEVIN: One of the three famous             Tiers of these patterns are not known      you’ve spent a night drinking 25-year-
singing and TV and movie star               to have a life.                            old single malt. See “BEAD HEAD.”
chipmunks. (Simon, Theodore, and            INSECT GREEN: The color your
ALEVIN!)                                    face turns after drinking water straight   Until next time, Tight Lines and
                                            from the river, stream or lake you are     Snazzy Flies.
MFFC Board                                 -   Hunter has agreed to put together a     misspelled emails will be
                                               system for tracking the club            automatically returned. Expo
Meeting Minutes                                equipment, specifically the vises       information is being updated as it is
September 17, 2008                             and fly tying materials. Hunter         received, so please keep forwarding
Present: P. Brazzil, J. Long, J.               will seek assistance and make a         the information. There was a
McGowan, S. Freeburg, A. Bullock, B.           proposal for a tracking system.         discussion about being able to accept
Kramer, C. Hunter, E. Center.              -   There is a suggestion that all board    payment through the website, however
                                               members have keys to the offsite        we are not there in terms of economic
Visitors: John Pinto, Jeff Parker, Tim         storage units as well as the on-        feasibility and technology. This will
Marchand, Eric Zadorecky.                      premises storage.                       be re-visited periodically and if
7:30 Meeting was called to order by        Looking Forward                             anything changes, the board will be
McGowan. Two proposed versions of          - All business for meetings must go         notified. Zadorecky is seeking a
meeting minutes were submitted for            through the board before being           moderator to oversee a fly fishing
approval and Center/Kramer moved              brought up at any regular meeting.       report blog. The moderator would
for the approval of the “G” version of        This is a constitutional                 oversee/moderate/edit the blog to
the minutes. Long/Center moved for            requirement, and will be enforced.       make sure everything is appropriate for
the approval of the agenda, with one       - There will be an effort to                publication and that there are no
addition for a brief presentation by          coordinate Activity/Speakers with        abuses by anyone. Please see
Pinto.                                        the season of fishing, with hopes        Zadorecky if you can help or are
                                              of creating themes and tie in with       interested. The website is still in need
Officer Reports
                                              the speakers and activities. (Like       of photographs from members. These
President – Brazzil welcomed visitors                                                  can be any appropriate photographs
                                              opening day flies in March/April,
and new board members. The expo                                                        from members and do not need to be
                                              late season patterns in
dates are now set in stone for March 7-                                                limited to fishing, club outings and
8, 2009. The expo will be at the same                                                  activities. All appropriate pictures will
location and the same time as last year.   Treasurer – Freeburg submitted a            be considered.
Sprys will be the Expo chair. Our          year-end report and a monthly report.
                                           We were under budget for 2008,              Membership – Center will work with
tentative speakers are Gary Borger,
                                           achieving a 10% reduction from the          Freeburg to reconcile the numbers
Jim Teeny, Bob Jacklin and Oscar
                                           prior year, so thank you to all chairs      between the funds received and paid
Feliu. Last year all chairs were asked
                                           and club members who helped meet            members.
to reduce their budget by 10% and this
same request is being made this year       this goal. We will need to address the      Events & Outings – Pinto suggested a
(to keep each budget area at the same      accounting for insurance as the policy      gathering on the East side to generate
10% reduction as last year). Chairs        is for three years, however it is paid in   interest. The thought is to rent a hall
were thanked and congratulated on          one lump sum. This makes the                and host a speaker. The proposed date
reducing their budgets 10% and             insurance budget look like it is over,      is 2/18/2009 and the proposed budget
coming in on/under budget. There was       when it is actually on target for the       would be $250, which would be for the
a 100% positive feedback for the           three-year policy life. Reports going       hall rental and speaker. The thought is
banquet at the Italian-American Club       forward will include a category for         to have a cash bar. The hope is to have
and thanks are extended to all             interest on investments. The 2009           approximately 250 people attend the
organizers of the event for such a great   budget will keep track of all YTD           outing. Brazzil spoke in favor of the
time. All participants had a good time     expenses vs. budget. Motion to              idea and the proposed date which
and Oscar Feliu provided a very good       approve the report by Center/Kramer.        would not conflict with any other
change of pace which appealed to the       Passed.                                     calendar dates. This would be a good
non-fishing banquet attendees.             Corresponding Secretary – Kramer            way to promote the club, and would
                                           announced that Julie Nielsen will be        hopefully generate interest in the expo,
Seeking Help
                                           the speaker in October, and Jim             which is on the East side and the
- Brazzil is seeking a board member
                                           Bedford will speak in December.             month following the proposed date. It
    or volunteer to create and maintain
                                           There is still a vacancy for November,      is important for the membership to
    a spreadsheet with all the club
                                           however efforts are being made to find      understand this would not be a normal
    outings. The spreadsheet would
                                           a speaker.                                  club meeting and would not interfere
    provide information on the outing
                                                                                       with any other scheduled club meeting.
    and serve as both a historical and     Website – Zadorecky. The website is         Motion to approve a $250 budget for
    organizational tool. It is hoped the   being updated and changed daily. All        John Pinto to arrange an East side
    spreadsheet would include the          historic passwords were preserved and       gathering. Hunter/Center. Passed.
    name, email, date, chair, and other    the old web site was archived. So
    pertinent information for each club    members have a general understanding        Continued on next page
    outing.                                of the web site protocols, all spam and
MFFC Board
                                         3. Internal Audit Committee.
Meeting Minutes                             Freeburg is looking for a three
September 17, 2008                          member audit team. The audit
Continued from previous page                must be completed before the
                                            taxes are filed, and the filing date
New Business                                is January 15, 2009. The goal is to
1. We received a letter from Attorney       have the audit done and the taxes
   Steve Clemmons regarding our             completed by December 1, 2008,
   trademark for the Expo. After a          for presentation at the December
   review of the letter, it was             business meeting. Freeburg has           Ray Geitka displays a box of Clousers.
   determined the proposal by the           met with the accountant once to go
   attorney was unclear, however it         through the basics of the audit and      Oh that Geitka!
   was very clear that action needed        our financials. Eric Center              Crazy ‘bout Clousers
   to be taken prior to October 2008        recommended Mike Matuszewski
   in order to preserve our trademark.      and Cindy Center. Brazzil will           Ray Geitka stepped into the fly tier’s
   The matter was referred back to          seek and follow up with                  spotlight at the September 24 activities
   Mike Matuszewski to make                 recommendations and try to find a        meeting and brought the esteemed
   inquiries and take action on the         third member for the team.               Clouser Deep Minnow with him.
   trademark. Motion to renew the           Brazzil will report to Freeburg          Fly fishing icon Bob Clouser, who has
   trademark and include all other          when the committee members are           been a headliner at several Midwest
   reasonable variations of the name        identified.                              Fly Fishing Expositions, developed the
   (Midwest Fly Fishing Exposition)                                                  pattern in the 1980’s and has since
   assuming there is no additional       Old Business                                experimented with a variety of hooks,
   cost above the $600 quote.            1. MUCC Membership – tabled.                barbells, materials and colors. The
   Brazzil/Kramer. Passed.                  There has been no change.                pattern gained national fame in 1989
2. Walicki Fundraiser. The club          2. Anglers Legacy – tabled due to           after fellow icon Lefty Kreh wrote
   received a notice of a fundraiser        absence.                                 about it in Fly Fisherman magazine.
   being held for Ed and Kirsten
   Walicki. The notice is seeking        Visitor Comments                            The fly is typically tied with barbell
   support from members for our                                                      eyes set on top of the hook about one-
                                         Zadorecky – Maybe the club should
   fellow member as he goes through                                                  third of the way back from the hook
                                         consider changing the board elections
   expensive cancer treatment.                                                       eye. Usually, according to Geitka,
                                         to coordinate with the tax filings. This
   Flyers are available for                                                          materials are tied sparsely in layers on
                                         would alleviate the problem of having
   distribution and information will                                                 the inside of the hook. Generally, the
                                         an incoming president/board member
   be on the website. (McGowan                                                       fly is tied with no body.
                                         signing and being responsible for the
   will provide the information to       tax returns for the prior administration.   Common hooks are the Mustad
   Kramer for the website.) The                                                      saltwater 3407 or Mustad 3906, or
   fundraiser will be announced at       Meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.              their equivalents, in sizes 2 to 6.
   the next meeting(s).                  Kramer/Brazzil.
                                                                                     Barbell eyes come in a variety of
                                                                                     forms – bead chain, lead, nickel, brass
  MFFC helps CRA empower communities                                                 or plastic. Sometimes the eyes are
  to improve water quality                                                           purchased already painted or the tier
                                                                                     can paint his or her own. If you’re
  Continued from page 3                                                              interested in painting your own, insert
  for outreach, educational assistance, research, public knowledge and to            a cheap comb upright in a vise, slide
  provide recommended treatments for problem sites.                                  the barbell eyes in the comb tines,
  CRA believes that healthy communities need healthy watersheds because so           paint both sides and add pupils.
  much of Michigan’s heritage and family lifestyles are tied to rivers, lakes,       Common eye colors are red, white and
  fish, forests, and wildlife. This project is needed to help provide the            yellow, Geitka said.
  opportunities for local stewardship to improve coastal watersheds and water        “Design the fly to be an attractor or a
  quality through participation, education, information, and technology, and         baitfish. It can be as simple as a clump
  help guide decision-making by partners from local interest groups,                 of Flashabou or layers of bucktail,
  landowners, and agencies in each watershed.                                        Crystal Flash and peacock herl.
  Other organizations joining the MFFC in supporting the initiative include the      Sometimes a red feather throat is
  Pine River Area chapter of Trout Unlimited, the National Forest Foundation,        added, perhaps to simulate blood from
  CRA’s RiverCare Fund, the Michigan Department of Environmental                     an injured baitfish.”
  Quality’s (MDEQ) Michigan Coastal Management Program and the
  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
Pinks and Kings                             Judging by the number of SUVs,             father instructed the boy on how to
                                            trucks, campers and tents in the           land a fish and properly release the
aplenty at the end                          parking area, the fish clearly were in.    fish.
                                            In fact the number of fish in the river
of road to the Garden                       was staggering. This was the first time
                                                                                       I looked up at the bank and was
                                                                                       surprised to see three campers holding
by Bob Jurczyszyn                           I saw fish lined up like cords of          up cards with numbers on them,
I never would have traveled this path if    firewood along with plenty of              similar to judges at the Olympics. The
it hadn’t been for my first trip to the     fishermen, though there was still          kid only got 2 nines and an eight.
MFFC Pink Salmon Outing on the              plenty of room to find and fish for
                                            pinks. We were pleased to find an          This year was again outstanding after
Carp River, just north of St. Ignace.                                                  two slow years. Last year we had few
                                            occasional king salmon coming
The lure of fishing for lots of 18-to-20-   through and Charlie hooked a few.          pinks but enough kings to provide
inch salmon in September was just too                                                  plenty of action if you were willing to
attractive.                                 While taking a lunch break at the car,     do a little searching. This year there
                                            along with a little libation, we entered   were plenty of pinks. In addition,
Alan Amendt, Chuck Chandler, Tom            in a discussion with an older fellow
Hollman and I decided to give it a try                                                 there was such a surplus of actively
                                            crossing the parking area with a           spawning kings that virtually everyone
and booked a couple of rooms in a St.       shotgun over his shoulder and found
Ignace motel (we weren’t up to joining                                                 was fishing for them. In fact, they’d
                                            out he owned a cabin within walking        get irritated when they hooked a pink
our fellow club members who were            distance. After several more libations,
camping at a campground on the Carp                                                    that was feeding on the king’s eggs.
                                            he was eager to give us a tour of both
River – but it didn’t stop us from          his cabin and a new one he (and his        It was common to be distracted by
joining them in a few evening libations     partner) were building for rent.           splashing kings (at times, 10 feet
later on).                                                                             upstream of you) while you were
                                            The new rustic cabin would have a          fishing downstream to a pod of males
Following the map (provided by the          wood potbellied stove, a propane stove
outing chairman), we took the two-                                                     aggressively protecting the space
                                            and lights, three bedrooms with a pair     behind a spawning female. The fish
track to the river and started scouting     of bunk beds in each, an outdoor privy
for pinks. They were a little tough to                                                 weren’t selective as to what nymph
                                            (later replaced with an indoor             you were using, even though some
locate until I was drawn to the river by    bathroom) and would come with all
a stranger shouting to me, “Are you                                                    people would swear “red” was the
                                            the pots, pans and utensils needed for     color the first day and “chartreuse” on
from the club?” It turned out he was        eating. Even though the cabin at that
the cousin of club member Andy                                                         the second day. Frankly, if you would
                                            point only had four walls, a roof and      fish down and across with a couple of
Jakubik and was looking to take a           half the floor completed, we decided it
lunch break. He gave me a prime spot                                                   BB split shot 18 inches above a
                                            was worth the gamble and decided to        nymph, you could probably swing any
fishing to a pod of pinks. I probably       rent it for the next year. These guys
caught 15 fish on any subsurface fly I                                                 nymph pattern across their nose and
                                            had built the cabin using planks cut       get hookups.
could put in front of their faces.          from trees on the property, had
Unfortunately over the next three years     provided running water from a small        At times walking upstream, you could
the amount of fish available in the         stream nearby and did this with no         get as close as a rod length from a pink
Carp dropped dramatically. Some said        electricity available.                     without spooking them.
it was the weather. Others blamed nets      Staying at a cabin would sure beat the     There were so many fish that you
allegedly set at the mouth of the river.    90-minute drive from Sault Ste. Marie      almost felt you were in a commercial
Out of desperation, we decided to           each day.                                  trout pond.
explore other public access points          The fishing was great; they were all       By the time we finished our third day
along the Garden River. The Canadian        over the place! I got humbled and          of fishing, we were fished out but
Tire store in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario,    irritated when two kids (probably 8        eagerly looking forward to next year.
provided us with directions to a two-       and 10 years old) proceeded to haul in     If you don’t like to be in calf-deep
track road that would take us to the        twice the number of pinks that I did.      water, on gravel, in a pristine stream
river. After we found the two-track, it     All the while their father was behind      surrounded by trees in full fall color,
took us 30 minutes to go three miles to     them video-taping them fly fishing.        casting flies to big fish… If you don’t
reach the football field-sized parking                                                 like the idea of finding yourself to be
area at the river.                          The only time he gave them any             the only angler in sight … You might
This road is extremely rough in spots       instruction was when the youngest boy      want to think about someplace other
and a four-wheel-drive vehicle with         got bored and proceeded to drag a fish     than the Garden.
high ground clearance is highly             out of the water by placing his fly rod
advisable.                                  over his shoulder and marching to
                                            ankle deep water. At that point the
Extending helping hands
MFFC members were much in evidence assisting at last month’s
special benefit for Ed and Kirsten Walicki. In addition to Phil
and Debbie Heck who organized much of the event, John Bayerl
(above) was deeply involved. Bill Arnold (right), who is one half
of the duo Wire & Wood, entertained along with the U.P. band
Chasin’ Steel. Many other club members were involved as well.
Sadly, Ed lost his battle with cancer on October 20.