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MSc Strategic Marketing and Consulting It's unique_


									                                                                                                                 Birmingham Business School

                                                                            MSc Strategic Marketing
                                                                                     and Consulting

It's unique!
A distinctive feature of the programme is the use of consultancy projects as a vehicle for learning and
as a means of developing valuable personal skills for marketing and consulting careers.

 The Programme
 The Programme

MSc Strategic Marketing and Consulting
has been designed for recent graduates and
practising managers who are already familiar with
basic marketing concepts.

The programme will enable students to develop
advanced knowledge and understanding of current
challenges facing marketers, and to deepen
 their insights in the theory and practice of specialist
aspects of marketing.

The programme is supported by Accenture, the
global management consulting, technology services
and outsourcing company.

                                                            Birmingham Business School                          University of Birmingham
                                                            Birmingham Business School                          University of Birmingham

                                                           Business education was pioneered in                 The University of Birmingham is a major
                                                           Birmingham, with the UK's first Faculty of          institution of research and academic study with
                                                           Commerce established in 1902.                       an international reputation for excellence. The
                                                                                                               University is located in the pleasant residential
                                                           The school is accredited by EQUIS, and many         suburb of Edgbaston, only 5 kilometres from
                                                           of our programmes have individual professional      the city centre. Birmingham is a campus
  The opportunity to apply my                              accreditation (for example, AMBA, CIM CIPD,         University with facilities focused on a large,
                                                           ICSA and CIPS, to name but a few).                  single, spacious parkland site.
  marketing knowledge to real
  client projects has been an                              We employ over 80 lecturing and research staff      The size of the University means that students
  extraordinary experience.                                - many internationally recognised authorities in    in the Business School have access to a vast
                                                           their fields. As well as contributing to academic   range of academic and recreational facilities.
  Florian Dittrich, MSc Strategic                          debate worldwide, our faculty are consulted by      The University Library is one of the largest in the
  Marketing and Consulting student,                        the media, industry and Government on a range       UK and extensive data retrieval and computing
  2009-10, Germany                                         of issues. We attract applicants from around the    facilities are available. Sports facilities include
                                                           world and typically have students from over 60      a campus Sports Centre and pitches for rugby,
                                                           countries on our programmes.                        soccer, hockey and cricket and an all-weather
                                                                                                               athletics track. The University provides
                                                                                                               extensive high quality en-suite student
                                                                                                               accommodation on, or near campus.
                                                                                                                               Birmingham Business School
MSc Strategic Marketing and Consulting

  Programme Structure:                                                    Teaching Methods and Assessment:
The 12 month programme starts in late                                You will experience a wide variety of teaching
September beginning with an intensive                                methods - lectures, seminars, workshops,
induction week. You are introduced to                                case study sessions and computer simulation
postgraduate study skills and effective team-                        exercises. Most of the modules are delivered by
working while Accenture consultants give you                         our renowned faculty, but we also bring in
a taste of the challenges and excitement of                          guest lecturers to teach specialist aspects
marketing consultancy.                                               of the programme. In 2009-10 we had
                                                                     contributions from consultants from a range of
The first three modules underpinning the                             organisations including Accenture, Synovate and
programme cover Contemporary Issues in                               20|20.
Strategic Marketing, Marketing Analytics and
Strategic Management. You complete a further                         You will have around 12 hours of teaching per
two compulsory modules, namely the Business                          week, and the remainder of your time will be spent
Strategy Simulation and Consultancy Skills and                       on reading, research and writing your
Practice. These are practical and dynamic,                           assignments.
designed to enhance your strategic thinking
and implementation skills. In 2009-10 for the                        Assessment is through a combination of
Consultancy Skills and Practice module,                              coursework and exam and some modules will
students worked with DSG International, one of                       require you to participate in various group work
Europe's leading specialist electrical retailing                     such as research projects, presentations and
groups.                                                              reports.

Between January and March you choose a                               In addition to developing consulting skills,
range of specialist electives to deepen your                         on the programme you will enhance your
understanding in particular areas of marketing.                      analytical capabilities, critical thinking skills,
Elective choices for 2010-11 are shown below.                        communication skills and your ability to use
                                                                     IT to support marketing analysis and
The final part of the programme consists of a                        decision-making. Part of your skills training
second consultancy project with a UK or                              may include an off- campus residential
overseas company or a research dissertation.                         course
This is individual, constituting one third
of the assessment for the MSc degree.

Late September                                    Induction Programme (one week)                                                    Pic to follow
                                                  Core Modules
October - December                                Contemporary Issues in Strategic Marketing
                                                  Marketing Analytics
                                                  Strategic Management
Christmas Break
January (one week)                                Exams for Semester 1
January - April                                   Core Modules
                                                                                                                          I would recommend the
                                                  Consultancy Skills and Practice
                                                  Business Strategy Simulation
                                                                                                                          programme to anyone who wants
                                                  Research Methods for Dissertation                                       to enhance their grasp of
                                                  Elective Modules*: Choose 2 or 3**:                                     marketing and their skills for the
                                                  Strategic Brand Management;                                             job market.
                                                  Marketing Communications; Product and
                                                  Innovation Management; Services Marketing;
                                                                                                                          Eleanor Scott, MSc Strategic Marketing
                                                  Strategic Environmental Sustainability;
                                                                                                                          and Consulting student 2009-10, UK
                                                  Business-to-Business Relationships;
                                                  Retail Marketing
 Easter Break
 May - June                                       Exams for Semester 2
 July - September                                 Dissertation or Consultancy Project
*Please note that the range of electives available may change each year
**Depending on whether you choose 10 or 20 credit modules
                                                                                             Birmingham Business School
                                                                                                                          Business School
MSc Strategic Marketing and Consulting

Contemporary Issues in Strategic              It is designed to be fully integrative and     It aims to provide students with the ability
Marketing                                     develop each student's confidence in their     to determine the appropriate us of
This module builds on students' prior         ability to analyse information and reach       quantitative and qualitative methods, and
knowledge of basic marketing concepts         justifiable conclusions.                       the capability to perform analysis of
and develops a strategic orientation to                                                      quantitative and qualitative data.
their thinking as well as a critical          Consultancy Skills and Practice                Workshops are used to facilitate the
awareness of the latest challenges facing     This is a practical and innovative module,     delivery of research methods concepts.
marketing professionals and how               involving training in consultancy skills and
organisations are responding. The             the implementation of a group-based
                                                                                             ELECTIVE MODULES
module reviews key principles but is also     consultancy project with a real client. You
issues-based and case-based with a            will be taught the nature of consulting,
                                                                                             Strategic Brand Management
flexible curriculum to respond to, and        how to conduct research, how to manage
debate, contemporary marketing                a project, how to negotiate with clients,      In an increasingly technological age where
developments, but within a structured         how to manage risk and how to manage           consumers are evermore brand savvy,
framework. Specific content is influenced     effective client relationships. After this     developing, nurturing and maintaining a
by the agendas of the marketing               training you will embark on your own           successful brand is crucial. This module
profession, major industry developments       consultancy assignment with a UK               makes use of current theory and practice
and the agenda of leading marketing           company and work through the entire            to explore the nature of brands, the stages
academics.                                    consultancy process - from receiving the       involved in building and sustaining
                                              client brief, developing the proposal,         powerful brands and the process of
                                              negotiating deliverables, managing and         evaluating brand performance.
Marketing Analytics
This module is concerned with the             completing the research, presenting the
                                              results, and ensuring a satisfactory           Marketing Communications
processes of research and analytics that
                                              outcome for the client. In 2009-10             This module examines the theories,
can help marketers understand their
                                              students worked with DSG , one of              principles and practice of integrated
customers and competitors and measure
                                              Europe's leading specialist electrical         marketing communications. This is
the impact of marketing decisions. You will                                                  done against the dynamic, fragmented
explore the traditional techniques that can   retailing groups and in previous years                                            st
                                                                                             and diverse backdrop in which 21
be used to gather customer data and           clients have included Reckitt Benckiser,
                                                                                             century marketing communications
market intelligence, but also the ways in     Aston Villa Football Club, Jaguar Cars.        must operate to engage its varied
which new technology, databases and the                                                      audiences. The role and applications
internet can help us understand and           Business Strategy Simulation                   of marketing communications are
respond to customers more effectively and     This module replicates the dynamic nature      discussed alongside the processes of
                                                                                             planning, developing and evaluating
efficiently. Assessment in 2009-10            of strategic management, using a
                                                                                             marketing communications
included developing an online strategy for    business simulation to blend theory with
                                                                                             campaigns. The module also
Sheffield Steelers Professional Ice Hockey    practice. Students are tasked with
                                                                                             examines the issues of ethics and the
Team based in the UK.                         directing and expanding a business, from       inter-relationships between marketing
                                              research and development to the                communications, culture and society.
Strategic Management                          introduction of new and improved products
Strategic Management has changed from         and the search for new markets. Through
                                                                                             Services Marketing
budgeting and prescriptive planning into      the simulation, students appreciate the
                                                                                             Many developed economies are dominated
an emergent process, more accurately          contribution of different functions in
                                                                                             by services, and service organisations
conceptualised as strategic thinking. The     creating value for the customer and
                                                                                             require a distinctive approach to marketing
world has become more dynamic and             advantage over competitors, they
                                                                                             strategy. The module will explore the
complex and this requires managers to         experience the realism of making business
                                                                                             characteristics of services and service
develop real understanding and insight in     decisions and develop their skills in
                                                                                             image dimensions, and how these impact
terms of the characteristics of their         strategy formulation and implementation.
                                                                                             on marketing strategy. You will study how
organisation within the context of its                                                       organisations manage the service process,
environment. This module focuses initially    Research Methods for Dissertation
                                                                                             service encounters, internal marketing,
on the strategic audit process covering       The module aims to provide a fundamental       employees, and the positioning,
external and internal analysis, and then      understanding of the concepts of research      communication and pricing of services.
explore a wide range of strategic options,    for academic dissertations, including the
before examining the formulation,             various research philosophies, the range
evaluation and implementation of company      of approaches to research design and the
strategies                                    ethics of research.
                                                                                                Birmingham Business School
MSc Strategic Marketing and Consulting

                                                                                                Examples of consultancy based

                                               THE FINAL PROJECT/                               dissertations
Retail Marketing
                                               DISSERTATION                                     •   Store design (20|20 design
This module examines the marketing
environment facing modern retailers,           In the Summer Term students complete
                                                                                                •    Brand awareness and perceptions
explores the drivers behind industry           their exams and then turn to their final
change in developed economies and the                                                               (Wyatt Advertising).
                                               major dissertation. Most Masters degrees
aspects of marketing that present                                                               •   A brand audit (ChemTrend USA).
                                               require students to complete a major
particular challenges for retailers. The                                                        •    Competitor analysis (TRW).
                                               dissertation - a 12,000 word assignment
module will focus on strategic and                                                              •    Online marketing strategy (Just
                                               that involves the application of research
operational aspects of retail marketing,                                                            Say Please Group).
                                               methods and the collection, analysis and
including location analysis, retail buying,                                                     •   Consumer behaviour in the lingerie
                                               interpretation of data. You will be trained in
retail service operation, merchandising                                                             market (Faveo).
and retail branding.                           research methods throughout the year,
                                                                                                •    Online marketing strategy
                                               and will receive instruction in how to
                                               develop a research proposal, how to
Product and Innovation Management
                                               conduct a literature review, how to collect
Whether large or small, manufacturing or                                                        Examples of independent research
                                               both quantitative and qualitative data and
service, consumer or industrial products,                                                       dissertations
                                               how to analyse and interpret the data
private or public sector, organisations are                                                     •   The implications of social
                                               obtained. You will be supervised by a
increasingly realizing the importance of the                                                        networking sites for brands and
                                               member of our academic faculty or an
management of innovation in developing a                                                            advertisers.
                                               external expert.
competitive edge for the tangible or                                                            •   The role of mobile phones in the
intangible products they offer. This module                                                         marketing communications mix.
                                               On the MSc Strategic Marketing and
explores the role of product and innovation                                                     •    An examination of franchising and
                                               Consulting programme you will have a
management, the stages of the innovation                                                            concessions as alternative routes to
                                               choice of two options for your Summer
process and relevant pricing,                                                                       growth for fashion retailers.
                                               Dissertation. Students who perform well
communication and distribution strategies                                                       •    An examination of the impact of
                                               in semester one and in the module
for highly innovative products.                                                                     music on consumer perceptions of
                                               Consultancy Skills and Practice can opt to
                                                                                                    retail store environments.
                                               undertake a marketing consultancy project
Strategic Environmental                                                                         •   An examination of experiential
                                               for a business client and use this project
Sustainability                                                                                      marketing events (eg. Nike's Run)
                                               as the basis of their dissertation.
This module takes a complementary                                                                   and their contribution to brand
                                               Alternatively you can do an independent
approach, and builds on existing marketing,                                                         engagement
                                               research dissertation on a marketing topic
management and strategy modules. It
                                               of your choice. Some students prefer to
incorporates explicit environmental and
sustainable perspectives to understand how     choose a research dissertation because it
management can operate at a new level to       gives them more freedom in the choice of
include cradle-to-cradle environmental         topic. Other students prefer to undertake
principles and meet the challenges of          a consultancy project because it adds a
managing businesses in a resource-             further company experience to their CV
constrained world. Consideration will be       and also helps develop additional
given at corporate, competitive and            personal skills.
functional levels and in particular the
implications for marketing will be examined.

Business to Business Relationships
For any firm to have a productive and
profitable existence it needs to interact
with other firms. This interaction occurs
both in terms of the firm's activities as a
buyer of inputs into its production process,
and as a seller of goods or services it
This module explores the nature of buyer-
supplier and seller-buyer relationships and
the implications for business to business
marketing. You will also be introduced to
the key operational issues that flow out of
attempts to manage these relationships.
                                                                                                           Birmingham Business School
MSc Strategic Marketing and Consulting

  Career development                               Entry requirements                               Accenture
Throughout the programme we will help             Applicants for the programme require             The MSc Strategic Marketing and Consulting
you develop the skills that will be beneficial    either (1) a good undergraduate honours          programme is supported by Accenture, the
when applying for marketing positions after       degree in a relevant subject or (2) a good       global management consulting, technology
graduation. We organise careers workshops         undergraduate honours degree in any subject      services and outsourcing company.
to help you develop an impactful CV and to        together with two years relevant work            Consultants from Accenture attend throughout
perform well at interviews and assessment         experience. Applicants also require a            the programme, but in particular run a one
centres. Students from our postgraduate           minimum proficiency in English - equivalent      day workshop during induction week to give
marketing programmes can expect to progress       to IELTS 7.0 (with no less than 6.5 in any       students a taste of future life as a Consultant.
into careers with a wide range of organisations   band) or TOEFL 100 with no less than 23 in       At the end of the programme, the Accenture
- for example, in recent years students have      writing.                                         award is presented to the top performing
joined companies such as Accenture,                                                                student on the programme.
Capgemini, Cadbury, Beiersdorf, Reckitt            Fees and scholarships
Benkiser, DaimlerChrysler, AstraZeneca,           The tuition fees for the programme are
Tesco, AC Nielsen and Mazda Motors.               £8,000 for UK/EU students and £12,750 for
                                                  international students. The University and
                                                  Business School offer a number of scholarships
 Class Profile                                    each year. For details of international
In 2009-10 the class consists of 36 students      scholarships please go to our website at:
from many different countries. We have
students from the UK but also from China,            Business School Scholarships
Germany, Greece, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, 
Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand          postgraduate/msc/mscfees.shtml
and Vietnam. Our students come from a                University Scholarships
wide variety of backgrounds. Some are very 
recent graduates with degrees in marketing           scholarships.htm
or business, while others come with several
years of practical managerial experience in       Simon Evans UK scholarships
marketing. The mix of backgrounds helps create    Birmingham Business School alumnus Simon
a stimulating and lively learning environment.    Evans has donated a number of scholarships
                                                  of up to £5,000 for UK students applying          Matt Marlow receiving the Accenture award for
                                                  to any of our MSc programmes in Marketing.        outstanding performance in 2008 from Simon
                                                  For further details of these scholarships         Lumley, Accenture and Malcolm Kirkup,
                                                                                                    Programme Director.
                                                  please contact the Programme Director, Dr
                                                  Sheena Leek.

                                                                                                    Learn more
                                                                                                    Our website has comprehensive details on
                                                                                                    the University, the Business School, student
                                                                                                    accommodation and many other aspects.
                                                                                                    Please go to:

                                                                                                    If you have any specific enquiries about
                                                                                                    the programme please feel free to contact:
                                                                                                    Dr Sheena Leek,
                                                                                                    Director, P/G Marketing Programmes,
                                                                                                    Birmingham Business School
                                                                                                    University House
                                                                                                    B15 2TT
                                                                                                    Tel: +44 (0) 121 414 6226
                                                                                                    Fax: +44 (0) 121 414 7791

                                                                                                    How to apply
                                                                                                    We can either send you a hard copy of our
                                                                                                    application form or you can apply online at:

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