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              How To Make Money With iPhone Applications

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - What Is New With The 3G ........................................................................3
Chapter 2 - What Are iPhone Applications ..................................................................5
Chapter 3 - How To Create iPhone Applications .........................................................6
Chapter 4 - Working With Someone Else.....................................................................8
Chapter 5 - Making Money With Ads ........................................................................10
Chapter 6 - Using An Apple Account .........................................................................12
Chapter 7 - Copywriting Software ..............................................................................14
Chapter 8 - Building A Brand .....................................................................................16
Chapter 9 - Creating Custom Applications For the iPhone ........................................18
Chapter 10 - Other Methods Of Application Distribution ..........................................20
Chapter 11 - How To Market You 3G iPhone Applications ......................................22
Chapter 12 - Follow The Trends And Do Your Homework .......................................26

Chapter 1 - What Is New With The 3G
The iPhone 3G is the third generation of the iPhone, the technological wonder made by
Apple that some say will soon replace the laptop. Unlike traditional cell phones, the
iPhone is used for much, much more. It is a gateway to the internet. When you use the
iPhone, you can get music, videos, answer emails, play games and chat, to name a few
things. There are hundreds of iPhone applications available for this product.

Most people who have the iPhone 3G are very happy to add applications to their iPhone.
They are constantly looking for new applications that they can use and even share with
friends. These can be anything from a game, a quiz, sending virtual gifts to friends,
videos, music and more. Those who have some type of computer knowledge, or are able
to follow software directions to create applications for the iPhone can make a decent
amount of money selling iPhone applications. This can even be done online, right on the
Apple site.

If you are not familiar with the iPhone 3G, take a look at it. You can use the touch screen
to get to wherever you want to go online. You can even use this device for GPS tracking,
if you have the necessary applications. Some of the new features of the 3G iPhone

   More initial applications
   Better graphics
   Touch screen capability
   Better sound

The 3G is the latest of the iPhone generations. Many of the applications that were made
for older iPhones are still used in this newest version. Apple usually makes products that
can be used for long periods of time and do not require constant updates. Applications
that you create for the 3G iPhones will also most likely be used with newer generations of
this product.

If you have an iPhone 3G, you should check out the applications as well as the applications
that are available online for the device. Some of the popular applications to download
onto the iPhones include:

   Games
   Quizzes
   Chat Options
   News Streams
   Instant Messaging
   Music videos
   Movies
   Video creation
   Weather
   GPS
   Shopping
   And a lot more...

It seems that new applications are being added to the repertoire for the 3G iPhone every
day. And they are. Video gifts, quizzes, games and fun are limited only by the
imagination of those who use the product. If you have ever created an application on
Facebook, you understand that it is not difficult even if you are not a computer genius.

Most likely, you get pleasure when someone uses your applications that you create on
Facebook. The difference between creating those applications and those for the iPhone is
that you can actually make money when creating iPhone 3G applications in more than one
way. You can make money by coming up with a fun application that everyone will want
to use and you can make money on free applications on which you place ads.

There are many ways that you can distribute your iPhone applications for free or for pay.
We will discuss the ways that you can distribute and sell your applications for the iPhone
later in this book.

Chapter 2 - What Are iPhone Applications
There is no end in sight to iPhone applications. They range from finding stock quotes to
playing an interactive video game. There are thousands of iPhone applications and more
come out all of the time.

Some of the interesting iPhone applications include:

   Interactive video games that you play with other users
   Interactive sound that will tell you the name of a song when you put the phone up to it
   Ability to unlock car and house doors
   Ability to get onto Facebook
   Creating videos
   Creating photo slideshows
   Symbols and sounds to use in chat
   Ability to chat
   Virtual gifts
   GPS navigation system
   Theft alarm

These are just a few of the iPhone applications that are already available. You can find
them at various places online or you can find them at the Apple website. The sky is truly
the limit when it comes to creating iPhone applications.

Most 3G iPhone applications fulfill a need that someone has, even if it is a creative need.
There are so many ideas for iPhone applications that are only hampered by imagination.
The old saying that if you can think it, it can be done, applies heavily to this system. If you
can think of something that would make sense on an iPhone for an application, then
chances are that you can create it using software that is made for this purpose.

In order to create iPhone applications that people will want to use and will earn you money,
you need to think about what the needs are of others. If you can latch onto an idea, then
you need to bring it to fruition with your iPhone applications.

A great many iPhone applications are created out of necessity. If you happen to be using
the iPhone, for example, you may find that you need to do something for which there is no
application. Just think, if you have a need for a certain application for the iPhone 3G, so
might other people. This is how most good products are invented. There is a need that
needs to be fulfilled by a product. Someone with an imagination can make a lot of money
when they combine their imagination with their own special talent and create an iPhone
application to make money.

Chapter 3 - How To Create iPhone Applications
The easiest way to create an iPhone application is to purchase software that is made for this
purpose. If you can follow the prompts on a software package, you can create your own
iPhone application. This is the best way that you can get started with this process.     An
iPhone application is called a widget. It is software that is relatively easy to create. You
can go to Google and download software for creating Widgets and use that to create your
application. You will create your iPhone application by using software that you
download to your own computer. The widget or application will be created on your own

It is not difficult to get widget tools. You can get gadgets or widgets, both are on Google
and Yahoo respectively. You can also get generic widget software to create your
application. If you decide to create and distribute through the Apple site, you can
download an application builder that gives you all of the tools that you need to create your
own widget and get started with building the widget, debugging it and also distributing it.
You will need to go through the debug step before you can upload your application to your
Apple account.

If you are very tech savvy, you might want to create your own application by using basic
internet tools. You can download free tools that will enable you to create your own
applications. Many of the applications for the iPhone are internet related. By working
with a site and basic iPhone technology skills, you can create an iPhone application. If
you can build a widget, you can make money from it by selling it outright on your own
website, without having to use the Apple site.

You can get free iPhone application software by looking for web software that you can
download for free. The same software that can be used for web design and other web
applications on your computer can be used to make applications for your iPhone.

If you have application creation software for your website, you are all set. You should
create the application on your own computer website and then download it to your iPhone.
Creating applications for the iPhone is just like creating anything for a website.

If you do not have a website, you should get one. Whereas it used to be very expensive to
have a website designed years ago, much has changed. There are many web applications
out there that will help you design your own website. You can also download applications
for free. If you have a website, chances are that your hosting site will have tools that you
can use to not only create your site, but also to create applications for your iPhone. You
can download the applications that you create on your computer to your iPhone just as you
would download any other application. You can choose to use the application for
yourself, or you can also choose to distribute it to others.

There are various web tools that you can use for free online. You should look for web
tools that are both PC and Mac compatible. Just as the I-Pod is compatible with both PC
and Mac users, you should be sure that the tools you use are compatible with a Mac

Creating applications is not difficult. Once you understand how to use software that can
create the applications that you want, you can usually find tutorials online. Make your
first application an easy one, such as a feed from a local news site. This will give you a
general idea of the basic components of the iPhone application.

If you have web design knowledge, it will be even easier for you to create an iPhone
application. If you do not have any ability when it comes to web design or are not
computer savvy, but have some great ideas on iPhone applications that you can create, you
can still do so by working with a partner.

Chapter 4 - Working With Someone Else
If you do not have someone else with whom you want to work when it comes to creating
your iPhone apps, then you can find a partner. The best place to find a partner is to go
online and look for a freelance web designer. You can find them in a number of different
places. You can look for them at places like or These are two websites that connect those who want the services of a
freelancer with the freelancer.

You should not put your whole idea out there when you ask for bids for your job. You
should look for someone who has experience with iPhone application design. Chances
are that you will get many bids from those who are interested in your project. Look for
references as well as samples of their work before hiring anyone to design your iPhone

After you have hired someone to work with you in your iPhone application, the next step is
to get them to sign a nondisclosure agreement. This is to agree that they will not share
your idea or information with anyone else before you have a chance to launch your
application. There is always an element of risk of theft when you work with someone who
you do not know, or who you do know, for that matter. However, you can cut out some of
that risk by making them sign a legal document.

You should give them a set time limit to create the application and send the file to you.
You can use the escrow service at these sites to pay for the work once it is complete.

Working with someone else can be the ideal way to get your application created even if you
have no technological skills whatsoever. If you have just an idea for a good application,
you can work with someone else who will get paid for their design of the product.

Another way to pay someone and to make sure that they do not reveal your idea is to offer
to split the profit with them. If the application works out and makes money, they get paid.
If not, they do not get paid. You can enter into a joint venture agreement with someone
online in this way. Again, the secrecy of the product should be maintained at all times.
You should never assume that your idea is confidential unless you put it in writing.

Another way to work with someone to create an iPhone application is to go through your
local school or tech school. Would be web designers probably already know how to
create iPhone applications and are using them already. Most of them will be thrilled if
you can combine your idea and marketing plan with their technological expertise to make
money. You can offer to split the money, entering into a partnership of sorts, or you can
offer to pay a price up front for the work.

Most web designers would rather get paid up front for work than share the profit. You are
actually better off to pay for work and make sure that the web designer signs a release and
hold harmless agreement as you stand to earn a great deal of money with the right iPhone
Working with someone else, however, can be the least expensive way to create an iPhone
application. Realistically, if you go into a partnership with someone who has experience
in designing iPhone applications and is willing to take a commission on the sales, you can
end up making money without having to invest very much money at all.

The profits for successful iPhone applications can be enormous. There are people out
there making as much money as you do in a week in one day with their successful iPhone
applications. If you have a great idea for an iPhone app but are not sure about how to
create it, consider working with someone else that can do the job for you.

Chapter 5 - Making Money With Ads
One way that you can make money with your iPhone applications is to use ads with your
application. Instead of selling your applications, you can give them away as free
downloads. You can incorporate ads with the application and set up accounts for those
who want to sponsor the application. They can pay you a flat fee for advertising their
product, service or they can pay you per download.

Once you get used to creating applications, you will most likely want to create more. As
the creative process continues to evolve, it will multiply. You will find that it becomes
easier to come up with ideas the more you create as energy bounces off each other idea.

In order to get the ads for your application, you can look for them on sites like ClickBank.
This is a site for affiliate marketers. You can look for companies that are looking for
affiliates. This is often easier than looking for companies that have an affiliate program.

Affiliate programs give you a percentage of the profits every time someone clicks onto
their site and buys something or in some cases just clicks on the site. You can set up an
affiliate account in many different ways.

You can also advertise an emarketing plan through iPhone on your website. This can
bring those who are interested in using your applications as a way to get the word out about
their business.

You can even make up apps for the iPhone that work off of the product or service that the
company offers. In such a case, you should create the app and then ask the company for
advertising. Chances are that they will agree to this proposal. This is a bit more involved
than just going on ClickBank and being an affiliate but often nets you more cash.

Companies will want to know what type of application you are distributing and how. You
should have a business plan ready for any company you contact so that they will
understand what they will be getting for their money.

It is important that you understand the target market for your advertising campaign. Both
your application and the company that you are advertising for should have the same target
market. Before you can advertise anything, be it your application or an ad that is on your
application, you need to know who the target market is. The target market is who will
most likely buy the product that you are advertising. Both of the products should target
the same market.

For example, if you are advertising a product that has a target market of women, you do not
want to have it on an application that gives you all of the football scores. While many
women like football, the target market of football advertising is men. You can tell just by
watching a football game on television and seeing the ads. The ads are only effective
when they hit the target market.

One way to get advertisers for your iPhone application is to go to social networks such as
Facebook and MySpace. Many of them have people in the arts that are looking to get the
word out about their band, art, music or acting abilities. You can contact them directly to
see if they are interested in being part of your application. Many applications also feature
music and art from unknown artists.

Ads are an ideal way to make money off of your iPhone application. You are better off
giving away applications when you are using advertising from which you are earning a
profit. Many people feel that when they purchase an application, they should not have to
see any ads. When they download a free application, however, they are used to seeing

Whether you procure the ads from other companies directly or through an affiliate
program, you can make money off of your iPhone applications through using it to advertise
products or services. As long as you are aware of who your target market is for your
application as well as for your ad, and the two of them mesh well together, you can make
money using this type of system.

Ads are a different way to make money with your iPhone applications rather than just
outright selling them. Ads can make sense if your applications are not very unique or are
those where there is limited interest. As long as you can come up with an application for
the iPhone, you can use an ad to make money by distributing the product.

It is important to also note that most of the iPhone users are younger people. While the
internet is beginning to target older individuals with advertising campaigns, iPhone
applications target younger people who also happen to have the money for this technology
and to keep it up.

Your applications should appeal to a younger audience that is more likely to download the
product. While applications like stock market updates and weather updates from your
area may seem like a fine idea, and are already implemented in iPhone applications,
updates on the latest pop band or new trend may be even more popular when it comes to
applications as well as getting advertisers.

When you are seeking advertisers for your applications, be sure to look for those who are
marketing their products for a younger crowd.

Chapter 6 - Using An Apple Account
One of the best ways that you can make money from your iPhone application is to open up
an Apple account for distribution of the iPhone downloads. You can then create your own
application and put it on the account where it can be downloaded by people for free. This
is the best way to get your application out there to others. You can have your own
business account at the Apple site or you can have an individual account where you do not
charge for the applications.

The cost for the business account is $299 and the individual account is $99. This may be a
good option for those who have an extraordinary application that they want to share as this
is where a great many people go to download applications for their iPhones. You can
make a lot of money if you have an enterprise account on this site as they have thousands of
applications, feature new applications and also feature the most popular.

Recently, the New Yorker magazine featured a drawing that was created on an iPhone
application for artists on their cover. The application was downloaded for around $6 from
the Apple website. The creator of the application was not named, but is bound to be
getting quite a few orders from this unexpected boast of publicity for their application.

One of the best aspects of using an Apple account is that you can get all of the tools that you
need to create an application, debug it and also distribute it on the site. You do not have to
worry about using any special tools and the steps you need to take through Apple to create
the widget are very simple and easy to follow. You do not have to be a genius when it
comes to computer technology to follow the process provided by Apple.

Before you can submit the application to Apple, however, you have to be sure that you own
the copyright to all of your software. You should have it copyrighted as well, with the
name of your company or your name as the copyright holder. In order to do this, you need
to be sure that you are not infringing on the copyright of someone else.

If you want to make up an application on the TV series “Full House,” for example, you
would not be able to copyright such an application because you do not have the rights to
make a profit from this TV show. While you can create such an application and distribute
it elsewhere, you cannot distribute it on the Apple site. Only software that is free and clear
from copyright infringement can be distributed on the site.

You might wonder why someone would choose to use the Apple site to distribute their
software rather than their own site. After all, it can be costly to open an Apple account
whereas it is not expensive at all to start your own website. And there are a lot of rules to
follow as well, such as those relating to copyright infringement. You may feel that it
would be better to sell the applications on your own.

The reason that most people decide to use the website is because they know that they will
get the most chance of someone seeing their application on the site. There are over 35,000
applications on Apple for those with iPhones to download. Many of the downloads are
free while some of them cost a few dollars. Most of the applications, such as the art
application that enabled an artist to create a cover for the New Yorker magazine, are only a
few dollars. When you use the Apple site to sell iPhone G3 applications, you can get the
most exposure for your product.

Some people are just looking for exposure so that they can make money in another way.
Instead of selling the application, they are just putting their message on the application and
using it to promote themselves. This can be another way to make money. If you have a
product that you want to promote, you can connect it to a widget and then use it for
distribution. This is ideal if you have a rock band, artwork or want to promote yourself in
some way. This system can work for politicians as well as celebrities and is already being
used in such a way.

Using the Apple account is a good idea for a first timer who just wants to learn how to
create iPhone applications and use them in such a way that they can make money. When
you sign up for an Apple account, you will see that you do not have to be very good with
computers, as the tools that you need to promote your applications are right there.

You can upload and distribute your iPhone applications for free, or you can choose to get
an account and pay for the service. Apple does take a percentage of your profits when you
sell on their site, but it is their interactive site that comes up first in the search engines for
Apple iPhone, so this is the easiest way for customers to find your applications and for you
to reap the profit from selling them in this manner.

Chapter 7 - Copywriting Software
Whenever you create intellectual property such as a book, a song, art, film or software, you
should register it with the United States Copyright Office. You can get the forms and
everything that you need online.

When you register your application with the copyright office, you should register it under
its name. You can give your product a trade name and send in the file of the software to
the copyright office. You will pay a fee, but be given copyright protection after you file.

The reason that you need copyright protection is because there are people out there who
will be glad to take credit for your work. Even if they have not done the work at all, they
will steal the application that you worked so hard on and use it to make a profit. This is
called copyright infringement. It is a punishable act and is illegal. You can sue in civil
court for such an action and the person can also be liable for criminal damages if he or she
knowingly stole your property. While criminal damages are rare, there are hundreds of
thousands of copyright infringement lawsuits going on right now.

It is well worth the money to protect your application from copyright infringement. You
need to understand that an idea on its own cannot be copyrighted. It has to be the actual
product that is copyrighted. A title cannot be copyrighted, either. Many people who
create applications for iPhone 3G will give it a whimsical name that they have
trademarked, along with the logo.

A copyright will protect your software from being stolen and used for profit by
unscrupulous people, or at least discourage them from doing so. A copyright will only
protect the software, however, and not your logo or name. For that, you will want to get a

Before you build your software, you should have a name in your head as well as a logo
design that you want to use. There are plenty of places where you can go to get a logo
designed for you. There are custom logo design companies that will design a custom
designed logo for you. Logo Tournament is one site that actually allows graphic
designers to compete for giving you the winning logo design.

Once you have your trademark and your original name, you can get them trademark
protection at the US Copyright Office trademark division. This entails just putting the
matter to paper and then sending it in with the application and the fee. You will have
trademark protection for your logo right away.

Should you go through the expense of trademarking and copyrighting your product? Just
think, if the software is a big hit and becomes one of the most innovative software
applications for iPhone online, there will be many people looking for a way to cash in on
your good fortune. They can discover if you have trademark and copyright protection
right online and then start to use it for their own good.

Anytime you create intellectual property, you need to make sure that it is copyrighted.
Whenever you create a logo or a name for your application you should have it trademarked.
You can use the trademark and logo as a way to build your brand for your application.

The fees associated with copyright protection and trademark protection are well worth the
price when you think about what you get in return. You have the peace of mind knowing
that your intellectual property is protected and that no one can steal it or use it without your

Copyrighting your software or trademarking your logo and name is not difficult to do at all.
You do not need to engage an attorney for this. The forms as well as instructions are
readily available at the United States Copyright Office.

Chapter 8 - Building A Brand
One of the most important aspects about marketing online is to build a brand. This is
actually part of all basic marketing. A brand identifies your product with your company
and is something that is instantly recognized. When you create your iPhone application,
you should look for a way to build your name and logo so that others will start to recognize
your brand on all of your applications. Not only will you be advertising your business, but
you will be creating a loyal following. When people see your logo, they will know that
you are a person who has innovative iPhone applications.

It is just as important to build up your own reputation as a designer as it is to actually sell
your iPhone applications. One of the ways to do this is to provide high quality
applications that work well and that build your brand.

You should be protective of your brand and make sure that your company comes off as
professional in all aspects. Take action if someone infringes on your brand by making
sure that they receive a cease and desist letter. This is often enough to keep them from
continuing to try to use your trademark and copyright for their own purpose.

You should also use marketing to promote your brand. Once you have a logo, you can put
it in various different places, including on hats, t-shirts and other types of promotional
products. This helps to build your brand so when people see it, they recognize it as yours
once you have a reputation for providing people with quality products.

Building a brand is different than just advertising a product. When you are advertising a
product, you can use some of the same methods that you use to build a brand. A brand,
however, is something that identifies the public with your company. This is more than
just your iPhone application, it is your reputation. Your brand is a big part of your

Once you or your logo are well known, people will look for it on their software
applications. For example, you are most likely familiar with the cereals from General
Mills. You can probably recognize the logo that General Mills uses and you may even be
familiar with the cereals that they offer. When you buy a General Mills cereal, you most
likely know that you are getting quality. This is because of the brand that is easily
recognized by consumers. In addition to the cereals, which are also branded, the
company itself is branded as well.

You want people to see your product and know that it comes from a designer with a
reputation for quality. You can get this by continuing to provide high quality products as
well as promoting your brand. You can promote your brand off line as well as online.
You should have a website and market your brand, which is your own designing company,
as well as your products that are also brands unto themselves, such as your iPhone
applications. Later we will discuss the way that you can market your applications so that
you can make money. You can use these tips to market your brand as well.

It is important that you build a brand so that others come to see you as your business. It is
important to make sure that others continue to see your business as a professional design
company that creates the most unique applications for iPhone 3G.

Chapter 9 - Creating Custom Applications For the iPhone
Another way that you can make money with applications for iPhone is to use custom
applications. Unlike other applications that are made and then distributed in various ways
online, custom applications are those that are made specifically for another person.

Those who own iPhones want to get the latest applications and also may have some ideas
on what they would want but do not know how to get it. There are many reasons why
people who have iPhones will be glad to pay for a unique application for a variety of
different reasons:

   They can have it customized specifically for them;
   They can get applications that would not be available in iPhone stores;
   They can have an application that no one else has;
   They can get something that may not be marketable to a lot of people;
   They can get an application that they cannot find anywhere else.

How do you find people who want unique and customized iPhone applications? You
advertise for it. There are plenty of places where you can advertise your services. One of
them is Craig’s List. You can put an ad on Craig’s List for free and also put it so that it
goes all over the country.

Before you start building custom applications, you should be very adept at building all
types of applications. You should be a pro when it comes to building the applications so
that you are ready for building custom iPhone applications that will be custom ordered by

After you are proficient when it comes to building iPhone 3G applications, you can then
start your business of creating custom made applications for customers. You should have
business cards that have your logo on them as well as your website information so that
people know what you do and how you can help them. Every time you see someone with
an iPhone, you should give them a card so that they get to know how you can help them.

You can charge more for customized iPhone applications than you would for ordinary
applications. You can also transfer the copyright and ownership rights to the customer.
This means that they have complete control over their custom application.

It is very important that you have a website that looks professional and can be used as your
home base so that those who are interested in your service can go to the website and see
samples of some of the applications that you have designed. You may also want to sell
other products, such as your regular iPhone applications, at this site.

Creating a custom iPhone application takes time. This is where experience really comes
in handy. From experience, you should know how much time it will take to create the
custom app and then be able to work on a deadline. You should use tools like chat and
instant messenger so that you can take orders and negotiate custom projects.
You are better off not to charge a flat rate but an estimated hourly rate for designing
customer iPhone applications. Because the demands of customers will all be different, so
will the prices.

Custom applications for iPhone users are a niche that has not yet been tapped. You can
advertise your services the same way you can market anything else - both online and off.
In addition to using free sites like Craig’s List for your services, you can use ads and even
use social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace to advertise your custom

Remember to go where those who have the most money will be when you want to sell
custom iPhone applications. iPhones themselves are far from being inexpensive and
custom applications are even more so. You will want to price yourself competitively for
the market. While you do not want to overprice yourself in the market, you do not want to
under price yourself, either. If you under price yourself, you give the impression that your
work is not of value. If you overprice yourself, you are most likely to lose jobs because
others can provide satisfaction without the expense.

Make sure that you get some sort of down payment for the work from the customer. Once
everything else is transferred over to the customer, you should get the final payment. It is
good if you can use an escrow service for the project.

Take a look at some sites like Get A Freelancer, Guru and Elance when it comes to finding
work. Many on there are posting jobs on their site for those who are looking for
freelancers who can create custom iPhone applications. This can be a good way to start
looking for jobs to get started with your custom iPhone applications. Once you develop a
good reputation in the business, chances are that you will get a lot of iPhone users
contacting you for the sake of getting their own custom iPhone applications.

Start a new niche in the market of iPhone applications by creating custom applications.
While most of those who are creating applications for iPhones are doing it for fun, you can
tap into an untapped market where there is significant demand. If you are looking for one
way to make good money on iPhone applications, then you will want to get yourself to a
point where you can develop applications customized for customers.

Chapter 10 - Other Methods Of Application Distribution
When you are creating and building iPhone applications, you need to know where you can
distribute them to others. Here are some ideas of how you can spread iPhone applications
to others:

   Use Apple’s Site
   Use your own website
   Use social networks
   Use forums for social networks
   Use direct response emails
   Distribute directly to customers

These are just a few of the methods of distribution that you can use when you are trying to
get your applications used by everyone else.

We have already discussed the Apple site, but let’s talk about your own website. You
should have a website if you want to appear professional online. You can have a
download of the application on your website for a fee. You can even set it up so that the
minute that someone goes on your site to make a purchase, they will be taken through the
transaction and can pay using a credit card or PayPal.

Using social networks for business is a good idea. Of all the social networks, Facebook is
the most popular. You can use social networks and instant messaging sites like Twitter to
spread the word about your application and to lead people to your site so that they can
distribute them.

Also make sure that you check out the forums as well. Most social networks have forums
where you can chat with other members. These are usually well worth looking into. You
should never come off as though you are trying to sell something, however. You want to
be smooth when you are looking to sell something on any forums or social network sites.
You should always refer them to a “friend” who can get them the applications that they

You can distribute through direct response emails that compel the recipient to visit your
landing page where you can distribute the application to them. Direct response emails are
one of the most successful ways to distribute anything.

These all imply using a website or the Apple account. If you decide to use a website, you
should sign up for a PayPal account so that you can easily take online payments. You
want to be able to make it as convenient as possible for customers to pay you. The Apple
site will work like a broker for you and the customer in that they will take their percentage
and then put the remaining money in your account.

If you distribute directly to customers, you can use the escrow accounts on the site that you
are using to find the customers so that you can get paid. You can also sign up with a credit
card processing center that can process checks by phone as well as credit cards. You want
to make things as streamlined for your customers as you can, as well as for yourself. The
easier it is for them to pay, the better off for you. This means that they will purchase right
away and not spend time thinking about the purchase.

Once you get the hang of distributing your applications, you can then build up your
marketing approach to how you want to distribute them. It is not good enough just to want
to distribute the products, but you also need to know how to get them out to the public.
You can use e-marketing as a way to get products out to the public. After you have
figured out distribution places for your iPhone applications, you are then ready to look for
ways to make sure that you make the most money from your iPhone applications.

Chapter 11 - How To Market Your 3G iPhone Applications
Once you have created the iPhone app and have found places to distribute the product, you
need to market. Marketing is different from distribution. When you distribute the
product, you sit back and relax and wait for the payments to come to you. Many people
who are on the Apple site do just that. There is nothing wrong with this, as many of them
do well, but if you want to increase sales, you should do what you can do to market your
software so that others who have not heard of the software can learn about it and possibly
buy it.

There are many different marketing techniques that you can use when online. The good
news about this type of e-marketing is that it costs you a fraction of off line marketing.
Some of it is free. Here are some suggestions on how you can market your iPhone

   Create a buzz on social sites
   Post links on forums (hyperlinks and regular links)
   Article marketing
   Social marketing
   Off line marketing
   Direct response marketing
   Pay ads
   Video marketing
   Affiliate marketing
   Link exchanges

You can use most of these marketing tools with or without the Apple account.
Remember, the more effort you put into marketing, the more sales you will generate.

A buzz gets the information out there and also gets others to recognize the name of your
application and find out what all the fuss is about. Curiosity and bandwagon thinking
motivates many people to check it out and then buy. The bandwagon effect, which is that
“everyone” has something, therefore you need it too, is one of the oldest and still very
effective marketing tools.

Creating a buzz is not difficult, especially if you use social websites. You can create
several different personalities for these social networking sites and then invite “friends” as
well as participate in forums. Each of your alternate personalities can discuss this great
feature of the iPhone and others, seeing the excitement in the thread, may be inclined to

Creating a buzz can also be used on Twitter. If you can come up with a few hundred
e-mail names and register them to Yahoo Buzz, you can actually write an article, put it on a
site like Associated Content and then use each of your emails to buzz up the article. This
will get you to the top of Yahoo News.

Use forums to post links and hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are when you see the key phrase as a
link. Regular links are just plain links. The reason you should post both is because
people will want to understand where they are going before the click on a strange link and
will also want to know why they are clicking on the link. Putting both options on the
forums gives them a chance to see where and why.

Article marketing is never to be underestimated. You can submit articles to free
directories that can link to your home page and help you sell your iPhone applications.
The articles should be informative and not a sales pitch. If you want to write a sales pitch,
however, you should use a press release site and create a press release. You can post it on
a free site or there are also a number of paid sites that circulate throughout the internet
where you can put your release.

Social marketing is easy. You can put links on the social networking sites, including blog
sites so that others can see them. You can tell all your friends about your new cool iPhone
application and how it works. This may encourage people to want to buy the product.

When you are social networking for business, you should never, ever come off as though
you are selling something. You should always come off as if you are trying to help
people. Never contact anyone with a link and a sales pitch and never just post links on
other pages. This can compromise your account and may even get you kicked off of the
social networking site.

If you social networking site allows blogs, you can put in a hyperlink into the blog so that
others can see it. Be aware that there are a lot of people doing this. In fact, a good
portion of those who join these sites do so because they are looking to make contacts for
business. The more you come off as friendly and not intrusive, the better it will be.

Off line marketing is one way to generate interest in your iPhone application. You can get
printed items such as flash drives, hats and water bottles for a lot less than you think when
you go online. You can get the products printed and then delivered to you where you can
give them out in trade shows and at some charity events.

If there is a technology trade show in your area, you should go there so that you can
introduce people to your application. You can demonstrate the application, give out
promotional items and cards and tell them where to order the product. Trade shows do not
allow money to exchange hands, but since you have an electronic file that has to be
downloaded, you can give them all the information they need to get the product right away.
They can even download it to their iPhone right at the show, although you should be
careful about taking money as most trade shows frown on this.

Get the word out about your iPhone application when you are out in public. You can give
away some applications to friends and family members and promise them a percentage of
the profit if they bring in additional customers. This can help you sell the application
quickly. You can even have them wear T-shirts with your iPhone application logo on it
and a catch phrase for the product. This can bring in more business.

The more people on the outside see your name and the name of your application, the more
interested they will become. And the more likely they will be to buy your product.

For direct response marketing, you need to use a website. You should have a landing page
where people can find out information right away about something that they need to know.
Most of these websites are called stealth websites and are used to get information from

For example, if your product is all about deals for first time homebuyers when it comes to
real estate, you can set up a website that is a mortgage calculator. It can also provide other
real estate information. In order to use the calculator, they have to provide you with the
email address as well as their name. This is all they need to do and they can then calculate
their mortgage.

Once you have their email address, you put them on your list. There is software and tools
that you can put right into your website that will capture the information and add it to a list.
You can then use an auto responder site, like to send out direct email
advertising to those who have shown an interest in real estate. The purpose is to get
people to buy your product. You already know they might be interested because you have
targeted people who are looking for a home and who may be interested in an iPhone
application that can tell them all they need to know about buying a home for the first time.

Pay ads are another way to market your product and they can work well. You can use
AdWords to put a keyword phrase into a link and have Google distribute it all over the net.
You pay for the ad only when someone clicks on the link that leads them to your website.
This can be a good way to market your product if you use the right keywords. Google has
tools that you can use that will give you the best keywords that will help sell your product.

You can also use video ads. Video is one of the best ways to market. Make a video about
your application and show the public and then put it on YouTube. This will show the
audience just what the application can do for them. This is the ideal way to market as it
will be found in the search engines easier than a website. If you have those email
addresses, you can use each one of them to log into YouTube and buzz up your video so
that more people see it. Just depending on YouTube to carry the video without actually
buzzing it up may end up keeping the video out of site.

Affiliate marketing is another way to get the word out about your application. You can
again go on as a provider. You can look for affiliates who will
market your product for you in exchange for a commission. This is ideal if you do not
have a lot of time to market your product. The more people who are out there trying to sell
your iPhone application, the better off you will be and the more sales you can make.
Make sure your affiliates have a good reputation on the site.

Link exchanges can also help you market your product. You can put a link to your iPhone
application on another site, again using the hyperlink. In exchange, they will ask that you

put a link on your site. You can enter a link exchange community online and use link
exchanges as a way to promote your iPhone application.

You should do all you can to market your G3 iPhone applications to the masses. The
internet is very competitive when it comes to advertising and marketing. You should look
at all avenues when you are trying to market anything online. As the iPhone continues to
grow in popularity, the marketing for applications will become easier. Right now, if you
have a very clever idea for an iPhone application, you can usually make money when it
comes to selling it.

Chapter 12 - Follow The Trends And Do Your Homework
Before you start your iPhone application building and marketing, you should also know
what you are up against when it comes to the trends in applications and what people want.
You should always keep your finger on the pulse of pop culture and know what is hot right
now and make use of it. Remember that the internet runs hot and cold very quickly as
trends continue to change.

However, if you can manage to keep up with the trends, you can do quite a business online,
especially if you are able to build and distribute G3 iPhone Applications.

Look at the popular searches. Keep your eyes on what is new in entertainment and also
what the hottest new websites are online in order to create an iPhone application that will

You should also go to the Apple website so that you can see the hottest applications so you
can get an idea of what is selling. Here are the Top Ten iPhone Applications:

1. The Moron Test (fun quiz)
2. Stick Wars (game)
3. Bloons (game)
4. Camera zone (zoom in application for the iPhone photo option)
5. Sonic the Hedgehog (game)
6. Amateur Surgeon (game)
7. Stone Loops! (game)
8. Pocket God (game)
9. Ifighter (game)
10.Fitness (exercise guide)

As you can see, a great many of the applications are for the purpose of entertainment.
Some of them are owned and distributed by Apple, such as Sonic the Hedgehog. Others
are created by individuals and sold. The Fitness application was created by Medical
Productions, a private company. The Moron Test, which is number one, was created by
DistinctDev, another private company not associated with Apple.

You can visit the Apple Store and find out the hottest and latest games whenever you want

By keeping in touch with what is hot, it is easier to create iPhone applications using tools
provided either by Apple or those that you find online, or engaging the help of a web
designer, to make money off of your G3 iPhone applications.

iPhone applications are here to stay. The iPhone continues to be very popular and many
feel that it will replace laptops as well as many other accessories in years to come. The
iPhone is relatively new. While there are about 35,000 apps now on the site, chances are
that in two years from now, there will be 350,000 apps. This is how fast it is growing. If
you want to get in on the ground floor of a good money making opportunity, start using G3
iPhone applications to make money using the various techniques that you learned by
reading this guide.

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